Now of the spending cuts my thoughts do not as claimed in anyway wander towards the idea that there should have been a reduction in the National debt or deficit; the reality is that the government plans to create growth from the Private sector and there is a lot of encouragement for investment going on but not quite so much investment going on however. What usually winds me up is the other thing they do where they indulge us competitions between themselves over how they must use government office to make friends with the most amount of millionaires and so when they give tax breaks to rich people to stimulate investment, it is the undercurrent of the idea that they are endearing themselves to millionaires that ruins everything and those are the sort of ideas we are not interested in and people ought to keep to themselves so we can let the results do the talking and find out how many of those they will get to make anyway. The part where I am facing an uphill struggle has no basis on reality; what happens is that these idiots live in a world where the squandering of other peoples income with deviance in society runs right up to the highest levels of government and are incredibly full of themselves for it as well. So we hear them speak of some culture I have destroyed or stolen but I am certain they will keep it away from me too anyway the next time they come up with a new one. I mean getting up and out of bed every day to show that they know where my books are and have handled it and are not having a good day and I had better co-operated or I will get what’s coming or that they intend to use it to spend my income on themselves and since I cannot stop them from having access they are simply here to obtain my consent which they can extract anyway, so they do not end up committing a crime and hope to continue until they cover their tracks and the chances of committing a crime no longer exists and so it becomes their occupation in that way and I have given 12 years of my time for it to happen on National media whereby the health impacts for me are unprecedented but it is still not enough and when I had deployed warning they need to keep their nasty selves from following me around and more so following me around the world, especially the blacks, they still do not understand; reminds me of the story of how I came to the UK to act as though there were none in the communities before I arrived – all very well said of course but they are unfathomably destructive and this idea of being in an uphill struggle everyday, where the whites fundamentally set out to keep me unemployed and gather my aptitudes and means of subordination to create the superior world where they are superior employers employing superior employees somewhere in Essex for example, really does mean I will certainly do them up again and rip something really important to them to pieces yet again. When I say such things the idea is always of course that there is nothing I can do but I am not the Queen and do not have to come up with anything that involves leadership it seems people do not see; hence it’s the little things they do that causes me the big problems and cannot be tackled in their view when I already know that anything I do will be regrettable as it will have been an overkill; things like the need to get into an office and simply just sit down and work without having to deal with the worst possible feelings of loss of privacy and insecurity imaginable on account you were supposed to write books and crawl under a rock to hide them because idiots that will attack the earnings do exist and the fact there is link between doing this and make money which media helps them a lot with, so I am always forced to consider their position as rebels and the fact they think they know greed more than anybody else and like to consider other human beings as talisman they must acquire and use as they please in order to get rich but they are the real deal i.e. move into their right hand and set up a business and nothing they do will ever have an effect of distracting you, while at the same time you will have the real deal to tease while doing customer service and in my case they largely underestimate I will share it with the Monarchy as well. I have warned these idiots I am their worst nightmare and certainly not playing with or playing around with them and it is important they leave me alone but it does not seem to have any impacts whatsoever so far yet. It is important they get off my book sales and very soon indeed not talk nonsense about over kill when I have done nothing to them yet and they feel they can use my work to make money and pour insults on me because of course they have worked out how to make money from people’s property after preventing them from being famous enough through being rich for such things and want to be able to do it every single day, about which I have had enough of them and am no longer interested in the complains.

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