There is this talk of my involvement with the British Royal Family progressing onto war, it leaves me completely bemused most of the time; it is still difficult to work out why people complain about me but find it difficult to stop doing such things. Their problem for the time being is a process where I am being attacked and abused and threatened by civil rights losers violence where it is regularly claimed I handle peoples grandparents and sleep with peoples wives and so there is only one relationship people have with me and it involves getting about aspects of my personality they feel comfortable about and spending most of their time on the parts that have to do with my income, only one behaviour towards me, which involves a process where I am being made to check my privileges 24/7 – academics wrecked and difficult time at the money markets attained but they cannot keep their mouth shut if they can complaining about empowerment that they do not have because I think it is a threat to me – you know, unhinging the civil rights violence and clipping socialism so the community women can beat me up themselves which abuses have gone on for a decade and a half so far but every time their complains are listened to and something is done to restore the little armies they can threaten others with, it sites me and starts all over again as it were. I am explaining these things since when they start to blab about war as a result of my involvement with the British Royal Family we are talking about one of those issues they want to pay a worthy price for as well; so people might start asking questions like they did over the Obama regime in the US and what I thought of it, just like they are about the Trump Regime in the US as it is today, questions about my thought processes and the decisions I have made which have caused me to lean towards racism and so on, whereas I never do lean towards racism: these goons are very evil people that will only stop threatening me when they are having to defend themselves with the use of their border line schizophrenia all the time like it is at the moment, otherwise I will be sleeping with peoples wives because they have secret rooms where they perform rituals that believe makes them rich and beat up the wife on my account and threaten me to find there is nothing it can do and has to save itself with media all the time on one hand, while on the other lies will continue to emerge from the communities croons who want to be able to control people and tell others when The Queen is racist and when she is not, when the Church is racist and when it is okay to attend, look the part of the evil they are in every way and still find time and methods of getting to church to decide how people exist all together depending on those it has targeted and wants to handle which I am not counted among, rather settle for its stupid complains and threats instead, wondering why that happens all the time but they find it so difficult to stop handling me bearing mind they do not work for me or I for them, we are not related to each other in anyway and only have something in common which the racists have said we have i.e. the skin colour, then we will hear it is a regional issues and a lack of respect for other governments on my part which happened after and not before I became susceptible to bum fingering by imagination and people slapping me over the head because they found it amusing by imagination etc, racists of course have only recently started to pick up on this and I will never stop making the none white scumbags suffer intensely for it too. They speak of the Daughter of the Duke of York wanting to marry an American and Americans not liking it when their hearts are broken but the last time we checked the relationship had much to do with me and we found the same thing all over Europe where the Prince of Monaco married a South African and my bottom hurt without end, this was just too close to home for me to just let it go without making where I stand on the matters felt as it were; besides which Her Royal Highness is seen getting involved with these Men she does because she is protecting somebody therefore they can always assume she is in love with them and make trouble for me over it. All these insults and abuses are meant to control people and it’s the same things we see industry goons exhibit all the time as well but I am completely fed up with having to tolerate it from stupid ethnic minorities and it has become a question of how difficult really it is for them to stop doing it if they are complaining about me as well; we hear of a case where I get myself involved with anal sex sensibilities and then set about making success out of it every day but it was really meant to be an expression of talent on my part as well – the part where somebody works hard all their times and raises about £300,000 for each child over 22 years to let them develop from babies to University graduates and at the end, whilst other people took the shopping money and other people took the school fees and other expenses, they are left with no social mobility at the end, now I am left with a Royal Office that I attend so people can push neighbourhood gangs into the peace and quiet in it that helps me write and sell my Books every day and black goons can threaten me all the time and secure self-improvement that will make popular culture fame and fortune, so I thought those responsible had to be held to account and it has become so bad because they fundamentally do nothing else with themselves save threaten me with racism and encumber my Book sales. So, it shows up in such ways to tell stories that allow it to feel like a real girl about how it grew up with me and knows me and my type very well, knows I am no Royalty like she knows she is a better human being than I am, and it will never stop until she has a good reason to, when they are all now talking about war as it were.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland