They do claim that I underestimated how much famous people hated me but the problem is not my realisation of how much hate people had towards me or the lack of it, it is the fact their stupidities will never stop showing up to pick up my concerns and deploy it for a different purpose to what it was intended, as insultingly as possible, then fail to understand it was possible for me to get off my toilet and get involved with their famous idiots multimillion pound careers if they were issuing threats at me for it. It will show up to pick up the personal life, public image and career to deploy for some other purpose and I cannot remember for instance when I invited the women who usually look like something that had a flawed sense of right and wrong, which encouraged anal sex, into a Court that was designed for female journalists who spent time claiming that their spare time was deployed to have anal sex with me, that then made sense of stupidities associated with being bullied when they hang about in Public places to report the news and I do not remember inviting the stupid men who suck the life out of every atmosphere until other people lost a career into it either – we know that their access to that court has meant feeling me in my bedroom, to talk into me abusively and get imagination up my bum to create a smell. The problem has really always been that if I brokered equity with Clients and they were customers of products that Clients had put out, I had to avoid antagonising them, to maintain my Clients’ businesses but they have progressed to cutting off the public from my Books and keeping their hands in the cookie jar without paying for it all day long – the outcome being a candy had been taken from a baby situation with a big mouth. No idea how difficult it is for them to understand what I am saying when I point out they needed to make the comments about their career and stay away from my Books. So, it does appear that this being the case, they had wrecked my finances which the idiots had not in any way whatsoever: they have rather built up enough to get a response from me, something of a process where my entire life was transformed into a tool by which to improve the financial betterment of scumbags that I have never been formally introduced to, blowing off their big mouths in public places for it as well. Then we find them point out others who have been handling my concerns in that way, while all can see that somebody goes through a lot of trouble when it was obvious the niceties offered towards your concerns as per the way they wish to get around with it for their financial wellbeing, is not something that they did all the time or did at home or for trivia – these are sweet people, something that is happening because a Person is a public figure.

It could never stop boasting about changing me from a coward into a more courageous person, from the intolerance which consequences it complains about endlessly – the realty is more a matter of the fact it was a business of celebrities sending out criminals to collect my career for them, when I attended to the matter, the busy body idiots who want to join in on the bullying people to get paid for popularity by industry twats, spied on me at the loo, to build communities they get imagination up my bum and build a media presence where they ensured all I did to move the problem on got passed off as another person’s career – hence those who do not wish the business of me wanting more of this nonsense from them until they ended up with new personality disorder that is the usual ending that ensured they stopped bothering me, to become the least of their worries, need understand that when it comes to my Office and my Books, the disobedience is intolerable, considering they never told me 12 years ago that I am a coward when that stupid Jewish, British, American, German disobedience of which the Muslims are just looking for trouble that can reach them from all angles, began to put up the money leverage for people to trade as if I had lost something important, they are doing it because they think their vandalism will never be punished and therefore set to develop into other things (involvement with the Office and my Books is too close even for their own good). They claim I had a trick by which I avoided the civil rights gimmicks and republican madness but I suppose saying so was a more preferable explanation for the fact I am not as disobedient and disrespectful, to a point where I am caught up in the civil rights gimmicks and republican insanity, as they are, although their stupidities never have stopped claiming they were set to teach me lessons over it, with a big mouth.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland