(Laziness and incompetence, Cultures of Fame and organised crime, Spiritual evils and Vandalism)



So the powerful cowards have ideas about how my business should be operated. The most popular notion is that of how people want to fight for me when I get into trouble with enemies most of which they create and how I disappoint and frustrate those people then try to get my books sold, which is then impossible because those people have power. I have never changed status on the fact I am a Christian and there is nothing about the Bible which suggests that it is okay to get involved with a gang of people that will beat up other peoples for you if you get into trouble, when the going gets tough on account you are a Christian. They complain Pop stars and celebrities are doing it, last I checked of which Pop stars and celebrities were criminals-very evil people.

They on the other hand will never listen because their ears as it were have alternative uses, which is no surprise they turned out the way they have too anyway. I have told them I don't want to see their stupid culture but it turns up on my personal life every second, every day. There are people that those cultures are nice to and it is not me as it were but this must be my lot, with everything any idiot wants to say in Public and on media at all times. They say the reasons for their actions are the problems they do not wish to endure because I have got power to fix them but I was there in fact when it began, I was about only 17 and then it really took off on a global stage during the year of my 21st birthday where it has stayed since and continued to get worse daily; I am referring to stirring up every single trouble everywhere they can find it, in order to goad me over doing something about it with things I have which they do not. I do not presume I am the first person to put up with such things and this fact further expresses the truth that they have done it to somebody else, wrecked the person's life and spent all they got from it sleeping around or more colloquially fucking around, until they wrecked their own lives and now are out here to wreck mine to have what they are not having as a result of it. They complain the pain is unbearable but they will never let it be because they have found the power that can fix it in my personal life as they did with other people. They think I have not had enough of them and that because they work on media and work in Politics, they have become incredibly privileged when they do not even have enough salary for two. 

Where I will have revenge however is that these things happen when I need to get a job and keep it and while I am at college trying to complete a programme of study, that will give me a better chance at getting a job and I will have revenge for this, they can be assured of that, with their stupid attention seeking destruction. For now it is my millions they are fond of wasting from every property of mine they see, seeking these things that they are paying for and at this stage I am just setting up legitimate structures I can sit down and trade with, they are not paying anywhere near enough so far. I mean I know it is a recession so people tend to know their businesses and the equities they broke with me and do business normally but because of the economic conditions I tend to get a bad deal, they on the other hand are just squander and violent vandalism, hence I cannot extract a living from selling my books as well because with media and cultural wickedness, I am being made to keep promises I am said to have made to those who impress me because I think that when I make those promises to give them the world, I will be allowed to tag along(???). Hence recession becomes more expensive as results are created for which there are no text book answers, while to them and their evil American friends, not only does it apply that their wicked cultures have begun to have the power to make people rich on these but it also means they are having the best time of their lives. Then their destructive entrepreneurs will bash in my Business, especially temperamental colours on Public places and make lots of incredibly stupid expensive claims about how they are more consumers focused in their activities, while I am elitist. None of the things they have done of which makes any sense and is incredibly infuriating (outcome being their Pop music stars choking off and cutting away baby shoots of anything that seems like economic activity or growth here, to show that a girl can do what I do as well, while the personal and corporate interest idiots involved try their hands on running the purpose of my business for those that need it because they consider their need for money to surpass anything as well as the importance of their ability to claim other people’s property as theirs to be all important, which is what rounding me up like I am an animal was all about and the biggest problem they have got among others, as it always was, is actually leaving alone other people). It is the old issue behind why I cannot get any of my books sold, for even if it means an undoing of all I have done for people, every step taken to run a business by me must be followed with ageist squander on National television that they look into the eyes of their media scum eagerly for and like to make out is really funny - funny as per it is so sweet they will gobble it up that is; they have their salaries well tucked away of course and so the idea is that they have no problems whatsoever as a result of that and for this reason time for me is running out and so will be come to a point where there is no other way to move forward but a means of extreme destruction by which I will explain what I mean when I say some people do not to be re-orientated with the whole process of how to address and speak to another person and that I will be waiting for them at their retirement for it. They say when I speak of the fact that it is always better to take the moral high ground I am saving the Royal family for extinction, the last thing they want to talk about is how much they love their fight between Christians and wicked people and why they can never let it be, about which it is not yet Wall Street on one side and the Church of England on the other. So for now I am still picking up pieces of what happens when they wreck the lives of a young person like myself and I have to wait for them at their retirement and how that affects the economy so they can show that if they are not currently doing damage to the economy then they are interested in hatred for my faith that is more concerned with my livelihood and income with a big mouth. As for saving the Royal family from extinction of ageist squander, the Queen is patron of my work of course and it is a sweet fringe benefit as it were.

Now the general concern with this matter is that of the operation of communities at the centre of which is their various finances i.e. the men are wary of their wives actions of the joint Bank account and so are the women ware of what their actions might make the men do with it, hence the outlet is not just a process of setting out to vandalise property belonging to those they feel or have been given the notion from some point of higher authority that is unworthy of any form of respect, that nothing will happen to them if they do, in order to feed habits and desires and gather money to do so thereof; this therefore means establishment of a fact that the chosen victim cannot detach themselves from after years of their time and my time of example (upon being regarded as chosen victim) has been spent on plans to gain access to my finances which must be operable before I am allowed to qualify on any academic endeavour with their cultural excuses that their politicians get to understand, get confused about and exonerate until they are and assumptions of power that they have never been given. It is for this reason that it is important for them to live in ghettos where they will be confident that their stupid lives are such that they can do whatever they wish to do with mine and I can do nothing about theirs or about them. So in the end the wickedness issue develops around how men wish to abuse a child sort of in order to extract things only they understand which exists in a spiritual context to make them rich, and what the idiots they have done such things to before make of those they have chosen for such nothings and anything which belongs to such a person. Hence there is always an excused in and expected interference by the whites in the affairs of none whites and none whites in the affairs of whites to secure their so called abusive wickedness that creates things which they make riches from that they and the devil only understand. Quangos and red tape is the UK what Embezzlement is to African Countries (for example) and they know it but think they have scapegoats whenever they yap off some stories about multiculturalism, to make out changes that confuse people and point fingers at those that should be responsible, to saddle themselves with responsibilities to lay to rest the powers that be through political office in order to make the problem go away, which at the very least creates enough distraction to wreck the lives of those who do not give them things. As for the attitude of handling my work and my profit margins, they will certainly live up to those stupid threats one of these days.

I. Uno I on Behalf of the Company

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland