So, it is said I have such a challenge getting my Books sold, which I do not in anyway. It’s an old story that Royalty that writes Books should expect people not to understand and thereby extricate an outcome in which by the time the Books have been explained to them, there will be no more of a purpose to buying their copy; this has never been a crisis either, just one of the fine indications they would rather get oppressed by Celebrities than buy Books I write and love so much thereof I am having to supply them as well. When I say it is because they evil they like to make out it is flattering as I do tend to recognise where my pit falls and potential danger to me is but this has never once been my intention and can always continue until I change it and change my mind alongside too. They do claim they are more successful than I am of course, but it is the part where this amount to an idea that I get along with them that is the main problem. I cannot get along that well with people who take my place and make my money every time I place Celebrities in my Court because what they get up is how I make my living and yes I do get told people did not know about it originally which is so in any case because that is how I planned - security problem would be enormous if everybody knew and a Celebrity had to get into the life of a Drugs idiot to find out facts of his stupidities and make Music CDs from it as a result of Equity I brokered but it is important these goons realise they are at Court because they are supposed to be, just in case one of my Brokers wants to give them that sort of work but it has been a journey and Media Manager bullies and every tool at Illiterate persons Business ventures (that knows where those with Talent and no money that they can abuse exist because they have spent some of their insulting stupid days in the work force and therefore have some savings that can be made into a lot of money depending on how destructive and wasteful of other people’s lives their stupidities get) and Literate Financial nonsense (who employ criminals from peoples neighbourhoods and want to take over the world with other people’s hard earned value - these scum are supposed to have been the high fliers that nobody gets to compete with all together), along with their bullying and abuse and insults have not been a bore throughout too. I am just saying I do not have trouble selling my Books, just reality if a person writes Books from a Royal position like I have, these fools especially those that want rights will expect explanations for what the purpose of the Books are until they know everything and do not have to buy their copy, which is so because they love to be oppressed by Celebrities and hate buying Books that I write; it’s the Boys at the end of the Day and because of them I have to take out an extra job because Royal Business is not profitable and the question has now mattered as per whether I am a Boy as well is debatable, really - they do nothing else but lay down their Boys stuff and show me what is what on income every day and like to tell me my response is asking for a war so I can remind them of the fuck Dad and Mr Needy thing; I did warn about it, ripping up my contracts so I can rip their own as well and I believe they were also informed I am not a very happy Man as a result of being pushed out of my Academic work. It’s like the great old case of how nobody really knows or can tell what I want or am after, which is rather a simple case of a Published writer that wants to return to University and finish a legal degree and whose Books cost £21 a Piece, that wants to do J.K. Rowling kind of success, every time he pays somebody to sell his Books and they become more concerned with their own clinical depression and other people’s problems, similar to that other story of how I play into the hands of Industry goons whereas this was as simple as the three types there are 1) The one that wants to do business with me 2) The Type that does not want to do business with me that I do not go around looking for either, most of whom are usually chased around by bullies who get after talented people who do not have money and young people looking for career direction because it is the best way to make their little savings into a process of living on easy street when their stupidities had made them rich and ripped up people’s lives and 3) The ones they are actually talking about being the type that get involved with my concerns and make up excuses for their behaviour, turn up to push me against society really hard and ensure their wives as a responsibility of mine, in order to get rich using my State Office Public image and ensure there was no way of getting into trouble for it. What I get out of it all either way is that they all understand and no scum will expect to move into my right hand without consequences - especially as they are complaining because it is no longer the need to maintain bully status that causes them to seek employment and hold onto it but fear that somebody else will do it to them as well (There is no such thing as getting into trouble with society - they have not got it; they are always bothering Politicians because they know I will step this up in a big way is provoked - I mean another instance besides being followed around and messed up until I drop out of University, is having to take out another job because Royal work is not profitable, this then means I have a lot on my hands and they can follow me around and make me smell at will, in order to drive around Public transport lying over me and calling crowds to rob me every time they see me in Public, while they show up through Public transport operation jobs to get around posh areas of the City linking their stupidities up with those who understand the problems of Men and turning up here to tell me they want my Royal Estate too at the end, with a big mouth; so it adds up and I am not going anywhere either). They do claim I am getting into ever increasing trouble with society of course and it is utter nonsense - just another indication they cannot keep their Mouths firmly shut as there is no way I would get into any such trouble if they actually had the means; the reality is that somebody has to rip up my academics and finances and now my Bookshop in order to get around posh areas of the City where he operates Public transport, establishing links he will get rich later with among rich kids without which he will not pay attention to the one that actually pays his salary and then my party piece where every single thing we see them do and say must be done and said along with their Media scum, through a process of telling me what to do - knowing that in order to sell my Books I have to sell my lifestyle alongside and cannot be an individual at the market place in that way, on account they have needs but which is not surprising because they are so stupid it beats the imagination every time and all I am saying is that I would not get into trouble with them if they had the means, period. It’s an old story behind the reasons I kick them hard enough and set about drawing Diplomacy lines with the Russians of which they will tell me is not the only thing I have done and will be correct in doing so; after all when you have National interests and the Russians are involved it becomes a power thing no matter what relations you may have had with them and it is never really power ordinary as much as it is power as per they have people that look like me or democracy in their territory and I need to co-operate or those will get it power, then we see them turn out to become Oligarchs on my Empire and tell me nobody knows who the hell I am - resulting in this outcome where I cross their Communism lines too and nobody can tell the difference anymore; they have now lost Syria and most of the Middle East and South America as well and they cannot even catch or question me but we all know that the most important item has been attained from it all i.e. they do get to leave me alone for my bit. It’s like the hate crime story here in the UK where the problem with me is that I am scared of all that moves but we all know the real issue is that they want their hate crime to affect the one that pays my salary and not the one that pays their own etc and that is not something they can control because they are stupid beyond normal peoples imagination. and love to resort to bugging Politicians as a way out, while getting on Media to insult me further trying to be more important than I am and blowing off big mouthed threats too; those stupid threats that come from scum that have a problem with my Christian faith and the presence of God around me that they claim gets in their eyes - it has even come to the stage where they are about to be cracked and it’s my fault and my sex and body type will ensure they are not, while the other behaviour of shedding anything their parents raised them with if any and turn up to insult me with sex because I am a moral person continues. We hear it’s all ideology stuff whereas they must be tough to secure the land and its borders and it will lead to nonsense about foolish Women who want to have sex with and use some good looking Men for violence doing things that get people killed but they will continue to do it nevertheless - unless somebody else is perhaps as insane as I am. The message about democracy meaning they can turn up to decide what my Body should be used for has now led to a condition where even the US cannot question me about their freedoms but they are still at it especially the foolish Women that want to get rich as it were; it is not lost in translation either, the story of fools that would rather be oppressed by Celebrities than stop persecuting me and buying Books I write doing what they like with the use of insults and abuses from Media and politicians pulling me in every direction because they find it amusing. I do not have a problem with ideological stuff; usually it’s a matter of an idiot showing up on public media to deploy other people’s identity to make themselves comfortable but since people have eyes and see what they see, there is no need to explain; except that is, Politicians get involved and then you realise you are being oppressed when busy body Media twerps get involved to create the one that suits them into your life which is usually financial ideological stuff, it leads to outcomes where people really need to find out which part of come through to save the day and return to being less important than Politicians lest your oppression get worse duties and responsibilities that the Media fools and Politicians have been performing recently. In the end it is said I risk myself saying it all here but it does seem that my online Book shop is a big joke to this people and because the Politicians have arranged their case in such a way as means that since one part comes from poor background and relies on its talent and hence does not know what the market where people have lots of money to throw into everything they want to do really looks like and the other that has it exists in the same condition, there has to be very stupid bullies working on extreme destruction of people’s lives on both these positions we find ourselves at the Markets as a society and in my case the result is that whenever I am off spending time with what I need to do, it will last a couple of minutes and then the Politicians will give some signal they planned from home and it will be destroyed while they claim it’s all disillusionment and not premeditated, ending with their busy body media scum weeing on me Literarily; so I want my Book shop on the high streets and the online one will be successful enough to make it happen too - they do say it will be almost impossible of course but that is a matter of making sure there is a meeting point for a process where appearing in Public places without my Books in hand which people must buy before they can make use of my personality actually comes together as a result of the fact I made it do so and then it will be a Book shop with a nice little corner where I and Female Journalists can have Cheeky and Baby sex, whereby when people rip up your entire business Empire for such a thing, you want to know what makes them tick as well. So I do get told I need to talk about it in terms of Nation and leadership which I already did; the Politicians are the same creating the distraction that does not allow them do what they need to, which means that every idiot has an argument to make and buy time that will let him cling to your livelihood and find out later that his disobedience can be profitable at market, now they will not let me get on with mine as well and have busy body media fools that have a go to make it work. So I have to come up with a plan and that means that if people can stop this behaviour and they refuse to when I still have 45 years to plan a pension at the work place then I will wait until they leave me with just 30 and make them feel like that too and then the same when they leave me with just 20 and then the same when it’s just 10 and the same when its 5 – when we are done I will lose everything but have revenge. They do claim it is a blow dealt for inequality of course but it is something they will get into trouble for if bandied at me; since 20 years work and research is more undemocratic than the few Months I showed up in public to stir their stupidities and envy hence the vandalism they have awarded themselves the right to perform and we are not talking about cutting up that stupid civil rights in such a way the Americans cannot question me either – this will be a wholly new story all together. The Politicians do say they want to be able to handle the matter of them idiots not making changes to their income through the destruction, which of course is pointless as the young people from poor backgrounds always end up getting along with the others who get City Centre jobs in order to get out of it - the result makes society people very angry and they start to work violence as a result - my business is that the goons they get around with on the other hand ripped up my academic work at Greenwich University about 10 years ago and are still not sorry for it. They say it is because people are gay and if they push this prognosis on me I will make them regret it well, I will cure them of that stupid homosexuality for my part in the matter too - they ought to spend it on their gay community like Women spend personal problems on them as it were and stop damaging my property to make themselves feel gay enough to be Gay - I already have a state of affairs of anal sex with people who appear on National Television daily which is imaginary, in order to ensure scumbags like these have more sex and rip up my business Empire for it. It is said I expose myself too much but of course the reality is that I have a Court of Female Journalists and Celebrities and Fashion people and all they do is keep me away from the rest of the World - hence it is difficult because the Men exist and I should know that some of them are Gay as well and so I must handle the case where getting angry cracks up a Court and it will not make sense for me when it is unable to work - so I do not owe the Men any duties to ensure they are able to get a life as a result of not being cracked as well for my part; I hear it will encourage bad people to get involved with me of course but it is the bad ones I control better, the problem with it being that the Politicians will not stop lying i.e. that bad people are in need of something beautiful, something spectacular, something out of the ordinary, something amazing to abuse and damage to their hearts content in order to look like they are ready to meet the great and the good and somebody needs to stop lying as well.


I have no idea why this character has continued to show up in Public places to ask for an opportunity to make himself the champion of some bigots by which he exhibits wide eyed threats at me all over the Media and Tabloids. The reality is that the idiots he provides leadership for, he might want to note are still turning up at my Work place to make trouble for me, while ripping up all to do with my personality and every public effect of me as well as my Book sales, considering they had ripped up the academic work and created a drop out Prince in 2008, which behaviour I had to put up with in the local community while I attended University was the kind he had to endure in order to become an MP that is as stupid as he is in the first place thereof. So the simple solution being to ask his scum to end this behaviour, he has rather chosen to exhibit an act first when they complain and ask question later attitude and if he crosses me again I will certainly make an example of him among all politicians that have behaved in this way Towards me and tend to everyday for the last 12 years. They do say it is a problem they have with my ‘Hot Dog’ of a story Book but it is not the 80s and the 90s where they ran free with white mafia and murder and restaurants and if I see any of that stupid culture I will cut it up for them again as it were, if I do not sell it all together that is, considering which if I lived during that time they wouldn’t have a fucking chance either. At the end of the day act first and ask questions later Michael Gove of an idiot does not know what the results are going to be, so the assumption must be that he thinks I am his Father and should pay for it while he find out things as it were and I have no idea who the fuck he is either.


Now it has become a story of questions about what I am doing and what people are supposed to do with it; of which the case has been as simple first of all as the fact that there is a Book here with a price tag on it, which is a product of brokering a certain percentage of business assets and keeping the rest for trading – never minding the fact when we see them walk into the City centres and financial districts in suits nothing draws our imagination to the behaviour of ripping up my assets and skewering the Book sales, to turn up on Media to pose questions about what needs to be done because that is how the problem they have in the form of making money with a business gets solved – nothing suggests that the idea we are not looking at some of the cleverest organisms on the planet is based on fact. Then there are the civil rights ones too; those cannot understand how any human being could exist in a condition whereby others cannot question him or disagree with him like I do, which has nothing to do with my Books but does tend to show they prefer being oppressed by celebrities to buying a copy hence their need to get involved with me without doing so. Nobody really has a problem with Tony Blair over the War in Iraq in anyway, we all know the situation was such that the planning for the aftermath was actually worse than the War itself because the people who conducted it were clever – the main problem is that he decided on this path of getting into parliament to control how religious people believe what they believe and set himself on my unique faith like an anti-Christ to make it happen and each time they shed blood over this, their Media scum will tell me there is no returning for me – what they have ended up with is a war in Iraq that grew into one in Syria, that gave birth to Isis while they were still dealing with Al-Qaida and have not stopped a behaviour where I am asked to regard the leadership of their stupid Prime Minister in the same way I regard the worship of God with a personally convicted belief – foolish old idiots playing filthy defiling games that will make them famous and foster an alternative lifestyle you might call it but if they push me further I will cut up that stupid Party now that I have stirred enough trouble to ensure other parties can fill that space and save the Country from a one party State and cook up another game here by which they will tend to get famous when they want again. People have to understand my level of tolerance is measured by the number of years I have had to endure absolute misery as a result of the stupidities of these goons and access to government office that crowds give them, which means they want to share what I have but have assured me they will be there when they need to because asking and getting or being refused tends to foster inequality like we see them give to the frugal. The Books should not be disturbed by those who do not want to buy them at this stage since there is no opposition to people making use of my work and Public image at this point - so we are getting ever closer to the stage where my habit becomes the need to rip up their finances to extricate financial equities that will encourage lenders to support my Business and see what becomes of their civil rights and modernist problem with Moral people and the need to secure Western trading atmosphere based on persecution and complains and religious persons and organisations really becomes, since at this stage they have come to see that they have no chance but believe that the domination they seek is a right that they have (this is not the 80s and 90s where the most popular Christians become pornographers to understand what the world really is like, in order for them  to have civil rights and get rich quick popular culture but as I said, there is recently nothing opposing them when it comes to usage of my property, hence the Book sales should not be disturbed in an ideal world but we live in one in which they want some of mine and will get it too). I had issued the warning before i.e. after Brexit it had become a language they would understand easier if I said contract for contract - they rip up mine, I rip up their own and we keep the Women out of it but they say they do not want to play this game and yet are still at it never the less.

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