The story on Media for Today, is that I have learned my lesson about not being too stiff about Public rules even so when I am not an enforcer of it because I think I can handle people. The reality of course goes beyond Politicians continuing with the attacks they tell people to launch at what I do and at my person because they want to own my talents and becomes a process of dealing with the rules that these goons make up and gang up on people as a community to enforce – it is a rules which let them do what they like and all those abusive nonsense which I have to say is all very well complaining about me being petty but has targeted me ever since I left home in 2001, eventually succeeding in making me smell like my loo every time they wanted once I had begun to attend University in 2004, about which the bullying ensued and I dropped out, which in application means we have never seen a single idiot who professes such nonsense as they have mentioned on Media show up to prevent them from making up their own and enforcing it on me if they started first, until they were able to simulate all sorts of nonsense which means inserting popular culture products on my Public image and therefore become too important to be questioned (too important theoretically).

So the follow on is that I wrote a Book and the fact they show up on my television and perceive their characters to be one that is famous if it is the sort of thing you try to keep your children away from, to build me a history of insults on my Book and follow it on with a series of nonsense I have to comply with or do before I can sell it – the Books yet again were written in 2009, that has continued on International Media alongside any foolish leadership they wish to supply with it up to the very year date we are reading this i.e. October 2008, so we are only just dealing with Today’s business on the atmosphere they build up at the Communities to allow them do whatever they like targeting me while they are complaining about how I respond each time its stupidities does, to wreck the finances and career, build up some lack of organisation because I am on the basis of immense violence being made to spend most of my time on a decision regarding people I need to hate as though anybody has invented such similar nonsense to take up their time as well, whether or not it would have meant their stupidities could not achieve anything by and large all together and cause a bit of a stink looking for more.

In the end a careful assessment of this by an objective person would reveal that if all these behaviour that are meant to create an atmosphere that lets them do whatever they like and regularly take a stand on my Public image or pass insults at me they hope will make me into an outcast, nosing around my concerns in a very abusive way because they might have found their stupidities amusing to themselves, if these were to be considered, we can see that atmosphere does nothing save creating crime, gangs, destroy schools and academic pursuits and make it impossible to just sit down with somebody and reason on a point of religious concern or believe, to just sit down with somebody and reason on a point of morality. So this behaviour including the adage of being obsessed with criminal activity is the business of Law enforcement, what I do to them each time they handle me is meant to displease their Politicians who love to upstage me and is not the business of Law enforcement unless it applies, unless they claim that it applies – they are out of their depth, I am not learning any stupid lessons and we are not related, I do not know who they are.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland