Company Property Assets and Book sales Assets at the World Bank written out in Functional Aesthetics 


The general idea is that it has become more profitable for people to consult shrines that evil women keep for the purpose of collecting strengths and career prospects from younger people to accord them the respects of older people that know how to get linked to the cultures of the land; the prognosis is that if I were to spend a lot of time on a process of setting out a means of making sure that the idea of respect does not apply to Politics and business people, so that the workers of these evil cultures can then get to make their own interpretations about their lives which becomes a sub culture that can be handed over to somebody else, technically they were born into the world first and I will be financially worse off and therefore there would never have been a point to it – this is the most outstanding property and finances threat at present, not some economic conditions that have not been foreseen.


Now the claim I can never be pleased by black people is not one of great mystery, at least not like it is professed by the idiots that do. The fact of it is that people presume that on account people attend church and have the same skin colour as I do, they should be getting involved with me and or I with them. The truth about it is much more different, whereby with respect to the Church, the fact that people attend church is not to say they are filled with the Holy Spirit and more so that they will enjoy the company of somebody that has had the privilege of the face of God in his life like I have and therefore issues with fitting into the world having to deal with. With respect to having the same skin colour as I do, the fact that people do is not to say that the end to any sense of engagement with them will be any less painful for them and or for me, particularly with insolent value placed on me in my absence and never to my face. The part that blows it off the top is that of doing things to me they see people outside of church do and then later claim they did not know what it meant when they always knew the Bible prohibited it but loved to do it to me anyway; so it is still dumbfounding where those ideas black people cannot please me because I made it so comes from, especially in the face of experimentation of cultural evil like I am an item, doing things to me they see people do looking for evils I used to condemn but now practice for pleasure to excuse their choices with.

There is no such thing as black people who got involved with me in the past, no such thing as black people I want to get involved with but am being prevented from doing so, no such thing as black people I got involved with in the past but I rather love ignoring them. Career wise, you think that people lining up in some auto industry handling your property to do so and then bombard the companies with job requests until some of them get it, then turn up n Auto shows and plan to control or marry me claiming that in the UK the females family pays the dowry as though their media insults and celebrity culture industry foolish men that think the world works the way they say it does collecting peoples income for their girls, until it goes badly wrong was not enough. This I have never seen as a problem either because one day I will stumble on something on the internet done with my intellectual property and equities by an idiot and then that will be the end of his case, for now they can take over the industries with a big mouth but it is not unusual. However it is the claim they are my brothers that causes me to loose my temper; I mean you don’t know which one to loose anyway at such a point.

Finally is the claim I don’t wish to live in the UK but I am putting up to please people. I wouldn’t know; I just know I hate the idea of fools peddling my personal life to be rich and famous and loath the idea of idiots that go to Church to be successful, so unless they have a reason why I do not wish to live in the UK and that has much to do with the usual issue which is that they share skin colour with me. So the whole thing shows real signs of creating a large book that I will need a lot of social acumen that I have no intentions of working for to sell on the matter before the fun game for them takes a turn for the better.


The warning of course is that of the old matter of the fact people should only do things that they can enforce, so that they might better move away from cruelty when finished with the pangs of their greed. Otherwise what we have left here is the simple matter of them the media goons and I the Prince that will be beaten and this will never happen, so we always end up with the leftovers and this is what I invest in fighting them and the Politicians contrary to all that stuff about peaking early and being made to, I will expect returns from leftovers invested in fighting them bearing in mind I have a lot to loose when that is all I have left.

They have no control of me and that is a load of media rubbish. What they do is get in touch with every single landlord I make arrangements with and because they want to live like animals we see what they find unauthorised, on Television and media and everywhere else; for my part too I have already taken steps to ensure that there is no such thing as media and celebrity culture in my books and for that reason I must always be able to get in contact with them, which is why I give away information to keep them around, so that I can tell those who think the world works as per grabbing peoples income for their girls and then making contact with them as well because there is anal sex to be had and no body can have his religion respected by any means whatsoever, whenever I need to tell them I don’t like their celebrity culture and I don’t want it and whenever they do any damages they will repair it. Member of the royal family are the lucky ones when it comes to this streak, they just keep doing things and things and things and I have to ignore it and only use their own to fix the damages when they cause damages. I will spare none of these common scum and they do not control me in anyway whatsoever; it is the old story he used to do well as a business man or academically until he met her and things wend downhill from there, what they are saying in my case is that I don’t have to get off my home to have their anal sex and I am sure they have jobs and in those jobs have bosses that give them money and are very well aware of their activities; we want to live like animals and we will definitely get the chance too. It is mind blowing how people expect conversations from me when the landlords placed cameras in their homes for security but it is now being used to gather information on me for the media. 

The fame and fortune women on the other hand always think they are invincible but I never mention a thing about it because being abused with culture so you can be ugly while others cash into your fame was never going to be successful at the hands of a bunch of menopausal bags of scum, so I don’t get to bother much about it and therefore think I can play any game I want with it.

What I want really is that they put an end to reporting my life and my work and there is nothing more I want from them; It is a very delicate job you see, for example when a company picks up securities and uses them, if it is prestigious enough I will put it down in my history but in the end, what I really do is sell books, so when people attack such things selling the books is really difficult or for example things about fascism where there is the fascists and their ballerina who get in touch with business idiots that like I mentioned above like to play bloody minded bearing in mind it is what they leave behind that will become their biggest problem and so therefore need to finish it each time they do, those girls and their connection with the business men wrecks the economy but economic issues clearly will end economically as it were too, so this is just one side. The other side is managing the issues which will involve stopping the politicians and business men from getting rich with that money and then finding ways of getting it circulating again in the economy, this of course means that any fight is likely to lead to a war and maybe even cascade into a world war as well – hence the only way to ensure those that end up loosing their lives have something to fight for, bearing in mind the only way that we get to beat fascism, otherwise politicians will gobble on one side and the criminals on the other. So I believe I have also mentioned before that if any war happens the media will not have the same immunities that they have enjoyed in the past.

It is not my fault that they behave in this way although they want people to think that. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine yourself to be a person that goes to work everyday to ensure how you work and what you do hurts a person or persons that you feel like harming because each time you see peoples children you feel at all times as though they deserve some violence. They say that I play with their women and that is why these things befall me, rubbish, those are not their women, they are freaks and have recently invented that to cling to me because they cannot leave people alone. In the end it boils down to habit and what they are suggesting is that I am wholly responsible for their habits and what happens with or to it with a big mouth, while making sure complains. The part about playing around with their women however is another story in itself; what really happened is that they got around threatening me with community idiots access to my privacy by making arrangements with any landlord I get involved with, distant fascism all the way to the International community looking for privileges of injustice from Politicians that they can sell it to get, then football people and now racists as well. So I got hold of them and did things to them that is not as God intended and now they are all over the place too seeking revenge and as such really do need to be educated about the very nature of war itself so they can shut it.

As for the part where I gut myself and there is nothing left in me to fight therefore, rubbish that is, the truth is the things people do with respect to what makes the British tick and why they always win their fights which is a very wicked thing to do and for me as well by the time the International community adjudicates on the matter their cultures will have become things they have to imagine, so they can get our intelligence and add it to their size, start a fight with us and win with a big mouth.


For their global Politics and political leaders, I have not got a clue what the ironies of their threats and blackmails and insults of handling me is meant to achieve. I mean to these idiots a business will succeed if its owner is not thinking that taking in account the economic conditions while running the business is important. So they appear on their TV and on their G8 premises to attack the person who does something about the economic conditions while trying to bring about economic progress in order to make more money with businesses that they already have. This is what is most baffling about those their insolent bloody minded stupidities where they get to think they are more men than I am and more so all the time.

In their minds I am somebody anybody can abuse and take advantage of but the reality of it is that this is not their big companies, big businesses life, its mine and they do not live here. What they do not seem to see is that I loath them in every way imaginable; I mean what sort of creatures have all that money and cannot secure market and investment with it, then turn up to rip up my market to get rich while I still have products in it? I loath them and they will not yet realise I intend to take their laziness and incompetent insults to another level entirely, I cannot stand them because they are not real business men and do not trade or do business because they spend all their time ripping up markets to get rich and of course the warning all together is that my market is not for ripping as there is a product in it but they think they are deaf and bloody minded. Friend of socialism they wish to name me and of course it is the basis on which I will take their incompetence and laziness to another level entirely.

So I am really beginning to take into account what I must do to grab those their stupid businesses, break them up and scatter them to the winds, about which they always tell me I cannot make happen but in actual fact I have history here between me and them about how they want democracy, think they will get it out of me and do things to me that are democratically inconvenient to get them, I have history about how they want safe business environment but will not stop attacking the Christian so that the evil sides of society can get involved with their jobs and livelihoods, so that if I break those insolent rich companies and scatter them they will still have debts and will not be able to do anything like their big mouth suggests, so I really do expect people to take it seriously when I issue warnings about the fact this is not 8 years ago when they besieged me over my equities and I handed it to them after being betrayed by my parent, which is much the same as ripping my market to help them make profit, they then set out to ensure I can do nothing else with my life use my equities to create an economic crisis and returned to tell me I am in trouble with a big mouth which is something they now have to back up at present; this is not their own lives or property, they do not live here – that is the reality of it and it is not a challenge to sort it out.

With respect to the political side of it and how I don’t wish to join the club, the issue has always been the matter of how I want to get along with them but in actual fact I already know the Conservative party fancies me for example, I cannot join a club of fans and so it is the rich ones that wish to get involved with my work and propose to use it to gather the wealth of the UK unto themselves to control people and I think my warnings are clear as well as I will not take rubbish from them whatsoever. It is understandable when they want to make a point of how I speak of matters in Europe but cannot look to my own backyard.

Now with respect to being abused and goaded by every other idiot that is better positioned in life than I am with a big mouth, I simple feel it is not a matter to be concerned with as everybody have their time and all I need to is prepare something for everybody too. So if I must break up and scatter big businesses that will not stay off my book sales to the winds and then set about running a business on irregular heart beat TV for Politicians and reporters, then if that solves the problem, it is what I must do. Not doing so, or sitting back to worry about it when I don’t will only lead to illness and an inability to finish the work because the books were created from the finished work but there is how the fathers want it done for the things they wish to feel carnally with a big mouth and I want their cultural idiots all of them, off my back; I wouldn’t have to mind by the way if my books were getting sold because they were out of the way.

So naturally we can see it is about the fathers having power which I don’t mind because any normal person will understand what I have said here as the fact if they bleed me I will bleed them as well. They have no respect for anybody and this is their biggest problem. Mine is that the risk I face is security and confidentiality, so that each time they stifle my book sales and use those stupid salaries to create products and pretend it is getting sold while I am not selling mine, in order to create an effect, the media cover it for them and like the issue of attacking those who consider economic conditions with their business and trying to keep their own business by forging economic success, no body will ever know what it means. Obviously if I don’t bleed them early enough I will have problems with my health because it will become something really funny; so lets see them turn back time.

The other part of their case where they ask me what the problem is about is the bit where there is no problem at all. Where there should have been problems has to do with how they think they are sons and daughters of great men who know lots about their secrete societies while I am an idiot from church trying my hands on leading people to find out what I must do. This is something that does not cause me any concern whatsoever and the fact they do not like the idea that it does not seems to have constituted what happens to have been the problem i.e. they want to be able to play me for a fool every single second of everyday but clearly I am not getting out of Church to go mingle with hefty guys that stand in a corner drinking alcohol and smoking all sorts of things, what has linked me with those is Politicians and the media who are the same that are asking what the problem seems to be. So I don’t like any of them in anyway and none of it will end as they think it will. So the stand off on their obsession with pervading my faith to get rich and my destruction of their culture continues.

The problem has always been the Politicians; that people do not know what they are doing when they use their culture to create wars and kill people which heroes then have to do something about will not be enough anymore, they know and it is publicly premeditated. Those of them that like to goad me are not goading me into a fight, they have worked out it is the only way to detach me from God and then make out it was all permissiveness by which to seek social power and I intend to do the same to their way of life as well, like those claims they make about lies I tell the tax man over my benefits and therefore not as much of a saint as I claim I am which I can personalise even further if they want to; so we can find out if it is the lies I tell or the ones they know and then at some point we will even live in the same home and it will all be declared to the world in book and website format too with evidence so anybody who tells me I am crazy looses their minds instead.

So I am saying it is a simple task to set out time to build up the relations where I and the civil service and the Politicians will live in the same household and then we can find out when things happen how not to true to my faith I am. It appears that when they are at home they are human beings but as soon as they turn up at parliament they become animals and I am the carcass with a big mouth. Same for the media as well, for their case it will have much to do with headache and chest pain TV. None of these things have anything to do with stirring peoples vanities by owning a literary empire, somebody of my social status can own such a thing very easily.

They always love to claim I say and do things about myself which interferes with other peoples jobs, that they are trying and planning to do as it were with a big mouth but If I went around saying things for my part like no sane human being spends every penny that they have got. They always spend less than they have, no matter how little they have; I know this because I do it for an exercise all the time. What then do I get in return for saying such things? Improvements in the attitude of fame freaks, end to Politicians digging up peoples personal lives and placing all their assets and liabilities in public places where they can spend public funds to aspire to it, economic recovery and even betterment? Not sure; I mean I am crazy while they are famous.


So the preoccupation recently is that of what will happen to me if I attack the civil service. I don’t know why anybody would want to attack the civil service nor do I know what they suppose they can do if I attack it. I mean it’s a job and business thing and I have put up with them for 10 years i.e. 365 days times 10 and each day has 24 hours in it bearing in mind we work round the clock in the UK as well. They always think that as soon as you have a job, its purpose should be to oppress others because you waited all your life and as soon as you have money the purpose should be to do what you please with others but in actual fact nothing works in that way because the fact I don’t have money is not to say I don’t have a business and they cannot handle my products; the law does not authorise them to do so and I have not given them permission. So this stuff about what will happen if I attack the civil service is mind blowing; I mean what if they carry on and I attack the civil service and they take revenge because they think they are bigger and I take revenge for the revenge and it carries on like that, what do they suppose they can do about it. In the end they say the question is that of who these people who cause trouble with the civil service is and the reason for it is that they want to abuse me for my faith so what I am supposed to say is that it is the people that Labour MPs give money to each time they attack those who use an ideology to stop them from claiming they have spiritual powers by which they can make people rich and powerful. Which brings us to what the problem really is i.e. the cultural things people do which is evil and the fact they cannot have enough of attacking me because I am a Christian, such that they want to use the civil service which is clearly their personal and private property to enforce their will on me, despite putting up with a process where they are always getting round to check me up to find out how far their wickedness must have taken over my mind then rack up the pressure when nothing as happened like I am some kind of item and it is the insults from their MPs I have grown tired of for my part as well. I don’t want to be told another time if I attack the civil service there will be consequences; there will be no such thing, no body can do anything when I attack the civil service, they live in a fantasy world where people employ them on account they want to help them pay mortgages and those who employ them always do because they come from a socialist stupid party as well. I mean we are not talking about Politics here, we are talking about incompetence; imagine yourself to be the PR Manager of a company and the boss decided Christmas party will be held in your home, you know that if you don’t get it right, one day he may pick on it and prefer somebody else; I mean what else do you do with yourself besides your job and family and if you have a Christian family it is even more Crowded as a result of the Christian activities that will follow; where do young people get unemployed because they steal the style of walking and talking of stupid civil service managers, while they still get to keep the jobs? From my point of view actually it is very sad that we have had to do this; 7 years ago this was a country infested with Royal mail vacancies that students can just scoop up at the playground, today every tiny little job requires a mode of transportation and a pension plan and none of those jobs are being done properly, they are a cover for the activities of those who unlike the rest of us who have jobs and parties, party for a job and then party for the party and laugh at us for it. it is very sad indeed, as equally for my part, it is their obligation to keep their civil service out of my way and out of my sight, not tell me that I will get into trouble if I attack it.

It is in the same par with those claims I am at the lowest point of my life saying things that my parents who are linked to my ancestors and my culture can take advantage of me for, clearly of which it was their parents and ancestors as it were for their part, hence any of their business. I am not at the lowest point of my life in any way; this is a light hearted way of dealing with civil service corruption – no body has gained a history with the civil service through being unemployed like I have in government office and the result is that I have seen to it that every single one of them responsible for savaging my finances is close by talking the rubbish necessary to show people how it works so I might never have sleepless nights over it. if I dare run out of any of these evidences, then they will be in hell again as I try to gather them, so it is not what I will recommend they try to do.

So am I the guy that benefits from civil rights and gets around attacking those that fight for it? I don’t know that I am doing so; the trouble is that these guys have not asked me what my opinion of those who fight for civil rights is and will not apply themselves to correct deductions on what they know about me, such as the fact everybody will be accountable for their actions before God for example. They fight for civil rights they say but how many married women have they taken advantage of sexually, how many young people have no jobs because they refused them a bit of sex and the list is endless, they do not do it these days because they have those needs anymore they do it these days because there are people they want to punish with those needs with a big mouth. So I suggest when people have a service to perform for the country get ahead with it and not get around claiming I have been doing anything that they do not understand.

For me what I have set out at this point is develop a middle ground which means that anything they do counts as a matter of opinion, whether with the civil service or any other means of power but once they had destroyed this, things will change and all that ruining peoples lives and destroying peoples property because they steal their style will become something real and turn into a matter of the fact the reason they believe they should be doing these things is that no body will confront them over it, whether or not they work in the office of God and over something they thought they could flimsily mention in public.

What really explains these things above all else is those questions people ask about my temper and why I speak of some things the way I do which is really bad. The truth of it being that they always find ways of establishing those conversations with me to check if their cultural powers have taken over my mind and when it has not begin to mount pressures and abuses for their purpose as well and this of course is the problem at the heart of every problem. So they know why I speak of those issues in the temperaments that I do and why I speak of them in the way that I do, for they also said that those demons that possess and push them to do these things are a good thing and it would cost my life if I got rid of it. So I am not obliged, especially since last I discovered they expect to use it to dominate me until they are rich then make me get rid of it so they can become like the great and the good – so it stays right where it is.


As for stories around I am a dangerous person that needs to be controlled, I am not a dangerous person that needs to be controlled and people need to leave me alone. I have not done anything to anybody yet, what has happened is their madness with their cultures of which I have made it clear, I don’t want it around on matters where I have rights and they don’t because it is always physically violent towards me. We simply instead end up with a process where people hand my work and property and get up where they like to do whatever they want with it and in no time when I want to get into conversations about that we simply end up in a place where they tell me they want their backs to the wall so that they might become dangerous and it makes me want to have their backs to the wall and then make them understand in no uncertain terms the simple facts about what I can do with respect to showing them anything they get from my work is something I never gave permission for, while I strangle their economies. It is the old matter of course and since I don’t want to go around strangling peoples economies like that, the only option they have left me with is to engineer societies in order to determine who sits in the place of power, so I don’t have to deal with such nonsense from cultural idiots and of course if they will not heed the issues and warnings then I will be forced to do so and they know very well that I can.

Naturally the old matter is always that people who see things my way can be gathered up somewhere and slaughtered, which of course is even more infuriating because there is currently a clash between my religion and their silly cultures which they have made worse by handing my property and planning to make it their own as well. So the things I have done to them so far has had much to do with those their stupid cultures, I am sure they can see that genocide can happen both ways now bearing in mind the international community is unlikely to get confused about anything I say. The real issue at the heart of this matter is what most people will never believe i.e. none of this would even surface as a matter for conversation if the owner of a property was allowed to make a living from it and that is all there is to it, the reason we have all this nonsense, so they can tell me about genocide and it is never going to work out the way they suppose that it will either.  I know they think Politicians have not been very co-operative but I am not finished either; for the Politicians everybody knows each time they see you do anything they want to turn up and have one that is bigger and so they do nothing but create problems and I don’t want to know about their case, not interested, zilch – it is deeply abusive. Much so with claims I have very little personal security of which I have no idea whether that also means that I must now set out security for idiots that love to see me work oppressively and other idiots that love to bully me to be rich and famous, when I can always spend my time doing nothing but hunting the men that provide back up for it in case I defend myself, for the fun of it.

I am not a dangerous man that need to be controlled although if people do not get to let me be, I will eventually become one and no body contrary to popular believes will be able to do anything about it. The reason I have done the things I have done about it so far is their insults that are always developed around that idea they always tend to get whatever they want and it will never apply in this case. I feel as though it is some kind of genocide you see because this has not happened because I got out of my life to tag along with those that are superior to me, it happened because Politicians brought them into my personal life for their purposes and for this I will wipe them out by the reason of those their stupid culture as well. I have no idea what people usually suppose is good about them anyway; they must first work out you can do it and then set out to completely wreck your life of which you should do nothing about either and then from there you will need to make a living, so that everything you do is claimed by them to be theirs and so because they come from a place where Children die of starvation, you will never open your eyes to the truth.  So Politicians protect them as though they have no polite ways of getting things they want from others, I have no idea why the question of the issues surrounding how they can never be free of me should be raised at all, what are people protecting anyway, when they have a genocide subject as it stands, who on earth would possibly think they will stop and give it a break?

With this they will tell me genocide is used to control people like them; rubbish, I don’t know about that anyway. What they must be suggesting is that I should be afraid of them, that all that spending time with women that are older than I am and compounding my allergy issues, gets to mean that they are the ones that do genocide. It only serves to create questions as to why I support the removal of some tyrant leaders when I really feel that way but for those it is a matter of cruelty. They are people that have reached a point where they are rich beyond measure from state funds and people are now fed up fighting them over riches and power, some of those have deployed their strengths to building homes or businesses but most of them have a day job to go to and then all of a sudden you want to be local tyrant as well and it begins and then to make it better get me involved with their madness and craziness for power and all i really want to do is sell my books not get informed in what must be the worlds most insolent route, of the stupid things you get up to. In my view they would hatch Baby chickens before it is their time and nothing is below them even though they are leaders of entire countries all be it as tyrants.

Co-operation with Politicians on economic matters they say I have an abysmal performance; it is brilliant. I mean what Politicians and media are good at these days is costs and risks; this is the economic term for their attitude towards my business: I have never said it is public property but they have declared it to be, I have never given them permission to handle and deploy it but they have assumed one and presumed to legitimise it as well, so in my opinion costs and risks is what Politicians and media do these days for a profession and so it does not make sense when they are the ones complaining as well.

Now each time I make mention of something pertaining to my condition, they love to claim of course that they had caused it and that it shows their hatred for over privileged people like myself. This is not actually true, I am not being bullied by them and most of the things they say in that form does not make any sense and the way they have put it does not exist where normal people live, it is just something that astonishes anybody about what media can achieve these days. I am not being bullied by them, the truth is that for 24/7 of their time they are always having a go at each others throats and so that I feel comfortable living among them is not something unusual, besides which I pay no attention to my behaviour in their company because I do not think that we are likely to meet at any point in time in life at any situation, I mean a typical example is the business men who see me do my job and set off to Television to threaten me around the prognosis of what will happen if I don’t do what they want, which only tends to make sense if I ask them whether they wish to have me beaten up when I do not do what they want but until then, it simply becomes another thing that media has been able to achieve in modern times. So they are always having a go at each others throats and guts and I am quite happy to see them that way and will be very willing to help them with such purposes, I do not see myself as a person that has been bullied by any lower class idiots. I don’t see any reason that my conversation should bother them in anyway bearing in mind they love to cling to my property and get on public places to call me names to make up self esteem for themselves and it is most marvellous when they get off claiming that they love me as well. I suppose it is an expression of what they can do with my work on account I am single, which seems to happen all the time, especially around matters that people would not have been confused about if I were married but are because I am single, when I speak such matters.

So people are concerned I have thrown away my life and this is not actually true, I have not; apart from the fact it is a sense of being skilled in selfishness so we can find out what comes of their wickedness and stories they have to tell about what I promised which I must do because I am a Christian so they can have things they want, especially the black ones, it is a matter of being concerned about what would happen if I deployed things I know how to do to defend myself against those that carry out these activities. I mean what would anybody propose a person does when he is singled out by a group of Politicians that want a royalty they can bully, to have his academic work physically destroyed by them and so his business and finances for the purpose, in order to have royalty they can bully for fun and then the best part comes when I have all these things I can make myself rich and comfortable with but they have then set out to ensure I am never rich or comfortable as if it is their own business and this means that the method they have deployed has more to do, not with having it all in secrete and then loosing it without anybody else knowing but more to do with having your privacy screwed up while they gather up what you own and get on Public places to ensure you had millions and lost it without even tasting it like some people who have millions and fall on bad times with a big mouth; they have been having conversations by the way about what will happen to me if I attack the civil service last I checked and this was when people ask them what will come of it when other idiots find out it is possible to wreck the lives, businesses and academic work of young people they wish to target for the purpose of having trophy Political powers, with the use of the civil service. So all I really can say is that they continue to make mention of a dangerous person that needs to be controlled to the International community and the American president which I am not at present and will not go away because they think that Parliament is their personal and private property, a place they can go home to be human beings to their stupid children and return to be animals in my direction with and it is not their personal and private property. Thrown away my life they love to tell people, they have no idea I suppose; I do know however that I get to tell them it does not belong to them, not a single thing in it. Of course the usual response when asked is that I speak in that way but carefully omit what I have done to deserve it of which I am only aware when they say such things they are referring to abuses I suffer as a result of those that are determined to ensure I work many times as hard as everybody for everything I already own in order to get what is worthless from it on one hand and on the other abuses I suffer as a result of the fact I must never be allowed respite from one fight after another because there are those that are peeling off my beauties and privileges and using it to make themselves famous and rich, so that somebody else and not me for a change can bask in the glow of the attention of the world. When they mention it however they will never tell those they mention it too that they even have counter measures for this activities in case I do anything to stop it from happening to me and no body knows why they always complain when they are so self confident either.

I discovered that the purpose is a statement being made by them I am some lair and that all I own really belongs to them but I do not see why not anyway; everything belongs to them or seems to at all times, if not culture and wickedness, somebody else's property. Who really cares?

The trouble with the Politicians and businesses is not just that they do not know those lies their media idiots tell them around claims I have stolen their culture is wrong, they just think it is an opportunity to grab some prerogative from my work before I return which does nothing but damage, although I get to have enough of it and will start hurting them as well, as equally as I will not be getting off letting the world know me to make money from my work because they like to do it in my place on account they have no respect for me and I have seen them have conversations among themselves too, they know what respect is. Now where the real problem is, is that story the tell which has to do with the idea they are Gods i.e. not a matter of who I am but of who they want me to be if it is in their interest to take advantage of me and therefore for example, not a matter of who I am but a matter of my becoming one of those they normally take advantage of because it is in their interest to take advantage of me, which the businesses show off more often than not and this is why it has been apparent to the world that what they do as a profession is risks and costs for people and so their complains, really are things no body wants to hear. Although they will beg to differ and want to control all the money in the world to do so with a big mouth.


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