Every new thing carries potential risks of being entangled with preferential treatment fools, that speak of nothing but their suffering as a result of a personís ideology which saw they had fought for morality but had their big break taken away from them, despite the fact they had worked to the edge of their tether to deserve it. It is in their hands as I have said before, they will since they do not currently know what it means to have a job and not earn from it, work out when to leave me to earn from my work and property and then the problems will dissipate or they can hold out still anyway. Yes I know I am not worthy to be allowed to face only the challenges of the chances and the market because I have left what I had for those who needed more security and went off to get another-pulled it off without being taken advantage of by feminists and even the evil side of female society. I have no clue why this is such a big issue when they are the ones that know what democracy is all about; obviously by the way human rights come cheap as it were Ė we have ever seen them fund peopleís right to clothing and things like that. It is the destruction of these things they get to give to people out of their extensive goodness that causes me to behave the way I do as well. 

There are no regular books on sale, only packaged equities. On the other hand, the left-wing forces of reaction and squander are just as well but still does not beat my victorious 'get a job either way' state of affairs. I am perfectly aware that my Books are created and packaged direct service for those who are not necessarily of a privileged or fortunate position like I am, I do not understand why they are so obsessed and show it on the media daily thereof with the idea I must get on and state that in a public place and more so before I sell them as intended, therefore an ample lack of respect for my finances as it may apply with idiots thinking that such things are fun to them, to be had from a distance at which I can do nothing  i.e. it is never a new thing that I always have to end up doing the thing where peoples plans for family life and relationships should have taught them how to treat people in business when they try to get rich and so on but they had decided they want to peddle mine for a living instead in order to have everything and so the crunch time comes when they have the money and cannot move away because they want power and I have to show them itís all gone, never to  be seen again, so I can find out bearing in mind currently that every part of my body hurts due to insults on account I wrote a book (published and patented) that somebody thinks is not something I should be doing. It has been very important to wean them off me and my personal life, my firm and the Literary Empire Global Intellectual Space linked to the Royal Property - from relatives to fame freaks and stupid royalty, money mad business idiots to civil rights fools, Politicians and media idiots.

Of course there is the matter of idiots that love to think themselves bully business freaks east and west alike especially when black and especially when thinking of themselves to be beautiful enough to show off at places like modelling industries and diplomatic circles looking for boys to sacrifice to please foolish men for money and especially when confident they can cut out whatever equities from my work pleases them to get rich with Ė it simply sets the stage for handling them like what they are which is a good thing for the wider world too. It is no new eventuality they lie all the time and have people they have a low view of whom they rather expect should believe their lies all the time too. Their Politicians of which exist for one purpose alone i.e. people whose jobs you can play with as much as you like; people whom you can hurt to get good things in return - people you can do horrible things to, only to benefit from a process where they do their jobs, around such activities it is clear people cheat and lie and do damage and take advantage of just because it is possible and if there are no questions suggesting it is they create one, where media vandalism as a means of making money is more satisfactory than not taking advantage of me and racism is a myth; especially since there are no facts which support the idea that racism as a bad thing is directly linked to these kinds of behaviour and activity. The problem of course remains the desire to use my sense of personal life and home to fix their own at every whim and excuse, make up lies that makes it possible to on media for the purpose and run that every day and the threaten me all the time to make their desires materialise; this is a criminality I will no longer tolerate especially due to the death threats involved, especially from black people and developing economy goons. I have as such picked up on the sales stifling story that I work like I do because I am lazy; it never goes away provided feral black women especially have somebody powerful to rally to but so they do not end up working really hard when and because I am it is still recommended that they shut it, since it is clearly rich such nonsense therefore when it comes from women who feel as though they want to chuck out a man all the time and ruin it for other women for what seems to be every single second. In the same par of course with claims my books are not written properly which is always brought up by those who an express and provocative wish to be able to practice those things my books do not recommend and or condemns. The idea then that the nonexistence of the Internet would mean that I get to crash and burn is utter nonsense; the reality is that it is the Internet that has prevented the years of hard work of meeting Mrs A who linked me with Mr B bearing in mind I will always have my ideas and my work and now my Royal Property as well, to create people who then work with me over a period of years to settle a stage where I am able to communicate with them and amalgamate any equities I have with their various ventures in order to get into a disposition or position with the government to work toward getting out of a recession - this kind of thing like it usually happened in the past where the most distant communication you had was your home Telephone would have created a process where it would have taken years to achieve what I have done to get their stupidities out of a recession, bearing in mind they would then have been able to get around peddling my personality to get rich and famous whether I like it or not as it were too; these are the things the Internet has sped up for me and nothing like its nonexistence would mean that I crash and burn and cannot do anything. The reality is simply that these fools always think they are unfathomably stupid and incredibly foolish and because they are I am to die from violence of internal organ disease of some kind or another, coupled with this of which they are convinced that something should exist between me and them concerning which they were the boss too and I think it is a challenge as well, so we will find out what the end is too (The idea I am being chased around by them and that they want to work out when various people get their things on the Internet is understood - it has been a long standing issue anyway the matter of building my firm around the fact Americans own the Internet and do regularly get up to all sorts of nonsense with it but they are convinced handling my property is part of their game which it really is not. The question is largely why I hate them so much and there are three reasons for that while the forth simply kicks off the trouble i.e. the Nationalism and the squander and the Competition with communism, while the Men and their girls just kick it off and of course they have no respect for anybody whatsoever - hence where I stand made very clear, if I get hold of them and those insults as well and that foolish media and claims they know how I feel about their actions and vandalism, this is what it will look like bearing in mind my books are not hurting badly enough yet obviously which is why they are still at it; itís that their stuff we are aware of i.e. social breakdown which applies in terms of the fact if they exist in a condition where there is no body to stop them from doing things they should not do, they cannot stop themselves, starting from nonsense about how much they do not believe in God which they think works for everybody and yes they can bring that culture here yet again and show me how much of that American insolence they can shoot off again and find out what I will do about it too, most of which also involves the US President that wants to mess up my income and pretend I will not know when the fight is about to start so I can have an equivalent from him before it does, unless he chickens that is; I mean why would they chase me around, along with their fellow British idiots and what for what?).

HH I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland