We now hear their MPs are angry about my behaviour and wish to teach me a lesson and I couldnít get my head around it anyway; the last time I had to tolerate fools in parliament their freedom of association created a Political party which purpose was to ensure the UK got from a Constitutional Monarchy to a republic at my expense and as a result of which I had no way to develop a Country freedom of association in their view, so I dropped out of University and their children got there to pass exams and return to popular culture they didnít need it for all together and so it is this process of dropping out of University to sit about reacting to their stupidities daily which amounts to the second time I have had to tolerate them, which has not yet in their stupid view counted as something that may have made me very angry indeed. I hear they say my behaviour and what I say is out of order if I mention something about their stupid female MPs having pleasurable fun that involves the dichotomies of treachery which has to do with bullying and pillaging younger men that are not doing something violent, never mind the fucking idiots waiting at the civil service to make me homeless while there are fools all over the media who think I do not have the right to breathe, all because I am seen attending Church Ė my position and my words are not yet out of order, the fools who claim it is just feel it is more convenient to tackle me than it is to tackle idiots who raise their kids to be criminals so that they might claim itís the fault of the government for not causing some of the tax payer funds to end up in their household and I have had enough of them too; we all see that the threats will never end, now that the idiots have been civil rights bullying me to make riches and fame, they have now located I am coward and have since joined the security services to do things for me that I cannot do for myself and that means it cannot keep its mouth shut and thinks the process of having people chasing its stupidities because its liberal leadership cannot tell the simple truth without money having created an outcome where they are always seen expressing something about having that money at peopleís expense and making enemies who are now chasing them over it adds up to some leverage if they can entangle me with it: reality however is that when it gets hurt it will claim it was fighting my battles for me that I was too cowardly to fight for myself and it has not actually got any leverage if I decided on what to do at a point where the Machiavellian plan to beat down womenís insults an gossips had failed like it has at the moment, especially considering the possibility somebody might want to beat me up for them, losing such security of which is the reason they hate my guts so much as we speak, but we can never be free from its big mouth still every time on that stupid media, showing up to damage my Book sale business and believe I am being handled and bullied. Nobody really knows why you would tell people not to move into your right hand since it would drive you insane and means you would drive their stupid liberal leadership one as well but end up with community croons bearing down on me sexually and making statements about a culture I have damaged to laugh behind my back claiming I am a good looking scum that is being trapped and used, talking nonsense about their rights looking like that but be that as it may of which, I did not create the peace and quiet in this Office for their conveniences either and they are not complaining enough in my view. Itís the things it tempts people into doing; I mean the only thing I have not done to them so far is tearing up that media the way it does my Books and we all know it is fast approaching the stage where I will need to record some stupid adverts I have told people not to make with reference to me or pretend to be me, put it on Utube with statements attached and start a fight to take the media down and only then I think will it give me a semblance of peace in over a decade as it were. Itís an old story where we find their stupidities make out they are very important and then it will go from confronting me with what extremists can do for me or to me which is linked to their homosexuality and a lot of insults concerning their inability to see the challenges I face to pay my bills is just the same as theirs and worthy of their respect of stupidities all be it so, while I have not yet started a campaign over that stupid personality that looks like a character people wants to take careers and jobs from because it has never been seen being serious minded in public all together as it were. The point where I said I do not pick a fight with the media and it still stands as the only thing I have not destroyed yet should have been the end of this tale with nobody chasing my tummy and anus any further but it isnít going to be as that big mouth will ensure something physical is done about them as well all together. In the end, the complaining MPs can knock on the door of criminals as well as Police Officers to win elections and scale the Parliament fences of state provided security to make trouble for me, then talk nonsense about being angry and wanting to teach me big mouthed lessons. We all know why the structures for investment that Obama and Blair set up for them are always being torn down here and we all know why they do not wish to be mentioned in my Books as equally as we are aware of how they wish to make money but do not wish to go along with my ground rules Ė none peddles my faith, none peddles my personal life, none peddles my private life; all that blabbing and insults that comes from new Political class militia is all very well but those will keep their fingers off my bum in a short period of time as long as these stupid threats continue as well, just the same as the stupid liberal leadership lesbians are getting their fun somewhere else these days. It is mostly overlooked that Politicians are the worst trouble makers in the country, that is for as long as somebody has not told them to toe the line and keep off his livelihood like I have and then they will say that in medieval times I wouldnít have survived a day outside the hangmanís noose but we all know that in medieval times it would have been their wealth to build up as it were with all those white and black girls effects all over the place all together, so they can tell me I sneer at it but make use of it anyway while we all know itís a matter of the amount of work I have to do to get myself into an environment where I provide very qualified people design solutions they ask of me, with media goons playing somewhere else but we all know that until that time when I record an advert and place it on Utube with statement attached comes and leaves them weeping and wailing as though doing so will change something, there is a behaviour here that is unlikely to move somewhere else, while their stupid MPs teach fucking lessons. They say my activities put people at risk which is utter nonsense; I simply do not know what they are doing setting out information I have set off at Culture and Society to write Books that provide an Intellectual Property Administration service to mean a process where others have taken my career which gives the media power over me Ė this is why they are complaining as throngs and throngs of goons show up to have a piece of pie. The story of people loyal to me is an old one, where it does not get done if it is counterproductive, the rest however are an old story about what I could be used for. they say I prevent people from being famous and I wouldnít know anyway, itís much the same as the claim I have no respect for The Prince of Wales whereas the one he did since last I must never have financial support until he is king means I am University drop out who is broke and is therefore not in a relationship, what those who wanted to deploy the Princes trust for wish to discuss now apparently is my Books. So the general idea is that I was going to whimper and tell people I didnít really mean it a weed smoking goons who take class A drugs and look like characters people want to take jobs and careers from all the time, whereas their Pop stars will make money no other way and can do nothing else with time save telling me what life should be Ė so, I did stop them from getting famous and I have not yet beaten down that stupid self-confidence so it can stop persecuting me on account rich people exist so far. The society ones couldnít do without setting off a need to build my public image for themselves, which they now claim belongs to them and I can see they are complaining, insults that get to a stage where you cannot sit with a person and talk about a job role without being mechanical while they think the fact their fingers around my bum is not funny anymore on account they are having to take their toilets to work since last they couldnít beat it every time they saw it like their big mouths suggested came into play and yes I did stop them getting famous and have only those three ground rules; none peddles my faith, none peddles my public life, none peddles my personal life Ė we can all see how they wish to make money but this is an Arch Princeís Estate. As ever, stupid people are not a threat and one should not hang up somewhere thinking they are not listening because it is oneís own fault - itís only a matter of when they want to be one. Itís all just a bunch of weed piping, Marijuana smoking, Class A drugs sniffing goons who know all the deviance hot spots in the land and are characters that are always losing careers and jobs to somebody else but having found a way to ensure others pay for the way they way instead of them have bumped into one that will not budge here - I am left wondering what sort of insults and pattern of growth the fools have been entertaining all their lives to show up and barricade me behind my door with violent gossips on account they build publicity around my life and want to own it thereby become me on account they do not like themselves very much, what sort of insults mean I cannot have a conversation with other people without feeling mechanical about it but I want them to clear my space now and stop showing up around my concerns, since it was originally what they set out to do with their time but is now taking up my time instead. I mean what has earned me the sort of venomous and abusive prejudicial hatred that I have had to deal with is the fact some people have been making statements that suggest whatever is getting to their heads is apparently passing off to somebody else as long as they spend their attention on those who do not really want it, which is the same thing I am suffering here with the fools clinging to my income margins and playing with me over my Books and we all know it has not yet seen the bit where I start a campaign for that stupid personality that looks like a character that wants to give up ajob to somebody else all the time as well, it thinks it arrived in the UK before I did and has more rights. The story here they say is about me getting in touch with my people in Africa over the probability of getting married into the Royal Family which we all know will never be the same as money mad goons going off to Nigeria to bring money mad goons from there to the UK to set up their gimmicks and stand up at the shops to throw around blame culture like we have seen, hence really none of their business as a whole. All I can say is that we see all sort of things about the population on media and none about attacking young couples who would rather face the world with their teenager lover than learn anybodyís stupid ropes or the consequences of attacking them which is that the UK now has an ageing population for example, the ones we see is lazy and inactive British stories on the tabloids all the time, when their socialist politicians are good at spending tax payer funds on gay communities to begin with. The women one is the bit where we do soul searching when women get active and prepare for work Ė dance classes and yoga etc, in my case they would have everything that belongs to me which others have laid hands on, if I got myself off to the gym so their stupidities do not bother me. So we see that the only benefit of every part of my body hurting over everything I write as a result of their ability to sense my every move through violent gossips was always that somebody else has not yet gotten rich with my work before I was allowed to have a go and we see their insanity in that way run forever, blabbing about how I will only go up against the Media to end up being a terrorist, whereas everybody knows they will never find a terrorist and that I have done society and culture and politics but have not yet ripped up the media which now makes them think they have become all powerful and that I cannot, so with all that blabbing has become a matter of time case all together. We hear them talk about the security services bothering them of course when we all know their behaviour can only continue messing with peoples jobs until somebody gets killed and so I really should not be getting trouble by the fact that they are always interested in security services jobs all of the time while wanting to run from the not so glamourous bits, so that even if their penis is being grabbed and fingers are on their anus, we see the behaviour does not change at all and no amount of the intensity of it will get them thinking somebody is fighting to stay alive because of them Ė itís not the one that has to knock on a criminalís door and tell them to come outside for an arrest but it knows how Police work should be done all day long. Of course they do grab mine as well; the story is the sense I never do anything on time and never do anything that I am meant to and somebody will get killed before I sit up, which is not really the case Ė what happens is that these guys have let themselves into my life and developed themselves a public image where they are the ones providing the security and at the same time the ones making the trouble, like we see them build publicity for my faith and run it around the world to facilitate blaspheming that brings wealth: so we have ended up with this disposition where they do things and claim itís the security services people,making me think it is and so we see them do things and claim I am the one doing it, making security services think I am; the result of course is that it just makes me more paranoid about the corruption of the security services and become really wary of who is going into it, very contrary to what they were hoping to accomplish. We hear the energy would have been better spent doing something about racism when we have not even seen them do something about the gangs they grew up with, who are now aware that they have become television journalists, before they tell me I feel sorry for the white man over racism, while I dropped out of University on their account and would like it if they showed up here to get a Book, not play with me, talking nonsense about energy that could better be spent on racism stuff. As ever, so far, they have developed new civil rights and the loss of the old one was not something I did to facilitate financial wellbeing; dropped out of University, not very happy about it, while they keep having fun at my expense, if this winds me up again, then they will find me tell stories of what I am capable of with a history attached too (needs to stop playing with me and get a Book).

Itís an old story the Political Parties biggest at present of which is the Scottish Nationalists, educate us all about anal sex constantly, then tends to not remember it is doing it if somebody pushes them to a corner, gets the anal sex done in secret and spends time making sure they cannot go anywhere - I mean I am caught out in parts of society where people cannot stop educating others about anal sex and I tend to know it every day, itís impossible to locate what sort of disrespect these goons operate by especially their media fools and worth noting that with all these complaints running around, I have not begun making money from causing them the distress of seeking success of insults at their expense the way their celebrities and stupid selves do me all day long.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland