Ultimately, what popularity people get up to, like the way I have had to intervene in the USA because it was thought that when they got involved with Military business, their disposition would have mitigated problems associated with extremists taking advantage of the work that Military operatives do, which had failed completely. The one problem I faced was the need for Celebrities to build a crowd out of the Public which would engage with them and solely them, on the basis of the way the public got interested in my Books, the disobedience is unbearable and then they tell lies and issue accusations until they were finished with what their stupidities wanted to do on Media, wrecking my finances in the process – it is something I intend to put an end to around here, so that my career may be organised for a change in years but it seems that it will also be impossible to do that without acting in a way that causes famous idiots great loss as well.

What happens with this matter most of the time is that their legal team tells them that I did not have a chance and their need to handle my concerns intensifies every time they made a public appearance, after which the gits get off telling me that I had attained what I had wished for – it is utter nonsense naturally as the fact is that if this matter shows up in a Law Court, it is the fact I am trying to keep them picking up my personal and social life for something else alongside a Crowd and picking up the public stage I have built up for my Bookshop for their own popularity gratification – which effect is that people think I am a character who just writes things while they pillage my equities, people think that it is not as interesting as the huge number that gets involved suggests and act in a way that prevents others reading the Books and people think I am not an important person, probably mentally ill. I have no idea how hard it is for them to comply on this front anyway, especially with respect to a community from which they could fool around at my expense as much as they liked – time and again they pillage to catch up with their earnings, their media idiots build a bubble for it to annoy me and cling to my social life to do a days job and then they pick up the stage I had built for my career and bottom out the finances all together. Time and again I think about removing them from my concerns completely for the purpose of settling down with family and then it plays out that I would have forgotten what happens at University if I tried, so it does not stop save I had taught them a lesson they will never forget as well; we are doing this solely because of the insults they got accustomed to – the boys are accustomed to handling your career, so your bookshop stalls, the girls are good at picking up your social life, public image and business systems for purposes unintended, block your love life and share it with the bogs from the neighbourhood to a stage where they thought they had built a small army and then they deserved everything they saw me do, as stupidly as possible, when it had not stopped the way I would I like it to. We are now entering a stage where I will pay the Bills my making this Bookshop my Baby, Celebrities and Popular culture the threat, so those who handled it had a story to tell each time as well. For the time being, I do not know if letting the legal team wreck their stupid finances is what I wanted or finding something that in terms of society or the Law, I won a fight.

The premise is still the same - they think I had something to prove while what really happens is that they are evil and violent and another group of idiots have pillaged my finances and social life to make statements about discrimination on my part, now settled up on threats issued at me to make me do something about the problem when I have my own finances to build up as well and am not damaging their own to make it happen, while the goons got great ideas about the way what their small army does to hurt their bottoms will decide they could progress of corruption of involvement with my concerns to threats of violence, then tell me I pretend I am a bad person when I am not, while such stupidities did not apply at all. I could do without any part of it - the destruction of my career, the destruction of my love life and social life, the follow on processes of showering me with insults to build me an abusive reputation that painted me a low life, so that it might be difficult for me to reach them. Then we find them excuse it with claims that the method my which I operated was a problem while it was largely a matter of me and the popularity gits that love to bother me, which had since developed into sections and blocs; attack Celebrities and I automatically protect my Hermitage and Royal Office and none will ever know what motivated them to build me an abusive publicity that facilitated a Media presence that helped them control the Hermitage and decide how the Public got to use it but it is evidence of the extreme form of disrespect they had towards me - much the same as when I attack the Popularity gits, I tend to protect the Bookshop automatically, of which I have given them the exit to stay away from the Books and make comments about their own lives - some have married into the Royal Families in Europe with intent to work this nonsense intensively the last time I checked and I think its another instance where I am likely going to end up with a reputation as well. We make sense of it when there is this stupid idea that I am lazy to contend with. The work I must do to keep them off my Bookshop sales and understood in terms of the amount of work I would need to do with respect to a job that somebody else offered, to keep them off my social life and public image. So, whilst I worked on market to prevent the profitability of organised crime products, they would work with their American friends to set out my career as something that should be shared while they engaged with the world. The Men were busy with the corruption of involvement that showed they could get involved with anything they wanted, especially if they had a media presence to play with, to make sense of their own laziness that is understood with respect to their war on normalcy and a need to work on me for energy to chase the job that got to their heads – the women were more busy with ideas that my career was good for the gambling until they get sexually abused and it gets worse, followed either way by something about their ability to get involved with and weaken criminals, as a means of selling themselves to Media gits and Fashion goons, but are not doing that anymore because it was preferable to think that the USA was a more powerful Country that dominated me here in the UK to make its citizens superior and it was more convenient to weaken me instead.

