We are now told it had become rather obvious that I was a plaything for women, the part I could never understand being that if I were, it was not clear why we were living in an environment such that whilst this was established as fact, we had still not moved on like they had a history of handling me. I have had a look at the mirror and nothing about me had suggested that I was a character people should fool around with to such an extent in anyway, so it must be that there was nothing about my person encouraging it which has encouraged their stupidities to do it – needs to stop behaving in a threatening way towards me or I will end up picking up that gimmicks where it fools about with the social activities of politicians in terms of ways I had done nothing to prepare myself for a process where I got to put them in their places, as a tool by which it will fight to keep the Royal publicity it gained access to for media narcissism and the politicians hospitality it had gained access to in order to cover its backside and I will fight to retrieve at a cost. Here it is suggested there was potential to do great harm on my part naturally, but it is difficult to tell which part of Arch Prince they failed to grasp, as there was enough potential to pick up the liberals, they think they can step on and make an army to ensure they understood their place rather very well. On the talk of an inability to make sense of my own privileges, it was a simple matter of women who took that risk for me and were willing to convert all their interest in me into something sexual which may also be displayed on public media, the idiots that had become completely obsessed with my personal life over ideas their stupidities were famous as well, were simply too selfishly stupid to either notice or make sense of their process, so I am stuck and a bunch of famous idiots believed they were wiping the floor with me via their immoral society gimmicks and a need to trash my earnings with it as well – not withstanding which I am being left with the option to pick up the well off neighbourhood and shred it to maintain a writers public profile in return, the story of my life, needs to talk about its career and show up here to read Books at the shop. On the matter of my personal relationships, the question of whether I was not better off for these responsibilities to pass onto my wife, I am still single currently and therefore relied on the original court, that said, there is a whole website out there explaining how my Royal personal life worked and it had become clear that unless a woman’s social disposition involved despising these gits, their Celebrities and the male population, the claim state provided security was keeping people from getting into a relationship with me was never as true as the fact they cannot actually handle what is in my personal life and needed to stay away for the sake of those who can, considering more so, that there is now enough evidence to show that their involvement was a source of immense suffering and pain for me. The cause of all these is simply the fact these idiots will not be deterred, especially their famous pricks, from playing around with my career so intensely they ended up having to catch their breath, then set about blaming me for the consequences to escape it too. The claim that it was discovered I am a plaything for women indicates they had gotten their stupidities into a bit of a bother recently and the fact they were pushing it at me shows the sort of very abusive disrespectful nonsense that I had to put up with, just so they could cling to my income.

They do claim I knew how to get about stopping all these but was willing to let it run into a bad end but I had no idea what I am expected to – the desire to see me serve them like they were important and I was a low life getting paid to please them had already done damage to academic pursuits and career, I am now on a recovery footing, to which effect they have again picked up the career publicity for gimmick where I clear out a history of using it to make money and then laden it with PR that suggests criminals were nice, the problem of the world was solvable through the money the possessed and that I was part of the problem, as a method of preventing me from recovering a career they were covering their backsides with, introducing themselves to people are important persons as if those were the names the got from their parents, with a favourite insult that puts them in charge of my affairs any time they wanted to be – a history of then showing up to complain that both the period of time they handled my career without claiming that I was more of a problem than criminals were and their new criminal friends were a problem I had to solve whilst I suspended my career so that they may adjust their incredibly important one, to make money through it. My point is that it is not clear what people want me to do if it transpires that each time, I clear up this mess to get the career on a footing, it would appear they possessed a media narcissism and were addicted to repeating the same gimmick. So I really need to stop it badly as the main cause is an interest in my personal space, claiming that it helped them feel good, of which none knows exactly when it made sense to build a community that fingered my bum whilst they felt good with it and run it off through a media narcissism to beat me down in my bed at 6.00 am with their street criminals every day. It is not really as big a problem as people believed it is, just a bunch of hoodlums in expensive clothes they bought with media money, made by ripping up peoples careers for financial narcissism, like being stuck with a goon who smokes marijuana at 11.00 am but before than engages in some other habits that prevented children from attending school all morning, they have suggested they continued to repeat the mess they make for me not just because I had failed to serve them with my career and thereby acknowledge how important they were but also because there was nothing I could do about them, so I need to ensure the results took into account the warnings I had issued about their nonsense being run off at me when I am at work causing criminals to seek involvement with me at the work place in order to take advantage, warnings about picking up my career publicity alongside their poofs from Africa, Middle East and Communist territories when they were not fighting each other to get money off the security services, since it encouraged me to rip up the well off neighbourhoods as a method of protecting a writers profile etc, to which effect there should be action taken to ensure I controlled what they did between the neighbourhoods and the city especially as their civil rights sociopath poofs loved to get between me and the large companies, such that their parents got a feedback and mine did, just as much as the organisation that is charged with regulating their professional behaviour would act on the matter and become a part of my story thereof by the time I am finished. On the matter of my involvement with communists, it was a two part story – one which is a sense that supposing we isolated one matter, we would say that there were people at security service offices working the business of communist asylum seekers in the country which was always a big problem for the show business gits, as per it might be fun to fool around with the show business gimmicks but what happens to communist asylum seekers is death, to which effect they make such a mess of the public service job that a government operative risked their lives, therefore the only way to explain what had happened, would be to say that an Office operative ended up on the field and people paid a price, just so an a famous idiot could say that I was forced to acknowledge how important they were. The other side of it was to do with the fact anything I did with communists helped to show I was involved with Government and therefore had to think about the existence of communists whilst they were not and it was none of their business – that said, it brings up this point as per the idea that when it does, it will get support from a greater power in the USA and I would end up in a lot of trouble, so it would be nice if the famous stupidities stopped getting on my nerves and got to fool around somewhere else. In the end I do not love to discuss the matter in terms of the way that it was a product of being punished by famous idiots whose backsides I had refused to cover, the way that I was a laughing stock only when their need to get mentally ill twats for their popularity madness into my personal space and reward people at market for banging walls and doors at me whilst clinging to my assets and career publicity, the backsides I failed to stroke with my career that can actually do the job of protecting their stupidities from the consequences of personal decisions therefore being converted into a mountain of problems built out of thin air because doing so would eliminate the fun in the plan I have devised to end it very badly for my part, I do not have a problem with them temper too naturally, considering after two decades I have actually found a way to make sense of their laziness and therefore talk the way that they did, assuming I wanted to tag along with them like they claimed I did.

I am told I am thought of as a problem at the Monarchy which I am not, as it is mostly the same process where Police Officer has me checked out because each time somebody had been arrested, they complained about me, even though they knew it was a waste of time and resources. The rest of the story is that I did not run my life the way that Celebrities would want me to because they were narcissists – I mean it goes from stage to stage, the stage where it needs to pretend it could protect you from criminals and racists, takes you somewhere and leaves you high and dry whilst claiming you did not deserve your career because it was courageous and you were too much of a coward to deserve them, running into war they wage on the fact I was a person who was connected to nature and the community that was built up to finger my bum but the one that gets to me the most is the claim I came into the world to be a destitute character that earned their admiration by destroying their enemies. It already did read my astrological sign and knew that I am a Libra, so it had already developed a habit of showing up to share my personal space and wreck it every time I had my life organised, as though I scheduled a weekend with squatters all year, before it got off doing that, so it needs to find out why those ideas about being a destitute character that defeated their enemies for them was a problem with my parents and will be the main reason I proved their famous stupidities wrong about the idea there was nothing I could do about them, beginning from the fantasy of me as a character that attacked freedom because they made money whenever the US government attacked people who attacked freedom, whether or not I was because as mentioned before, I intend to stop it very badly (I mean badly to such an extent that since I had copied their need to trash peoples finances and put people to fools errands, I could secure fun from terrifying them out of the insolent saloon cars to begin with, as a method of making them think of me etc) – this is the sort of narcissism that was an issue with my parents in my teens, considering it is not giving it its bank codes, so that I may admire the yardstick for my problems with the access that allowed me to see the nature and context of it and should serve the stage by which I did my part to end their Celebrity harassment.

They claim they deserved to do what they were doing, like it was in terms of my personal life that I would mostly settle down with a woman who despised and treated other men badly on my account, considering we all had something important in our lives that we buried our heads in except these gits, building up to a need they had to develop narcissism platforms that helped them trade on account some stupid woman had decided her social disposition at my expense was to treat the male population badly. It deserved to do these because its poofs were fighting National level enemies on my behalf, last we checked, it had not yet absorbed the details that they were from my point of view a completely separate structure from the security services and all could see that even when they were congratulated for their involvement it was never enough, so we had to contend with criminals fulfilling the desire to get imagination into our panties endlessly, it should have been clear by now that I got involved with both separately and if I thought anything was getting out of hand, played a strategy video game over it. Here we can see what is said to be ways in which they made a mess of my books with their American friends playing out, for the time being I am working on befriending the broadcasting community, so people may create products to baby sit the famous, like the so called civil rights issues that they hijacked to get famous on my public image and then become part of the problem thereafter – beyond it we are heading towards outcomes in which it was nothing like an Arch Prince who develops equity for the public and works a couple other matters to prevent structural unemployment, just a famous idiot who has made fame and money that it got bad people to share with it at great expense to somebody else and I had to make a public statement of it.

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