They do claim I had failed to acknowledge a problem which caused a difficulty in getting around to a solution i.e. that people were fighting my battles and paying a price for my misdeeds. In terms of there being a problem and an inability to allow a solution for my part, there has always been a solution to a problem that does not exist on the matter i.e. they claim they are fighting my wars and I confirm that they were if they wanted it so badly, which is not necessarily to say that getting into harms way will not come to them as if it was the real thing but rather that when it does, I will get away with what I had done as well, hence do not mind the insults too much. In retrospect, all of these activities are being performed in public, like the proliferation of my assets, income margins and property equity because some idiots who do not spend their time reading Books did not like my Books and another group of twats who liked to spend peoples safety on themselves and always knew where public problems were located, would not keep their distance, hence nothing for me to be worried about but the problem was the insolence of consistently suggesting I was not who I am and will get into trouble if it was suggested, hence these matters are now social and cultural problems that their stupidities are set to solve as such. I have been told that in context of which there is no content to this so called problem that runs and runs everyday but there isn’t – just the narcissism of idiots who needed to ensure I got into a fight with people to deserve my career and are usually unfathomably stupid people, getting support from Celebrities who picked up my career and product publicity for practical jokes backed by security industry twats who keep an eye on me and use sexual context abuses to tell me what to do – I don’t worry about it too much as their activities are criminal, there may not be evidence they had done something that should get the law interested in their personal concerns but they are saying that there were things the authorities did to keep them straight and I had to be groomed into a position where they can do the same to me as well. It is all being highlighted by the activities of characters who picked up the fact I took up residence in a bad neighbourhood to write Books by, as an opportunity to develop a process where it would be easy and time achieved to say that they had a problem with me and sent somebody out to attack me for it, hence taken up 7 years of my time to run my life with social activities of criminals in order to create the conditions and I too will make sense of their ability to conduct their affairs as Royals, Politicians and Celebrity without spending their resources or mine, seeking the trapping of treachery if they were not spending other peoples sense of security and safety on themselves, I will ensure they lost everything that mattered to their stupidities, so I can begin my own process of guarantee that I had the means, power and time based process by which I can cause them harm as well, it is as ever, the usual stupidities.

I am told it’s a matter of the idea that I am a perfect while I am not and it is utter nonsense too – I have been running through this thing I do on the wayside, concerning their abuses and house-proud insults, the applicable anal sex gimmicks, since 2003 and I am responding to this in 2022. They have always talked in Hollywood like they were in need of assistance from an exorcist but nothing prepared me for the way somebody would say that their concerns were going to make them money and they needed to behave a certain way until the deal comes through, led to a sense I am a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy, a bum who was of a social position lower than criminals that were willing to take a chance for money and show business but we are here because they were so entitled when I denied them access to my concerns, the famous always got what they wanted, with a big mouth. The idea is that where I have ended up is sad which it is not, I need to pull myself together and attack the famous, having been this nonsense has developed from a kind of public engagement that makes a mess of client interests in my Bookshop, then gets mentally ill gits and criminals involved with my personal space, hardwired to think about and finger my bum all day, finished off with an arrangement with rogue landlords where they bombarded the civil service with information that I am a benefits scrounger, now needs to get off the Bookshop as it were and spend its famous insanity somewhere else. I don’t mind the insults concerning my social status either, I have mentioned a problem with the nature of their public engagements, and I think their one is set to stop the way I want it to, just like all the others (should be enough to make sense of their happy failure for other people vandalism gits at the Monarchy as well; could meet me in person and tell me it wants to spend my assets to make its own money, or shoot off its mouth somewhere else).

I am told I needed to stop allowing people making money on the side of my Public life but this is not actually the problem – the only time some people were able to say that when attacked they could speak up or fight back or when feeling violated they could track it and act, was when they were able to say they had enough to afford security, never mind the fact the money is not necessarily going to depart the economic system, it will also be spent at the markets to help others keep a job. What has happened is a bunch of stupid individuals that have turned it into a tool for causing me harm because they were asked to betray me over a business deal whilst from where I am, I was never a friend of theirs. I am told eventually I had not done enough to show that I was not powerless here, just as much as the whole thing was shrouded in mystery but doing enough is to recognise how good honest and generous people end up on the streets, as I am now really tired of famous idiots who were so entitled to enjoy the feeling of getting involved with me that they labelled me a bum and got criminals a better social standing than the one I had as far as they were concerned, then set about informing social security that I am committing fraud, the mystery is that before it becomes one of those instances where we were watching a documentary from the 1920s about political turmoil in Europe, featuring layers and layers of perverted societies who contribute money to a few individuals that set about running down poorer figures and calling people names to get rich fast and continue the process whenever victims had lost something important that they can make money by, picking up any instances where I had done work on my Bookshop and should earn money somewhere, to make their own money etc, gathering somewhere at some stage to listen to a speech from one of their major trouble makers who spoke to them from a balcony, it took this form. I have issued the warnings enough times now; it needs to stop stalling my Bookshop, it was doing it by means of public engagement, and it was a Celebrity using the public engagement to do a job, I was not raised to take from people means by which they put a roof over the head but I think this one needs an exception, besides which they are not living on food banks. Mostly, Washington loves to spend money on it and it becomes a question of whether I loved to be the victim so much.

I am informed the problem was to do with the way I judged people but it is not really at all, before we got into the way I judged people, the reality is more a matter of Celebrities doing exactly the same as everybody else i.e. the social and social matters were a problem, but if you put your head down and get the finances fixed, you could face them but when you fixed the finances and tried to face them, they went away – everybody else does it this was including the famous, the difference is that the famous make the money by handling other peoples lives and concerns to make it; we are now at the point where they want to decide my financial well being on the basis of their private and personal possessions which were located in their own homes and this is what is now being put to the test because it never stopped stalling my Bookshop to have its fun. As for the part where I judged people, we are talking about a need to handle and get involved with my personality because it felt good to and because they have been abusing me and doing damage I decided to remove them, so they decided to do something that continued to provide them access to what they were entitled to access, hence where we are – the beginning of judgements was the point where I dropped out of University and it did not matter, so the idiots followed me around for a decade and a half to do more damage thereafter. They do claim they were hard pressed to see what I could do about it but we know the Industry gits did the same as the Celebrities i.e. they had enough money for several lifetimes, as in if a Million pounds could care for a person over a life time they had five of those, so if they spent one to ensure that any who made trouble for me sold a product to them, I did not have the money to counter attack, yet when I do not even dream of it, I cannot be free of idiots who worked for them running me down endlessly over and interest in the use of my person, where I had picked up a career that was too much for me, find myself at the backyards of their companies to ensure people stopped picking up my earning margins, done with it and the Celebrities got in with no asset of their own, just to make me a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy, like idiots that were so stupid they were better off dead. The problem is that I see no better way to watch out for the Bookshop now, save the part where they got to stop handling me and the Industry gits were a matter of their freight driver abuses that linked up to a perverted disposition with the broadcasting community, whilst the Celebrities were more a matter of a problem concerning the way they organised their own careers to engage with the public, I have tried all other alternatives at this point. The real cause of the issues here was a group of gits who always claimed that the change of leadership at the Monarchy needed to mean that they were a replacement for me, so it would mean that it made me poor my entire life and then during the change of leadership at the Monarchy it took my possessions and they were the health issues around here, setting the stage for me to decide that I do not write their Books and this was not their lives, painfully. I am told I was never vulnerable to these matters and I am not, just a consequence of gimmicks where I kept the society gits off my concerns and somebody took that to feel safe and then same as Celebrities and even criminals, so it is not that I cannot do what I can do, I am cash strapped and the situation was a problem not big enough for a Political crisis but would probably kill me and when all hope had faded if it affected them, they showed up to say that I had a history of sorting the problem, would like to cause them harm but they had all the power – the government office ones blab like that all the time and if I did it I would have conducted an assassination, no mention of the fact we had been at each other’s throats without reason for decades. I am told I make light the fact this was a serious public problem and yes it is a serious public problem but the fundamental issues stand, that if there was a problem with your finances, these gimmicks would hit very badly, that said, I do not owe them anything save the rouge landlords whom I owe some rent arrears and social security knew about it, hence conclusion for years and years of gimmicks as it were, no more doing personal finance accounting in which I was made my  goons who claimed the community was not a problem, to tell lies about the cause of shortfalls and shortcomings. They do suggest it was the way I hurt and lowered myself to where I am which is utter nonsense; it never stopped gathering information about me from criminals and hijacking public work for gimmicks associated with money its famous stupidities possessed, so it seems that goons deciding what people thought of me at the Monarchy would easily be the least of their worries and it needed to stop stalling my Bookshop.

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