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So the Celebrities and the Media and society gits they have suggested they would like to show me that I did not have a chance and it’s the story behind it all i.e. how I got caught up with them – something about what occurred since I returned to a UK, not a moments peace, clinging to my social life to get paid for being popular and wreaking havoc on my dietary arrangements, now I smell and they had achieved everything but blowing off that big mouth on the absolutes with a stupid media all the time suggests that if they talked like that, they would get to decide how their stupidities stopped – it’s a social life people sign up for apparently, since school. Needs make the comments about its own career or I am set to stop it as would make only me comfortable.

They do claim I did not have a chance against the Celebrities but it beats my imagination that the idiots invite themselves into my Court shower me with insults and get imagination up my bum to draw attention to people bugging them, while other group clung to my Books and got criminals to collect my career for them as they built a media presence that passed off all I did about it as another person’s career, it beats my imagination that they do not expect me to have or nurse ill feelings about it; signs up for this nonsense at school and now gets sent out by their stupid daddy characters to pick up my service processes for something associated with their civil rights instead of reading a Book, blowing off that dirty mouth about a chance I did not have, blabbing of some links with stupid bottom chasing German friends endlessly. So the reality on the ground is that since last they gained access to my concerns, now that I want to withdraw the access, I must be aware of prospects I might be sued for being me and needed to maintain a way of winning if it happened, while they needed to top up all that will ensure I didn’t every day, talking nonsense about absolutes associated with a filthy lifestyle of saddling me with problems endlessly, followed on with a gimmick about my dietary arrangements and a smell issues, from which it never keeps its blabbing else where in terms of making stupid statements about the way my social life and public image was their stuff. I finished a Book that provided them a service which inspired them to trash my career and get me working it as a form of private industry security that helped to boost their sense of safety and importance in 2010 and I am writing this after a decade of hell in 2021. So the process must continue until they either stay away from my Books or we squared up over it.

It’s the big case of a handful of idiots who set about spying on me during my private time, to build communities that get imagination up my bum and a media presence to ensure anything I did about it was passed off as another person’s career, garnished with some German friends that were made to ensure any who tried to resolve problems created by some German idiots had to go through them, so that they might make money at show business, of which the warnings about keeping off my Books and Public image had not yet sunk in. Hence the Coward story is one about the fact they expect me to tackle them while the ageist idiots with filthy activities that helped them get to top industry Offices got out of hand at my expense and the low lives who cannot keep their hands to themselves made the most of insolent media gits abusing me to solve their personal problems. So the problem is that they had failed to recognise that if I am saddled with this nonsense, I can only explain it, not by the stupid threats they issue alongside their famous idiots but a process where I had been saddled with it as an explanation for the fact they were looking for trouble and the next time they informed me to get off my office because somebody got imagination up their bums, we will begin processes of finding a resolution that will keep them very satisfied as well.  And we are not talking those stupidities that involved fighting my wars over a version of me that existed their stupid heads, not matching the version of me that actually exists in the real world.

They do claim I am keeping up with matters at the Monarchy which is utter nonsense - the Monarchy is largely a cultural system but it plays a part that is one of the three arms of Government, they are supposed to have been designated culture corruption people, who fool around with Police work all the days of their lives, end up with a lifestyle and follow through the way that lifestyle had affected them with abuses on media. So they do more or less have to confess that they were hoodlums trying to get rich via an Arch Prince's Intellectual Property administration system and needed to stay out of it if they were complaining about me as well. Mostly the idea is that we make it up as we go along at Government while reality is that the business of picking up matters which are handled by a procedure, eventually leaving them at deaths door when done, is mostly very satisfactory.

We had to tolerate the Celebrities and their friends making stupid statements straight up all the time apparently – straight up a case of the idea that my displeasure of what I have to tolerate is unjustified, considering what they had to tolerate; the main problem is one that has always persisted as such, something to do with the fact that I had to contend with a group of abusive women at the Monarchy to set out peoples inheritance for media to trash, on account they were chasing high life, claiming they were fighting battles for the victims, about whom I have now done some work in the last 2 years to ensure they got to fight my battles properly – then there are the real men Muslim and Asian idiots about whom I did not have this problem where people proliferated my career to ensure it was shared or if they could not, built me a perception that suggested that they had and hung about on media damaging my health to issue threats that ensured I got a fair sense of what would happen to me if I resisted them before they gained what they wanted from it; the part where my work is now vulnerable and so is the work I did to ensure the internet was safer for younger people or to keep criminals at bay, never matters, what does is that the idiots were keen to have conversations with Politicians about my attitude with a big mouth, alongside those stupid threats – then there were the Celebrities who had to be a part of it because an Arch Prince was being taken advantage of to make them financially better off, whose friends never stop getting imagination up peoples bottoms, which has made a mess of everything around here. So the question now is that of the reasons we hear them complain all the time whilst they rather enjoyed looking as if they were incredibly good at looking for trouble, and none therefore knows why I have been saddled with this nonsense which has now stagnated my career and personal life, to be told that moving these gits on along with their friends, everything from the real Men, to the idiots that chase peoples private parts, which was the only way to stop the career stagnation, was something that was too big for me. It does seem that the real problem here is that Celebrities do not often sit with others to hate a talk to talk conversation about careers, it is all one sided and I think I am now inspired to build a very destructive type for them, such that I could widen the distance once I had finished, if I wanted to ensure it was near impossible for them to reach me every time I created problems for them as well.

I mean it complains about me endlessly but it was even simpler for people to ask another who had provided a service about that service, if they did not know how to make use of it, instead of seeking to get society idiots berating the person constantly and relentlessly, such that the insults become more important than what the person does and the work the person had done was ascribed to them on Media. That said, I am still at a loss as to how difficult it could be for the famous idiots to make the comments about their own careers and stop handling my Books, while the stupid threats appear to be something they will not stop doing, if I am not yet running a Bookshop that is protected by the British state, considering their stupidities were tackling me on account state provided security got imagination up their bum as well. I mean I am not actually thrilled by the existence of these gits; usually a two part story where it is big brothers and big sisters who will never stop using their freedoms of speech and freedoms of expression as a tool to make statements about being superior to me, and will never stop showering me with insults, showing up here to ensure I lost money at a Bookshop on account there was a sense that what they did with show business products was linked up to it, at the same time which they claim there is little I can do because I am afraid of them – adding up to the other toxic idiots who had a need to show up and run me down on behalf of some daddy characters that they got around with; if there is so much complain about me, clearly keeping from my Books and making comments about their own careers was one of the easiest exits.

The threats are being issued by people who claim I never had a chance, I wouldn’t know anyway, I know however that attacking famous people is now good for my health and I have resisted it for 12 years without being able to explain to anybody exactly why I have as it were – it does seem that there is no other viable conclusion for this save a process of attacking their careers as well. I mean when it says that its show business products are linked to my Bookshop and wrecked my finances to sell it to the Public who buy things when people are bullied for instance, it must have done that because it was living on foodbanks, same as the Industry idiots who support them, claiming that they wrecked my Bookshop because the money they had gave them enough status for it, which is unbearably annoying. hence considering what I know about Police work and how to avoid activities that might be abusive towards other people’s careers, if I found their need to get their taxes worth out of soldiers and police officers by making a mess of work done by Public security operatives, in order to build a crowd that helped them impose their will on those who were still willing to do the work despite how messy they had made it, to what end have I resisted the fact that attacking Celebrities and their financial wellbeing was good for my health and all because I wrote a Book that they found useful i.e. the same story about asking somebody who had provided a service how to use that service if they did not know how. Then there is the part where without bullying me to get paid by industry twats, the risk is still that their cars and their clothes will likely pull people away from my affairs at this Office and I will never have had an explanation because their stupidities like so, had become more important than my Office. Then there are the parts where it becomes dangerous in the sense that if I did not put up a response, the risk was that my work may have been relevant to Government during State ceremony and their clothes and cars will have been more important than my Office but we also know that they had to handle me as there was nothing more for it but, issuing threats endlessly with a big mouth. We have done this for 6 years and they have not paid the bills for that time once, I really wish some famous idiots will cease showering me with insults as such.

