There is talk naturally of issues associated with living on Government support. There are really no issues at all whatsoever – what happens is that people are generally assumed to be fit for work but whether or not they worked would be decided by the employers, between the system and the employers there will be people that are not fit for either side of overt support or overt work and this is the part that is most at risk, which really shouldn’t be since they were fit for work to a certain extent. The problem being that people had transformed their work at DWP into a tool for supporting the ways that Celebrities can build publicity to make money with other peoples’ careers, while they had come up with a career publicity that meant their silly Children got ahead of people and so this was the main reason people become homeless or worse. In my case it is more a matter of the way that my financial wellbeing had since met with entitled Celebrities seeking to return to the good times and the disobedience that these idiots exhibit with people’s lives and property is legendary.

They come up with those stories that people should be making contributions if they were living on government support which further enforces this point and we see this same form of disobedience exhibited with respect to what people do with their careers overseas, right up to the places they take Holiday, which adds up to what the Head of State thinks National security meant for everybody that served under Her and we have seen their disobedience all over it too, hence can only project that it is not yet the criminal disobedience until perhaps somebody started fucking with them as well. We do get told that people who live on Government support are useful and yes they are since it’s a matter of the fact that if you worked in a company for 20 years, there must have been a stage at which the Boss had Christmas Party at your place, hence it goes back and forth when it comes to the way your finances are sorted and how you becomes a responsible person because of a certain kind of financial platform but the Government does not have Christmas Party in the Homes of Benefit recipients. So, my support for the Government is incredibly big because of my Office and the responsibilities I had before I ended up on Government support at such – meaning that the government picks up this support at the Market, that people spent most of their government support to support themselves and that money shows up at small business markets where it is usually difficult for people to evade taxes. It is therefore not commonly heard that I am not 100% healthy and the last major job I picked up made my Childhood injuries worse.

The story of handling me is never an emotive one, it feeds into those gimmicks where they claim they wanted to clear me out and they had to reinterpret my Bookshop into something involving a Prince that wants to find his Princess which their stupidities were to get rich fast, then it developed into a case of Intellectual property administration business that will cover them when they took their clothes off considering the kind of work they did, led by stupid Americans that are not yet complaining about their hatred for British. A little bit of respect where they didn’t build their own publicity to make money with my career upon seeing me build one to work with, should be good enough to avoid what they were currently complaining of, the rest of it to do with publicity that helps them keep up their sense of entitlement on the basis that they were deserving to access other people’s careers, looking to wreck mine and gain access to industry to build crowds that will help them beat down Royalty over some democracy madness for money and is something that they cannot back up, even as we can see my Books appeal to their idiocy in terms of the quasi criminals that had emerged when people wreck the careers of families to employ criminals in the neighbourhoods and we have not seen the idiots reading any of it. What we have seen is a case of forging an alliance with ex-convicts and criminals because I had written it and they thought it was what their stupidities have always wanted. Progression being the idea that should this business of the reasons the road between Home and work is not interfered with because they make comments that disrupt an environment I had built for my Books of equities, concerning which I had gone the extra mile on use of foul language to indicate how and why they should be avoided, therefore needed a professional environment for people to read it and for me to earn from writing it, such that their families would get a feedback and I would make contributions to their wealth and social inequality problem, was the part that they would handle rather well and it’s the sort of nonsense that one does not intend to put up much further.

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