Please note I may not have paid a great deal of attention to my language on some occasions; it is an attempt to consign those language to history. Just as I have of a violent Nature to highlight the processes by which it is possible to get from feeling unforgiven for hurting another person to feeling justified for taking the life of another. 

The Hermitage Administrative reasons for not Polishing these feelings are  that  not doing so draws up a complete understanding and  for Equity applicable , of what I have done to impugn Market separatism.

Mind some racial slurs, in context they mean nothing but never the less must be explained as a response to my position being incessantly compromised by people who also want everybody to think they do not need help from my exorcist and hence in a circular sense, need to become more responsible persons.






It was set here to spell the beginning of the end after 9 years of making misery for parties involved at the Jobs market and Global Industry, of egoistical idiots with some bread winner insults at their finger tips and great ideas of their genius, wrecking everything at this Hermitage over insults of how I will be an Arch Prince if they approved it, on account it made it possible for them to claim their parents owned the Countries that ran the world and I needed their money for my activities which I was getting free of charge whenever I got involved with Clients, supported by their Older gits and Tutors who must have by now realised exactly what will happen if they stalked me for the abuses I experienced the first time round and the destruction of my academic work that followed, when next they saw me make a presence in an academic institution.



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I am told that most of my problems are due to the women who fight my battles for me and what the rest of the world feels about it and it’s the same case over and over with these twats that cannot stop playing up their incredibly hurtful gimmicks on others again and again and again as it were – we know it started out with such nonsense as the power they will have when I got from attending Church to being Homosexual, which then had to happen whatever the cost – then it progressed to something of a need to do things to my body and the personality I have cultivated at a Hermitage and how being financially and socially well off was linked to doing so – now in 15 years of daily abuse, it has settled up on Women fighting my battles to give its stupidities the right to do these things and has reached a point now where its mean cunt needs to be made to understand that it is very hurtful every time it does it and that it is about to get a response for it very soon indeed as it were. I do get asked if I know why they do it but it was always the old case of what is purely evil i.e. none will be able to explain why it needs to do things with my body and the personality I cultivated at a Hermitage if it is simply said that its idiocy was due to narcissism, only the fact that this nonsense being linked to financial well being and social standing is largely based on what is corrupt and rotten to the core, therefore is need of an exorcism would explain it accurately. We see the same of their Politicians who believe they can exhibit any wickedness they wanted at Government buildings to any extent that they liked as well and the business of stopping me from controlling this until I dropped out of University and then telling me I need consider where these idiots have been and therefore allow them have whatever they wanted, was not just to show they made a deal at my expense but to express the fact they had made a deal and if that deal did not work, their stupidities could get anything from me by virtue of Government Office with a big mouth – so we find that unless there is an outcome in which there was a reckoning that involved me and the Office of a Politician which is located a few shops away from the Bus stop for instance, there will continue to exist this behaviour that suggests I am a piece of meat and they are a handful of rabid Dogs. So do women fight my battles then? Of course they do, but those were meant to protect me, not respond to peoples practical jokes – about which it is now clear why stories of how my bottom hurts and I am always in constant pain because there is a link between hurting me and having money to feel safe will provoke me, especially as a matter of the battles women fight on my behalf: the truth of what I think of them is that each time those structures such as Media and Celebrity culture failed to make them money they can pay their way in the world with, everything gets better around here, these stupidities not coming to a stop after 6 years of daily tolerance largely means I am going to get out of here and build a Public image that asks a constant question about why it is such a bad thing when they do not have access to money – for now, I think the case of all hell breaking lose around my career and finances because women fight my battles is some sort of stupid defence mechanism for the wickedness they are already working at my expense to get rich like we see their stupidities give the one they own to the frugal. I am very well aware their main concerns is the way that I run my concerns to stir up Culture and Society trouble makers which hurts their bottom, churns their tummy and ensures their Celebrity culture was not profitable, sitting about at local communities to send their criminal disobedience twerps out to run me down all day but this was a direct consequence of showing up all over my Books with other plans in mind and they have been running of this nonsense while complaining of the consequences last 6 years so far.

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That HH have been done by a Labour socialist party in the UK and others like that from across the world, which expressed a brutal government does not really have a meaning. The real matter is that it is impossible to operate an economy when men that are mentally ill as well as sex maniacs are free to run around as they like and more so as it is in the UK at Royal Circles. The Political side in any form they take especially the socialist Labour Party are not brutal government on anything and or in anyway and simply wish it as hard as they can. Again it compels me to mention I am a half priest high diplomat that has to wake on the day to seek out a temporary 9-5 day job because I have a cash flow crisis created my by their familiarities and powerful stupidities that can only be successful if I either allow it or am a member of an inferior race, so they are not really people who have opinions any body might wish to listen to. Except that is somebody wants to hear them speak of the fact that when people feel like being decadent so that they might get off to public Television to seek their big breaks and minutes of fame, they can first of all want Christians that are homeless and Priests that have the streets for a vestry and nothing about which nothing will happen to them as they can make sure it nothing does. These behaviours it must be noted, such as the financial destruction of the High Diplomat they have access to on a daily basis, more so because they are insolent and abusive, it apparently it drives them mad as well and really does not actually operate as the way things are sold at the market place. One has made it clear about his Equities and Securities and there is no more anybody else can do for them; apparently, all that a business should keep private can be blown out into the open of course, it generally means that when the owners make repairs they can have lion shares of self improvements and personality betterment but not if that their stupid brain is another persons property as payment for the costs; it applies therefore that their Children may perhaps value their freedoms more and not less. That others have no right to have a history in their lives if others are greedy and therefore need, some of which are to be remembered and some of which are to be forgotten does not mean they have become a brutal government. HH's prognosis "The suggestion that I am stupid is the reason people behave towards me in these ways, it is an old story. The way it operates usually is that they think I am stupid and for that I get bullied, I rather think they are sinners and the Queen (and her entire government too - in fact with respect to the fact I am fighting people off to survive on my job) clearly thinks I am not stupid; so I am sure they can see why I never mention it and why it is impossible for me to talk about it. The pinnacle of it all is when the process of being bullied by American media constitute a real issue for me. It certainly does not; rather, every time I lose my temper the real question I end up with is that of what the purpose of messing up my sense of orientation with important people really is; the sense that I cannot address American Politicians properly or indeed anybody else because the American media have completely destroyed my sense of orientation with people; is it an infiltration because if it is I will send them to abyss where they came from but when I really loose my temper over having so much of my work abused that I become confused about what job it is and what it is all about and the job being accomplished by the Books myself, I end up with the question of who exactly I am really angry with and then the answer will be that I am angry big tall media corporation buildings in the US. The main issue will then reveal itself to be that they raise those matters of things I am meant to have promised them and chickened out and failed to carry through, which I am being forced to do so to keep my promise and so it continues to suggest that people can be famous without being rich enough to be and the mess it makes of my sense of privacy is incredible while they are currently on a high." Of course there is that talk put forward by Socialist Parties in the UK of their need to remain vigilant about people leading without public opinion on the basis that it is the means through which people who would otherwise never have gotten the chance in their dreams, get to defeat them but of course we all know what happens is that they bend people over which creates social violence into peoples lives while people are not suspecting a thing from them and do so from behind before they turn out to manipulate people into competition that is made up and they have no choice but take part in and lose; they say that because I am a Christian the part where I forget about area when they bent me over violently and twisted my life into social violence is supposed to have been completely forgotten while I think the competition is important because it is what I promised according to my faith including the none violence I has also promised them by it as well - the reality however is that the fact I am a Christian is not to say I am half a person and they can from here on end take it up and do it, so they can have a competition that they will win and stay off the faith and stay off my books. The Transferred Violence bit is of course without a doubt the part we all know always has an ending story as it were and we always wait to hear it - the shootings and stabbings and so on because of course we all know they feel they need to use the civil service to ensure that God is not the giver of vengeance and that men do not reap what they sow but reap what they like  and so it plays out in terms of using it to make sure there is always an aspect of my life and person life were we get to communicate and I get to get bullied which I cannot control, to which I have responded by making sure there is society where there is an aspect of their lives they cannot control where I have an assurance that I can always preach the gospel to them whenever I want and there is nothing they can do about it whenever I do so. God is still the giver of vengeance therefore and every man reap what he sows at all times - every single man, no exceptions, this has always been the truth. 

That a person has Social and Political problems and more so that he or she is socialist is never a good enough reason to stave off vengeance when they get out of bed everyday to do damage to a persons person and property in order to abuse them in a sexual context, wreck their finances to isolate them from their lives and living environment and get around the world bragging, having Parties and making Wealth out of it to tell people there is a new era. Twisted evil fools especially the Americans, always start off as civil rights goons and soon they will have been able to monopolise what does not belong to them - like Apple and its games to be played over my Assets of Temperamental Colours for example, of which I although should say they do make up for it through customer service for the general public etc but not all of them are like that and there are quite a few too; carving out a living for themselves in an inconsiderate a way as only they could muster - how long do you put up with such nonsense and or more so as they would have made it clear, for reasons they have racism in their society as well?



The way fame and fortune really works is the harness of the lives of the good looking and then peddling of it, tracks of which are covered by another group of physically good looking that have no shame. The way it really works is not only the consideration that you are likely to be good looking once you have become more successful but that the crucible of ill feelings are used to create a distillation of the good feeling, while public humiliation and abuse is used to classify the feelings once extricated, then owned and controlled by those who work it and then from here they can claim to have a certain kind of life they live and a certain kind of things people must do to be famous; the usual outcome is what we have already seen with respect to the fact it is impossible to run an economy when they run free especially with media, that a recession has already stretched out over a period of five years, while they suppose they have located and rounded up real entrepreneurs, gathered up money given them by their socialist governments that later speak of being dangerous and are waiting somewhere for people to have no choice but do things they need to do to recover, which they can copy from a superior position and keep that way permanently; it has even been more important to achieve these things during a recession than even to be concerned about the dire problem of unemployment during an economic crisis. It is impossible to run an economy this way. For me personally I do not know when some Politicians will come to the deduction it is something they need to take a firm position on, not that I care if or not they are more interested in my personal privileges I have worked for, which does not change the relationship these trouble makers wish to have with the financial system, bearing in mind they have already assumed ownership of local communities where they set up businesses and their daughters cannot stop insulting others violently. It is impossible to expect economic recovery while these things are happening and this is the advice I am making clear to Politicians. With respect to this firm, I am suppose I am clear about where I stand on the matter of my Court and Consortium and Royal Court with the matter of back stage media men and their desire to have sex with people and do not appreciate trumours that are bred out of attempts made, considering criminals, more so the ones they know have sexual fantasies as well, which is something they will want to deploy like they do with other forms of complicity to make extra cash and acquire bigger mortgages, then blast off so much insult and impudence on media about enjoying the perks of capitalism, when in actual fact it is the same old story about wanting the perks of my job, which they suppose I share with them too, about which their insults know no limits. The measure of the or the economic crisis is to be seen through the prism of such things as the fact that the ongoing means is an abuse of my privacy and corresponding viciousness of blackmail based news report, designed to galvanise people unto claims I have refused to be reasonable to their demands which causes me to incur more bullying from them and bad behaviour from others. Through this they build up a fan base and a small army and continue threats that get to operate as lucrative financially and cannot detach from it at the National economy front holding the Political system to ransom, like the issue of international development and global poverty about which they have lost such power already, to attack me . This turns out that their Popular culture exists for the purpose of gathering up my work while they do this, to get famous and rich, then claim I am a threat to them after destroying my work and ruining my life, therefore even if it makes no sense to use fame and reputations of somebody else that is a threat to them to gather fans they can defend themselves against him with, this is the only thing they will do with their time because it is here meant to be excused by being given some justification of a social good. On the left the process of securing the radical sector of my faith occurs because it is supposed to make good on the money, while I am forced to get  stuck in the religion they are currently claiming I am undemocratic and therefore exclude them, it has already become more and more a matter of right for them, a deserving right of course to do because of what they think people have come to believe on account of how hard and how long they have worked on it, while I am made to wait for them to by Politicians. Explicitly stating my point is the fact that we always think economic recovery will come round while we do as we please and a measure of what I mean can be expressed by facts about the facts that even worse is being done around this firm; in the form of selling those stupid products from those popular culture decadent vandalism contraptions, from which they want money as well, by securing absolutely all of my attention with destruction and abuses which serve to extract energy from me too. It is the means by which thing they created are created and advertisements made to get them sold to those who want to buy my energy to feel good, on claims it was because they have suffered discipline all their lives and deserve no less from a man that is not such a disciplinarian and this is where the purpose of these things emerge i.e. a firm like this creates a community but the purpose of the community as though the firm belongs to no body and only they have the right to sell goods to others, they have created out of this firm with their media as though it is their own property, is using my fame and income to threaten me with their own private army they have created with my work as a means of getting to people where things matter to them, in order to take anything they want when they want it, ranging from means of destructive built up perceptions to insults of making it real. They continue their induced conversations on media with me in my absence to secure my attention to sell those stupid wares, playing celebrities for their part; who desire to use my property for fame and to be rich and then at the same time claim I am a threat to them, who want to use my Army to build their own to threaten me with and grab more and more stuff I work for, which is wickedness of incredible proportions but will never be avenged or punished because they are celebrities and then they claim there is nothing I can do about it too, bearing in mind such things as it is with the existence of homosexuality, predates the creation of the Holy Bible but time and again we have to get into conversations about it whether we like it or not, while dealing with a process where somebody has become intolerant to it whether he likes it or not too, while they claim to be both nice people and victims as well and then inform me of it, which I think is meant to test me to find out if I can, that I cannot look into celebrity attacks. First of all which it will come to a point where God will be the only helper of any fame fool that touches my books one more time, which will make things happen much, much better too and also therefore settle the problem of nobodies who get to tell me how they like me, which will explain a lot about why they think attacking them as well as they do me is not sustainable because of the impression people have of them on account they are celebrities. The Labour party in the UK and Democratic Party in the US does not bother me as much as they make out it does in the slightest; there is actually no real way by which a person will believe that I am applying for work because if it were given to me, I would have been able to keep it while socialist people are taking and using your stuff at the same time all the time. They continue to think that if they got on media to claim I have taken their stuff first then it gets to change what people think about me when I apply for work too, except that it does not, so it only brings on the violent insults, the result of which they get to complain about all the time. I suppose it is better to take into consideration developments around such things as a desire to have money propelled claims they make of the things they have bullied out of me and that which I still keep away from my personally claimed new masters, which is followed up first of all with the fact that they expect that getting on Television to claim I am using their stuff while they are trying to do their jobs as though I do not know it is a bad thing for a Prince to kiss the bums of commoners as well as it means the same thing if they use his property for their dirty work. It gets to mean that when an employer thinks I can never be relied upon to work because somebody else is taking my stuff. The other being that when they speak of talking, are we to imagine that what they want to sit down and talk about is how no body should be getting trapped by them, which then becomes more important than the vandalisms on peoples property by which they make it happen, when they get around with others like them to create a society they want? The third being the fact that when I had built a business and a community emerges from it, the media takes advantage of that community to create an army for celebrities, along with claims I am a threat to them, to extract my income on the basis of perceptions about how I should live and how I actually am living which they boast to people is something they do because they are being happy bullies and therefore extract energy from me keeping my attention focused on them and their sadomasochism. In view of what I may do about it, they already suppose they have girls and that those have control of my earnings too; all kinds of lies to tell with it holding the economy to ransom at the National front of course. On which they will claim it is all something that happens when you fight women all the time and somebody gives them a means of fighting back. I wouldn’t know anyway, they are clearly the worlds toughest bullies, of which I have no idea who is even playing with their stupid men or indeed media goons that get to talk about it; this is simply the context of what I mean when I say God only will help the next fame idiot that touches my books another one more time.

Equities and Securities brokerage is what I do it is worth bearing in mind and I do not mind peoples insults that are meant to be lucrative; all I can do is set out consequences applicable if persons organisations or even governments allow people to pillage equities that are owned by British Companies or those affiliated with me because it is necessary to have the security in order to provide them with means for recovery and cost management of course - however it becomes a different story all together if they do feel that they have a problem with looting and bastardisation and pillaging at this Company all together - by that time it will have been completely out of my hands. Now I am aware of how the big problem is that I identify with people that are beyond my league and thereby exasperate them but besides the part about their violent and destructive and really expensive ego they do not need your permission to spend your property on with the help of their assistants they protect to be famous etc, there is also the part where they cannot let my faith alone as well because they think it is the part they need to damage to hold me over a barrel while they are at it and the Christianity thing is important this is the lesson they are learning as it were, nobody here is interested in which league they are in and I certainly don’t see myself making time from my work and then my faith and then the Church activities to bother their league either, it’s a full schedule here and they make it worse to abuse me and steal my earnings every day. They love to make out those tales that I never listen to what people are telling me and cannot understand what people are saying but of course the reality is first of all that if they are being horrible then they are the useless people with media to play with who want to be incredibly rich by extracting money from other peoples earnings because they are twisted and evil and hate work and if they are being nice then they are wrecking my finances in order to help me make some which will then involve violence and abuse and a general sense that attacking me makes people feel good – the real issue here is that they want to create a global sense of this stuff and so they need the economic issues that have gained publicity so far, they need the Politicians and probably also need me to stay abused as well and the result will be that they will only be able to steal the earnings of those who have only the earnings as their source of income and thereby have no means of protecting it and the result of that will be that the spare cash that would have been left by them to those people to deal with their problems with and that stupid media to play around with as it were would be spent on the logistics by which they will make it happen and it should be clear to any normal person that if they fail to keep it off my books I will most certainly show them what the real time cost and real world cost and real currency cost of that kind of economic recovery they seek really is.



"The notion that the people is a weapon in the hands of those that use other peoples offices and jobs to do every dirty work in the world, which they then show off on Public Television and claim it gives them control over my life and finances and that they can use it for what they want or destroy it if I do not behave really no basis on fact; the only fact there really is, is that it is an effective form of domination and destruction of peoples lives but it is also true that it has no sway whatsoever over me.  Their women despite the fact I speak about serving women publicly all the time cannot even make a bum out of me to prove a point and even in the United States of America they have failed to and are hurting themselves regularly these days, getting their Politicians to make out blame apportioned to me whenever they do. I really can understand therefore why they have become increasingly vicious and hopeful at the same time but I do not see that getting rid of a process where I am aware they are a wickedness and an evil that does not sleep. They do know and they know I know that 80% of prison population is made up of people like them, who end up there because of their frustration at the fact somebody else’s own is working while theirs is not, the remaining 20% are there because they are the worst of the worst, who for example wait until they are 18 to show they are grown up by joining a gang that somebody else set up or forming one of their own. This is where they place themselves for prospects sake and then wait for somebody to put another human being through hell in order to make them feel good about themselves through Politics and Media, otherwise they will populate prisons but between the time when that actually gets to happen they do other things with themselves, such as showing their outright deviousness and wickedness, expressed at those who have been put in such a position for them to express such things at and the way they work their society to put people in such places  is of course that they are mentally disturbed and since they know this, then the only way of making money as far as they are concerned will be if Politicians agree to put somebody else that is successful or even good looking in such a position for them, whom they can make fun of while they bully unto mental illness in a way which makes money and this is of course also how their women control other peoples good looking nature to create fame that becomes the future of their really silly children. It is not such a problem for me, I am taking care of it quite comfortably and my ladies are doing very well at Working Court and the rest in understanding that my finances depends on their behaviour especially that which is sexual, so there is really no fact to back up claims my finances are vulnerable to games men play involving how they want me to share their wives and are therefore already making a mess of my livelihood in a way that will eventually push me to do so - there had been consequences that accompany them and their Politicians and other friends for pillaging my finances everyday on the matter. I may sit down and talk with Politicians that have emerged from the company of such people too about how prisons do not work anymore and how we need to look into alternative law enforcement, after I know they hate my guts because I drag it out of them which drives them mad, so I can tease them about it to make them mentally ill too and then play a power gob at their reaction, from which I expect I should market my books and make money from such things, like they have spent my time to teach me as though they could give to the frugal, in order to create deterrence but it does not necessarily mean that I agree with it. It is still therefore that if and when it continues that their children turn up to threaten me, abuse or make use of me,  I will most likely hurt them and if they carry weapons that will be good result because it means they can recognise danger and are not all together stupid." Ones socialist and favourite Economic Cycle tease figures could not possibly have hammered anything around him - these sort of ideas are not good for confidence. They always say that most of these Equities and Securities, especially those that concern the names of International Organisation are simply a product of a very wild imagination. This is because they fail to grasp the fact that it is not about them and nothing has ever been about them; a process where people use media to break up another persons business to extract Equities and Securities and Intellectual property that they deploy to push the profit margins of Businesses that have paid them for Advertisement instead of work for money after setting up a business and a process where one recovers them and brokers some with those Companies that have paid them such huge funds for Advertisement that it would be a shame to waste or throw away does not constitute wild imagination in the books of a reasonable member of the Public. HH's prognosis "The main problem being that Politicians like to tell people all the time that things can only be done by them if they obtained the loyalty of my people which I had no right to acquire and therefore stole from them and their currently existing systems of government, especially those of them in Europe and of course I say; insults like these,  they do not make them like these anymore. So the question is; are they using or dominating me? The answer to this question of which is simply that they are not using or dominating me; the truth is rather that they are stupid, evil, worthless, ugly people and no matter what they do to me or my property, I should never take anything from or make use of anything from them or that they own otherwise it will acquire a notoriety - I have an exception as a matter of governance therefore, which is reflected on my Books too and this is the only difference there are - the reason they wish to have access to contents of the books before publication or sale because when they create their evil notoriety with it and then blame me for it, the end result will be a that of a process where they get into a position of stealing somebody else's fame and fortune creations to be rich and famous with on media and this of course is the only form of democracy that they wish to recognise. I am aware of a course of events where everybody gets sorry about how much damage they have been doing to my work all along and how people have stood back to watch but it is much the same thing anyway. Most of people that like to complain about tyranny all the time work with tyranny because they have it in their power to do something about it; so instead of that what happens is that they fear people will use and dump them since it is the only thought thy have of other human being, so what they want instead is a process where somebody else does it, while they not only give them ideas on how to but also get the best education and the best jobs and the person therefore continues to use his so called beauty to provide the means for that until they take turns to be rich with such a process. This is where the question I ask comes in i.e. not being afraid of talking about the spiritual nature of the prognosis of tyranny. The problem is that whilst they don’t like servitude because it hurts which is brilliant and everybody knows it is the way it works, they not only think it will be cultural fun to be tyrants but also want to have their joys of servitude while somebody else is paying for every problem associated with tyranny. The problem being that joys of servitude are not possible if they are the ones paying for it, bearing in mind it is the same outcome if they are paying as well anyway, whether or not others are paying so they can have it. It is as such always the joys of servitude, the one I am paying for with my income or is fabricated because they use their familiarity based stupidities to over work me, anything I have that other people don’t have and so on that they wish to know about and acquire and that brings us to one of the most unspoken contentious issues of them all i.e. that I am a violent nosey person who will get what is coming to me one day but in actual fact if I put in context what I need to do to stay out of the business of drugs and gangs that have large connections in the western part of the world, violent and evil prostitution that does nothing with its time but turn financiers against people and people against financiers especially in Europe and the City workers that always think that is is gratitious to make a decision to stay out of peoples affairs and so decide on an endless attack once I had decided to stay out of their affairs, knowing that the only thing to gain from those who protect themselves from girls that know personality and business vandalism and are backed up by men who think they are really tough indeed is power, which is a function of their desire to get involved in mine and to loot my livelihood.  It is really not as easy as they say it to stay out of their business, not even the media ones that will make a funny fool out of me by creating a public desire to see me perform spectacular fights again and again that they can claim and get close to Politicians with. Hence the reasons they will never stop getting into one fight after another as well and I will never let them a respite from it, so they can become even more evil than usual too. Let them fight; they always say the big problem with me and others like me is that we have this great product we could sell to make a lot of money, whether that money is needed or not of which does not come into the question, what does is the fact that nobody had barged into our lives to find out before we ever got the chance and then decided that we ought to give it up because other things are more important like what can be had if we suffer poverty, such as wealth distribution and social injustice and all kinds of foolishness around it, the people etc and the real problem is that we cannot give it up for these things  because we are too selfish and will be made to behave. For me it is simply an expression of the fact that by their own lips the entire purpose of socialism is work place envy with expected pragmatic results and so it is on this basis I take the stand and no body gets to touch my Market place and or products without consequences, for whatever excuse they might have devised - in fact I am always ready to discuss the excuses but they will never change my course of action.

Now I have been said to have mentioned something about the Housing Market being controlled by the Government if it knew or took seriously the need to know what happens in the Home building components Industry and it has been said that I have reached the end of my tether thereof but of course it is really all just a game and I am only playing along. Where my focus lies on saying that in actual fact is the attitude of offering up free services which everybody in business does with a catch at the end that people will realise is integrated into the use of the service hence they do not need to do anything extra but these idiots have a different idea entirely which is more about free services or cheap ones not necessarily free which get to mean that they can take anything they want from those who use it when they do make use of it, creating this need for securitisation in order to ensure they have to deal with an establishment as well and it is this that propels them to secret industry espionages they carry out alongside their media vandalism which they do not give weight to as criminal activity hence meaning I have to invent something of my own as well; especially considering that they do get support from places such as the highest levels of American government for example, if they are tired of thinking the highest levels of American media is invincible that is. So this is me at the point where we are dealing with the financial services ones and of course the point is that my securitisation of property will lead to a condition where I make use of the free service and then we will find out if they really can take anything they want as well – it is the kind of attitude, fresh faced insolent wore socks in school which others clearly never did attitude that I have a real problem with. This is nowhere near the end of it either; they have simply come through i.e. first they got to handle my work and get off to make themselves rich at the financial centre pumping the economy to bursting point and after that turned out on my Television to lick their lips and tell me they need more or will take it anyway and already started off wrecking my finances and naming me a cultural indemnity that they get to work to make the financial industry sustainable in the UK – no problem I dare say of course since I don’t want anything from them but it gets worse because they need to ensure what I have given stays given for good permanently and that means giving it up every day – if we got to the end of that it would still not have been the end anyway because we are still waiting for the commodities industry to come through; those have a blood sucking contraption they call a business and the purpose of it is to sit around insulting me and behaving in the most appalling manner imaginable wit National economies and markets because they say I have given a promise that people can spend my own if they get into trouble  - so I will wait for them as well to come through like the financial services have and then I will have my pound of flesh as well. What I said about government knowing what happens in home building components Industries was about telling the government that if the financial centre is its biggest employer and needs the housing market to support itself then the government needs to control every aspect of the housing market and find out everything about what goes on in it and if that were to be the case we would not have people being priced out of the market on the basis of such nonsense as demand as if the rest of us are stupid. They always say that if this were the US I would not make a single move but of course that is a wish they will one day have and I can imagine a situation emerge where I get off 9.00 am to wall street dressed in rags with a microphone in my hand to say what I have just said here and then turn up same time the day after with another one of my development and personal growth so we can find out – yes of course they will say that means that I would have caused myself to dress in rags when we all know that they could do that for me instead and that they are very keen. All I am asking is that people let others recover from the damages they have done them or pay for it. The facts in my mind will never change, I am 32 for goodness sake – in my mind the financial and commodities industry at the moment is full of freaks who spend all their time destroying one thing after another and as provocatively as they possibly can their best friends are the shifty evil scum with ideas for business which has to do with my personal life and moving into the right hand side all the time and so I am sure they can see I have set out a future for the little people associated with me that they think they employ with their blood sucking contraptions they call a business who warn them about the effects of their activities and what impact it will have on them endlessly and of course if they cross that this will get a lot worse like it has for the men that do to have sex with women that do not normally open to them because even my life can revolve around such idiots on account they have big egos. I have warned before about their menacing activities where I broker equities with a company and it means somebody can copy and broker with another company as well ripping up what they can here and bottoming out my finances and yet at the end of the day they like to complain they will not go into an office to concentrate on a job doing as a boy from nowhere told them to do but if they did get into an office to do the job bearing in mind that making friends with shifty evil scum that have business ideas concerned with my personal life and moving into the right hand is clearly a fight that they won as it were, we would have made a head way by now in National economy terms and this is the crux of what I said earlier about the government knowing everything about what happens in home making and house building systems and components industries – it is the government losing money in this matter and not them – if the government was a corporation it would have been bankrupt by now and I was not talking to them either when I said it. Hence the game and I am playing along too - creates wonder what they know about the worst I can do anyway; I mean if I did deal with the issue of financial industry and commodity industry freaks who have blood sucking contraptions they name a business and speak very little words in public while using it to attack me all the time of which I have always maintained people need bear in mind whatever happens happens because of their insults, then it would have been the very pinnacle of my very existence - I mean really? 

Soon we hear life is not fair and people need to suck it up on the basis that even they the millionaires do not have a happy personal life but before then all these things are a worthy collection of activities on a daily basis and getting into an office to run a company if picking on me is what they can do becomes the most difficult thing in the entire world. I mean if pornographers were to animate those films they make it would still have had just as an arousing effect anyway - so nobody needs to turn out to have sex to play pornographic roles and when I am done with equities and securities on that they will run businesses and Industries with peoples personal lives as well while pornographers are in my service as it were.




HH's PROGNOSIS: In an expression built up from those stupid insolent media lies of domination they like to spread themselves all over the place and ask whether I understand what people are actually saying to me and I find it bewildering that people will think I don’t understand what people mean when somebody is the sole bread winner in the family, has a good job and starts to tell his wife about buying their home and in 4 months looses the job because of the recession for example, about which I ran around the place spending my own property to create equities and securities to make businesses profitable again so that they can employ but cannot buy the books to confirm what I did is a good thing because they rather prefer that accolade to go to drug lords and popular culture idiots, while planning to have control of my finances by which they can ensure I do what they want. The question is whether they are harming me or themselves, since businesses on the other hand not only see them do these things to create questions about people's investments and right to invest but also would like to employ them very much, so that they can play junior sibling that has access to the money while senior sibling knows what must be done and is therefore ruled by the richer junior world worst envy freak fool and more so because there are campaigns of wealth distribution in town to mess things up with as well. I was only referring to my problem earlier on when I got concerned i.e. 'I have got a wife and kids and a mortgage is not an entitlement to jobs, we do not see their media friends spare people's livelihoods when they want to have bigger mortgages than the ones they already have either. I have had enough of being insulted by them and their delusions of power that their Politicians have on my income, while they pull out the stops to preserve their bullying and expect their hand work to be rewarded by jobs and money, which apparently is to come to them from somewhere else other than their own hard work, showing an example in the form of a Royal Prince that expect people to buy books because they hold a considerable size of his Literary Empire trust in brokerage on his behalf , which is to ensure that they have their own businesses and never have no need money or employment ever again - as though it grows on trees. The idea I fail to mingle is not one I spend a lot of time worrying about either. In actual fact with respect to it, I am doing very well; I don’t want to mingle, all the mingling that these guys mention and talk about has only things to do with the kind of girls they have sex with which are stronger than I am and beyond my league and how I need to become their plaything so they can find husbands because once people are Christians, it is impossible for their strong and foolish girls to let them be. I don’t want any mingling with them and that is not the problem; the problem is that they build their lies and rumours directly over my head and use it to enforce their will on my finances and then leave it to their community wickedness and those who work it to do whatever they like with, resulting in things such as the claim that men think about sex 24/7 being enforced in the sense that if men think about sex 24/7, then all men must think about sex 24/7 no exceptions for me and so if I don’t, they build it up over me and spread it on media as a means to power that they can determine the outcome of my life with and set out to enforce it and that is just one of many. I have for my part for sometime now have wanted too and extracted social equality and integration with everybody from them and so it will end in a process where the right is no longer the power place while the left is integration and politics and whatever because the right will become integration and Politics and whatever, while the left will be the place where power is. Its not just about the audacity to enforce their will on my finances, as it is that of telling me how to live my life and setting out to enforce it and of course there is also those insults as well. I mean I know what I have done, all that is happening in the world at the moment is idiots running around exchanging money among themselves, none of which is growing, none of which is getting invested, they like to bluff all the time on media and play violence at me which attacks my health and will soon increase consequences that will run along the lines of their stupid fantasy based witchcraft on them as well because they think I will give in and they will keep their wickedness and get rich as well and more so with my own income and I have stated what I have said which indicates the need for Politicians to act with neutrality because it is the only way to recovery, I know it because I know what I have done  -  they will only dominate my arse; they must be joking and of course there will be a special reckoning with those idiots that love to use my work and property to fix their problems and every dirty job there is before that stops as well. There is no such thing as moving away from them gradually until I finally go away; what can I say, fuck them (bearing in mind they are showing their qualities of fatherhood over me with demagogues expressed along the lines of using mine to do it and then do for me as well which is some kind of sodomy abuse that is used to humiliate me on public Television)?

POLITICS: It is not a matter of huge amounts of hate that One has none to show for, media people like to make out what his livelihood is really about because they crave and enjoy the vandalism based control they get. If anger need be justified, then to do anger there must be a need to revert back to when they took everything one had worked for with the use of their community based powerful ally making programmes, which was as a result of realising what they could do if I did not look after myself  in my teens, which simply offered them more curosity to explore and excuses made to cover their tracks of wicked and these new found violent business allies, who have some money and will therefore form the base means by which they become leaders but I am not suggesting we should do anger, we are better off doing work place envy instead, it is more interesting. As for the matter of what I say and do creating ethnic violence or suggestive ethnic cleansing, it is the old question of whether I have a personal issue with the ideology itself and I don’t. The real problem here is that no body wants to live their lives being threatened and more so when the reasons for the threats is the good aspects of their lives they could not change, no matter how much pressure is put on them, noting of course that if such aspects of peoples lives that socialists who think being fat means being powerfully violent and an ability to beat up anybody take interests in were changeable people would change them to avoid the dehumanisation. We always therefore tend to see the socialists do it for a while and get off when it suits them the most but when they cannot be changed, then it becomes an everlasting fun of abuse when they get the sense no body will care about their victim, which later brings socialists good health and a lot of happiness in their wicked lives, except when the victim is not a victim at all and they have to make it up on Public Television as though he has no right to exist which is another thing entirely as well. It is not as much the threats that is the biggest bother these days, it is the reasons behind them that is, the reasons just keep coming, they never run out and stem not only from the desire to wreck peoples lives and in this case a Royal Prince they think they have located but serve as a means of driving the victims mad in order to get around making money from their madness on account they will make money in no other ways. Its as though they have no other work, no other use for their time, a display of their strengths and so therefore it is obvious that One had been clear to them he does not wish or want to be threatened by anybody and they had decided whether or not he made such things obvious will be decided by them with media but with respect to claims when things happen everybody wants a scapegoat and that socialists are just HH scapegoat because they want to be, they express the idea that it should be while one should allow others have their own too, that takes us right back to the beginning of religious cleansing by social and Political persecution, mockery and abuse that suggests that unless there is murder there has been no kind of dehumanisation of people (of which they have not yet compensated for the medical and mental outcome and now emerging thereof the intellectual property and security consequences - bearing in mind that no matter what the cost is, they must have it as it were). It is a matter involving the injustices that they suffer, none of which exists in One's view, bearing in mind that when it comes to the desire to have lots of money, sometimes people do have to figure out exactly why some people wanted to see what the demons inside a person who wrecks other peoples lives with the use of media and croons that do not seem to realise that a 60 year old chasing middle aged men violently for sex because of their so called beauties is intimidating and that when they get violent as well it is distracting and very destructive too but the purpose of this method of having money is claimed to be because it is the only way by which it is possible to make other people feel personally about a particular thing that was done to them but cannot say anything to those that do it because those that do it will claim the person is stalking them on account they are famous and therefore important, the money that people earn but they get to have, to make such things a matter of pleasure as well. So it is a matter of collaboration with ideologies of evil at the aspect of the existence of big businesses where they have some form of power over people to offer; meaning that their numbers can easy grow exponentially no matter how bad what they wish to do is and they can therefore get to target successful people who have through their collaboration with ideologies of evil been distracted and thereby reduced to their level with social violence that is above the law because it is culture and about which the fun of such activities are more important than whether or not they have jobs currently, which is picked up by their Politicians and homosexual culture as a sign of the trophy power of having sodomised a so called cunt. Bearing in mind that it seems that the fact that people have heads means that they must never get a seconds rest from headaches which comes from the cultural violence, born out of their endless wants and fantasies and dreams of who can make them real with their status as gangs that have done well enough in school to get involved with main stream life, the fact people have chests means that they must always be out of breathe and then abused because that looks culturally beautiful and all that is so important before they realise that somebody else has more money than they do and they want it as well, the fact people have a tummy means that it is where all their problems will be placed through violence, especially if they speak well: all these things together mean socialists have figured out their future and created their version of what being free means therefore. No matter how long it takes because although it would be attractive to have such a thing a person is deserving of huge respect and therefore they can only succeed if they make it up on Television nothing will get in their way. Nothing about spending their time to get jobs and earn money ever will become important at that stage, until somebody else has got a job and they have found the person to be subject of their envy, which is only a matter of time and this state of affairs they will do everything to preserve before they complain. Their American friends understand me perfectly when I say I want nobody taking these things up and thereby moving his insolent and stupid gang into my right to build thing and I always mention it even though I know they are criminals and it is what they crave all their time but they are still the gangs that passed exams in school of course and therefore able to get good jobs or indeed the gangs that were able to make some useful amount of money and or get into Politics to presume they are my leaders when I cannot remember getting near a polling booth on account them, so there is nothing One can do about it. In the end here in the UK it is the Politicians under fire in this matter; they make up ideas about things they do to betray HM The Queen through initiating sweeping changes to the House of Lords for example with respect to having Elected members because of attention she showers on me but expect me to back down yet on the matter of stifling their fame too, so that the only advantage they will ever have will continue to remain that of the Political office Salary that is kind of guaranteed once they win elections but they will have to pass through the hurdle of winning elections to acquire. They are the ones making a big deal out of the fact I established a Firm in which I sell books and write for a living, not the Queen showering attention on me to provoke me. Obviously the usual clowning with foolish stale business enterprise owners that are good for nothing but keeping up fabricated ideas about my work in order to get their socialists and or bully's trends in out of absolutely everything I do with my work and products, in order to scoop the income and not work for one of theirs, which of course destroys everything and creates a lot of anger while they think they are mocking my helplessness and revelling in the power they have got - which creates nothing but the need to put an end to the means of making investments out of any bit of a process of touching or handling my property to achieve vandalism of my equities and securities and the stifling of my book sales over what they claim to be some kind of seniority based domination that works along the lines of how delay is denial or something like that.


There is talk of course that I simply get around describing peoples cultures and then pretending that it has become a job or property of mine but of course the truth and reality is that they have no wish to keep themselves out of my company and move on and worse still each time they do damage to it make excuses that are to justify their actions which suggests it was correct to do so on account they have social and political problems and this sort of excuse is never really that good an excuse for getting off to damage peoples work and keep it damaged like they do; shifty, shifty twisted evil people with a plan for business which by the way always has some link with my personal life as well, concerning which I am steadily loosing my cool and those activities they invent continue to happen around here everyday - I mean that business of theirs and ideas of it was bad enough since it was concerned with my personal life but it should also be noted that they do it in order to ensure when anybody feels like deploying their money for power they will have supporters instantly and of course I do not want to know for my part as well. The other issue they bring up is ethical banking and I have no idea what they have in mind either since we all know retail Banking is largely ethical since you cannot tell people to give you their money for safe keeping in an unethical environment and condition but of course that means it is the investment sector that is a problem and it is quite a problem thereof indeed. That is where the radical bankers and radical business men go and know nothing but causing others distress and suffering - so that what they did during the last economic crisis as we all know was to take up money they got in a dishonest way and put it somewhere safe and as soon as the crisis was over get it out and set off to invest to make more and this is the wrong answer to the questions they were asked in the first place as far as I am concerned. They always say I talk but there is nothing I can do and I do wonder if that is supposed to have been a challenge as well for my part anyway, however sticking to issues, all I need here is a process where it is not bad for people to put away money they had and get it out to invest when an economic crisis is over but their games will not be tolerated and I will not be opposed in that either, for in the end the prove of the pudding is in the eating and if they wish to conduct their professional lives in such ways they can and we will find out how much of a business it makes later, winding me up can mean people will pay me for my equities in cash so we can see them do it as well.  Yes I do get asked what my own plan for everything is of course but it was always rather simple i.e. set out securities for equities home and overseas for the UK economy and keep a government eye on it so people do not take it up and do it for us, even if we have to spend government funds to do so and then perhaps if the housing market will stay within reach because Estate agents are sane and normal people, people should be able to get their jobs and homes back. I mean they always say it is a matter of market but we all know what happens is that they mix it all up and hence it is therefore cheap and easy a life to buy homes like you wish to reside in them and then sell them off like you wish to make a business out of them and of course Estate Agents know they should be setting out these lines of home trading through proper customer service, since there is a big difference between somebody who buys a home that is in the middle of a shopping centre and plans to run a small business from it and somebody who buys a home in the middle of a shopping centre and plans to spend more money shopping because it is easy to shop when you live at such a location - they will never do it of course so they can dictate to us what house prices have become. They always say it is a matter of demand and no body knows why they say that either; since we all know it is never workable to wait for ten people to work into your establishment to seek to buy your five homes so that you can blurt out to them your choice of customers are the highest bidders - or that you can always do so but the prove of the pudding with respect to running a business will be in the eating with respect to your customer service as it were; so the reality is that Estate Agents rely on leads and so threshold of 15 leads come in for five properties and you chose the highest payer to make more profit than usual - nothing wrong with that except that if you looked closely enough you will realise that peoples finances are such that they would never offer you anything that is enough to price others out of the market all together, hence that story of demand being the cause of House price rises have always been a load of estate agent mischievousness to me.  Its has never been a complicated matter, they want to talk economic recovery, I say people have lost their homes and somebody will have to give them another one and people have lost their jobs and somebody will have to give them another one - I am only saying so in case they wish to discuss it properly. In the end these things are all loop holes and the idea they put forward is that if they did take advantage of them nobody will know and that if people did know there is nothing they can do about it (I mean their society fools especially when black do get to hint it at me regularly about how I watch television and live n benefits instead of get a job so I can see how they do their stuff and threaten them thereof [???]). The reality is that somebody will soon have to get around with brick making company Unions and steel making company Unions and glass making companies Unions and all the Unions and interest groups of all those companies that produce home making materials right down to land sellers and then determining that an Estate Agent needs to let go his money because he has over paid for a home and nobody wants him to sell it for a profit as well will become more than just a thought or an imagination, since we all know there is really no justification for the house prices we have to put up with at the moment besides which there is an issue of the fact that for every boom there is a burst and we get our hands twisted by these guys all the time; I am only saying it is a fantasy because somebody can always get off and become a Housing Market tyrant at any time at British Government level - so they can tell me I am talking socialist language whereas I did mention that we were setting out Equities and securing them locally and overseas and more so if we have to with government funds to ensure that people get their jobs back and get their homes back and of course I cannot make out what was socialist about that anyway in the first place at this point. In the end the point is that they speak of ethical banking and I do wonder therefore if they are thinking what we are thinking and I am not talking about our need for a thriving housing market which is what a thriving banking sector needs as its closest companion or indeed the idea that when I say such things the homes building components industry will turn on me of which the prove of the pudding as I did mention is in the eating with regards to how people wish to run their business and serve their customers - I am talking about the fact what we are thinking is that Bankers have gone sour and since we have little choice we must find a way to make them edible again, while they are thinking wolves in sheep's wool and it is very laughable; not a very good plan.



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 It is suggested a lot that One wants to be with Liberal people but has no plans to be liberal himself; what they are referring to however is a sense of seeking second opinions for my actions from the Court which is why I created it and make it exclusively female and white; either way the reality of which is that whatever pressure it is we also hear them claim the Monarchy puts on me while I suck up to it works and I don’t want to be with them while they have plans to avoid the Royal Family at all times especially when black. The other part of the story that works really well with their American idiots too is that I am a poor person that tries to get around with rich people wrecking in the process the lives and wealth of middle people such as they are which is why they cannot do anything unless I am targeted but I am not a poor person, the investment of every single paragraph of equity on this website and its subsidiaries along quantified at market value runs into something between £20 Million and £25 Million sterling at least, which of course tends to mean I do not put them up there at the websites so fools can deploy them as well or have opinions about them or make slight comments about them for whatever reasons or indeed make their own market spoofs out of them, thereby looking for trouble and tempting me all the time which of course does not get to mean their Politicians save them from my actions at any occasion either; having said so the reality is better understood when considered in the way they live i.e. for example Daddy earn £40,000 pa and Mum earns about the same amount, so that if their mortgage costs them £25,000 and their feeding as a family runs into about £50 per day and their savings runs into about £10,000 – these fools apart from all their living costs including the cost of educating their bone headed children have still got £12,000 to £15,000 cash that they have not got a clue what to spend on; so I am not one of those people who has this opinion that everything they do to attack me and turn up on public places to develop everything they get around with in my direction and develop them within a process of saying something or doing thing in my direction in a way that makes them feel superior like a drug is a function of the fact they need money – it is wickedness at work within them and my possessions is what they have set aside as what must be destroyed by their wickedness in order to save their own. When I lived in Africa there used to be a culture saying that goes like; you cannot actually get rid of people because there isn’t a dump for human beings’ – this is what black girls love to latch on it, to create a sense they can do whatever they like with me and what belongs to me because work is poison to them and their wickedness and of course as expected we have now reached a point where we are seeing them sell it on to any Industry fool that wants to listen to their stupidities then complain about what I am going to do about it in order to ensure while they want to keep doing it, I cannot harm them in any way for my part: so the bit about African culture which means the men bread win and the women do the chores and so on does not apply to them because they were supposed to have been the wealthy idiots to whom it does not apply but then again it is difficult to locate which side of my intolerance of the nonsense we see them get up to at corridors of international communities they fail to understand: its the parties and clubbing that annoys me the most you see because sooner or later it becomes a platform by which an idiot has located a Christian that they will bully into homosexuality so that women might become powerful.   It  has never been an issue in a larger sense: its like My Company may have been named dog leash and it turns out people have been putting leashes on themselves to spice up their sex lives on account  of its success which creates problems for me and I change it to dog leash with a clause which transforms the name to that of a Firm without which such a thing does not exist and become the exclusive inventor of dog leash to carry on my business in peace - so its what this Company provides brokerage Equities to Allies and Customers for, nothing unusual.