They do claim this is the pinnacle of mendacity, mediocrity and destitution but it’s about finding out what their stupidities and that of their German friends have achieved in this place, considering that it was all originally their idea – something about a Hermit staying away from food and a need they had for practical jokes that churned the tummy, wrecked University studies and gave them a license to chase the success of a Bookshop endlessly thereafter. Their anxiety was now a matter of these gimmicks adding up to a business of paying people for bullying others over popularity to make friends for it, mine was more a matter of how they progressed from here to accessing market I had created for my Books, thereby add my income to theirs whenever they felt like they had to show the world that they were making profit, that said, we also know that their own anxiety was my problem, as it set the stage for those stupid threats. So, we can see the problem growing in terms of the fact that they were entitled to access other people’s careers and I had made myself a target by building a career that meant I did not have to investigate the problem of them accessing it regularly because it spoke for itself. So, where the Monarchy is concerned, it is not really a complicated matter – they have simply said that adding up the society gits, the friends of the famous people, the media fools, the Celebrity bullies, and industry twats, it was too big for me, even though I knew that moving them on was the way to get my career running again. They do claim that if I say these things in certain parts where people were hot headed, I would be in a difficult way and it is utter nonsense blabbed by idiots who think they were meant cunts that were tough enough to pick up honorary positions where they watched the men blow the brains out etc but then again, they need stop addressing me as it makes me sick , especially stupid British girls with ideas about what I should do to serve them, alternatively, stop talking rubbish about the smell or action taken on the smell will likely be the beginning of the end for those stupid practical jokes as well. I could never understand anyway, the truth of it is that such matters do not apply to their part of society and it’s their need to interfere with the male part of society which creates those outcomes where people lost jobs on account they went on Maternity leave – we are now completely unable to see women publicity display intolerance for characters that look like home wreckers and we cannot tell what messages were are getting from the female community anymore. It’s the same way I take the Celebrities in, rather than get rid of them; not their need to pick up everything that made sense of the fact I had failed to create a cloud that was to hide the fact I existed, as a tool to get paid for being popular, it is the destruction of my University studies because they dreamed that doing so, ought to produce outcomes in which I hung about somewhere like a mad Man, suggesting others made multimillion pound entertainment using my property and ideas whilst we had never met.

They do claim I am at war but have not completed the war I started and so it is the sort of stupidities that run through their minds all the time, since if I were at war, then the fact it is a war that had not been completed, was clearly the reasons that they were talking about the idea I had created problems for myself by started a war I did not complete, instead of talking about how they were going to get their revenge. It is what happens when that nonsense that means civil rights included a process of assessing how a person might perform the civil duties, then set about making a complete mess of it, to express what their stupidities thought was the best way to make use of the Police, had grown too big even for their own good, now we had a problem in the sense that it would not stop making statements about my career, making comments about my social life while it had possession of these items in its own life as such and had since added mine to its own and become stronger than its stupidities have ever been, making trouble all day long. The general problem has continued to be that my career had been factorised by the size of the American Military and the idiots were characters that dreamt endlessly of doing business in the underbelly of City centres, where Celebrities can take pictures of themselves blowing kisses at Criminals on my Royal Public image and sell the Magazines in their pilfering businesses – yap, yap, at a war that I had not completed, needs keep its mouth shut.

Company Trust and Finance Trust Assets and securitised Book sales Assets written out in Functional Aesthetics 


The general behaviour of finances and investments are going to be determined by the actions of the media is the mystery continues to be upheld that such things as advertisement which suggest that people buy products if they are shown to have expressed enough done on my part to provide people with privileges through them when all I have done is broker securities that companies comply with to provide them what they need is actually what an advertisement should be especially when the excuse for it is that of what modernisation for our times and a process of not doing yourself worse off has become. Noting also that the way the media idiots that do it has more to do with the condition where companies open float their affairs to attract shareholders who buy shares and provide funding for a profit, which somehow makes for board meetings that becomes their opportunity to vouch for advertisement contracts which are paid for with enough millions that ensure when Companies do not comply with what they want and stay away from those they demand should be isolated and abused for riches, then they can deploy the money and take over the firms and companies anyway and do the advertisement the way they want to do it. It does nothing but set the stage for a reckoning after I have had so much of my time spent on showing me how to leave on meagre resources while fulfilling a government office, in which condition I have nothing to loose if I feel like handling their cities and offices in within the same prognosis of behaviour as well. This is not to say that I do not know that the Literary Empire and its global Intellectual space and the Equities brokered in it is perfectly safe and that people can see that through the products no matter how the advertisement is arranged, it is to say that these facts must be made obvious and that no body would tolerate such advertisement as that which determines whom people get involved or associated with as well as determines I have by royal property done enough t provide people with enough privileges through the products if they buy them. Hence the state of affairs of the general question around the world of what it is the media can do if I do whatever I like with them.

Important therefore that people end up spending their extra funds on the products of this company to help themselves towards the recovery process of being able to earn money than on any form of inflation.

It is Suggested that I have encouraged there to be more Government control and interference at the Markets but I have done nothing of this sort. Just facilitated a realism where the Government got to pursue its own interests at the economy from a stronger position and especially on the matter of inflation, the problem of people pursuing enterprise which in itself or by its practice method s not cost effective for the Government, Central banking and the Economy as a whole, thus allowing people to set their own prices for goods and services, simply because they were in a position where could assert the idea that consumer partnership was a given and some if not most had taken extra measures to blackmail the Government by punishing smaller enterprises that may step outside of the line. 


The ethos behind some of the behaviour issues around me if they are to be explored simply is that from what I gather from those who behave in such ways, they have nothing to gain from buying HH's books and will not be denied things that are written in the books either and this is what he sell, hence the problem is obvious. What they do rather is get confused about the purpose of other people's literary work in public places and when satisfied they have found out enough about it, find ways of writing their own, after insolently finding whom they can detach from and exclude from certain historical renaissance which will have had nothing to do with the careers and finances they are ripping to pieces in anyway in the first place, while making sure another ends up pretending they wish to sell the ones they have written, when in actual fact they want somebody else to sell theirs in the of place of it. The point being that books don't make sense but are some stupid contraption made up by those who feel money should be given to them except of course they are the ones selling it and therefore know what is really important to people and will also hurt anybody that changes the way their incomes are meant to go, even if they really need to do something to earn theirs, while still being true to such believes nevertheless at the same time. HH's  point is that the behaviour issues are a function of the fact somebody has located how his earnings are a factor of the uniqueness of my product and decided his entire business empire should be collateral damage for the plans for success he has worked out and also intends to share with others to create a new system of trading and enterprise in the world, so if they applied some of the power they have got on HH, he would be completely unable to make a career work for himself, then will they have the power which shows that when people want to be rich and they are not happy or confident with that, those people will never be, which they will follow up with attitudes that suggest they are the worlds worst envy freaks living up to some kind of reputation, being incredibly disrespectful of One's personal and Private life unto the point where none of his books are taken off the shelves, which of course is pretty intense for the purpose and takes so much of their time and his time too by them; except others would mind their business, they do these because it is actually what they spend most of their time doing and do not look it because the Politicians are rewarding them, which is where the insecurity is because they will always attack when least expected and will always attack with of certainty.

Their desire to get themselves into a disposition of anything One does just like everything One does is to ensure he is successful, which has become a debatable issue because it is precisely those things of his he does not want people to take that they want to and all their attacks therefore are designed to create them unjust leverage of powers they are supposed to have over him so they can looking for trouble, is designed to make sure he is not in such a condition clearly expressed but then there is also the factor which pertains to the fact that politicians are supposed to understand what is correct in the circumstances but do not because they find it funny. Hence whilst HH is getting to the point where people who earn more than he does take advantage of him, then accuse him of monopoly and he therefore has the right to stop them even if the world comes to bear in their favour, which is actually his right not to allow other people to get known and be popular by his career, if he deems it to be an evil thing and more so with their destruction and stupidity leave him without an alternative because they want him to be immersed in the condition of worrying about their problems to come up with aesthetic ways of dealing with it which they can harvest and do so all the time-with the help of the Politicians that allow their lifestyle obsessions become a problems for others and for those of them with a large gob, in a financial way as well, so they can yap all over the place.  This it is not competition or a game for equality that is fair or will end up getting its way more so with HH, hence the increased number of enemies who hate his work, for which when there are enough of them, he will tend to have had his market laid out for him, which so means that their problem really are the politicians and those whose opinions are not required or are negative on One's work and market. It is impossible to monopolise what One has a Natural talent to do and it is also impossible to be intellectually dishonest over the real value of what his talents create. Thus people only have the right to compete in a place and condition where they have their own things, which exist in the same category to compete with others with, which is much the same, considering the unfairness of the laws of competition all over the world. Thus people do not invent competition with others over lies which they have also invented with no chances of future success save Politically motivated simulation and ageist insults, thereafter to create people set backs none of which informs them they have no right to touch anybody or their personal and private property, except they are creating a cut throat system that they are not good at managing and will leave to other evil goons that perpetually have enough money for marketing and then find who they can set out to cause more and more suffering daily, so think the world will not realise that they are monopolists and violent ones at that, who should be made to give it up, especially so while those who are aware of it get involved with politicians for back up and become threatening for the purpose of taking it one day at a time until what they seek to grab from others become a part of them that they want as a basic form of existence, which only applies to who they mess with and then get away for so doing, hence should ever wish to take away securities that others have created for themselves, then their market and their products, none of it is legitimate and none of it is victimless;  so meaning they must allow the products to be sold without expressing sustained and relentless threats to consumers, if in actual fact their claims for plans to bring about equality is to be real at all. 


 The social juxtaposition is that of older youths followed around by younger youths living their lives at the expense of everybody else violently and believing all the rubbish that bully media idiots that need to stay on the left not provoke HH or think doing so means he is being bullied, moving into Ones right for example talk about all the time especially with relation to sex. They tend to know for the destructive purposes of sex that his preference of women are those that are older than he is, for whom between them and him have always between considered life to be for sharing-due to the distractions that such like minds have to put up with and the successes that they need need. So there really is no sense in the pain they cause others too for whatever they claim he has done to them or whatever they claim he is meant to give up because of people who have forgotten that their jobs is to create advertisements and not use HH, as they further their plans for market sharing and market confiscating at the same time then which is also coupled with intense competition too, to make themselves rich, all when they rely on the societies they build themselves for the purpose and all that is likely to happen again. Then complaining of inequalities, such that when they have lost, then they are happy to settle in on creating markets that have been forgone by people whether they wished to or not, which causes HH to cause them more of the pains they complain about because it stretches his finances, then makes them better off than he is on his own property since he is a writer and cannot be expected to punish his customers for it by raising prices to bring order and they always have money for marketing to steal peoples income with, hence he of course does so to preserve the uniqueness of his products and therefore his earning margins, so they can still retain their ability to dazzle the market and give him his big breaks.

The big idea here is that they are confused about what he does for a living and always think such arguments are complicated distracting time wasting encumbering ones but really are not, they are just looking for trouble bearing in mind he has not agreed to become a vagabond as decided by their societies, so they can have feelings of settlement where they were not previously privileged, which they have informed him about with their distant insults, so they can inspire themselves after making themselves better off than he is on my own work with a combination of stealing his earnings with their marketing money and insults which hurt all that get involved with him-bearing him the low status of their society, which is a disposition they intend to keep up with a celebration of disobedience. They are socialists they say, who believe that if everybody were to have just enough to fund all their most basic financial problems, with no one person being richer than the other, then every tyrant will be powerless and see no reason to exist-the same are the ones that wreck peoples finances to work out society first before thinking it is okay for them to be part of it, then show off all over the place playing football. What they have not told us is why Nazis in Germany in the 1930s had to slaughter 6 Millions Jews with their own hands, among many other races of people who died in those camps but were never satisfied still; since One is also very well aware that they bring up such conversation because they feel they have seen into his future and have now situated themselves in it to spend all he owns as he comes up with it, while leaving him with nothing for the abuse of the important-not even a job, on account they feel that if he has any money their privileges will vanish and he will be able to take it away from them by having his own life to himself, as it is now their property-a disposition they don't care if they put up for the rest of One's life for example. A disposition that leads them to think they are so liberal and so good at it and so respected a persons that they have control of market, and all they ever do is intimidate all customers and One's customers and to make sure he does not see them do it until he is completely broke enough to do so when they have power.

Why socialism was abolished in the East and communism adopted by the way to bring about a moral function to leadership, which makes democracy necessary is that which they will stop explaining, while trying to make the world more democratic as well. What they are interested in instead is in how they are going to own the Estate of an Arch Prince (an already established Estate that is-looking for trouble as violently as they can) and then try their hand on trying to nurture the relationship between democratic Law and democratic Liberty without any liberalism of their own but that of what they have been able to confiscate from somebody else's career, which as it stands really annoys them because they cannot make earnings from it when they have, still while according to them those who are responsible for the problems they have to put up with work for somebody else, who most likely admires what the Arch Prince does for a living and or has accomplished. As they claim his existence as somebody who has seen many things about God and his personality is a tease to them, which causes them to do bad things in the UK, therefore attack his finances and tease him as well (?) and then do so abroad too quickly enough before people know anything about the person they are talking about, very careful too to do it only in a way which makes him uncomfortable and angry as they claim the Right belongs to them and that hence he has no right to exist either, when we all know their evil wicked immoral behaviours are only effective if worked on other human beings and knowing this is natural law are only doing the evils they do best but already bullying everybody until they are disillusioned is already underway. Sometimes the protests of those people making it feel even better to them, for which they have no right under Law or otherwise. After these such evils; especially the pimp attitude of having girls they had ruined peoples lives with, doing jobs of no aspiration and then gaining access to in order to ruin people financially, just to be the small people with small things who take down big people; getting into business was not for them part of the deal and some might say the things HH says are far fetched as he cannot stop people from living how they please but One has already been through the process of fighting organised crime and violence that have been given a rebirth by people who had to turn other peoples property into their own thought and conscience, in order to be free to think about it, own it and deploy it as they please for all kinds of perversion and evil then have money by doing so too and their fight against a tyrant in Iraq was the most important instrument for making that possible, especially when it also involved HH's bank balance as collateral damage.

HH for his part gets really troubled and sometimes emotionally unstable when it is suggested he gets inspiration from them i.e. would never have become what he is today if they were never there to push him; which says much of what the west still thinks of its innovation by violence and causes more outrage when after those who perpetrate it tell their victims they do not own what they have fought to preserve for themselves from all their life's work and finances they have had destroyed, they seem to be so interested in whether his book sales are being stifled, as they have nothing to do with them.  The result of which is where they are  today; all come to naught, more evil power in society as people have less money to cope with wickedness that they struggle to avoid without at the same time, while socialists wait to save everybody and the point where they get the idea they control HH and that he is one of them as well thereof, claiming he is an exception just being stubborn and refusing to co-operate, hence the harsh treatments he get-all of which are simulations on media they are trying to make real as if they are not doing them to a human being. Thus One must write books that are based on preparing for business, which he sells to investors  who are interested or indeed anybody else and operates a business in defence of it.

It seems that a group of people who have done nothing else but intimidate to threaten people in Business and cause them thereof to work harder which means expanding their businesses unnecessarily claim to have brought about economic progress, for which they claim economic competence is their strong point because people always produce it in the end anyway-as though the world is an infinite place. Such things work when economic conditions are good but never last, just like we have seen;-naturally, after years of building a business, if somebody puts it into overdrive, the enterprise makes more profit for a short period and he rips the equity to pieces and its owners spend to cover it, where if they have access to credit they go burst. That any would claim they created wealth by doing this is astonishing, more so because they would not let people move on whether or not they are creating wealth. Hence their words, ego, boasting destroy people's equity every time since and they always choose the wrong ones all the time. That searching for hidden talent is something they are good at is simply mind blowing. This does not work in the real world and amounts to setting people up for abuse and cruelty and they will have even more problems if such people fight back too. If they remain in government, they will most certainly lead us into something much worse than a "triple dip recession". Not to be allowed after the economic crisis we have just had to put up with; which by the way they informed HH with their insults they will ensure gets to hit him the hardest (with a big mouth).

One is comfortable with seeing them settle in on spending every hype on his products so that they can make up ideas by which they can stop him from selling them, on account they are incompetent academically but it is an old evil he is familiar with, ruining everything people do and then asking them for their last bread, so they can practice their sadism that they feel other people must always be in a position to endure.


So, do HH know what the Value of what he has put on this Website? 

All he can say to this question, is that as he stated on the "Principle Question" page, he still owns over 90% of this Planets Economic Intellect and so as long as people do not set out to ensure the world is aware that it is existing economically at his expense, then there is no reason they should get into any trouble. Besides which they should only do so, when they have enough money to pay for inflation.


Of course by their distant insults One does get told by men that he is clearly doing what he set out to do with his life at first ironically, in the form of a famous sarcasm. HH does not actually appreciate this sort of humour in anyway by the way and do feel men know anything about him as such, to sit somewhere public determining his temperaments at the end of which they say such things and he has already been at odds with them for this over the turn of the millennium and the evil things they have been planning to do to have power and wealth. 

The facts are that he knows he tried his hands on the job market in 1995 and decided from his experience, to try to do something to ensure that moral people were not cheated out of jobs and earnings and the basic right to exist which should never become a topic for conversation by vandals and their extortionists and the extremists that kill people when they have destroyed everything because they were moral people and now he is selling equities to the rich and rich businesses that have enough money to avoid doing wicked things in their lives and people that want to give the State the gift of not having to deal with expensive criminals activities they carry out:- HH does think that he made a pretty good job out of it. 

Except that with such familiarity and insults by which they also tell him they are better than him on account they have more money than he does as extracted from his property which he can then feel, when his cash flow crisis is created by their insults and abuses anyway, they really love their familiarity and insults too, which also means that each time he deploys his work he has to give it away for free because after dealing with them, there is no point asking any body for money any more and to make up the cost as well as make a living, selling them out to the rich had begun the year after messing up his academic, bearing down on his academic for power and new beauties from the Office of the Prime Minister and the stock exchange and local government and Media, until they wrecked it, while he got out only having saved his career all together for another day, that they can then tease him with grabbing for others in bits, which work got into its stride with the media. 

In the end of which we know that if these people whose life is affected by his problems because of industry based affiliations which are natural, join him to fight them, they will never survive and if they push him into fighting them they will never survive either; the fact of which remains that the way things are is because they have been pushing him because he refuses to take matters seriously to sort out what their problem is; to which he is now creating market demanded securities, some of which he can give away and others of which he can sell.

Yes some will wonder why such sayings really annoy HH; the reasons on the other hand are because whenever men feel like getting into his life to sit somewhere to gain from all the benefits of his faith without fulfilling any of the rules, they always come up with familiar and back to child hood basics and roots based insults, such as suggestions kids always come round in the end no matter what happens or where they go, by which they expose him to the world of their cultures while they are at it. So they put him at odds with God which he has no control of out of their own perceptions and at odds with the world and get thereafter as stupid as possible with his property all the time. 

Which is what people do when they are incomprehensibly low; for which when HH wonders why people find out it is the thing that has to do with oppression they have suffered and though no body can see they are violent extortionists and always have ideas on what to do to hurt others, for which he is then the one that will make them feel confident, rather than the fact they are unfathomably stupid, which then has something to do with power they have over him. Hence they tell him he talks in such ways because they deal him blows of incomprehensible suffering all the time, which of course it isn’t. For there is nothing wrong with the fact he got involved with the media because he felt the strong could be paired with the weak and now is having his life ripped to pieces everyday by  insolent idiots and cowards that consider themselves to be of more importance than he is for their carnality, with whom he has had nothing to do at any point in time and cannot do anything about tyrants but have talents that are about controlling heroes. 

According to HH's prognosis "I stand In the service of my God in the matter and that is enough for me in actual fact and do not therefore feel angry over any ideas about incomprehensible sufferings I have been dealt. There is no incomprehensible suffering here-except they make out it is all about their envy, in which case there should not be a conversation on it. The spreading of these panic by media to take the heart out of people while they are always being drained holding things together because of them is to be detested"


"The matter of being troubled by media is a factor of two prognoses. One of them is that of businesses trying to force me to shop online, the reason I suppose being that they do not realise I know that there has never once been anything cheap about super markets and that is the reason they are super markets; skilled in the art of ripping us off in return for the service we want that has pushed us to buy from them instead of the general market. This I do not appreciate, I want to buy my wares and use them on the same day not wait for delivery or indeed pay for it among other things etc. The other is that of media and places they have gone around the world to pretend whenever people are black they are related to me and so when they get on Television to report the news and I turn up my own screen at home because of their intrusion into my working Court they completely change from their jobs to bullying me about which I have done nothing to them yet even though there is not end to a combination of insults bullying and threats instead of a process where they report the news which is what I turn up my Television to listen to, unless that is I make them besides the status of stifling the left already so it might be impossible for them to play stupid games by which they get to impress their stupid friends. Some might say these are all harsh treatment but what I have put myself through in the recession shows just how harsh it is bearing in mind they have never really achieved the minimum requirement for anything in their lives, always waiting somewhere to use civil liberties pressures to have it knowing that the reason people never allow them into places of position or authority is because of the things they will do there to preserve themselves on account we already have evidence they do not pay fees at colleges and Universities to study and acquire knowledge about things because it is rather easier to bully people, move into their right and play happy families, to know everything and use it to get rich, so if you play around with them, unemployment for you will become something they find funny like they think they have achieved in my case and will therefore proceed from there to other things with their insolent pedophilia that is the biggest reasons for the complaints the make against me with their stupid Politics, so that I might be forced to get around making statements all the time to assure people there is no reason to feel threatened because they have achieved no such thing, naturally of which they have resorted to manipulating the Crowd and guess who is responsible for the rise of the far right already besides me? Of course no body else. Now I have mentioned it, guess what those of them who have already dominated people and will now check their academic qualifications to find out what things they have met minimum requirements to get around obtaining, in order to get around doing in society; what I have done so far is not harsh treatment and for the media in particular I own my television screen, they do not own it and I have done nothing to them yet besides confiscate and stifle the left, if they will not report the news instead of bullying me I will be forced to do something about them as well, their warning has been clear for the time being while there is still enough talk to last for a lifetime; otherwise we should predict that one of them will kick it off and then we will never look back."

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