Please note I may not have paid a great deal of attention to my language on some occasions; it is an attempt to consign those language to history. Just as I have of a violent Nature to highlight the processes by which it is possible to get from feeling unforgiven for hurting another person to feeling justified for taking the life of another. 

The Hermitage Administrative reasons for not Polishing these feelings are  that  not doing so draws up a complete understanding and  for Equity applicable , of what I have done to impugn Market separatism.

Mind some racial slurs, in context they mean nothing but never the less must be explained as a response to my position being incessantly compromised by people who also want everybody to think they do not need help from my exorcist and hence in a circular sense, need to become more responsible persons.






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The correct way to view this is never that I am in need of a lot of support – this will only mean that somebody will say on a later date that I am not necessarily innocent in the matter; we know what happens is that people become sexually abusive after years of insults and grooming for sexual assault in the eyes of coveting public corruption idiots and then when the abuses have become so intense in their imagination that I get to feel them up my privates, when I beat them down, what happens is that Politicians show up with tax payer funds to take up my time and rebuild their stupid confidence and then once done they start all over again from where they left off. So I am not actually in need of support, I am in need of revenge and to have a lot of it as there is no real reason why the Politicians do it, save the need to do something brash, stupid and destructive, such as will bring about feelings of elation, over another person’s well tidied up living and then make incredibly stupid excuses we all know are lies associated with covering up processes of attacking others to ensure plans made at a home office was successful on account the victims are younger, to imagine and contrive counter measures to deal with any vengeance that may arise in future. The effect is that I may spend about 2 hours preparing for work and once I step outside of my door, they need to be free from the effects of their stupid personal decisions and I am made to smell like my loo because they were taking all of what could not be physically accounted for but was as precious as gold, meaning if I see that stupid culture and society being that it means they want their time to be wasted as well, it will be the last time that they get to see it too on my account; most recent eventuality is that my diet and personal life is being made a mess off between 2016 and present date, by which they get to screw up my public image to their satisfaction; what will happen then being that their own will go cold and then they think it is all over. I am not really interested in their problems, only in delivering a copy of my Books, bought and paid for, to their address.

They always claim their cultures are wicked things but they need it because the world is not necessarily full of love, they omit the claim they are in such control of their stupidities they use it to decide as frequently show stopping insultingly as possible to prevent any kind of failure at doing so, what happens with academic work and finances of those who set foot at Church – then there is my own specifically that develops from this to a case of squandering everything I have over the way their stupid personal decisions had affected them while I get held down by Politicians and Media fools until it was done, using community cohesion that lets them dwell on what we have in common and gambling Public security thereof as a tool for it – a gift that keeps giving, the cracked up out of my league wearing suits, going places and having a Public life because they do not smell like their victims, looking for more of what its stupidities are complaining about. Most of which is entirely usual by the way - it has always been the case that when such goons had found a way to get money from other peoples planned living, they will be happy to die for it, but I did keep them off my finances and academic work before I was 17 years of age and at 21 when I had household invoices to clear, had a group of superior fools in government building hold me down for them to return and long enough for them to gain a footing, meaning now that they regularly chase my bum, tear up my public image and blow car horns to stop me thinking the unthinkable, so as to wear suits and get around with wealthy people I am trying to broker equity with and the Politicians who have done this claim I am at fault for it too. So the first time they had to complain about me, it concerned a case of their international influences meaning they get to hold me down and stretch me out so shifty twisted goons can get all over my mind and I can feel them think about my bedroom window and run into my right hand side where they strike my bum quickly and spend time with stupid Celebrities abusing me for cowardice, while the Media thinks I should be doing gangs and crime, wrecking everything around here like we see them give their own to the frugal - this time its about a need they have to gain a footing at Industry and I am target once again i.e. what I mean when they say it will go quiet and then they will think it is all over - blabbing it cannot be done as we well know they enjoy making a mess like this, then attach their financial well being to National treasury and sit around thinking they can do whatever they like because the Government does not want to run out of Money and the Government has a lot of money to run out of so they might give me a break for a change - hence it cannot be done if I am thinking there has to be a way of working monetary and fiscal Policy such that social issues are considered.

Now I do get told I have bankrupted the Labour Party which I have as it is never clear exactly why people think it is sustainable for me that they need to get out of the way their own personal decisions have affected them through processes that get me dropping out of University, and never being able to step outside of my door without being abused, then threatened violently which they never live up to until I am trimmed down to size for it, as stupidly as possible. I mean it’s the same mind set which gets off naming a Party ‘Labour’ bearing in mind everybody else needs a job regardless of which party they belong and then set about projecting some abusive behaviour towards conservatism and Liberalism for instance to make a case out of wanting to be all things to all Men – then there is my party piece; that while it rips up my whole life to endear the Public towards wealth inequality its stupid salary is at least 3 times that of the average constituent that is voting for it all together; so I had to do something over that need to get some spiritually wicked scum running rings around me, not by spending its own money as it could never handle me, besides which the issues would blow over where its family would be affected, spiritually wicked scum running rings around me and darting into my right hand side quickly in order to strike my bum and feel sensations of decadent happiness that brings quick and easy celebrity wealth, we are now headed towards their need for a footing an industry and it is going to work exactly the same way i.e. once done it will go quiet and then they will think it is over before I wrote a Book and there will be global upheaval over the things I need to do to sell it – I mean we see it all the time; I set out a Book shop and point out which Clients broker equities with me and it will show up to tell me how to exist and run off an alternative Publicity that says I am a character that had the career taken from me by cleverer and more superior people trying to shamelessly and pointlessly get others buying my Books to help me recover it and I cannot seem to get them keeping their hands and big mouths to themselves in any given 24 hours – so come 5th of May, will they have to win elections on it again.

I do get told that at the bottom line every person I do not get along with is doomed to poverty but then again, I am not responsible for the fact they spend all their time trying to handle me when they cannot anyway – they do claim its about making me spend all I have to help them but it has spent the last decade of my time trying to make me into its own Jesus Christ that does miracles for them to get anything they want and dies on a cross to help them with their own tribulations ripping up everything it gets the hands on around here. Its never really a matter of helping them as it is a matter of the fact they are evil; I mean at face value we have a word to describe it should we have a sibling that goes off sleeping around and the word is corrupt but it will not do its corruption anywhere else except my life and generally spends most of the day telling me I want justice for the afflictions but I can only be certain of corruption and yet I think that I mattered. The reality is that the violent ones know where I stand on issues, it’s the ones that want to get on Media to decide that what the Public thinks transpired between me and them is what will stand as a made out truth, so no matter how many times it complains about me, it is bound to return for more until it gets what it wants but the part that sets out its nature is that this serves as some secret they share with me and through which I can see them in my minds eye all day, darting into my right hand side quickly where they can strike my bum at sunrise and mock me for the rest of the day. So I might be told its harsh to describe people as evil but I doubt any would say that I am wrong anyway; it can never stop lying and the purpose is to pervert my Hermitage cultivated public image into something that brings about decadence, so it ends up complaining that I have a temper because the theory was that I could not keep up even when I had expressed such high feelings concerning the disobedience and the vandalism. The Men say I spend my time making women corrupt as well which is utter nonsense; what happens is that when women spend time with an Arch Prince such women do not want to spend time with them anymore, their involvement then makes people want to vomit and I suppose this is their own corruption too (involvement), which gets spread around, except they do not want it applicable to any places where their money can buy what we have as stupidly and destructively as possible – so we find those of them that expect me to tell somebody I have a relationship with that these are scum who say they must get rich with my property before I can have it, hanging over me to decide what others think of me who need to be ignored, rather than ensure that should I get hold of that stupid culture and society they got to see it for the last time in their foolish lives. Feeding into this case of me wanting a relationship with members of the Royal Family when I am a Member of the Royal Family while that stupid disobedience and vandalism considered, it is misery, it is a choice, to be constrained or to be decisive about relationships and the way people got involved with you.

According to the leadership these people wish to supply at the local communities, people can just get up and start a case on National Media as per why there is a sinister purpose behind what I am doing, which people ought to avoid, then if I said what happens is that people show up to bother me for crime and then just when I thought I had gotten a break from them its to show up at the University to be famous and keep at it probably for the rest of my life as well, so it is never clear which part becomes such a concern of the Media anyway that the Media gets to wreck my finances to allow them inflict me with stress based illness and seek to own my Public image, then blame the problem on me while clinging to my Book sales. They always boast that on saying such things I have given away the secret but we all know there are other types who chose poverty and they are the main ones that start the bullying at academic institutions to blame me for their problems, they are aware if they wind me up, I am to ensure their children faced it until they got to spend time with their mates and kept off my case. I mean people should avoid what I am doing as there is a sinister reason behind it must have been put forward by people who were very important for doing something that mattered. We see the same gimmicks at National security as well; there were casualties in Russia, so I am to blame because I have a Public image people want but the behaviour has not changed, where soldiers defend their friends in Russia and return to the West as brothers, it has been removed by people who want the British Army to fight the Russian one all together and so not necessarily a matter of ego to tell them its not a fight that can be won but the fact they put at risk the lives of other service operatives behaving in that way, besides which they have not yet told us all who betrayed them at Russia anyway; now we have to answer questions about small Country Island UK Policing Russia while reality is rather that we have twisted evil Politicians just as the Russians do but the Russian one wants to decide what happens with internal British Politics and we want to play hide and seek with the Cream of the Crop i.e. Putin and his Panel, as it does come with stress based illness their followers inflicted to facilitate the boasting and abuses that never ever stop.

They always point out the daily cases of Men wanting to get on Public places and Media where they may be able to decide how much work I have done in order to deserve the earnings from my Books, while making plans to get rich quick with my work of their own and so my Books have ended up in that situation because of the goons who imagine that doing the bad things that bad people do to me, just makes me do something about bad people and does not make them one and the whole while we know the goons have not been sharing their incomes for it as well in the first place, they have chosen alternative lifestyles to make their own even easier than it already is and the purpose of that is to alongside popular culture provoke me in their own right by messing with my business every day. I do wonder if these men wish to know what my opinion on the matter is and yes they always say that they are very important but in my view they are not; its largely a matter of relying on me not to punish any processes of building practical jokes around my earning margins and playing around with my feelings over it to make out it is democracy while it is wild and unbridled stupid pleasure which they have figured how to enjoy without paying for at their own expense and I really hate the outcome of the fact whenever I sit around reading my Bible having planned it so well, I still have those spasms of worry about how some invoices will be paid, while the fools claim this condition has become an interest of theirs which an equally stupid crowd need to gather around and help them enforce and keep going with in order to enjoy life – its occultic nonsense and it really loves the degradation bits like it wants me to follow it around and find out where it meets to wear frocks and pretend it controls the City so I might write a note for the suggestion box or send them a personal letter of my own all together, I am really tired of it and the daily insulting tests, starting to look like I am going to make them squirm before it stops. They say the business of what they want from me is still the great mystery but it is not; what happens is that it follows me around because of what I know, making a mess of my life and then when I write a Book, it starts a mini war because it does not wish to buy it and for every time it gets involved with me, what it is really looking for was located in the Books it has refused to buy and it does not share its salary that gets to its stupid head in which there is a small brain with a penis attached with me either – so the way out of this case where there is a service attached to the Books I am selling and they use it as the modus by which to communicate their stupidities to me all the time is to try and find out whether the fact they wear those suits looking like civilised individuals does translate into an actual process that govern their general behaviour first and if it is not, they will be giving me my space the way I want them to all together; we have heard them point out these days that the problem with me is that I spend my time responding to people it is not worth responding to and this is what they tell me after I dropped out of University while nobody tackled them to make them respond to women buzzing strange sounds into peoples ears in the neighbourhoods, hence they passed their exams and got the jobs that have made them such a bunch of bullying scum today, with respect to which they hate my guts and those who can beat up shower themselves with praise all the time while those who cannot hurt themselves and throw around blame culture since the last time I decided the point of the exercise we engage ourselves in simply has to be that they were going to be doing it instead – I spend my time responding to people it is not worth my time to respond to after years of making sure I did not complete the academic work because it would be so pleasurable for me to respond to the stupidities that passes on their left and right hand side, even when I knew it was mental illness to do so. They do remind me I appear to be at war with young people all the time but first of all, I am in charge and they are not, such that if I laid out their insults back to back, especially the parts that mock me all the time over public duties, I will end up with a comedians career – apart from which it is not sustainable to have the academic work and finances wrecked, have public transport goons chasing my bottom and then popular culture gits that want to get rich from my personality beating me up because I smell, just so that I might share what I have, hence their civil rights is looking like this for the time being and if I get hold of their own as well, I am never going to begin with the market separatism and then when I start to force them to just get on with daily concerns, the Politicians will not get involved and there will not be a real fight. Its an old story; they say insults about being out of my league and making me feel like vomiting all the time is probably not worth a response on my part and if I cracked them up as well out of my league, it is the worst that could have happened. I do get told its confusing but the reality is that they get along with society trouble makers and cannot do a thing without sex but always want others paying the price for it, so we find that my work gets me stuck somewhere a place the crowd show up to shower them with love at random, being made to clean up any violent mess that may have followed them around, the more I got insulted and abused for it; mine has now evolved a position into one that says they are mentally ill and mentally ill society goons should be spying on others to steal ideas and run off to build business empires which let them get around with equally mentally ill celebrities and fashion people without me – hence I get told they are very successful people and should not be regarded in that way, which is utter nonsense; they are mentally ill and the part about taking pictures of themselves blowing kisses at criminals on my public image to make magazines that show up at the shops is just meant to lend me pure misery and build me hell on the streets, just like the occultic abuses of the Men meaning that when I had been set up in that way, so I look like a character that will give people anything they demanded from me, people can sense it as I walk down the streets, looking like I have not got any clothes on. Its nothing unusual; I am an Arch Prince and I am better off serving my purpose by staying out of trouble, not getting hurt so that Church people may be left with a need to do some violent sin to avenge me but then again if I want to get involved with people at a diplomacy role, there is the women in my head and basic public civility to consider especially in terms of crowd controlling these other trouble makers that are so terribly skilled at destroying civil resources, driving themselves mad and blaming others, so they may be able to create war whenever they are not getting what they wanted, tends to mean that I get along with Journalists better than all the others and I have no idea why this condition is not simple enough for everybody else either – feeds into this case where it is said I perform double standards over fashion while reality is that there are many types; the ones that take a little bit of my work and build a whole range out of it are likely to respond in a manner that suggests is a baby losing his candy to somebody else if I acted because it is not necessarily respectful – the ones that are respectful I can ignore and let their fashion thing run as it wants because it lets me get on with mine concerns too, whether or not they follow my social media profile – there are other still who consider what Royalty around the world think of me for instance and if I have a job to build a piece for a Diplomats Wife for instance will want to get guidance and information from me and these are the ones who are involved in direct property broker, the effect of which is that I am something they fancy and our biggest problem are twisted evil good feelings of love sucking society idiots making a mess of the basic process of existence but then again as I said they cannot take advantage of me as I am better serving my cause by staying out of trouble, not getting into an inability to leave alone the society trouble makers themselves who have a point to their behaviour, hence leaving Church people to do some violent sins of their own in order to avenge me at a later time.

Right next to this is a matter of people wanting to get along with what I am doing on social Media and I suppose it’s a good time to go Public with the fact I had decided each time people show up here to find me a fight that will make them comfortable, matters I had already gotten under control get completely out of hand and this is a Public stage that is currently being spent by Companies that broker Equities with my Estate as a matter of a state of affairs we agreed upon, looking like we may carry on like that until we eventually stop some of the most silly and destructive things we see Liberal American spend its time on at other peoples expense these days. I did start out as a case of shutting down junkies mobility running around Industry ripping peoples lives and health to shred because they were fulfilling dreams of getting rich as equally as I shut down the case of large companies investing my Equities without buying my Books but this was rather slow, I have point it out because it may work for some people never the less and the business of instability at the Monarchy had been resolved at this stage i.e. it is quite impossible to control junkies running around industry to make money, live the dream and rip up peoples lives and well being if HRH The Prince of Wales had decided he wants to be running around with popularity people himself all together, it has now been settled and I can get on with my Royal work properly for my part, especially the academic proficiency aspects of Public activity (hopefully, on seeing they work so hard to ensure everything I do on social media is considered to be done in obscurity, knowing very well that if somebody else is engaged with it, it is not done in obscurity and the purpose of this behaviour is to fulfil dreams of fame and fortune by making everything that came across toxic, especially other peoples lives - it does add to the business of security guards looking after what seems to be their very lawless environments that other peoples careers can disappear into without a trace and women grab other people best made plans for living to serve them with, which they call Fashion and other forms of Celebrity festivals.).

I am naturally always told that I have a reputation without an action on my part to match but its an old case of the reputation they cannot let be while they are complaining about me; we see them at it all the time, where it has to kill somebody and show up in Public places with it as a badge that lets it take fame and fortune from everybody else but when it is able to get away with that well enough to grab the fame and fortune, it must grab it by making sure that I am in trouble as well due to the sexual context of its stupid women, suggestive of the idea I will be next to get hurt and to add to which it then gets off to do me favours with its disposition as well, assuming the whole time that it has been able to calculate what I am capable of too and then become terribly surprised when warned about what its stupidities know is likely to happen when I have the relatives of those people it hurt and devise a way to ensure its problem had gone all hay wire as well – after which they tell me that a neighbourhood I have chosen to live in can decide if I lost a Royal Commission or not and if I wanted to find out what it meant, I will be left exploring the many facets of how they had taken it from me and even when they know this insanity has nothing to do with anything we are left stuck with it all day long while we have them complain and speak of rights. Soon enough they are talking about how equality feels like oppression to the privileged while the reality is rather that if I told black people that showing up to copy my whole life so as to ensure everybody shared it, meant the destruction of the very best of my achievements which is my Royal Office, it would not have mattered and would not have changed their course of action because they have no respect for the best of my achievements –  if I told them that playing those games where I am their brother damages the academic work especially when they chase my bottom and follow me around, produce the poor certification from school to prove it, they would continue with the behaviour 100% because they could and soon we find when the sexual conquest of their foolish women that have actually got a relationship type all together, gets completely out of hand around my concerns they had become rather convinced that they were famous. I mean I know what their insanity on my case was always all about i.e. there are people who look after my security and they were neither part of the Police or the Military, so what I have ended up with is their community goons and society trouble makers imitating these people to play practical jokes at me all the time, while they find they cannot keep their mouths shut, stop issuing their stupid threats at me as there is really nothing they can do about me, because it provides the means by which their bullying may be practiced without limits on me; so its nothing unusual, the same case about a group of very stupid people having an insatiable need to manipulate me into dealing with the most violent of their problems, which is very difficult to understand as an activity people would engage in from a professional point of view and yet they have continued to inform me that labelling them as stupid as well would get me into trouble.

I understand that they say the jobs of the Armed Forces are not spared either but that is a separate issue; I mean it has no respect for the jobs that Armed Forces people do and you may understand if they got off tidying up after themselves to create neighbourhoods that others would envy for instance, where the job of the Police was involved; but what we find instead is that it is the neighbourhoods that can tidy up after themselves who show respect for the jobs or Officers while those that live in Crime Cesspits are the ones trying to do it by themselves, meanwhile we see that they only do it by themselves when doing it has something to do with my bottom, my Public image or Books and following me around at school and these are the three items that they need to remove from their schedule as soon as possible before they get off blabbing about my reputation which I do not deserve when they could always keep their hands off a reputation in the first place all together.

I understand they feel as though there is nothing I can do about it but if I wished to deter, then I would say its about to become  matter of unleashing Celebrities on the lives of society people each time they disturb me at this Hermitage and unleashing the ex-extremists and criminals at the factories and warehouses at any fool that repeatedly shows up around my concerns to talk nonsense about being famous or important as it is really going to make them famous and important with responsibilities attached all together. I do get told there is a motivation behind this which needs to be understood but there is no such thing, it does rather seem that the only thing these guys know how to do and how to do well is the various acts that damage other people’s jobs and careers and as I have pointed out before a talk of reputation that is not matched by action, I do feel like jumping my queue but I had promised to issue the warnings till the end of November 2018. The Royals that get involved with them must have been aware time and again that they are delinquents who have not grown up at all but the joy of getting involved with them and taking them deep into the Monarchy where none is safe even the Monarch, must be that they show up and work their insanity on me all the time – so we find that people should buy and read Books I have written to get involved with me but it will never happen if delinquents whose stupidities gets them thinking they were famous, were getting around with Royal Family Members by getting to the Monarchy through me – I mean getting to the Monarchy and the Royal family through me and my writing career is something block headed goons should have been able to see works only when they had completely destroyed everything I have but the joy of doing it is that they can spend all I own and blow off a big mouth about a reputation that is not matched by some historical action, so this hen develops into a stage where their insanity tells them that on doing these, by encumbering my ability to execute my Office as though we were playmates, what has happened to them is a case where they had become famous. Then there are those who have media jobs at the centre of it all; they are unable to resist the temptation of offering Publicity to fools who do these things themselves and after years of getting to the top of their game, I am still unable to breathe the free air on account of their stupidities showing up on Public life every day.

We hear of this case where the fallout between the British and the Americans is massive and of course it is utter nonsense as there is no fallout whatsoever; all these things make sense of the fact Americans never fancy their allies getting involved with US international affairs, for me however there is corruption in the FBI and the CIA and it appears to have this need for targeting British Personnel all the time, like we started off the day today with a case of them being Celebrities and myself being somebody that is in need of a sex change with that big mouth. They do claim its nice as the British are picking up these problems too which is utter nonsense; what happens is that they travel to the UK and we have to provide for them by British Law and help them integrate – what they appear to have a problem with is that they come from a world where they can handle people while here in the UK since you have the luxury of living in a world where 100% of what has ended up in the history of your life in terms of sex was a matter of consent, you in your present state do need to spare a thought for those who have the ones that have ended up in their lives without their consent running at 80% and above, you never handle people physically if you do not have the consent to do so, it will beat them down and then you will have to pay the Household Bills. The other side is when they say my support is everywhere and so I support the US and I support the Communists which is not what reality looks like i.e. that Russians travel to the UK to do business and they also come with information that helps us look after ourselves on security matters which is a greater value, needed to be reciprocated – same as China when every British Business that is expanding a footprint in South America tends to have it easy in China, no Political questions of interference involved; this has to be reciprocated as well. Its all playing into Natural Environment security and various other things Nations do to provide food for their population and therefore faultless in my view; little chance for Political instability. They do love to claim I have tended to handle people without making actual physical contact which is utter nonsense: what happens is that they cannot let me be on my own and each time they show up with a corruption of involvement it also involve shooting up my anxiety levels and then issuing threats after making me smell like my loo to announce that I have Tummy issues and Haemorrhoids - hence I really needed to set up an outcome where I get both the Men and the Women into a position that meant each time it happened they got a question from me about how much their bottom hurts recently.

Today I am told that what I get up to is made up as I go along but what we know is true is that each time Labour Party Politicians are done making up stories about how they can get the better of me, which allows Public transportation idiots cling to my property and find all sorts of ways to cover their tracks with crowd power until they own it, the main point of call is usually that they have male Children who want to have a certain view of Politicians and Celebrities and the way it works is that my bottom hurts all the time while they copy and bully and claim rights. The only thing these people really know is how to damage other people’s livelihoods and the only reason it continues is because I have not damaged their own, leaving them to target me and also to have enough money that allows them claim they are more important and have earned the right to handle me physically; so this is only going to rely on me not to do anything about it continue until the end of November 2018, beyond which if they are still found around my concerns it will be a case of the bad luck processes whereby I will have to plan a living by hurting them; bearing in mind more so that the first one they were complaining about was largely concerned with the Politicians showing up at University to wreck my academic work, later complain about the actions of the bad people whom it is said I antagonised with it claiming it is my duty to deal with that while they make their stupid selves famous and important and that the reasons they will do this and continue to win elections on the basis of being champion of the poor is that I will keep their secrets – since then they have not been able to make me keep any stupid secrets, only express the wish to keep this need to destroy everything I own and interpret a lack of punishment for it as a sign that they can always view the applicable behaviour as the correct course of action in every situation. It does not end here, we are usually left wondering why they claim moral people steal jobs from them by helping the poor anyway, whether they do it so that the criminals and racists might show up to do their dirty work for them all together and yet they always say there is a part of it which I am to blame for, while reality is rather that this is not their own lives and I do not write their Books at this Library, if I set eyes on that culture and society they will see it for the last time as well. Hence it appears that when I had stopped sharing, there will be poverty and destitution and when they share I am never financially better off – so we find they are never content with the business of having Political parties that have their way with us to work wealth inequality issues, in my case it is not enough their children need hurt my bottom to have a certain behaviour towards Politicians and Celebrities while they have other society goons threaten me constantly to make use of my personal space which is all completely unsustainable, so I am left wondering why exactly indeed poverty and destitution will for them have been a bad thing as far as the whole of society was concerned. We can see where it applies – in the 1980 -2000s there were always shinny people at popular culture having gay sex and wanting to break free, today they rip up your life, issue threats at you constantly and then leave you sick to the stomach with a sense that they had presented a specific issue and you did nothing about it because you were afraid of what their power and importance will do to you, which leaves them freedom to own your public image and income margins and it feeds into the other part where they have gone off to do favours to members of the Royal Family over me, so these favours were the part in which they wanted to kill people and show up with a history that allows them threaten me and grab celebrity lifestyle, while we all know if I started seeking out the relatives of those they have hurt it’s never going to turn out like that at all, so the only reason it would is that they are hopelessly dependent on a process where I did nothing about it – Dad and Mum are not around to manipulate anymore due to the fact it’s the real world, hopelessly dependent on a process where I did nothing about it, blowing off their big mouth all the time.

They do say I could have done something about it way before they were old and full of regrets that made people angry but this is an example of their stupidities whereby sharing what I have is not meant to make me a living; it is a condition in which I work for them when I write Books for a living and their version of getting involved with me is to do with the reasons that the Media made up, while the Conditions in which a person may run a successful Bookshop is one where those who get involved with it made a promise to acquire and pay for the Books if they were making use of his work without payment, not one in which the involvement was an idea the media had which was also applied according to the needs of culture and society goons; I am therefore not of the opinion it was a bad thing if they lived in poverty and destitution because I had refused to share at this stage and the point is that am confident they will be keeping away from my Books and not following me around at academic institutions any further once I am done with it. They do claim that it is all my fault and that was utter nonsense too, especially as my faults are usually due to my sexual habits about which they have no prove I have been having sex with any person all together; it’s a very simple process where I will not be getting Celebrities all over the concerns of society people if they do not disturb me at this Hermitage, likewise will not get society people ad ex convicts all over the concerns of Celebrities if they do not disturb me at this Hermitage as well – this is supposed to be the stage where they got clever but I do not care for my part anyway; if I said they are a bunch of stupid selfish people that are incredibly good at destroying peoples property and earnings I would have painted a complete picture but the selfish bit is really none of my Business all together – it usually comes to a head when they are good at ripping up peoples livelihood but cannot keep their hands to themselves thereafter, so people feel sore all over to a stage where they had spent the money looking after the body with expensive makeup, thereafter arrange some sexual thing to do with society, before we find them claim its my sexual habits which have created the problem here. I do get told its my people doing all these things which is not based on fact, my people would not make these cases about what appears to be my fault, brewing questions low lives can ask on the streets by means of distant violence; these are the goons who have something to blame Liberal America for at the British Military but when it began they were tackling me claiming Liberal America had courage and I was a coward who needed to start coming up with ways by which well to do villains may be protected, so it seems the business of being a character that The Queen wants nothing to with, showing up at the neighbourhoods to build a sense my Estate was taken from me especially depending on the neighbourhood I lived in is something I need to make real for them as well seeing where it leads because it keeps getting increasingly abusive and debasing - they do say its the world of men being powerful and this will push me over an edge too for my part, the Americans being another story all together, their secret service fools are still spying on me to corrupt state provided security and make a mess of good neighbourhoods all together while their media has adopted a new disposition which means they get me doing something about their spy services making a mess of civil rights then join in on the action with a big mouth but it will always be an old case of the reasons Americans are always filthy, with an ability to distil the Public image from any scenario and claim it as their own.

I understand there is this case where I never really get along with my own people as it is where I will have to face up to a reality that is different from my fantasy world that suggests I am Royalty or an important person and it will never make sense; reality is that it is difficult to understand why it so is the case that when I tell people that Popular culture makes me anxious they think every black person should get into it or else and then show up to complain and issue threats over the consequences later on. I mean it is a music style that is about peddling peoples public image to make money and is fundamentally built on seeking out those who have good talents but have not got the energy left to push it through to success at the market place, hence obviously exists to sell illegal drugs to begin with but I am rather certain when I say I do not like it, when people had accepted saying so was enough, it was thereof a better way to resolve the matter than to go round the bends of my various opinions of popularity culture all together; I do not fancy it and saying so is good enough.

The other part of the story is of course that I have big problems I need to face up to not expect people to fight my battles for me and I could never make out where they have gained facts which suggest we are where we are because of my problems. I am rather aware every fact points to the reality that says it is all their problems we are stuck with presently and that there is a myth swirling around that even though we know they want to peddle peoples personal life and public image to get rich and that homosexuals are usually the people who show up to finish off any victims that find it difficult to get into a relationship, there is this case of homosexuals and Church people getting along since the last time the Politicians made laws that will decide such things when they have never set foot in a Church in their whole lives. These goons have just gone from tearing up my academic work and finances in order to see my kind of personality contend with gangs and criminals to facilitate media atmosphere and make them feel safe by fighting people that have suffered the same thing at their hands and hate their guts for it, to issuing threats because they believe themselves to have become a dominant force in society – it is not my problems that we are dealing with at all. The women always say that anything I do about it will be thwarted naturally which is utter nonsense as their stupidities usually bring about only two results and one of those concern a process where men want to make them supervise as men kill each other, while the other is the bit where they get into a difficult situation because they got trapped in a world they do not belong which is violent, will assist nothing and I have warned them before that I am not a fan of their civil rights movements either. All together it tends to become obvious they are every stupid people when such facts have been pointed out and their stupidities are usually entirely a matter of a long history of never getting on with a single day without telling somebody else to feel inferior or telling other people how to exist. They currently hate my guts because in a matter of years, should these activities continue, they will be past the career and the celebrity successes all together and then we shall have to find out if they really can back up their big mouth and do something about me, otherwise all I can say is that they can always fool around with me even when it is obvious more serious things have happened since such as me dropping out of University and having difficulty tidying up to get it done because of their involvement. Its never a difficult issue; these are only three factors here and one of them is the successful people, the other is the talented people and the third is the people who were not as successful as their mates and the only reason talented people are having a rough time is because of people who are not as successful as their mates making sure they wreck livelihoods and push people into the meat grinder they have created at workplace hierarchies, where all people want to do with my so called beautiful body and personality is bully it to get to the top like their stupidities did. It is so obvious that a Police Officer can drive by and make a gesture which suggests those who are getting involved with them are not really getting involved with activities that facilitate the jobs and the careers that they claim they are – but they are so stupid they are unable to see why their own degenerates quickly into a madness whereby they get shot by the Police all together.

So we hear them speak of how people at the Monarchy were free to get involved when others are not allowed, while what happens is that they are always important, so they show up to get me accepting that they were important and on that basis set out to work for that Lady that keeps a Restaurant of Pub in the Middle of the City, meaning she will find something that is incredibly annoying to occupy herself with and it will go on forever i.e. there is a Family at the Top of British society and another at the Bottom of it.

So I do get told I speak but cannot look after my bum, the reality of which is that the bottom hurting bits is all about Politicians working with them to groom me for rape – so at the stage where the tax payer funds have been spent on them and then spent on my case to give them such an advantage, we are left wondering if they tackle my Books and tackle my income, tackle my academic work and my public image because they were in need of either money or self-confidence, blowing off that big mouth all the time, such that it is impossible to say that the customer has the final say on what they do with money because every time people buy products from them, a space where my Books were being sold at the market must have disappeared with the help of media because they have needs, fantasies, vanities and dreams – it then gives rise to those stupid celebrity insults concerning which they see me all the time and never do as the big mouths have suggested most of the time we hear them blow it off on Media and I am going to rip up the Celebrity culture as well to test that stupid theory that suggests I am pushing it back when it messes with my concerns because I am lucky. So we hear them make out I am unhappy about the fact they exist while we all know they exist and that if they were not busy following people around to cause a stink, especially associated with stealing from the shops every time that I attend one and they had followed me around thereof, then they would be busy running off their big mouths at those they claim to be responsible for the fact they were not rich yet, such that if you got them off your public life by building up these their public persona and reputation for them so the racists and gangs might chase them around over it, they will definitely lose their lives.

It happens all the time and nobody is angry that they exist; it will wreck the academic work because it has a plan to deploy the personality and Public image for its own personal riches and fame, so that each time you sit down to do something important the years of being groomed for such nonsense comes through to play and they do it thus your identity disappears, the same way that their own does when you want to rip up that society as well every time they had done it. I do not have a problem and certainly not what problems they can solve, I have a Royal Estate to look after and have been doing that successfully without being wealthy, we are here because they get involved with my concerns and the next time they follow me around because they saw me at an academic institution I am definitely going to give them some trouble too. The damage to career and finances being done here is being done by ethnic minorities, ethnic minorities getting involved with Books I write to ensure when people buy things they sold a piece of the market had vanished on Media, claiming writers are usually famous and since I am not, I cannot get into an Office and work without interference – every stupidity that you may think of which can lead them down to somewhere really ugly as such and then there is the part about their insolence where my bottom hurts too, so we find their friends from the USA tell me that I must agree to the Trump racism claim or else with a big mouth all the time but it suffices to say I am not a fan of their civil rights and that I am still wondering if they are listening to what other people are saying to them especially concerning the part where I have pointed out my patience for the past 13 years and the fact I have had enough of them as it were. The business of not building up their money madness and following people around to copy lifestyle and cause a stink image just yet is because they would get killed and handling them the way I do is the correct thing since telling them to join their racist friends and keep off my concerns will effectively add up to a death sentence i.e. there are no problem here and if there were, I am not aware it’s any that they can actually solve but then again, they are free to keep playing stupid games with me, once they are no longer able to follow on the career success and the fame money popular culture permanently, then we will find out what it is exactly that they can do about me the way we have to tolerate their big mouth for it endlessly as such thereof. All together it has always been about their villainy – which ones will work better when practiced on a persons right hand side and which ones will when practiced on a persons left, so that even when I know it is schizophrenia, I am forced to respond to it because the Politicians are spending tax payer funds while blackmailing me in order to ensure that I do and yet they were the same complaining – much as we find their Celebrities go from trapping me in a condition where I have to face up to gangs and criminals in order to them to feel safe after years of ripping up peoples lives to be famous, only for them to return to make contact with me via the power that money gained from my public image has given them and issue threats thereof, claiming what I have said here is meant to make them comfortable, which just starts it all over again as it were.

I do get told I appear to be a threat to the Public which I am not; they can just begin the day with tales on media about problems I need to solve so as to make them comfortable and if I pointed out a provocative process of ripping up my livelihood to get me into a fight with local people that will make them comfortable while I am victim of the same abusive attacks that they get to the top by as the local people, the women ones will start blabbing about what will happen if I made a false move – so we had to clear up the fact they were not currently in need of money or self confidence so we do not have the politicians bailing them out on my case just yet as it were, just the same as we hear them complain that even if they put themselves together, got off my case and returned to their concerns they would be financially worse off after all these years because of me. This then feeds into the sense that I am also insane for my part, which I am not – just a tight schedule of dealing with ethnic minorities doing what racists are doing but do not want to know what I know because it will make them a bit gay as far as they were concerned but showing up here to take a piece of that valuable personality that was detached from the academic work to make fame and fortune by and blabbing about how I have a problem with people power, while getting crowds involved in the act as well, claiming my life is where the business of dropping out of University with a personality people can peddle for fame and fortune is a point at which success had been gained; hence the old case of them and their successful mates in the City and me having a difficult time, such that the next time they follow me around at an academic institution will be the time I had started a plan to burn their world too. They do speak for their part about how I did get involved with people to bring it on myself too and its usually those cases where I am a person with a sense of civility thinking I may have to apologise for getting involved with people and then snapping out of it to wonder what on earth I am doing all together. When they do say that people do not know what they are doing anymore because of me, it becomes a bit more amusing as it is clear that they are not chasing their Celebrity culture anymore, that they are chasing me at University, to a stage where their money is being used as a tool that means people think I have no right to feel good because they are picking on somebody to get where their stupidities got and it is only going to continue until it ends terribly.

They do say I can do nothing about the Celebrities which is utter nonsense; the problem with Celebrities is the people who are protecting them like some gene pool is being protected, should be the ones marrying them and should be the ones getting involved with them but as mentioned above, it is now dragging me out of University and showing up at Industry as the reasons people think I have no right to feel good in order to get to the top like they did. Now it is said that I have a small amount of Royal Blood and it is meant to be an insult which I certainly do not mind, if those who start wish to play money games as well, since they would knowing I have a certain view of money which is rather hypocritical i.e. if two pencils are worth a pen and I had two Pencils in need of a Pen, I would go to a shop keeper to hand over two Pencils in return for a pen and then I would know that between me and the shop keeper its all finished, however the only way to know if a pen is worth two pencils will be if somebody else paid a monetary price for both, so my position is that money exists to make the companies and governments comfortable and I still cannot make out why it is the basis on which people show up here to stifle my Book sales, get my public image toxic and pass around insults which cast doubts on my social status anyway – we all know an Arch Prince is not an unimportant person as it were. I understand they say they want me to tidy up, but I do not see how the regular insults will progress this anyway, much like the claim I do not look my social status while they have never read my Books. In the end this is something that is said at the Monarchy i.e. I have a very small amount of Royal Blood but a huge amount of ambition, it does not mean people can pick it up to suggest I am unimportant while HM sets Policy on how people get involved with me just like other Members of the Royal family regularly; about which we know they claim what HM thinks of me is not what I think of myself while they will not keep off the Royal Politics for their part as well. I do get told people want to know where they fit but its an old case about my Books anyway; if they read it they would have seen it’s a matter of an alliance between me and women concerning the trouble makers of society, if people wish to show up here and follow on the insanity of Celebrities who think I will be selling sex soon because of my Body type, that would be their problem as well all together and that seeing the world like other people do is not possible because of my body type, which is not to say I am unaware of what it should be. Its much the same as the other story where they claim I am hated because I have the effrontery to stop peoples career and celebrity lifestyle and so this question is usually better understood in light of when they claim my position on homosexuality is not exactly clear, about which I do not need to clear up any position on homosexuality for my part anyway: it is supposed to be prejudicial towards women in all its forms but can be tricky to decide bearing in mind it is as diverse as the business of meeting a heterosexual couple that is a threat to your health and well being one moment, then meeting another that is not the next moment. Few tend to pay attention to the reality because the same process of being set back at your academics and finances so they might get up at Industry to experiment oppression on you, using media to keep an eye on you generally for employers and clients with busy body insults has caused some disillusionment but I am clearly not disillusioned by it when the Politicians have spent tax payer funds to build their self confidence and financial well being but none has yet addressed the business of how they get to decide what happens with my finances and academics on account they saw me attend church and maybe decided I will not sanction a homosexual marriage in my Church building yet, we instead see the Politicians complaining about the bottom hurting bits that is a function of their needs being the centre of other people’s worlds. The point is that homosexuality is meant to be prejudicial towards me and the business of relying on you not to do anything about them while they wreck your life and prevent you from getting a relationship and a family is just collateral damage: Men do not really hate it when people fart as it would not make any sense to hate it when people fart and then get into a homosexual relationship; I for my part was raised in a way which means that although I do not fart in Public, I never backdown on my relationship with the female community – so they have always known I have tummy issues and some illness and show up on my personal space with criminal adage to make me smell like my loo, draw attention to their needs and threaten me, so it is the threaten me bit which brings about the problems as I never smell like my loo until they have exerted such an amount of pressure but getting beaten up for the smell bit is where I like to think they were bluffing a taking it up a nudge too, hence on the matter of them deciding what happens with my finances and academics is the question of how they keep it up on media and whether they are currently in need of money and self confidence before the Politicians get to attack me on their behalf. We even see it in terms of Industry, it will walk about the City making out I should be more respectful of Company CEOs all day, round me up like an animal and will peddle my public image for money at any cost and tell lies about it to cover it tracks, it will then say that it does such things because society in cruel, while I have had to deal with their wild girls setting me one insult after another of community organised context because I am an indispensable human being, half the time because of the way being around me feels to them and other times because I walked into a Church, which is the pressure they have applied for years to create this stage where they play up my personal space to make me smell and none of it has really stopped thereof blowing off the big mouth threats about me getting into trouble if I told them they were stupid thus explaining where they stand very well with a big mouth, yet I am able to handle the society problem better than they can and nobody has yet found an answer to the question of the reasons they love to insult me. In the end this is what happens, when women are pregnant, the gynaecologist must insert a finger or two into the Mother Bum to find the Baby’s head during regular check-ups – it is what happens during child Birth, the way it is done is that you must push. Hence at this stage it will be said that I have given it all away but I do not think that anything I have said will ever change the fact that while I have a convoluted job to do or an academic pursuit to complete, I am rather spending 90% of my time on a group of fools concerning whom I must make a decision over the use of my public image as to whether I were stronger if I hated them – if they were complaining about me thereof, it might be suggested by some that the problem can be solved if they gave me my space.

I could never figure out what those who complain about Brexit really are after all together; the ones that complain about the deal with Eu not going far enough without a grasp of the main issues which should have allowed them talk to people sensibly about what they thought was one story but it’s the ones that stoke the issues all the time because of what they were hoping to get out of the EU who get to my nerves the most. I mean the issue behind Brexit was one in which every Country that was influenced by the UK was worse off on the Economic front in terms of the crisis and the recovery processes, even Spain that was one of the big ones was taken down and is now governed by a half racist administration all together and Greece is left where it does not know where to start, while every freedom that the Dutch and Scandinavians and the states in the Balkans enjoyed is pillaged by get rich quick goons who want connections in New York, so since our better placed position to recover from the economic crisis meant those who had Established Industries wanted us to give more and more and more, we were better off leaving the Union, so we might be able to do what we need to better. It’s the same thing we find in Scotland; they come up with ideas about how to better peoples welfare in Scotland all the time and again at the end people end up homeless and living in destitution because they never ask how it is done is Scotland and he assumption is that it will ever become far more important to the scots than the Professor in the woods who lives in the woods because he does not want to be bothered by the outside world coming up with a new invention everyday Scotland, so they have to do the rounds over and over again and talk to people about independence. We then find their point to be that people are backward facing and archaic in their view of the world but they are the ones chasing everybody else’s bottom on account while they want to be Celebrities, somebody else thinks they are just better off doing military job all day long. in my case they say I am at the very head of the Millennial assault on everybody else; what really happens is that the business of asking me to hand over talent or public image meaning they soon spend time passing insults at me, then getting some girl to seduce me while they had sex with her, has grown into one of Millennials being rounded up and so we find they are really good at giving the signals that means any chance they get sees somebody else having to live in a crowds at the door step making demand situation but do not fancy the signals that other people such as myself can give out on their account as well, more so which they have never really been able to tell others that this was an acceptable behaviour, that it was a worthy activity all together but I have dropped out of University and not yet tidied up well enough to get it finished after 6 years of doing so every day. The others who think they know how to work it by making sure when offended promise violence and tackle somebody who is of a higher authority, like to make out I am a coward naturally but apparently I spend my time making criminal proceeds cost ineffective at the markets, it tends to mean that criminals actually view me as one of the good guys and they had refused to realise they are very evil twisted twats who love to shove service personnel into the front so that the Armed Forces may have to kill people and when they say it is because their stupid bottom hurts I have no idea if it makes me laugh or makes me think about the fact it all got serious for the fucking clowns at last. 

I am aware of this conversation that keeps getting worse and worse about how we were really defeated by Nazi Germany, while of course what History says is that the Allies made decisions after decisions that led to thousands and thousand of deaths, which is what I would say if I wanted to shock them into shutting up – the reality of course is that the Allies really were Humanity at its finest and the Nazis really were Humanity at its worst. We hear the whole thing festers into this stories they tell of how people hate the tyrants according to folk popularity but when they are allowed to stay in Government Office Term after Term after Term they love it – reality of course is rather a case of whether it’s a matter of what people placed on you when you were naïve and ill informed to deal with or make decisions about it and whether it has taken you an eternity to come up with a changed situation, while the second juxtaposition is one about people taking advantage of the way women go behind peoples backs to protect themselves from violence to make out that the bullying they levy on others pushes people to achieve more and more which entitles those that are doing bullying to a part of what we have achieved as a society collectively and then this feeds into how the Allies made the decisions that they made. My part in the matter being that I have changed the landscape of these matters all together which technically I have not; what happens is that they show up on my Public image to make money on it and then return with the money to oppress me and they really need to oppress me like it is important to them that I become possessed by Evil spirits like they are, so it has reached that stage where I must make a decision about seeing their culture around my concerns and then the possible results of doing so. They are always making out people like me are unaware that people like them are mostly responsible for creating the world wars because they could never keep their hands to themselves and never let people be, so it does reach a point where I get to make my own decisions about the matter as well which all feeds into how they are going to make world war three or when they want to decide it is completely unnecessary and then it will be the first time in their stupid lives that they had decided that something or some behaviour was unnecessary.

They do say it’s the things I say like when I ask people what on earth, they suppose they can do about me for instance and its an old story that also feeds into that case they make of how I support the system killing people and so on. The latter is more a matter of the fact that for some reason they have to live in this existence whereby they are the main thing with respect to aspects of culture that can decide what is to happen to another human beings life and the outcome is always that the enforcers have to chose between own life and their lives or chose between their lives and the lives of others; so its apparently not mainstream living like they have made out that it is. As for the part where my statements annoys them, that would be the bit where they raise stupid children who are not yet five but know where my bum is – I mean I am over 30 and do not know where peoples bums are, they cannot stop passing insults at other people especially while I am older than they are but they were the first to appear in the land and are entitled in terms of my race, and of course could never keep their hands to themselves on account it is popularly accepted that they were terribly important. Hence the Moral of the story has become that there is real possibility if they played it up until it exploded, I had a real tendency to become far more stupid than they are. I mean we even have such cases as doing what I am doing adds up to an international reputation where I am serving or working for Liberal America by doing it which means that since their foolish Celebrities have access to my Book sale market I work for them and they are entitled to any income they can extract from anything I got up to: the reality of course is that we have so far seen such results as me being far more stupid to an extent where Mr Trump was racist and it will continue to make sense right across the board with respect to the business of Neo Liberalists taking up what we are collectively working on and making a mess of it to chose which corruption will suit them best and top it up time and time and time again – I mean an example will be the Climate issues that ended with a Treaty signed in Versailles and was about deals made with Iran, that Mr Trump has now pulled them out of. So, the Moral of the story is still that blabbing at me all the time is not the best as I too do hate vicious popular culture, politics and stock market cycle as well as I tend to become more stupid than they are.

Its so annoying when they tell me I need to be a scapegoat for what must be done to recover from Brexit due to the fact they needed it so and the business of insults which suggest my leadership does not matter while the problems I will solve for them is everything and the abuses and insults which create problems for them which they blame on me reaches matters of Public Policy and International Diplomacy. I mean I have no idea why it goes any anyway; Brexit was the past and we are now in negotiation phase for it, even so I much prefer Brexit to a case of low lives showing up to rip apart my academic work and finances in order to chase my bum and get closer to Celebrities, so they may deploy my public image to become their own spoof celebrity and ensure they do not have to work for money. The question that they still must answer is one of their need to reverse the results of a referendum as determined by why the Brexit issue happened at all in the first place. They do like to blab about something I did on the right hand side which hurts their bums and I could never make it out anyway, save the fact they have Liberal America support and cannot stop telling lies, of which either way they need keep away from my Books and stop following me around never the less; its an old case of this business of their decadence and immorality meaning that if somebody establishes a Business premises, a short while will elapse and then the supply people will become the removal men and then Brexit would never have mattered due to the fact that women would have had their own power base and men would have had their own power base and they would have gotten anything they wanted or else with a big mouth. They always claim it’s a matter of the fact I hate Germans while reality is that Germans just appear to have the inability to resist trappings of power; this disposition of people placing responsibilities on others at a time those who have been given such things were ill prepared for it and the later question of whether it will take such persons an eternity to decide what they want to do with their position is a situation which only God can help people out of in the US, is virtually inexistent in the UK, is the most sought after tool for tyrants in Africa and the Middle East and in Germany it is Manufactured, such that we find when Angela Merkel is the longest serving Chancellor, she gets responses from the far right that asks her about enjoying it after which she turns on the Nazis. They always say I am one of those people are seek glories I had lost and its utter nonsense; the society ones have a relationship with me that is all about sex and the only way to justify it is to make it profitable and that only happens when they had stolen my markets or set about tearing up my academic work to ask their popular culture low lives to make money from it that will support their case – the Media and Celebrity ones will be the bits where they are always helping me out with my Public image and can never let me breathe the free air, getting involved with my concerns uninvited and each time they do what I get up to is shared already while the foolish self-seeking men hurting their bottoms for more is that which will cause them to lose their jobs and get them to visit vengeance on me, while that happens of which we find that they cannot be caught dead following my social media profile because that would make me relevant and get rid of the one talent they have which is to support their stupidities by damaging other peoples jobs. So I do get told they do not follow my social media profile because their aims and aspirations including what they do with it does not agree with mine but in the same way they show up here to wreck the academic work and get me responding to the stupidities of society by being stuck with it for the rest of my life, I thought I ought to set the stage for them to be forced into doing something they do not want to do as well. The point is that these goons are fans of criminals and I do this basically to make the point that it would be dangerous to develop myself a public disposition that lets me spend all my time revealing the secrets of criminals, but they do not actually matter that much; Brexit is a new yardstick obviously. For their part they claim to be the Celebrities and that I am no one and its an old tale about difficulty getting along with where all my assets are and where Royalty in Europe run most of their affairs, while their stupid lower class stupidities will not help me out with the finances all together the last time we checked and then I shall be back to ensure they were spending more of my time for their stupidities and preserving themselves while having such expensive fun all day long for it as it were; otherwise it is clear to see that if I said they need keep off my Books and stop following me around it was their exit as equally as it is mine. The reality is that I am in control all the way to the pornographic Industry.

The resolution being that all applicable goons want to discuss in public places is that I am homosexual or that I have a problem with homosexuals, none of which is based on reality or fact – they are currently complaining about the time I would lose my temper and decide that everything which adds up to homosexuals being persecuted so their anal sex might be profitable is to be eliminated, so we might find out like we are presently how evil they are really are, when they need to get it out of me instead; besides which during the time of Civilisation such as Ancient Rome we would be dealing with homosexuals standing besides Emperors to request the burning or Crucifixion of some Christians. It needs to do nothing else save making sure nothing I am doing is done at the right time which will facilitate community croons gaining access to my Bedroom as time progresses and then it will decide after it had wrecked my whole life and destroyed people around me that its smelly anal sex can only work if it is making me sore all over to draw succour for it and we can see that when this becomes my Public image and my Royal work, there is no denying a lot of the things they claim is their civil right is actually very discriminative and very insulting. We understand them claiming that they are forced to go along with the will of the Church all of the time, which is utter nonsense just as we understand they are always threatening people over their need to have some money and that the Church teaches all those things that means if you do not work for it you will not have it, if you are not diligent and dedicated you will not be successful and helps them deal with what is besetting them but they would rather hate it and throw around their discrimination and insults all the time – so I get told that getting involved with homosexuals as separate from getting involved with the Church when I wish to do both being two separate things is itself discriminative. In any case of which if they do wind me up, they will be finding out I can cure people of the homosexuality if I controlled the Community croons and stopped people persecuting them, so that the anal sex might no longer be pleasurable and the Communities might no longer have a disposition for meeting, when the anal sex becomes painful enough, then they will stop being homosexual and I will have had some peace but we can all see it is not my own choice to make which is all the more important they need keep the insults off my case, their fingers off my Bum and stop showing up here to make out they are famous when they have their heads up my arse. The Politicians speak of the ease with which I do it and I am left wondering if they were hoping to negotiate with schizophrenia that spends its time smoking marijuana among other things in the Caribbean and then show up to play around with important matters happening in other peoples lives until it looks like a character people want to take jobs from, then cling to peoples public image and finger peoples bums unexpectedly to cause duress and make people understand it knows how to, where to and has the power to hurt them if it is not making money, then spend tax payer funds to help them assume a disposition over others as though they were important and thereafter a disposition on media which suggests they were famous; as I have mentioned before, it is a slippery slope starting to live in an arrangement where people are attacked because they are stupid as we justify ourselves in doing so but I am not homosexual and when I say so it should be enough. As for the things I do that are indicative of being homosexual, that goes beyond their disobedience and incredible insults finding a way to be financially profitable at other peoples expense like there was an invisible barrier stopping victims beating them up most of the time, it goes way back to when I dropped out of University because Lesbians were chasing female lovers and hardly something I started as it were; they are worried about what I am capable of but there is something driving them to do it all the time, so I should say I am perhaps not as stupid i.e. when I say I am not homosexual it should be enough. The whole business of dilapidated neighbourhoods full of criminals and violent people was never a freak of nature, it is made, made by these fools and I can always unmake it for them as we all know its never going to work making out somebody who thinks a black skinned person that believes the skin colour I share with him is a curse to me and his civil rights looks like that, should be killed as part of his lottery for being wealthy and important is the wrong thing to happen to society, while those who organise women and squander peoples property, destroy lives and families to make money by their disobedience and threats run wild uncontrollably; when I am say I am not homosexual it should be enough lest I play an artificial part in the way these matters work out all together myself. Other forms of damage that are too costly to mention includes my marriage to my Court systems and the Women in it being jeopardised by such practical jokes, so when we work for anything a cracked up out of my league fool wants to do to determine what my bank balance would look like over his needs and an abusive tale of discrimination, makes millions of currency and conduct tribalism based raids on peoples lives and finances and property that he or she is certain will be profitable while they make up the reasons over the Laws of the Land as they go along.

The reality about me is that I was originally a very happy and content person and then I got off to my Church activities as well which the last time we checked if the stories these goons tell were to be believed, does not make people happy and content persons as well to add to that and thereafter which I got a Royal Commission from the British Monarch and Monarchy which thus means it is really difficult for me to be sad, what these goons do with me is to steal my equities and make money by making be depressed through their involvement bearing those stupidities from criminal activities and vices and there is no fact whatsoever attached to that other incredibly vicious tale that my personality is a product of sleeping with peoples wives.

Now I do get asked this question of whether I can make it very simple what the source of all my stress really is and of course I can; its all Celebrity cynicism; they wish to cling to my Books and finances and watch me suffer depression and psychosis, then make the problem so bad that I will no longer be able to keep the Books which they will then be the ones to write and become famous for all together but the whole thing comes at a price that causes them damage as well and the way to manage that damage is to seek a position that allows them to suck up to some form of power while blaming others for the problems. So I have come to the conclusion that since it is so difficult to be a Role model to Members of the Top Family at the Monarchy while Celebrities copy and make use of my personality and pretend to be me as disobediently as possible because they have need to get rich and so on, I must find a way to make the idiots understand by stopping it completely – for them it has always been a rather very simple question of whether they wrote my Books and therefore have so much rights as we see them claim to have in public places over it. I do get told I am a trouble maker as well but I am not the one that has formulated a way of handling peoples asset equity to make entertainment with and then no matter how much I make from it, never really a complete expedition until I had diversified the use of those asset equities into something that brings various racially diverse communities together as a business model; so the first time I had to tolerate it, they did mainly on the basis of involvement and how they had to control me to get what they wanted, now they have got some money they are doing it on the basis of new found power. So comes the question of why it really happens i.e. plain old laziness and a means by which to keep an eye out for the best things in life without working for any of it and as I have mentioned before, those stupidities are not some form of industrial manoeuvre, they are predatory – but the bit that brings about the problems is usually the part where they spend their lives chasing deviance to a stage whereby all the drugs and crime and criminals chasing them becomes something that is deployed as a tool to turn people like me into the criminals that want some of their Hyde which is what I am trying to prevent, hence all my stress. Of course they would hat my guts for mentioning it and they are not the only ones; the Politicians who spend tax payer funds on them to build their confidence then spend some more of it wrecking my finances and academics so they might look like they can teach me some lessons will hate my guts just as much; I mean they do have their own lives to make fame and fortune with, their own people to sell entertainment to as it were. The part where mentioning these facts makes me more vulnerable is utter nonsense of course; what it does is clear out the confusion on what the situation is, ranging from what I have mentioned above to the fact they behave the way they do because they are far more vulnerable to the nature of violence than I am but we see that the cynicisms from the same people who attack people to a point of killing and being killed over their hatred for those who judge them have wrecked most of what I have done here with fame base self-seeking cynicism and the problem is still on my lap as far as their big mouth is concerned as well, as they suppose I have no responsibilities all together and that they will continue to maintain access in order to feel safe and secure every time they wanted – if I am feeling vulnerable, I will start to look upon their stupidities as a form of damage, so I can rip up their own as well; its never really been too much of a problem for me, I got some Books published in an environment where there were a lot of Liberalist social media going on and they have always loved to get together and make out my Books belong to them according to the usual stupidities were are all aware of, so it has now become a question of what the future will be for their need to chase peoples bottoms and ambush people in every aspect of living to better themselves and mine specifically is whether they wrote my Books having such fun – I do get told it appears to be a problem without end which is so because it is a stupid things Politicians are doing alongside their Media goons; so typical case is for instance if I said I listened to 5 Hours of London’s Heart and at the end of it have decided I will be pillaging their profits as well for the next 24 hours, we tend to see them listen to what you are saying for as long as the feeling that you have not done far reaching damage lasts, see what I mean as it were.

The single biggest impediment to operating at the Company has not changed I should declare i.e. a process where I keep carrying on because I am not aware of how I am being treated and handled, not aware of how people are doing my stuff, not aware of how I am being harmed. It is utter nonsense of course and all it does is ensure I cannot go to the office to write my books in peace or sit down to trade at the firm properly or in peace and that gives the facts behind it all away i.e. they do not harm me, they are all thieves and you do not pay attention to thieves and their business, you do not say something about it or do something about it which makes them feel they can communicate unless you are trying to put an end to it; so it is usually not something I pay attention to unless their specifically elected Politicians from certain parties spend tax payer funds to ensure that I do but that does not change the fact it is all thieves business which is not my business unless I am a thief as well which I am not – so somebody makes music CDs stealing my income and another makes their own getting involved with me but stealing nothing, both are unacceptable and the reasons they hate my work is much the same i.e. I am either stopping the thieves of bringing the decadence of those who are not to a barest minimum that I can mange at will and that is reflected on all I write and say. The part where they tell me where I am supposed to be is meant to have been the point at which the warnings begin to come forth too as it were; since this is not their corner of the United Kingdom  here at home, not their corner of this village or indeed their corner of this planet, which they by right should not be living in or be seen to be living in at any stage and for any reason whatsoever and they are not harming me in anyway and need to stop flattering their self harming stupid selves. So it applies they have their excuses ranging from racism to the fact slavery happened in the history of the world, right down to something bad which happened about which I failed to have a sympathetic view of occasions, amounting to problems and the need to steal mine to make it better – so it is all thieves business and I am not getting harmed by any idiot. They always say it is a matter of what I can do about it which is not a major crisis since we all know they live their lives in deviance because the result can only be that they continue getting better and better at enjoying life i.e. they lay waste their corner of the Country and the Village and the world they were born into and then they proceed to spend other peoples own and with that make friendships of convenience and money with it and can only keep getting better unto millions and millions and more millions of industries that are actually a fundamental menace – so in my view, there will not be a second warning beyond this: I already have systems in place to manage thieves and thieving from and at my company and yes it exists in the mildest form imaginable and will start to exist in vicious one as well. It is a fundamental reality that men have always thought that on the basis of all these facts and behaviour rules do not actually apply to them and all they need to do is find that place in their lives where that is the case and then they will be able to acquire every thing that they have always dreamed of and they are always stealing from me because they forget I am a man as well and each time they recognise that fact provide leadership with it and the Americans are the most prolific offenders seconded only by Africans whose plight a lot of the times serves them well too and the Muslims think that with their terrorism they are the only men unlike cowards such as myself who are not being governed by world powers.

They do say I talk too fast and am always rude but its an old story about all my equity broker time being taken up by idiots who think they are successful and important enough to discipline others; time and again it shows up around my concerns to stifle my Books and work its stupidities, apparently this nonsense is what it gets into government buildings and Liberalism and Socialism to express the whole time and if it is, then there is always a reason or excuse for me to have all my time spent on it – every time I find myself sympathising with their stupid cause, all I am left with is this picture of an idiot whose friends and mates got ahead of and yet every time I am told it wouldn’t be a loss if it government buildings and city centre insolence learned from me for it, I am left with the fact it can never listen to anything anybody says to it. So I am eventually aware they are willing to change whatever the plans for change may have been but vanity at our age does not dissipate like precipitation, it just moves where those who own it do not wish to see it because something more important has assumed the space – I am going to keep my records of their stupidities and see where they intend to put their own blowing off that big mouth like that all the time, showing up here to play with me and screw up my Book sales. I am not a victim of sexual assault by women as many may suggest; its largely a case of insults and abuses and the odd bum fingering and penis grabbing nonsense that amounts to preparing me for a process where female influence is the same as male violence and I am in a place where I work for money and run from it so girls might be comfortable with it; so we have ended up in a position where they are always passing messages from stupid Politicians about what I am supposed to do to make some girls feel comfortable and we are getting to a stage where their insults will not let the process of taking from them the popular culture and celebrity culture which facilitates it to come to an amicable stop and hence give way to outcomes where they are passing messages to their stupid Politicians for me as well so an ending might be decided for the bum fingering bits of their insolence. Its nothing unusual; if they are not complaining about me due to the fact that clinging to my finances to get somebody that will beat me up and thus make me let go of it didn’t end well, they will be stuck somewhere dreaming of me being in love with their civil rights and assuming when they handle me enough times being positive, I will end up in such a position as well. They do not trouble me in anyway, however they speak of how I am always untidy but trying to count myself among which was all their creation no matter how simple I made it for them to keep off my Books and my Finances and so this idea I make them nervous is utter nonsense, what does it is the fact I never get a 24 hour break from abuses and insults and interference with my Court which makes me appear to have been through the processes of gang recruitment, after which the idiots have no wish to work in the sex industry if they can have my public image and get famous peddling my faith and personal life instead – so now that they are getting serious I suppose we have come full circle. Nothing on this website has failed to indicate I run an Empire from a bedroom setting and there are matters around my work which are culturally divine and that I am the only one who does an Arch Prince’s Literary Estate in the whole of the UK and the world – thus I imagine it is going to be fun with their stupidities and those threats alongside it too. No normal person would get off chasing another person to attack and abuse them as a process of building notoriety that brings fame and fortune but should a person take leave of their senses for it, how far do they go? Do they go right up to the point of building a public case about the persons private parts, do they do it everyday for decades, do they carry on for eternity and when they become celebrities their victims must now sit out another process whereby they get married to gangsters – it is supposed to be a world where cowards can control the brave, which is exactly what is happening between government Officials and the National security services. 

The other tale of how they want to see the softer side of me and then after that the nicer one is not an emotive one; first the Politicians spend a decade of my time ripping my finances and helping them build their own, after which it set out to sort government Policy on the basis of who is paying taxes which puts them in a position to have government policy decided in their favour but now this sort of stuff is only set to show that if they all got killed, their insults would have been the main cause; hence my question is whether I am being forced to show the nicer side of me on account their finances depend on it in this city just yet? We will not be talking about insults and abuses that understands I will want to make queer its society and culture so more idiots can tackle me with hurtful friendliness that wants to get along with those who make societies queer while they seek self improvements as money loving madness insults and provocative nonsense they might also find stupidly amusing from the effects of me having done so in order to be myself and thus continue to get involved like it was their right as it were.

The popular story of how I had never reached a point where I am rich enough to be as powerful as I have displayed is very well understood when people are at the receiving end of recompense for their stupidities which they always think they can always exhibit if they have some corporate property or possession - the reality of course is that this is a Literary Empire and the products are things that are guaranteed to get sold but they are aimed at a very, very, very slim and thin market i.e. business men and Entrepreneurs with the liquid finance to develop products on the bundles of Equities and therefore will be happy to buy the books - so I do not see what sales idiots and goons who want to get to University and those who need a job want around my books, it is an Empire with brokered Equities, the Books are all Church things, Royal Office and Renaissance things and those who do not have money to invest should not want to collect them. The poorer ones can be part of The Company ecosystem if they are certain they can behave in ways that means I do not have to deal with anything like socialist idiots wanting the privileges of the rich when they are not there yet because they think they have found somebody they can torture it out of and so on: we all know it is how the enemies of the right and enemies of the left issues are created for people in The Global Naval Community which the other two fundamentalism really love to exploit for obvious reasons and more so Politically especially


I mean it really kills me when they start to talk about the need for me to change my physical appearances, so as to facilitate a process where it is not damaging for the fact they had a bath and dressed properly and are off doing something professional and well paid with their time, it beats my imagination so because we have not even started talking about a need they have to invest some money that is going to pay a lot and very quickly from years of abusing me to create these conditions where everything I do is followed with bottomed out Book sales and a process where they have set up a much nicer version of hospitality that is lighter in social and political weight to make them feel as though they are providing a service at the apex of civility and we all know its not as though I cannot complain about it or tell them off as much as it is about the fact that even if I could there is nothing I can do about it, leaving me wondering if I will ever live till 60. So this part about my behaviour changing is supposed to have in its own right amount to the question of who gave them the access to my Bed chamber that they currently have with that stupid media, to talk through to me and take positions on my personal space in order to avoid complying with morality and the gospel while gaining from its benefits without according other people some of it by themselves too; I do not play with their salary obviously and have made it clear time and again that the Court is female only, they need to stop handling me and buy Books from this Estate. They always say its a real problem for me which is utter nonsense - the reality is that they have to do everything by kicking off some filthy and stupid industrial espionage associated with the promise of a particular place they can belong to in order to ensure my security measures does not prevent them from taking advantage of me and these idiots I have warned about their insulting threats on that stupid media need to start thinking about my Books as the only thing that draws them towards my concerns too before that stupid social and moral corruption of theirs becomes a real problem for them - they need to get a Book from this Estate as I do not play with their salaries for my part as well.

They say they are organising a boycott of my products but its an old story where their stupidities think the end product of every social and moral corruption is homosexuality and popularity insanity which is not actually the case before we find them fighting for my civil rights before I was born etc. Their only concerns with my affairs should be to buy my Books and it does feel like something I should not be doing even though it is absolutely necessary: at the moment I am not the one complaining about the difficulty associated with seeking financial progress the hard way around here,, the same idiots that ensure I end up with no cash stage after stage of my achievements and therefore do not bow out of any of the processes are. It has become a question of exactly how tolerant a person can be and I have been tolerant to a point where I build a business empire and the financial processes end up in the hands of idiots who need to make me deals that ensure they are rich first before I can access the, issuing stupid threats at and disciplining me because there are evils in their stupid society as well, pretending they are perfectly certain how I will react as well when they actually not (Its an old story where there are five people in an Office space and there ill be two of them who think the evils of society are the best things ever and their envy and their jealousy can cost somebody a promotion or pay rise and so on - disciplining me while handling my property equity and public image because its stupidities are trying to make women comfortable and he is trying to get famous, assuming it can measure exactly what my reaction will be the whole time - their only concerns should be about my Books when they get involved with anything around here and I could not put it any better as it were, they do not know me, they do not know anything about me).So it is said I foster oppression which I do not; if these goons relaxed in a resort long enough to go back years to their youth, they would end up at that point where they drunk themselves senseless and ended up in a cell for the night - so it will always say it does not like itself and wants to be me and will always come up with plans for taking advantage of me which is facilitated by Politicians or Media or Stock Market industrial Espionage and I need to breathe.

So I hear that I am hated all around because I have no idea what I am talking about on one hand and for any little I know some old society idiots are determined to take it from me in order to glorify themselves and I am stuck in a condition I cannot get out of but really enjoy having a go at telling important people what to do. It is utter nonsense of course as the only thing I am stuck with is my own life first of all and then other peoples disobedience which when built up on Media alongside an abusive way of shutting me up from a distance for every single thing I do and say in order to create a state of affairs, tends to mean I lose position and property to them on account I refuse to go out and try to be a celebrity while they move into my right to be where they were supposed to be in order to achieve their personal glory. The Politicians and Media idiots however do say they put forward this kind of behaviour because they consider themselves to be my Fathers and I really have no idea how disrespectful somebody has to be towards the challenges others face as adults just like he is, in order to come up with the abuses that facilitates this kind of insult but I have parted with good friends that have thought it a joke in the past never the less and if they do wind me up, will clip that their stupid sense of fame again, since the case here is not what I know and what I do not know but a matter of pity I have for them and their stupidities, since nobody knows how they expected to spend tax payer funds on idiots that were poorer than their counterparts without ending up stuck with terrorism; so they can get off telling me it’s a matter of a benefit of hindsight which they did not have and continue to assume that this excuse can become the answer for everything. I am an Arch Prince however and usually more interested in what their sense of right and wrong is, since it is clear that if it is flawed right from the beginning then it becomes more crooked the more people try to straighten them up and they must have known what they were doing when they dispatched tax payer funds to fools that were less successful than their mates, claiming it was wealth equality as equally as we know that they cannot and never ever stop lying. I am not stuck with any situation I cannot get myself out of, they need to ask the right questions, not talk nonsense about why these things happen. They need to ask why it is the case that although peoples are strong enough to scare them, such people are usually poor in a world where financial comfort is a function of working for money and then saving it – they need to ask the question and get their fuck off my religious case. I mean they have completely lost control as it stands and it beggars belief that their stupidities were unable to foresee such an outcome; since we are talking about these lazy idiots starting off with playing up civil rights with the lives of younger people from whom they can confiscate a future if allowed and soon enough will we find them tell tales of cultural evils of power that they have which means they have the capacity to make people poor or make people rich, so that if they start to chase around those idiots in Government building talking nonsense about how religion is the problem of the world have set them to, what happens when they get tax payer funds for it becomes an outcome that means that either way people want to look at it, the outcome has still been that their cultural powers of evil and devil has made them rich and made the person they were asked to stalk socially poor, which means that it does work. The result being that they acquire followers for it too; it is impossible to figure out how their clever other peoples Fathers' stupidities was unable to foresee such an outcome.