They do claim I hated every instance where people found my activities unpleasant and it is utter nonsense as what happens is that they did not find my activities unpleasant which is the reason their insults are always so health wrecking and gratuitous when it comes to ideas on how I should be used – they simply assessed what they wanted to do with my possessions and built a crowd that will join them in being offended by me 24/7 with a big mouth. We find that the insanity goes right back to the issues since teenage years, where they had problems, I could resolve for them but had come up with gimmicks that involved hurting me, so my responses would resolve those problems, firstly because the idiots had made social deals with me and did not trust me and secondly because they needed to ensure their stupidities did not deem their superiority. Recently it is more of the fact they cannot stop telling me to self-care because they wanted to be proud of me instead of showing up here with some respect to read the Books I had done a lot of work to create and we see the same activities performed by their Muslim friends as well, who do not believe there is a real prospect of me wanting to see them do the jihad while I explored which was exactly the female we hear their foolish women describe me as all the time – their bits beats the imagination all the time because their insults were the type that showed up to chase sales while I was studying at University until I dropped out, now its just something about a community that gets imagination up my bum and so it was not a stupid history that makes sense of their practical jokes, it was the real nature and context of my person and public image hence my clash with Celebrities after years of abuses by their stupidities was a great achievement. The rest are currently not yet keen to accept their foolishness adding up to insults that will happen very quickly while they handled me to make money backed by a crowd of idiots, ought to lead them to understanding that stupid crowd was the biggest problem I had, and they were responsible thereof. We hear instead each time I clear it out, that I better move over and become a Celebrity while their stupidities got to ensure that I allowed them to be free people as soon as possible, about which I am accountable for this Office too, to ensure this situation of those who had money and did not bother me with their wealth, likewise the poor who did not bother me with their problems, while these idiots spent most of their time on ideas that they did not have to get money by employment because I had a Royal Office to work, getting finger imagination up my bum, hence their abuses and my responses had become so exhilarating. They do boast that I talk because there is little I can do about it while reality is more a matter of the fact that the Labour Party is responsible for all this nonsense, spending tax payer funds to wreck my finances while spending it to build that stupid confidence that urges them on because they were quite certain I was incapable of fighting back, since this will be the source of my resources as such, we are set to enter into a phase where any famous person that got involved with my concerns was asking for big trouble thereof. Time and again we see this is an example of an instance where keeping them off tended to mean what I am doing was important or even prestigious enough for the public to get involved with and the idiots do complain about how people at the Monarchy will be doing my fighting once I am done boasting and we know that if the number of time State provided security did their bums, meant they kept away from my concerns, we would not be doing this at all, the annoying part of it being that it is all about abusive and insulting ways of peddling products on my personal life and public image in a way that ensured I did not keep any of the money or did not keep them from getting it when it is ready. Eventually the talk of my involvement with communists to make sense of most of their stupidities and the industry civil rights gimmicks, especially when I couple it with a process of explaining how I made my money all the time, whether they wanted to hear it.

They do claim that my clash with Celebrities is unfounded, the same way they claim I thought I had security but did not while the security bits were people throwing their challenges at me instead of providing me with safety, to invite themselves into my personal spaces and get imagination around my private parts, create a smell, make publicity from it and stagnate career, finances and personal life – so we find that it enjoys doing nothing but getting people to understand my work and career, as something from which the Public notices them and pays them for being popular, while the Media friends clearly had a need to work on me every day, claiming my responses were amusing while they went home to their families with their salaries in hand. It does appear that what stands between them, and this nasty behaviour is that they did not have a legal right to access my career, so this problem goes beyond giving criminals a privilege on it and the question of where it stops, when it stops and how they want it to stop must be resolved. If they keep making comments around my career to make a mess of it, I am set to do the same, they keep confiscating my career, I am set to do the same, they keep showering me with insults to a point where what I did with the career did not mean anything to anybody, I am set to do the same.

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