It’s never true that I do not look at Industry with a sense of compassion; what really happens at Industry is like those times when your parents had friends and they worked together to land themselves a contract and the only binding thing that keeps them working together was the friendship and only those ‘don’t mess with me on this’ bits that had a contract signed on it – a lot of the times we think they have power to do much about public issues they have no power to whatsoever; I wrote my Books to keep my allies on side but the same goons who are complaining about the unresolved problems are the main reason people are unable to buy and read it- they expect me to do something that will ruin my life but the logical thing to do is to ensure they ended up with the same kinds of difficulty that they create for others i.e. it’s not true we do not look at Industry intention with compassion, same old case rather of the problems coming from very unlikely sources, such as Media where they want you to be a human shield because they are at deaths door ruining your academic pursuits, then get into league with society if it is in their interest to build you a history of insults like they have done me. The fall out with respect to their celebrities is pretty much the same i.e. apart from their goons that will anus whip the selfishness of stopping people peddling my life out of me, who get me responding and then dancing off to their complains after as it simply never stop, Royal Hermit complaining about Celebrities is normal, having them lay up their popular culture all over my life back to back to make their existence easier is not and if it happens again I will sack it again.

So they say I cannot do anything about their Celebrities but it’s an old case of tolerating it over a decade which has given them the confidence I am completely fine with their problems and an ego that wants me to discard my job and become homeless because they are very important, very famous and always get what they want etc – we all know reality is rather that of the fact my blogs and Books for instance are dated and the reasons they show up to claim it as their own over the stupidities which suggest one reaches such a stage at career when one turns 18 or left home in the last five years, giving them an impetus to think their celebrity insults can be tolerated to any level, showing up to claim it as their own unnecessarily all day long. Their confidence of course rests with the goons who will anus whip me all the days of my life and can decide if I have a Royal Office or not depending on the neighbourhood I had taken up residence in – in their case they enjoy the obscurity gimmicks, making a mess of people who are getting about the civic daily concerns but are where they are because they have no wish to face up to the National enemy; so they used to be nice but are not any more a big brothers and big sisters that must get fame and fortune from others at any cost, regarding whom I mess with their Celebrities and popularity culture on account I am lucky with a big mouth. I have to admit it is true the last decade to year 2018 has seen Film Equity property here develop entirely on the basis of rescue; rescue the Friends and the Celebrities and the Actors and your Property and the Producers and they believe their complains should be considered in terms of the highest levels of seriousness: their problems do not interest me half as much as they have already built me Publicity for. These idiots have now eventually achieved four main items here and one of them is that people are just not buying my Books which I have to wake up to as it was their job to do, the other is the story of millennial Habits which are simply a recognition of the fact that people might want to get married to partners that will help with a process of taking advantage of the fact their stupidities are vulnerable to pornography as well, the third being the idea my position is not good for Industry while what they do is show up here to invent relationships with me that puts me in charge of their issues so they can get around public places blabbing about doing my stuff while the opposite of doing so would have produced such results as no One at the Monarchy being concerned about whether or not I was having illicit sex or a regular mistress and their most favourite, the fourth, the hatred for ;Police and Armed Forces bits has continued to be the powers of Liberal America all over the world along with various other governmental 'wise arse' cynical insults on Media for the purpose of getting boys chasing me around for sex over my income margins.

I have strangely ended up with this reputation that gets me paying the price for their stupidities and shows the extremely money dependent and at the same time lazy beeline nature of their convenient insanity; to do with them having somebody they know working in the security services and everything I do to recovery from the damage they do here being done to serve them, looking for more of what they were complaining about.

The media picks up on these to make a mess of my Book sales every diverting publicity I have built towards other things that will facilitate what they can manipulate me into doing to make them feel safer while they make even more trouble because they think they are important all the time; but it has always been such realities as stupid young people who have not got the resources to deal with an angry version of me following up the insanity of their parents to talk nonsense about the use of my Public image and their plans for the future, wondering why there is eating disorder everywhere and they are the ones caught up with the drugs overdose business since they do not have the resources like their abusive parents do, to deal with an angry Arch Prince for their part, never mind the Celebrities having tools by which to make money on my Public image all together – the parents on the other hand spend all day building up Publicity about my diet in order to make me smell like my loo then have a problem with the fact I now want to deploy their own sense of being organised to ensure I am organised whenever I step out of my door to head anywhere else but being at home so their goons may have fantasies about my bedroom window and it goes even further still to the business of building crowds that will mock and abuse as I walk down the streets, so they have again become something I need to pay greater attention to as it were – the girls however are the ones at the centre of this business of media diverting publicity I create for my Books to warn me of dangers because it makes them feel good; the girls hate the way it all depends upon them, so it depends upon me and my Books instead and I want their so called democratic nonsense which is incredibly toxic off my Public image and my Books. So this is how it so happens that the way it really works is that I am picked on by these goons every time I am seen in Public without a valid reason or a reason at all, no justification for all that nonsense where we find those who have Media jobs could never mind their business without diverting Publicity I built to sell my Books by for other purposes which tickle their fancy, looking for more of what they are complaining about; of course there are dangers, these are goons that are age mates of theirs who were not sorted out properly, they now have more money than I do because they have spent longer in the work environment but I have never seen them mention the dangers in such ways either. It will never stop because the plan was to ensure they got rich by living out a useless existence in their youth, raising some money through work, then investing it in companies whereby they can keep an eye on younger people they wish to abuse for sales in order to bring about the riches – so everything I do about it every day is set to have a temporary effect and it would be nice if the Media learns to leave the Publicity I had created for my Books the way that they found it, lest they be complaining again for their part too.

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