So there is talk of how  want out of Politics and Government which beats my imagination; I mean the Politicians will say they are restricted at the International front, what you do to defend yourself from money mad freedom idiots of Countries that are not constitutional Monarchies and have no peace in mind opens up new horizons, then it’s time for them to dither and mock you and get you stuck somewhere in order to give it up for good and then every goon will realise they can screw with you as much as they like as a result of it too, while they tell lies and enjoy watching you Labour – so I cannot actually tell since the most important bit is always the secret societies that help them find peoples private parts, which is the Politics and which is the Politics I apparently want out of anyway. It’s the same things we see the Media do with corruptions of involvement that screw up lives of those who dare to have things they have not yet tasted and then the result will be that they are messed up like everybody else they have messed up but because they have a regular media appearance to play with become the least messed up – so I just tend to end up in this place where I never knew I had a solution that could get them out of that mess all this while but having said that they will get it somewhere in hell too; it always has plans and none it has ever once had anything to do with the right to feel good, this is why they are always talking about this imaginary processes whereby the Monarchy is handling Parliament. They however claim I interfere with National finances whereas their main preoccupation has continued to be every new money mad goon that wants to make a mess of me and all I get up to playing some music they cannot resist at Parliament everyday – as I mentioned earlier, realising I have a way out of the mess they have made for themselves and they will have it in hell too; its yap, yap, yap all day long and has plans endlessly and those plans involve hurting you and poking your tummy and finding your anus and if you want to say something swallow it to the deepest recesses of your tummy until there is a bad smell, yap, yap, yap hurt you and hurt you and extricate secretes that will then be stolen after they are public and hurt you all day long; the idiots have created a sub culture out of it obviously and they are the only ones complaining about that too. Its an old story; they always think I am afraid of them and cannot move a muscle where they are around and hence cn do anything they wish with my person but they are only the 5 persons in an Office space and two will think the evils of their society and the big bad goons who refused to study at school but now have plans to get rich quick by being famous are the best things that ever happened and that some like me have a personality and a public image that I cannot protect which they can take advantage of, when everybody else likely knows if I get hold of their insanity I will rip it up and sell what I find and that such behaviour is not taught a Church but learned according to the amount of time they spend with those that are clearly their mates - leads down the same path where their concern with me is to buy a Book and nothing else and they really need to watch those insults at some point.They do say my work does not appear to be successful which is why they think they can handle any part of it as they wished but its an old story where I have built an empire based on writing and selling my Books which I should hire a Literary agent to work on, going into the City to build a Campaign and a Brochure but have done it myself because no Literary agent has the imagination to do it for my work - so some will see this process of not having one as a weakness but I do not think that weakness actually is any of their business as well anyway. So I do not think anybody will say it any better than I have when I have made clear their only concern with me should be to buy my Books and nothing else, considering I do not play with their salary as much as they have become quite fond of playing with mine due to the priorities they have in life as it were.They do say my problem is that I have been setting up business in a system that is built by people I do not like but its an old story where I live in the UK and the one thing foolish black men must achieve is a process where I am not allowed to feel British - their big problem these days being that I want to eat African food all the time and its the same things we see when I find a Journalist I get along with and message them in some way on social media - an idiot being that the Americans are the ones doing it these days considering the rest feel they have had their fill, will get up and have a problem with all I do as per me chasing career paths that is the reserve of those who dreams have been taken from them, talking rubbish all over the place - so I am wondering, nasty likes to trap people what they were expecting, in the same way I will be trading with them soon enough should this nonsense continue for a prolonged period of time, since that stupid civil rights tends to make them feel that any who has the same skin colour amounts to persons they can familiarise themselves and screw with as much as they may have pleased.It happens all the time like when I create a library environment in my Office and they decide they want to build violent gossips to make use of it along with my personal space to enjoy life and secure conveniences - they love to assume when their stupid community croons pick up on it they ever stop too, hence when I work at night they want to go to bed, have a good rest and sleep so they can get to work by day. Of course I do get asked if I realise why people behave in such ways, which reality has always been that they are trying to get connected and powerful but it’s never really pleasant when it takes up my time instead and of course there are buffoons that need to teach me the importance of the fact people have a right to want to get connected and powerful which is all good as long as it is the means by which I drop out of University on account they are making use of my public image while I am trying to study, since it is not serious yet so far as it were.

Its like the case of people not honouring their National Anthem while the vice President attends a Sporting event and they are always trying to excuse it in some way leaving us wondering if they really world have where it was Trumps Republican rivals that won the election instead of Trump. In any event either way it means I win again and the next time student Union characters telling me what to do all the time a hurting my bum striking me a fantasy, they will have a reason for it too; I mean I do get told my case is largely that I want public support for my actions which I don’t and this is the kind of occasion where banishing such nonsense is worth its while i.e. if anybody is likely to damage your livelihood, these guys will do it, Celebrities will do it and Popular culture goons will do it, thus one gets careful when living with parents and does not like to be messed about when living alone – its about how they justify what they do the way I justify the fact that Security services have a job and we are looking at those kinds of incessant abuses that are completely pointless but tend to facilitate a process that allows a drug dealer to abuse others until they cannot go anywhere and when they walk down the street feeling cold and all, get called up by a drug dealing in an expensive car and offered solutions to problems and some drugs to take, some to sell and bring in the money, no selling means getting shot; I do not need public support for the way I want to make use of them as well when the Politicians and Media are done – we know they love their servitude so much and that is because they understand they are bigger and stronger and can work for more money where work concerned, so if everybody were stuck in servitude, they would have the means to dominance but while that is going on, they are never the ones paying the financial price as they are poor and have got nothing and are in dire need of civil rights; so handle their case when I walk down the street and get noticed, next time I walk down feel subliminal messages come through that I am their kid they are rounding up and controlling, on whom their future depends, such that when I shake it off, I end up being detached from black people and racism stirred on my account, so that the racism I never knew existed and that which never existed all together started to exist and so on my account specifically – then anything I do to defend myself especially after it starts blabbing a need for me to fight racism without a job while the racists have jobs, will mean it will get off to the Politicians and Media to get help that will ensure I cannot go anywhere, once it has gotten the help and I cannot go anywhere, it starts all over again and ups the ante refusing to honour the National Anthem, one among its many excuses being that it will be satisfied when I get beaten up, which is the option it prefers to simply keeping its stupid self and concerns off my Books. The women are an old story; simple case where if they know it will devalue another person’s Royal Estate they should never do it and as for the insults, we are getting to that stage where I am developing a habit of telling them to keep it where their money is; for their case, when it comes to the big stuff, I really do wish that News reporting was a serious job, since if it was, I would have been prevented from going around kissing them female journalists and playing with them all the time – otherwise we can see that when it believes it has an ability to get away with a process where more than 10% of activities concerned with its job is allowed to screw with others as much as it likes, then nobody will have a semblance of normalcy where its salary is not paying the Bills.

I do not think the matter is a complicated one; my honest view is that they are all very evil people, besides the need to confront people they do not even know and have never met with statements concerning an existence that exists to cause people job losses – in my case of which largely refers to having grabbed my work and public image to go off and get connected and famous with, there is also the fact that they do nothing save there is a twisted and evil and witchdoctor type aspects of culture involved, which is where all these abuses and insults that have far reaching effects come from. They like to tell me I talk and that gets me accolade and I think I can do anything but we all know talk is meant to secure the accolade, the serious bit is when I start to pay real attention to scumbags that I truly despise as well; at the moment it is their opinion that I am unable to do anything about them but everybody knows that if I am using them the same way Politicians and Media fools use them as well, that has to count for something. The Politicians and Media fools who never stop squandering my property and blowing off their big mouth about which one I got beaten up for when we all know they are likely to beat up nothing whatsoever from the Television; In the end I have difficulty locating how tough it could possibly have been for them, that if I told them those comments they make about my person and my Books are not linked to their job description, are not made because their families are being attacked and will not leave them out of pocket to shut down; they rather love to respond with that nonsense about how somebody on media is fighting my cause when if such a person didn’t exist we would have been talking about this in an open and real world where those stupid comments only give them power on media where lots of people listen to it and then I have something to catch up on and it will get real for the damage it does here very quickly indeed. So its talk that secures the accolade, I have not been doing something about people I really despise for my part as well yet but it is important they understand I have had enough of it too – great stuff letting it explain which part I have no respect concerning other peoples spouses for: that started off years ago with something about which jobs I shall never get unless I have sex and show that I am and developed into a need to find some business to get stuck with while leaving the risks for a boy to deal with and now it has become a process of laying claims of ownership to all I do and work for on media as well, an unofficial version of everything I do to make it lose granting them a process that makes it possible to take funds out of this Estate and technically my Bank Account. Needs to stop telling me which one I need to swallow right down my tummy whenever it needs to spend time with the job in hand and lay off my case before the spite becomes something far serious enough to match its City Centre suit wearing stupidity.

They at this point claim after I had mentioned it and everything has now calmed down, it was all my fault; reality of course is that its always kids screwing around while they know what it really needed at the City Centre and the assumption absolutely everybody thinks that what I talk about here are matters of provocation concerning which it was not a set up on their part. So it progresses to telling me its hustling and of course it’s the kind where it took advantage of something I said or did earlier and it helped boost his income, so he is seen driving a car close to me the next day along with a Ballsy friend with arse right up my lips and hands in the pocket and threats of what is coming to me if I made one false move and it means that yesterday were talking about them all hanging up somewhere along with Hollywood producers with this sort of hustling that will clearly not lead to trouble coming from those they have made use of but have no respect for to make me go round in circles over matters I resolved in order to write my Books on account they wish to deploy my Estate asset derivatives in very insolent mannerisms that also suggest something I owe because of I have Publishers for my Books, to talking about living a life where they need to keep off my Books and realise that if their families are not being threatened, and they will not be left out of pocket if they stopped, and it is not linked to their job description, if I have had enough of the way those insults and comments affect me they need to show some respect for that as soon as possible. 

They do say I talk too fast and am always rude but its an old story about all my equity broker time being taken up by idiots who think they are successful and important enough to discipline others; time and again it shows up around my concerns to stifle my Books and work its stupidities, apparently this nonsense is what it gets into government buildings and Liberalism and Socialism to express the whole time and if it is, then there is always a reason or excuse for me to have all my time spent on it – every time I find myself sympathising with their stupid cause, all I am left with is this picture of an idiot whose friends and mates got ahead of and yet every time I am told it wouldn’t be a loss if it government buildings and city centre insolence learned from me for it, I am left with the fact it can never listen to anything anybody says to it. So I am eventually aware they are willing to change whatever the plans for change may have been but vanity at our age does not dissipate like precipitation, it just moves where those who own it do not wish to see it because something more important has assumed the space – I am going to keep my records of their stupidities and see where they intend to put their own blowing off that big mouth like that all the time, showing up here to play with me and screw up my Book sales.

They do claim all I do now hangs on a knife’s edge, which is utter rubbish; its governments and Organisations and individuals making use of my products and not paying for them but the difficult bit is when they refuse to withdraw from the contents and the property and go off to deploy it to make their own, then set out statements on the leverage of their money which suggests I took it from them, followed by their stupid girls telling me that the more I speak of it is the more they want to do it and this is usually the bit where insulting media scum make careers out of it too; its not competition you see, its damage and we see them give their own to the frugal by the way, will never find competition where its mates are competing.

They do say I am at war with Media and Celebrities but I am not; what has happened is that since 2009 when I got my Books published they have done nothing else led by Liberal America apart from ripping up my public image and setting out a sense that my Books are a dump on the Public then labelling me problem solver along with my Books who will be used by Celebrities that want to solve problems in order to be famous – so I have nauseating financial complications while dealing with the bottom chasing and tummy whipping gurus that are a problem for them that they do not wish to get rid of, while at the same time laying claims of ownership to my Books and the sickening effects of anything these idiots do to me can spread to the highest levels of society and provide unprecedented Mobility for trouble makers and criminals as a result of it. I want to get them off my Books and Public image and need to seize on that story and how my empire cannot be respected because nobody knows who I am and my patents are not famous enough to get a response from them which means they show a degree of respect for property that is not legally their own whenever they see other peoples possessions and act on it; at this stage since it has become obvious they have already put in place a plan whereby I support women and there is fame and fortune popular culture made and will be kept financially constrained until I support the daddies as well so boy bands can sing songs to serve them on my public image whereby if I tackle them they will make money from the effects and if they attack me they will still get rich from the effects and I had become pathetic character whose life is not making any progress to go down hill everyday until I am done for, or else the daddies and their gurus will ensure my bottom is nothing to write home about and even if I co-operate they will still do it anyway, it is the reverberation of what I say in response to the daily insults that is causing them financial loss at the global markets, I need to set out these warnings since it is soon about to develop into a case of damage to anything of mine meaning damage I must do to the finances of celebrities and their show business as well or it will never be over, the stage at which it will start to get physical: for now they know I do not think Celebrity culture should be part of mainstream living because I am an Arch Prince but so does this idea they fancy my Books mean they are giving something which I need to respect as well – but we can see the purpose of fancying my Books is to play around with criminals and claim it is the sweet thing they deployed to make more money than what they have already got and live a life of excess with thereof; they started in 2009 as soon as I got the Books published and they wanted to be liberal big Mack characters that loved girls and so on, it is 2018 and they need to take a hint now. They do claim I damage show business which I do not; like they had the time to require entire National Parliament and Civil service and Media to show I am cursed by my parents, they only need to wait for Politicians to turn up and provide them some show business based incentive attached to bullying me as well, then do some show business thereafter; they do love to claim I am deserving while reality is that each time they pass insults at me especially with respect to what I am supposed to do their life of vices creates an outcome where the vices pay attention to my personal life and Feminists to my bank balance - when I am selling anything or doing anything it has to be done as written on the Tin so women stop bumping me and causing me to waste everything I have to concern myself with just by existing; like I get told I am relaxed about the problem which I am not - we hear them speak of dishonour all the time while their gimmicks started out as bullying but all I have done now has to be deployed to pay their bills simply because I have ignored them and done nothing about it, so its the dishonour we are talking about here as well as per the Book they wrote and are entitled like we see them presume they are all the time, especially the Politicians.

I understand it is said that I am suffering from Stockholm syndrome which has gotten me into a position where I co-operate with racists and extremists; it is utter nonsense of course, as the reality is rather that even when peoples actions are responsible for pushing me out of my academic work while the racists pass their exams, at the same time of which their stupidities have marked me out as the person that will fight the racists for them, they still need to get on media and work out insulting and oppressive nonsense that will support the theory they were right and I am wrong in every occasion even when I am neither addressing nor talking to their insanity. So, I am not suffering from Stockholm syndrome, what will likely happen is that I will get into league with the racists on their account before their foolishness along with its practical jokes comes to a stop.

Its not a crisis I should say, it’s the old business of never dealing with it i.e. the society goons that boast about having so much power over me they never noticed when they wrecked my academic work should be dealing with youthful fools exasperating people to make statements about what passes on the left and right hand side – so both apparently have now reached a point where it seems they were made for each other and technically should stay off my concerns at this stage, not that I am bothered about inflicting more since even the violent bits do not get them to understand the effects of their actions the way these targeted processes of similar consequence that I have created does.

In the end they want a relationship with me that does not involve buying my Books and the way it works is that I have a relationship with large companies who tell me I have got the stick and should be poking them into the market place to keep their sales and efficiency going, so what I have come up stuck with is Celebrities and their goons inventing a relationship with me that does not involve buying my Books, thinking the prospect of making sure the only problem in their lives was the one my Books solved does not exist not does the part where even if that was the case, I would end up with a public persona built from years of cultivating the sense that the Books they should have bought had been bought by somebody else already – which will then go on to fulfil their dreams of oppressing Royalty through a history of career based insults and denial. We even have to deal with those tales that I make these claims about myself when I have achieved nothing that looks like it; while reality is the way in which my Estate business was built i.e. I completed it in 2006 and by the middle of 2007 the Financial crisis had taken hold, so if I got on to invest since I was so well prepared for the recession in the sense that all I had was blue print and Capital, the markets because of the global economic situation would have taken everything that really mattered from me and left me a sales Man, so I considered the best way was to break up the entire empire, find a small product that will help me earn from the markets and deploy the asset equity to build time factor among other forms of creative equity for Companies that agreed to broker with me, since then of which the main problem has been these fools showing up to make a case on International Media about why those companies should not have worked with me on the basis of how little respect they have for me, amongst which the most favourite of their insults is about the hate they have for my Books, while normally considering all these facts and a reality where most peoples work escape toxicity created by Media fools for about an Hour after it has been exposed to the Public, the least my Books can do when I have a position of Economic leadership is be toxic as well; I mean there are the dream aspects where I created people bundles of Equity to operate with which I would have wanted to be known for but it does seem that the job will only get done when the way the toxicity built through my Books is the buzzing at the background while everybody is getting on – it is obviously the biggest problem that the businesses who ally with them have i.e. fashion for instance is about putting people into clothes, before which people will have to get naked first aka the least my Books can be is toxic.

The other part of the story comes with two bits and one of those is the sexual abuse that women claim is the problem, but women happen to create a bigger problem on, while they claim I encumber their freedoms. The truth of course is that in terms of the sexual abuses, that was a story that went beyond the business of me experiencing all sorts of nonsense from them which hamper my earnings while they claim I do nothing about extremism when it is their families that are not affected by their behaviour which effect on me is that I am too broke to have a girlfriend for instance, unless I hurt them seriously and it became a matter of Law Court and funerals through which their families will find out, as it has become quite clear the fact these destructive and wicked activities done at their Offices every day, such as getting off to claim I am suffering from Stockholm syndrome as though they had become psychiatrists overnight is no longer fact that most people can agree on because there are no many lies and process of hurting peoples bottoms to get what they want and or having everybody else over a barrel as a society because of their needs which they think I am blind to and hence have invented other reasons for but apparently have not i.e. it is all it is; I know how to hurt you and if I do not get what I want, I will use it, right down to the criminal activities and a process where the Police are demonised for violating their rights. The sexual abuse bits being the old question of the sexual matters between their teenage years and present age, which have ended up in their lives without their consent measured against the ones they have put into other peoples lives simply because female exist – I do not mind the insults that are a product of going off to cling to a big salary after boasting about talents they do not have, to show up here and make my whole life a misery for as such anyway, if I get hold of the society they will complain a cracked up out of my league once again that I encumber their freedoms. It has always happened since College days, when I had not yet ended up with the reputation I have now; at that time, it could just drive up to me on the street like it was going to park its car on my feet for no reason, then make a U-Turn and drive back the way it came from straight down my perspective as I walk to school and generally knew everything about the relationship I had with my parents when I had never met its stupidities, alongside the process of hating the love-hate relationship I do have with my parents, while I have not yet started making my own fame from the one they have with theirs just yet.

We hear them blab frequently about how I would be better off not talking so forcefully which leaves me wondering who the hell they think they are anyway but then again, we are not talking about the popular culture ones here, it’s just media stupidities looking for trouble and there isn’t enough money in the world to facilitate me tolerating this sort of nonsense without consequences, so it is likely to grow into a tale of how much they want off my Public image and which type of game we will be playing as it were; either way I believe that what I have said above concerning their alliance with the women who take sexual feelings from their good looks without consent which they are scared of, giving way to talk of women creating the reasons they get sexually assaulted should be well settled when they have set out the sexual experiences that have ended up in their stupid lives without their consent since teenage years, try and make sense of why the physical contact in terms of the sexual assault beats people down so badly as it were, I for my part will fuck that society again if it fucks me; for now their popularity idiots are very free to announce that I have haemorrhoids and tummy ulcer everywhere I go. As for their freedoms for what it is worth; it is an old story of a process where being an ethnic minority generally means that you could easily spend all you have on the process of just being able to call the place you live in Home, while white people had more of a range and security of the sense that this has been their home for a long time and will not be affected by such things but while the gimmick of seeing what the feelings of the ethnic minorities are like does happen in every Country on the planet where there are Majority and Minority populations, the business of digging me out of every place I have called home the way we see them do on Media everyday is incredibly cruel, so I thought I ought t dig them out as well and if they push me I will help the burn the Country for my part too.


There is this question of whether I am aware of the extent of what people are doing to me, which of course I am just as they are complaining due to the fact I have a problem with their financial success at the local communities as well, their women will never be free of the no access to boys that can back them up which is because they love to chase my private parts and make me shame myself, the Media ones are slapped down every time they try to be important as long as it is either on the basis of sensations of convenience extricated from my faith without believing in Christ or something to do with standing on my public image to please themselves. As I have mentioned before, I am really aware of what they are doing to me as per looking forward to the fight with Celebrities aware; these are incredibly stupid people who do not have the background that can facilitate fame but after it has been manufactured for them have only two lifestyles and one is enjoying the benefits of fame while the other is getting on public places to invalidate the idea my Books are market items to deploy my Public image for the messy parts claiming they are fans as well. Hence so far, when it comes to pumping the local communities full of information from this Office so they can get selling my public image to celebrities, I am top dog and then I catch the women at merchandising, catch the Men at Industry all the time as well. So, what is going to happen next is that I am going to develop a serious hatred for the financial well-being of the local communities and then the ones that show up on media and public places will be important in hell, while the ones like that to imagine fingering my Bum will have the crime they seek and all they must do is stay away from my Book sales. 

They do say my actions are unacceptable especially in terms of wealth inequality but it’s the same case where I have a personality people want to make use of, so I get pushed out of my academic work so I might get stuck somewhere being bullied into reacting to their stupidities because they find the mental disturbance amusing, now the personality is also being used my community croons who need beauty sleep and it has developed an abuse to a stage where it is being sold to cracked up out of my league terribly destructive scum at stock markets and Industry as well and we all know it’s the sort of stuff they spend their time on when we hear them talk about the poor getting poorer and the rich getting richer being an amusing situation as they get about controlling peoples access to employment, then we hear that they use it to control violent people in their midst which leaves me wondering why it is being used on me. Of course I do get the case where it is said I treat Women badly but we all know that to be untrue; what happens is that they blow off their big mouth at their mates over Women - ladies first is going to kill them yet, so it cannot be explained that they seem to get involved with me when they want to do it by themselves. Hence eventually they speak of how I let the Women fall to indiscretion but we all know its not my choice to make first of all and that if I wanted to sort them out I would make it such that any who got involved with me had to make it a personal relationship with me as well but there is no way I will do that for these fools in hell; so it stays as it is. There is that talk of the thing about Women naturally but its not a thing at all; what happens is that you have to measure how much work you did at School and over your career to be where you are, compared to a person who depended on somebody else who could pull the plug at any time and most of the time when that happens, it goes out there, faces the world and makes things happen to pull itself through by itself anyway- so its amazing stuff (definitely not all that helping some Women and issuing stupid threats at whomsoever people please story).

So, I do get told that single people fared worse than married people where heart disease is concerned but that was always obvious when we live in a world where the thing people feel is most worthy of sharing is problems, which means their laziness soon seeks out those that can handle lots of it whom they can target upon organising themselves as a community for it – it has become callous to a stage where even married people are being targeted these days as well. they always say I started it when I allowed certain women make music CDs on my public image by stressing criminals who were working through popular culture with peer pressure idiots at school to push girls out of their studies but it makes me wonder how they supposed the Music CDs were going to be made when being told not to build popular culture on people’s lives generally means they make it a preoccupation – so that it is when something is affiliated with an Arch Prince that a set of idiots who think that is what their civil rights look like want to sleep with the most, now apparently it is my fault to a point where they are having revenge as well. It’s as discussed earlier where the question was that of how much I am aware of what people are doing to me, which I have responded by making it clear I am sort of looking forward to the fight with celebrities aware. We all know even the white House will provide them leadership that means they want to wreck somebody’s finances and academic work to get them stuck somewhere they can cleanse their totems with some public image that does not belong to them by and put a feet up on the beach thereafter, even now, the main story is that I need to find somebody else to blame for these things, while they continue to assume their stupid rights looks like that; even when being somebody else that has a lot on their hands to deal with in order to show off and get famous and popular is such a useless behaviour it leads to outcomes where gangs emerge in neighbourhoods and people get killed, these fools will never stop it when they see somebody has gotten killed, what they will do is cling to another person’s livelihood and make excuses on media, get violent about it until they are allowed to continue. So, I do get asked why I am vulnerable to it anyway, which is an old story associated with the things that are done to me to help their community croons build a history with me that is designed to ensure she can limit what I do with myself while the idiots cling to my Public image and is fundamentally founded on everything that makes the organ of the heart, very, very sick indeed i.e. nobody really knows when the scum got together to decide there was actually something wrong with my thought pattern all together but we now know they think their own thought patterns are safe at Media jobs and celebrity activities while they have processes and means through which to make my chest feel like exploding 24/7 since last they came to it; apparently even when they see that they are killing people, their fucking rights still looks that way.  Of course they say I have been harming their thought pattern too but that was an old story where I must ensure the stupid Women do not threaten and attack me because I am vulnerable man with strength and knowledge to get things done, on account they have civil rights and have needs; so it had to be coupled with the case of ripping the finances of the Society and Community relations ones while making sure the media feels never ever felt they were important too - considering its a big world and this is not their lives (every time that I get attacked by them, every time I get out of bed and hurt myself in the loo because of them, it is because they want to be important, if it does not develop into a high stage of abuse whereby it is a matter of the fact they want to have a new Country - usually best explained by them when what I have done to affect their thought pattern will continue to be punished by means of those stupid advertisement they make on my public image because if they do not, they will not make a couple of million £ in return for spending only a few tens of thousand £ on it).

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Company Holdings Sector and Prospective Investments Assets Admin - Nightmare Landlords and Politicians | Celebrities and Fat Cats | corrupt ethnic minorities and expensive violent and Privilege quest neighbourhood opportunism

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That HH have been done by a Labour socialist party in the UK and others like that from across the world, which expressed a brutal government does not really have a meaning. The real matter is that it is impossible to operate an economy when men that are mentally ill as well as sex maniacs are free to run around as they like and more so as it is in the UK at Royal Circles. The Political side in any form they take especially the socialist Labour Party are not brutal government on anything and or in anyway and simply wish it as hard as they can. Again it compels me to mention I am a half priest high diplomat that has to wake on the day to seek out a temporary 9-5 day job because I have a cash flow crisis created my by their familiarities and powerful stupidities that can only be successful if I either allow it or am a member of an inferior race, so they are not really people who have opinions any body might wish to listen to. Except that is somebody wants to hear them speak of the fact that when people feel like being decadent so that they might get off to public Television to seek their big breaks and minutes of fame, they can first of all want Christians that are homeless and Priests that have the streets for a vestry and nothing about which nothing will happen to them as they can make sure it nothing does. These behaviours it must be noted, such as the financial destruction of the High Diplomat they have access to on a daily basis, more so because they are insolent and abusive, it apparently it drives them mad as well and really does not actually operate as the way things are sold at the market place. One has made it clear about his Equities and Securities and there is no more anybody else can do for them; apparently, all that a business should keep private can be blown out into the open of course, it generally means that when the owners make repairs they can have lion shares of self improvements and personality betterment but not if that their stupid brain is another persons property as payment for the costs; it applies therefore that their Children may perhaps value their freedoms more and not less. That others have no right to have a history in their lives if others are greedy and therefore need, some of which are to be remembered and some of which are to be forgotten does not mean they have become a brutal government. HH's prognosis "The suggestion that I am stupid is the reason people behave towards me in these ways, it is an old story. The way it operates usually is that they think I am stupid and for that I get bullied, I rather think they are sinners and the Queen (and her entire government too - in fact with respect to the fact I am fighting people off to survive on my job) clearly thinks I am not stupid; so I am sure they can see why I never mention it and why it is impossible for me to talk about it. The pinnacle of it all is when the process of being bullied by American media constitute a real issue for me. It certainly does not; rather, every time I lose my temper the real question I end up with is that of what the purpose of messing up my sense of orientation with important people really is; the sense that I cannot address American Politicians properly or indeed anybody else because the American media have completely destroyed my sense of orientation with people; is it an infiltration because if it is I will send them to abyss where they came from but when I really loose my temper over having so much of my work abused that I become confused about what job it is and what it is all about and the job being accomplished by the Books myself, I end up with the question of who exactly I am really angry with and then the answer will be that I am angry big tall media corporation buildings in the US. The main issue will then reveal itself to be that they raise those matters of things I am meant to have promised them and chickened out and failed to carry through, which I am being forced to do so to keep my promise and so it continues to suggest that people can be famous without being rich enough to be and the mess it makes of my sense of privacy is incredible while they are currently on a high." Of course there is that talk put forward by Socialist Parties in the UK of their need to remain vigilant about people leading without public opinion on the basis that it is the means through which people who would otherwise never have gotten the chance in their dreams, get to defeat them but of course we all know what happens is that they bend people over which creates social violence into peoples lives while people are not suspecting a thing from them and do so from behind before they turn out to manipulate people into competition that is made up and they have no choice but take part in and lose; they say that because I am a Christian the part where I forget about area when they bent me over violently and twisted my life into social violence is supposed to have been completely forgotten while I think the competition is important because it is what I promised according to my faith including the none violence I has also promised them by it as well - the reality however is that the fact I am a Christian is not to say I am half a person and they can from here on end take it up and do it, so they can have a competition that they will win and stay off the faith and stay off my books. The Transferred Violence bit is of course without a doubt the part we all know always has an ending story as it were and we always wait to hear it - the shootings and stabbings and so on because of course we all know they feel they need to use the civil service to ensure that God is not the giver of vengeance and that men do not reap what they sow but reap what they like  and so it plays out in terms of using it to make sure there is always an aspect of my life and person life were we get to communicate and I get to get bullied which I cannot control, to which I have responded by making sure there is society where there is an aspect of their lives they cannot control where I have an assurance that I can always preach the gospel to them whenever I want and there is nothing they can do about it whenever I do so. God is still the giver of vengeance therefore and every man reap what he sows at all times - every single man, no exceptions, this has always been the truth. 

That a person has Social and Political problems and more so that he or she is socialist is never a good enough reason to stave off vengeance when they get out of bed everyday to do damage to a persons person and property in order to abuse them in a sexual context, wreck their finances to isolate them from their lives and living environment and get around the world bragging, having Parties and making Wealth out of it to tell people there is a new era. Twisted evil fools especially the Americans, always start off as civil rights goons and soon they will have been able to monopolise what does not belong to them - like Apple and its games to be played over my Assets of Temperamental Colours for example, of which I although should say they do make up for it through customer service for the general public etc but not all of them are like that and there are quite a few too; carving out a living for themselves in an inconsiderate a way as only they could muster - how long do you put up with such nonsense and or more so as they would have made it clear, for reasons they have racism in their society as well?



The way fame and fortune really works is the harness of the lives of the good looking and then peddling of it, tracks of which are covered by another group of physically good looking that have no shame. The way it really works is not only the consideration that you are likely to be good looking once you have become more successful but that the crucible of ill feelings are used to create a distillation of the good feeling, while public humiliation and abuse is used to classify the feelings once extricated, then owned and controlled by those who work it and then from here they can claim to have a certain kind of life they live and a certain kind of things people must do to be famous; the usual outcome is what we have already seen with respect to the fact it is impossible to run an economy when they run free especially with media, that a recession has already stretched out over a period of five years, while they suppose they have located and rounded up real entrepreneurs, gathered up money given them by their socialist governments that later speak of being dangerous and are waiting somewhere for people to have no choice but do things they need to do to recover, which they can copy from a superior position and keep that way permanently; it has even been more important to achieve these things during a recession than even to be concerned about the dire problem of unemployment during an economic crisis. It is impossible to run an economy this way. For me personally I do not know when some Politicians will come to the deduction it is something they need to take a firm position on, not that I care if or not they are more interested in my personal privileges I have worked for, which does not change the relationship these trouble makers wish to have with the financial system, bearing in mind they have already assumed ownership of local communities where they set up businesses and their daughters cannot stop insulting others violently. It is impossible to expect economic recovery while these things are happening and this is the advice I am making clear to Politicians. With respect to this firm, I am suppose I am clear about where I stand on the matter of my Court and Consortium and Royal Court with the matter of back stage media men and their desire to have sex with people and do not appreciate trumours that are bred out of attempts made, considering criminals, more so the ones they know have sexual fantasies as well, which is something they will want to deploy like they do with other forms of complicity to make extra cash and acquire bigger mortgages, then blast off so much insult and impudence on media about enjoying the perks of capitalism, when in actual fact it is the same old story about wanting the perks of my job, which they suppose I share with them too, about which their insults know no limits. The measure of the or the economic crisis is to be seen through the prism of such things as the fact that the ongoing means is an abuse of my privacy and corresponding viciousness of blackmail based news report, designed to galvanise people unto claims I have refused to be reasonable to their demands which causes me to incur more bullying from them and bad behaviour from others. Through this they build up a fan base and a small army and continue threats that get to operate as lucrative financially and cannot detach from it at the National economy front holding the Political system to ransom, like the issue of international development and global poverty about which they have lost such power already, to attack me . This turns out that their Popular culture exists for the purpose of gathering up my work while they do this, to get famous and rich, then claim I am a threat to them after destroying my work and ruining my life, therefore even if it makes no sense to use fame and reputations of somebody else that is a threat to them to gather fans they can defend themselves against him with, this is the only thing they will do with their time because it is here meant to be excused by being given some justification of a social good. On the left the process of securing the radical sector of my faith occurs because it is supposed to make good on the money, while I am forced to get  stuck in the religion they are currently claiming I am undemocratic and therefore exclude them, it has already become more and more a matter of right for them, a deserving right of course to do because of what they think people have come to believe on account of how hard and how long they have worked on it, while I am made to wait for them to by Politicians. Explicitly stating my point is the fact that we always think economic recovery will come round while we do as we please and a measure of what I mean can be expressed by facts about the facts that even worse is being done around this firm; in the form of selling those stupid products from those popular culture decadent vandalism contraptions, from which they want money as well, by securing absolutely all of my attention with destruction and abuses which serve to extract energy from me too. It is the means by which thing they created are created and advertisements made to get them sold to those who want to buy my energy to feel good, on claims it was because they have suffered discipline all their lives and deserve no less from a man that is not such a disciplinarian and this is where the purpose of these things emerge i.e. a firm like this creates a community but the purpose of the community as though the firm belongs to no body and only they have the right to sell goods to others, they have created out of this firm with their media as though it is their own property, is using my fame and income to threaten me with their own private army they have created with my work as a means of getting to people where things matter to them, in order to take anything they want when they want it, ranging from means of destructive built up perceptions to insults of making it real. They continue their induced conversations on media with me in my absence to secure my attention to sell those stupid wares, playing celebrities for their part; who desire to use my property for fame and to be rich and then at the same time claim I am a threat to them, who want to use my Army to build their own to threaten me with and grab more and more stuff I work for, which is wickedness of incredible proportions but will never be avenged or punished because they are celebrities and then they claim there is nothing I can do about it too, bearing in mind such things as it is with the existence of homosexuality, predates the creation of the Holy Bible but time and again we have to get into conversations about it whether we like it or not, while dealing with a process where somebody has become intolerant to it whether he likes it or not too, while they claim to be both nice people and victims as well and then inform me of it, which I think is meant to test me to find out if I can, that I cannot look into celebrity attacks. First of all which it will come to a point where God will be the only helper of any fame fool that touches my books one more time, which will make things happen much, much better too and also therefore settle the problem of nobodies who get to tell me how they like me, which will explain a lot about why they think attacking them as well as they do me is not sustainable because of the impression people have of them on account they are celebrities. The Labour party in the UK and Democratic Party in the US does not bother me as much as they make out it does in the slightest; there is actually no real way by which a person will believe that I am applying for work because if it were given to me, I would have been able to keep it while socialist people are taking and using your stuff at the same time all the time. They continue to think that if they got on media to claim I have taken their stuff first then it gets to change what people think about me when I apply for work too, except that it does not, so it only brings on the violent insults, the result of which they get to complain about all the time. I suppose it is better to take into consideration developments around such things as a desire to have money propelled claims they make of the things they have bullied out of me and that which I still keep away from my personally claimed new masters, which is followed up first of all with the fact that they expect that getting on Television to claim I am using their stuff while they are trying to do their jobs as though I do not know it is a bad thing for a Prince to kiss the bums of commoners as well as it means the same thing if they use his property for their dirty work. It gets to mean that when an employer thinks I can never be relied upon to work because somebody else is taking my stuff. The other being that when they speak of talking, are we to imagine that what they want to sit down and talk about is how no body should be getting trapped by them, which then becomes more important than the vandalisms on peoples property by which they make it happen, when they get around with others like them to create a society they want? The third being the fact that when I had built a business and a community emerges from it, the media takes advantage of that community to create an army for celebrities, along with claims I am a threat to them, to extract my income on the basis of perceptions about how I should live and how I actually am living which they boast to people is something they do because they are being happy bullies and therefore extract energy from me keeping my attention focused on them and their sadomasochism. In view of what I may do about it, they already suppose they have girls and that those have control of my earnings too; all kinds of lies to tell with it holding the economy to ransom at the National front of course. On which they will claim it is all something that happens when you fight women all the time and somebody gives them a means of fighting back. I wouldn’t know anyway, they are clearly the worlds toughest bullies, of which I have no idea who is even playing with their stupid men or indeed media goons that get to talk about it; this is simply the context of what I mean when I say God only will help the next fame idiot that touches my books another one more time.

Equities and Securities brokerage is what I do it is worth bearing in mind and I do not mind peoples insults that are meant to be lucrative; all I can do is set out consequences applicable if persons organisations or even governments allow people to pillage equities that are owned by British Companies or those affiliated with me because it is necessary to have the security in order to provide them with means for recovery and cost management of course - however it becomes a different story all together if they do feel that they have a problem with looting and bastardisation and pillaging at this Company all together - by that time it will have been completely out of my hands. Now I am aware of how the big problem is that I identify with people that are beyond my league and thereby exasperate them but besides the part about their violent and destructive and really expensive ego they do not need your permission to spend your property on with the help of their assistants they protect to be famous etc, there is also the part where they cannot let my faith alone as well because they think it is the part they need to damage to hold me over a barrel while they are at it and the Christianity thing is important this is the lesson they are learning as it were, nobody here is interested in which league they are in and I certainly don’t see myself making time from my work and then my faith and then the Church activities to bother their league either, it’s a full schedule here and they make it worse to abuse me and steal my earnings every day. They love to make out those tales that I never listen to what people are telling me and cannot understand what people are saying but of course the reality is first of all that if they are being horrible then they are the useless people with media to play with who want to be incredibly rich by extracting money from other peoples earnings because they are twisted and evil and hate work and if they are being nice then they are wrecking my finances in order to help me make some which will then involve violence and abuse and a general sense that attacking me makes people feel good – the real issue here is that they want to create a global sense of this stuff and so they need the economic issues that have gained publicity so far, they need the Politicians and probably also need me to stay abused as well and the result will be that they will only be able to steal the earnings of those who have only the earnings as their source of income and thereby have no means of protecting it and the result of that will be that the spare cash that would have been left by them to those people to deal with their problems with and that stupid media to play around with as it were would be spent on the logistics by which they will make it happen and it should be clear to any normal person that if they fail to keep it off my books I will most certainly show them what the real time cost and real world cost and real currency cost of that kind of economic recovery they seek really is.



"The notion that the people is a weapon in the hands of those that use other peoples offices and jobs to do every dirty work in the world, which they then show off on Public Television and claim it gives them control over my life and finances and that they can use it for what they want or destroy it if I do not behave really no basis on fact; the only fact there really is, is that it is an effective form of domination and destruction of peoples lives but it is also true that it has no sway whatsoever over me.  Their women despite the fact I speak about serving women publicly all the time cannot even make a bum out of me to prove a point and even in the United States of America they have failed to and are hurting themselves regularly these days, getting their Politicians to make out blame apportioned to me whenever they do. I really can understand therefore why they have become increasingly vicious and hopeful at the same time but I do not see that getting rid of a process where I am aware they are a wickedness and an evil that does not sleep. They do know and they know I know that 80% of prison population is made up of people like them, who end up there because of their frustration at the fact somebody else’s own is working while theirs is not, the remaining 20% are there because they are the worst of the worst, who for example wait until they are 18 to show they are grown up by joining a gang that somebody else set up or forming one of their own. This is where they place themselves for prospects sake and then wait for somebody to put another human being through hell in order to make them feel good about themselves through Politics and Media, otherwise they will populate prisons but between the time when that actually gets to happen they do other things with themselves, such as showing their outright deviousness and wickedness, expressed at those who have been put in such a position for them to express such things at and the way they work their society to put people in such places  is of course that they are mentally disturbed and since they know this, then the only way of making money as far as they are concerned will be if Politicians agree to put somebody else that is successful or even good looking in such a position for them, whom they can make fun of while they bully unto mental illness in a way which makes money and this is of course also how their women control other peoples good looking nature to create fame that becomes the future of their really silly children. It is not such a problem for me, I am taking care of it quite comfortably and my ladies are doing very well at Working Court and the rest in understanding that my finances depends on their behaviour especially that which is sexual, so there is really no fact to back up claims my finances are vulnerable to games men play involving how they want me to share their wives and are therefore already making a mess of my livelihood in a way that will eventually push me to do so - there had been consequences that accompany them and their Politicians and other friends for pillaging my finances everyday on the matter. I may sit down and talk with Politicians that have emerged from the company of such people too about how prisons do not work anymore and how we need to look into alternative law enforcement, after I know they hate my guts because I drag it out of them which drives them mad, so I can tease them about it to make them mentally ill too and then play a power gob at their reaction, from which I expect I should market my books and make money from such things, like they have spent my time to teach me as though they could give to the frugal, in order to create deterrence but it does not necessarily mean that I agree with it. It is still therefore that if and when it continues that their children turn up to threaten me, abuse or make use of me,  I will most likely hurt them and if they carry weapons that will be good result because it means they can recognise danger and are not all together stupid." Ones socialist and favourite Economic Cycle tease figures could not possibly have hammered anything around him - these sort of ideas are not good for confidence. They always say that most of these Equities and Securities, especially those that concern the names of International Organisation are simply a product of a very wild imagination. This is because they fail to grasp the fact that it is not about them and nothing has ever been about them; a process where people use media to break up another persons business to extract Equities and Securities and Intellectual property that they deploy to push the profit margins of Businesses that have paid them for Advertisement instead of work for money after setting up a business and a process where one recovers them and brokers some with those Companies that have paid them such huge funds for Advertisement that it would be a shame to waste or throw away does not constitute wild imagination in the books of a reasonable member of the Public. HH's prognosis "The main problem being that Politicians like to tell people all the time that things can only be done by them if they obtained the loyalty of my people which I had no right to acquire and therefore stole from them and their currently existing systems of government, especially those of them in Europe and of course I say; insults like these,  they do not make them like these anymore. So the question is; are they using or dominating me? The answer to this question of which is simply that they are not using or dominating me; the truth is rather that they are stupid, evil, worthless, ugly people and no matter what they do to me or my property, I should never take anything from or make use of anything from them or that they own otherwise it will acquire a notoriety - I have an exception as a matter of governance therefore, which is reflected on my Books too and this is the only difference there are - the reason they wish to have access to contents of the books before publication or sale because when they create their evil notoriety with it and then blame me for it, the end result will be a that of a process where they get into a position of stealing somebody else's fame and fortune creations to be rich and famous with on media and this of course is the only form of democracy that they wish to recognise. I am aware of a course of events where everybody gets sorry about how much damage they have been doing to my work all along and how people have stood back to watch but it is much the same thing anyway. Most of people that like to complain about tyranny all the time work with tyranny because they have it in their power to do something about it; so instead of that what happens is that they fear people will use and dump them since it is the only thought thy have of other human being, so what they want instead is a process where somebody else does it, while they not only give them ideas on how to but also get the best education and the best jobs and the person therefore continues to use his so called beauty to provide the means for that until they take turns to be rich with such a process. This is where the question I ask comes in i.e. not being afraid of talking about the spiritual nature of the prognosis of tyranny. The problem is that whilst they don’t like servitude because it hurts which is brilliant and everybody knows it is the way it works, they not only think it will be cultural fun to be tyrants but also want to have their joys of servitude while somebody else is paying for every problem associated with tyranny. The problem being that joys of servitude are not possible if they are the ones paying for it, bearing in mind it is the same outcome if they are paying as well anyway, whether or not others are paying so they can have it. It is as such always the joys of servitude, the one I am paying for with my income or is fabricated because they use their familiarity based stupidities to over work me, anything I have that other people don’t have and so on that they wish to know about and acquire and that brings us to one of the most unspoken contentious issues of them all i.e. that I am a violent nosey person who will get what is coming to me one day but in actual fact if I put in context what I need to do to stay out of the business of drugs and gangs that have large connections in the western part of the world, violent and evil prostitution that does nothing with its time but turn financiers against people and people against financiers especially in Europe and the City workers that always think that is is gratitious to make a decision to stay out of peoples affairs and so decide on an endless attack once I had decided to stay out of their affairs, knowing that the only thing to gain from those who protect themselves from girls that know personality and business vandalism and are backed up by men who think they are really tough indeed is power, which is a function of their desire to get involved in mine and to loot my livelihood.  It is really not as easy as they say it to stay out of their business, not even the media ones that will make a funny fool out of me by creating a public desire to see me perform spectacular fights again and again that they can claim and get close to Politicians with. Hence the reasons they will never stop getting into one fight after another as well and I will never let them a respite from it, so they can become even more evil than usual too. Let them fight; they always say the big problem with me and others like me is that we have this great product we could sell to make a lot of money, whether that money is needed or not of which does not come into the question, what does is the fact that nobody had barged into our lives to find out before we ever got the chance and then decided that we ought to give it up because other things are more important like what can be had if we suffer poverty, such as wealth distribution and social injustice and all kinds of foolishness around it, the people etc and the real problem is that we cannot give it up for these things  because we are too selfish and will be made to behave. For me it is simply an expression of the fact that by their own lips the entire purpose of socialism is work place envy with expected pragmatic results and so it is on this basis I take the stand and no body gets to touch my Market place and or products without consequences, for whatever excuse they might have devised - in fact I am always ready to discuss the excuses but they will never change my course of action.

Now I have been said to have mentioned something about the Housing Market being controlled by the Government if it knew or took seriously the need to know what happens in the Home building components Industry and it has been said that I have reached the end of my tether thereof but of course it is really all just a game and I am only playing along. Where my focus lies on saying that in actual fact is the attitude of offering up free services which everybody in business does with a catch at the end that people will realise is integrated into the use of the service hence they do not need to do anything extra but these idiots have a different idea entirely which is more about free services or cheap ones not necessarily free which get to mean that they can take anything they want from those who use it when they do make use of it, creating this need for securitisation in order to ensure they have to deal with an establishment as well and it is this that propels them to secret industry espionages they carry out alongside their media vandalism which they do not give weight to as criminal activity hence meaning I have to invent something of my own as well; especially considering that they do get support from places such as the highest levels of American government for example, if they are tired of thinking the highest levels of American media is invincible that is. So this is me at the point where we are dealing with the financial services ones and of course the point is that my securitisation of property will lead to a condition where I make use of the free service and then we will find out if they really can take anything they want as well – it is the kind of attitude, fresh faced insolent wore socks in school which others clearly never did attitude that I have a real problem with. This is nowhere near the end of it either; they have simply come through i.e. first they got to handle my work and get off to make themselves rich at the financial centre pumping the economy to bursting point and after that turned out on my Television to lick their lips and tell me they need more or will take it anyway and already started off wrecking my finances and naming me a cultural indemnity that they get to work to make the financial industry sustainable in the UK – no problem I dare say of course since I don’t want anything from them but it gets worse because they need to ensure what I have given stays given for good permanently and that means giving it up every day – if we got to the end of that it would still not have been the end anyway because we are still waiting for the commodities industry to come through; those have a blood sucking contraption they call a business and the purpose of it is to sit around insulting me and behaving in the most appalling manner imaginable wit National economies and markets because they say I have given a promise that people can spend my own if they get into trouble  - so I will wait for them as well to come through like the financial services have and then I will have my pound of flesh as well. What I said about government knowing what happens in home building components Industries was about telling the government that if the financial centre is its biggest employer and needs the housing market to support itself then the government needs to control every aspect of the housing market and find out everything about what goes on in it and if that were to be the case we would not have people being priced out of the market on the basis of such nonsense as demand as if the rest of us are stupid. They always say that if this were the US I would not make a single move but of course that is a wish they will one day have and I can imagine a situation emerge where I get off 9.00 am to wall street dressed in rags with a microphone in my hand to say what I have just said here and then turn up same time the day after with another one of my development and personal growth so we can find out – yes of course they will say that means that I would have caused myself to dress in rags when we all know that they could do that for me instead and that they are very keen. All I am asking is that people let others recover from the damages they have done them or pay for it. The facts in my mind will never change, I am 32 for goodness sake – in my mind the financial and commodities industry at the moment is full of freaks who spend all their time destroying one thing after another and as provocatively as they possibly can their best friends are the shifty evil scum with ideas for business which has to do with my personal life and moving into the right hand side all the time and so I am sure they can see I have set out a future for the little people associated with me that they think they employ with their blood sucking contraptions they call a business who warn them about the effects of their activities and what impact it will have on them endlessly and of course if they cross that this will get a lot worse like it has for the men that do to have sex with women that do not normally open to them because even my life can revolve around such idiots on account they have big egos. I have warned before about their menacing activities where I broker equities with a company and it means somebody can copy and broker with another company as well ripping up what they can here and bottoming out my finances and yet at the end of the day they like to complain they will not go into an office to concentrate on a job doing as a boy from nowhere told them to do but if they did get into an office to do the job bearing in mind that making friends with shifty evil scum that have business ideas concerned with my personal life and moving into the right hand is clearly a fight that they won as it were, we would have made a head way by now in National economy terms and this is the crux of what I said earlier about the government knowing everything about what happens in home making and house building systems and components industries – it is the government losing money in this matter and not them – if the government was a corporation it would have been bankrupt by now and I was not talking to them either when I said it. Hence the game and I am playing along too - creates wonder what they know about the worst I can do anyway; I mean if I did deal with the issue of financial industry and commodity industry freaks who have blood sucking contraptions they name a business and speak very little words in public while using it to attack me all the time of which I have always maintained people need bear in mind whatever happens happens because of their insults, then it would have been the very pinnacle of my very existence - I mean really? 

Soon we hear life is not fair and people need to suck it up on the basis that even they the millionaires do not have a happy personal life but before then all these things are a worthy collection of activities on a daily basis and getting into an office to run a company if picking on me is what they can do becomes the most difficult thing in the entire world. I mean if pornographers were to animate those films they make it would still have had just as an arousing effect anyway - so nobody needs to turn out to have sex to play pornographic roles and when I am done with equities and securities on that they will run businesses and Industries with peoples personal lives as well while pornographers are in my service as it were.




HH's PROGNOSIS: In an expression built up from those stupid insolent media lies of domination they like to spread themselves all over the place and ask whether I understand what people are actually saying to me and I find it bewildering that people will think I don’t understand what people mean when somebody is the sole bread winner in the family, has a good job and starts to tell his wife about buying their home and in 4 months looses the job because of the recession for example, about which I ran around the place spending my own property to create equities and securities to make businesses profitable again so that they can employ but cannot buy the books to confirm what I did is a good thing because they rather prefer that accolade to go to drug lords and popular culture idiots, while planning to have control of my finances by which they can ensure I do what they want. The question is whether they are harming me or themselves, since businesses on the other hand not only see them do these things to create questions about people's investments and right to invest but also would like to employ them very much, so that they can play junior sibling that has access to the money while senior sibling knows what must be done and is therefore ruled by the richer junior world worst envy freak fool and more so because there are campaigns of wealth distribution in town to mess things up with as well. I was only referring to my problem earlier on when I got concerned i.e. 'I have got a wife and kids and a mortgage is not an entitlement to jobs, we do not see their media friends spare people's livelihoods when they want to have bigger mortgages than the ones they already have either. I have had enough of being insulted by them and their delusions of power that their Politicians have on my income, while they pull out the stops to preserve their bullying and expect their hand work to be rewarded by jobs and money, which apparently is to come to them from somewhere else other than their own hard work, showing an example in the form of a Royal Prince that expect people to buy books because they hold a considerable size of his Literary Empire trust in brokerage on his behalf , which is to ensure that they have their own businesses and never have no need money or employment ever again - as though it grows on trees. The idea I fail to mingle is not one I spend a lot of time worrying about either. In actual fact with respect to it, I am doing very well; I don’t want to mingle, all the mingling that these guys mention and talk about has only things to do with the kind of girls they have sex with which are stronger than I am and beyond my league and how I need to become their plaything so they can find husbands because once people are Christians, it is impossible for their strong and foolish girls to let them be. I don’t want any mingling with them and that is not the problem; the problem is that they build their lies and rumours directly over my head and use it to enforce their will on my finances and then leave it to their community wickedness and those who work it to do whatever they like with, resulting in things such as the claim that men think about sex 24/7 being enforced in the sense that if men think about sex 24/7, then all men must think about sex 24/7 no exceptions for me and so if I don’t, they build it up over me and spread it on media as a means to power that they can determine the outcome of my life with and set out to enforce it and that is just one of many. I have for my part for sometime now have wanted too and extracted social equality and integration with everybody from them and so it will end in a process where the right is no longer the power place while the left is integration and politics and whatever because the right will become integration and Politics and whatever, while the left will be the place where power is. Its not just about the audacity to enforce their will on my finances, as it is that of telling me how to live my life and setting out to enforce it and of course there is also those insults as well. I mean I know what I have done, all that is happening in the world at the moment is idiots running around exchanging money among themselves, none of which is growing, none of which is getting invested, they like to bluff all the time on media and play violence at me which attacks my health and will soon increase consequences that will run along the lines of their stupid fantasy based witchcraft on them as well because they think I will give in and they will keep their wickedness and get rich as well and more so with my own income and I have stated what I have said which indicates the need for Politicians to act with neutrality because it is the only way to recovery, I know it because I know what I have done  -  they will only dominate my arse; they must be joking and of course there will be a special reckoning with those idiots that love to use my work and property to fix their problems and every dirty job there is before that stops as well. There is no such thing as moving away from them gradually until I finally go away; what can I say, fuck them (bearing in mind they are showing their qualities of fatherhood over me with demagogues expressed along the lines of using mine to do it and then do for me as well which is some kind of sodomy abuse that is used to humiliate me on public Television)?

POLITICS: It is not a matter of huge amounts of hate that One has none to show for, media people like to make out what his livelihood is really about because they crave and enjoy the vandalism based control they get. If anger need be justified, then to do anger there must be a need to revert back to when they took everything one had worked for with the use of their community based powerful ally making programmes, which was as a result of realising what they could do if I did not look after myself  in my teens, which simply offered them more curosity to explore and excuses made to cover their tracks of wicked and these new found violent business allies, who have some money and will therefore form the base means by which they become leaders but I am not suggesting we should do anger, we are better off doing work place envy instead, it is more interesting. As for the matter of what I say and do creating ethnic violence or suggestive ethnic cleansing, it is the old question of whether I have a personal issue with the ideology itself and I don’t. The real problem here is that no body wants to live their lives being threatened and more so when the reasons for the threats is the good aspects of their lives they could not change, no matter how much pressure is put on them, noting of course that if such aspects of peoples lives that socialists who think being fat means being powerfully violent and an ability to beat up anybody take interests in were changeable people would change them to avoid the dehumanisation. We always therefore tend to see the socialists do it for a while and get off when it suits them the most but when they cannot be changed, then it becomes an everlasting fun of abuse when they get the sense no body will care about their victim, which later brings socialists good health and a lot of happiness in their wicked lives, except when the victim is not a victim at all and they have to make it up on Public Television as though he has no right to exist which is another thing entirely as well. It is not as much the threats that is the biggest bother these days, it is the reasons behind them that is, the reasons just keep coming, they never run out and stem not only from the desire to wreck peoples lives and in this case a Royal Prince they think they have located but serve as a means of driving the victims mad in order to get around making money from their madness on account they will make money in no other ways. Its as though they have no other work, no other use for their time, a display of their strengths and so therefore it is obvious that One had been clear to them he does not wish or want to be threatened by anybody and they had decided whether or not he made such things obvious will be decided by them with media but with respect to claims when things happen everybody wants a scapegoat and that socialists are just HH scapegoat because they want to be, they express the idea that it should be while one should allow others have their own too, that takes us right back to the beginning of religious cleansing by social and Political persecution, mockery and abuse that suggests that unless there is murder there has been no kind of dehumanisation of people (of which they have not yet compensated for the medical and mental outcome and now emerging thereof the intellectual property and security consequences - bearing in mind that no matter what the cost is, they must have it as it were). It is a matter involving the injustices that they suffer, none of which exists in One's view, bearing in mind that when it comes to the desire to have lots of money, sometimes people do have to figure out exactly why some people wanted to see what the demons inside a person who wrecks other peoples lives with the use of media and croons that do not seem to realise that a 60 year old chasing middle aged men violently for sex because of their so called beauties is intimidating and that when they get violent as well it is distracting and very destructive too but the purpose of this method of having money is claimed to be because it is the only way by which it is possible to make other people feel personally about a particular thing that was done to them but cannot say anything to those that do it because those that do it will claim the person is stalking them on account they are famous and therefore important, the money that people earn but they get to have, to make such things a matter of pleasure as well. So it is a matter of collaboration with ideologies of evil at the aspect of the existence of big businesses where they have some form of power over people to offer; meaning that their numbers can easy grow exponentially no matter how bad what they wish to do is and they can therefore get to target successful people who have through their collaboration with ideologies of evil been distracted and thereby reduced to their level with social violence that is above the law because it is culture and about which the fun of such activities are more important than whether or not they have jobs currently, which is picked up by their Politicians and homosexual culture as a sign of the trophy power of having sodomised a so called cunt. Bearing in mind that it seems that the fact that people have heads means that they must never get a seconds rest from headaches which comes from the cultural violence, born out of their endless wants and fantasies and dreams of who can make them real with their status as gangs that have done well enough in school to get involved with main stream life, the fact people have chests means that they must always be out of breathe and then abused because that looks culturally beautiful and all that is so important before they realise that somebody else has more money than they do and they want it as well, the fact people have a tummy means that it is where all their problems will be placed through violence, especially if they speak well: all these things together mean socialists have figured out their future and created their version of what being free means therefore. No matter how long it takes because although it would be attractive to have such a thing a person is deserving of huge respect and therefore they can only succeed if they make it up on Television nothing will get in their way. Nothing about spending their time to get jobs and earn money ever will become important at that stage, until somebody else has got a job and they have found the person to be subject of their envy, which is only a matter of time and this state of affairs they will do everything to preserve before they complain. Their American friends understand me perfectly when I say I want nobody taking these things up and thereby moving his insolent and stupid gang into my right to build thing and I always mention it even though I know they are criminals and it is what they crave all their time but they are still the gangs that passed exams in school of course and therefore able to get good jobs or indeed the gangs that were able to make some useful amount of money and or get into Politics to presume they are my leaders when I cannot remember getting near a polling booth on account them, so there is nothing One can do about it. In the end here in the UK it is the Politicians under fire in this matter; they make up ideas about things they do to betray HM The Queen through initiating sweeping changes to the House of Lords for example with respect to having Elected members because of attention she showers on me but expect me to back down yet on the matter of stifling their fame too, so that the only advantage they will ever have will continue to remain that of the Political office Salary that is kind of guaranteed once they win elections but they will have to pass through the hurdle of winning elections to acquire. They are the ones making a big deal out of the fact I established a Firm in which I sell books and write for a living, not the Queen showering attention on me to provoke me. Obviously the usual clowning with foolish stale business enterprise owners that are good for nothing but keeping up fabricated ideas about my work in order to get their socialists and or bully's trends in out of absolutely everything I do with my work and products, in order to scoop the income and not work for one of theirs, which of course destroys everything and creates a lot of anger while they think they are mocking my helplessness and revelling in the power they have got - which creates nothing but the need to put an end to the means of making investments out of any bit of a process of touching or handling my property to achieve vandalism of my equities and securities and the stifling of my book sales over what they claim to be some kind of seniority based domination that works along the lines of how delay is denial or something like that.


There is talk of course that I simply get around describing peoples cultures and then pretending that it has become a job or property of mine but of course the truth and reality is that they have no wish to keep themselves out of my company and move on and worse still each time they do damage to it make excuses that are to justify their actions which suggests it was correct to do so on account they have social and political problems and this sort of excuse is never really that good an excuse for getting off to damage peoples work and keep it damaged like they do; shifty, shifty twisted evil people with a plan for business which by the way always has some link with my personal life as well, concerning which I am steadily loosing my cool and those activities they invent continue to happen around here everyday - I mean that business of theirs and ideas of it was bad enough since it was concerned with my personal life but it should also be noted that they do it in order to ensure when anybody feels like deploying their money for power they will have supporters instantly and of course I do not want to know for my part as well. The other issue they bring up is ethical banking and I have no idea what they have in mind either since we all know retail Banking is largely ethical since you cannot tell people to give you their money for safe keeping in an unethical environment and condition but of course that means it is the investment sector that is a problem and it is quite a problem thereof indeed. That is where the radical bankers and radical business men go and know nothing but causing others distress and suffering - so that what they did during the last economic crisis as we all know was to take up money they got in a dishonest way and put it somewhere safe and as soon as the crisis was over get it out and set off to invest to make more and this is the wrong answer to the questions they were asked in the first place as far as I am concerned. They always say I talk but there is nothing I can do and I do wonder if that is supposed to have been a challenge as well for my part anyway, however sticking to issues, all I need here is a process where it is not bad for people to put away money they had and get it out to invest when an economic crisis is over but their games will not be tolerated and I will not be opposed in that either, for in the end the prove of the pudding is in the eating and if they wish to conduct their professional lives in such ways they can and we will find out how much of a business it makes later, winding me up can mean people will pay me for my equities in cash so we can see them do it as well.  Yes I do get asked what my own plan for everything is of course but it was always rather simple i.e. set out securities for equities home and overseas for the UK economy and keep a government eye on it so people do not take it up and do it for us, even if we have to spend government funds to do so and then perhaps if the housing market will stay within reach because Estate agents are sane and normal people, people should be able to get their jobs and homes back. I mean they always say it is a matter of market but we all know what happens is that they mix it all up and hence it is therefore cheap and easy a life to buy homes like you wish to reside in them and then sell them off like you wish to make a business out of them and of course Estate Agents know they should be setting out these lines of home trading through proper customer service, since there is a big difference between somebody who buys a home that is in the middle of a shopping centre and plans to run a small business from it and somebody who buys a home in the middle of a shopping centre and plans to spend more money shopping because it is easy to shop when you live at such a location - they will never do it of course so they can dictate to us what house prices have become. They always say it is a matter of demand and no body knows why they say that either; since we all know it is never workable to wait for ten people to work into your establishment to seek to buy your five homes so that you can blurt out to them your choice of customers are the highest bidders - or that you can always do so but the prove of the pudding with respect to running a business will be in the eating with respect to your customer service as it were; so the reality is that Estate Agents rely on leads and so threshold of 15 leads come in for five properties and you chose the highest payer to make more profit than usual - nothing wrong with that except that if you looked closely enough you will realise that peoples finances are such that they would never offer you anything that is enough to price others out of the market all together, hence that story of demand being the cause of House price rises have always been a load of estate agent mischievousness to me.  Its has never been a complicated matter, they want to talk economic recovery, I say people have lost their homes and somebody will have to give them another one and people have lost their jobs and somebody will have to give them another one - I am only saying so in case they wish to discuss it properly. In the end these things are all loop holes and the idea they put forward is that if they did take advantage of them nobody will know and that if people did know there is nothing they can do about it (I mean their society fools especially when black do get to hint it at me regularly about how I watch television and live n benefits instead of get a job so I can see how they do their stuff and threaten them thereof [???]). The reality is that somebody will soon have to get around with brick making company Unions and steel making company Unions and glass making companies Unions and all the Unions and interest groups of all those companies that produce home making materials right down to land sellers and then determining that an Estate Agent needs to let go his money because he has over paid for a home and nobody wants him to sell it for a profit as well will become more than just a thought or an imagination, since we all know there is really no justification for the house prices we have to put up with at the moment besides which there is an issue of the fact that for every boom there is a burst and we get our hands twisted by these guys all the time; I am only saying it is a fantasy because somebody can always get off and become a Housing Market tyrant at any time at British Government level - so they can tell me I am talking socialist language whereas I did mention that we were setting out Equities and securing them locally and overseas and more so if we have to with government funds to ensure that people get their jobs back and get their homes back and of course I cannot make out what was socialist about that anyway in the first place at this point. In the end the point is that they speak of ethical banking and I do wonder therefore if they are thinking what we are thinking and I am not talking about our need for a thriving housing market which is what a thriving banking sector needs as its closest companion or indeed the idea that when I say such things the homes building components industry will turn on me of which the prove of the pudding as I did mention is in the eating with regards to how people wish to run their business and serve their customers - I am talking about the fact what we are thinking is that Bankers have gone sour and since we have little choice we must find a way to make them edible again, while they are thinking wolves in sheep's wool and it is very laughable; not a very good plan.



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 It is suggested a lot that One wants to be with Liberal people but has no plans to be liberal himself; what they are referring to however is a sense of seeking second opinions for my actions from the Court which is why I created it and make it exclusively female and white; either way the reality of which is that whatever pressure it is we also hear them claim the Monarchy puts on me while I suck up to it works and I don’t want to be with them while they have plans to avoid the Royal Family at all times especially when black. The other part of the story that works really well with their American idiots too is that I am a poor person that tries to get around with rich people wrecking in the process the lives and wealth of middle people such as they are which is why they cannot do anything unless I am targeted but I am not a poor person, the investment of every single paragraph of equity on this website and its subsidiaries along quantified at market value runs into something between £20 Million and £25 Million sterling at least, which of course tends to mean I do not put them up there at the websites so fools can deploy them as well or have opinions about them or make slight comments about them for whatever reasons or indeed make their own market spoofs out of them, thereby looking for trouble and tempting me all the time which of course does not get to mean their Politicians save them from my actions at any occasion either; having said so the reality is better understood when considered in the way they live i.e. for example Daddy earn £40,000 pa and Mum earns about the same amount, so that if their mortgage costs them £25,000 and their feeding as a family runs into about £50 per day and their savings runs into about £10,000 – these fools apart from all their living costs including the cost of educating their bone headed children have still got £12,000 to £15,000 cash that they have not got a clue what to spend on; so I am not one of those people who has this opinion that everything they do to attack me and turn up on public places to develop everything they get around with in my direction and develop them within a process of saying something or doing thing in my direction in a way that makes them feel superior like a drug is a function of the fact they need money – it is wickedness at work within them and my possessions is what they have set aside as what must be destroyed by their wickedness in order to save their own. When I lived in Africa there used to be a culture saying that goes like; you cannot actually get rid of people because there isn’t a dump for human beings’ – this is what black girls love to latch on it, to create a sense they can do whatever they like with me and what belongs to me because work is poison to them and their wickedness and of course as expected we have now reached a point where we are seeing them sell it on to any Industry fool that wants to listen to their stupidities then complain about what I am going to do about it in order to ensure while they want to keep doing it, I cannot harm them in any way for my part: so the bit about African culture which means the men bread win and the women do the chores and so on does not apply to them because they were supposed to have been the wealthy idiots to whom it does not apply but then again it is difficult to locate which side of my intolerance of the nonsense we see them get up to at corridors of international communities they fail to understand: its the parties and clubbing that annoys me the most you see because sooner or later it becomes a platform by which an idiot has located a Christian that they will bully into homosexuality so that women might become powerful.   It  has never been an issue in a larger sense: its like My Company may have been named dog leash and it turns out people have been putting leashes on themselves to spice up their sex lives on account  of its success which creates problems for me and I change it to dog leash with a clause which transforms the name to that of a Firm without which such a thing does not exist and become the exclusive inventor of dog leash to carry on my business in peace - so its what this Company provides brokerage Equities to Allies and Customers for, nothing unusual.