Of course we hear those stories I am a dunce that has not got a clue whatsoever but I have no idea when people like that will shut their filthy mouths anyway; I mean at present I have something to do with respect to my work  history being that of a factory operative and an SIA Holder and I am a student studying law, so I say in another four years or less I will be able to practice my law at the base level and it will be a work and study affair until the career runs its course and I retire. When I say such things they will say I am telling them my plans of course but in actual fact I am putting forward facts to support my position that whether or not I am a dunce is not a worthy topic for conversation when they are so stupid and play all the time to the point where it becomes an atmosphere that weighs on them and then they try to shut down other people’s ability to learn with media as well in order to make a head way with their stupid lives and the wickedness politicians let them get away with. So what did I learn from all my academic troubles? Nothing much, only how to protect my career whether or not I am qualified and so will be books be sold as it were and people can continue to act to ensure I use their stuff to do that too. Then they will say my mentioning such things does create a means for Political pillaging but of course it does not, only a process of excuses by which disgusting and unsightly bullying as ever can happen; as for the pillaging itself, it is a matter of them being western supremacists or European idiots spending it for me, either way I use my stuff to do my personal glory and they use my stuff to do their personal glory and it is not something that will end well at all too with those stupid media that ensures their entire stupid lives are built around turning out in public places to confess their problems on me whenever they lay their foolish hands on property of mine they wish to claim as their own or extract an income from. Hence pillaging is something that comes into the menu only if I am too lazy to do something about them and those stupid insults.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland