Please note I may not have paid a great deal of attention to my language on some occasions; it is an attempt to consign those language to history. Just as I have of a violent Nature to highlight the processes by which it is possible to get from feeling unforgiven for hurting another person to feeling justified for taking the life of another, much as it would be pretentious to avoid them completely if I were involved as I am, in controlling the abusive activities of the Famous. The suggestion is now that the passing of HM Queen Elizabeth R II  in 2022 should signify an end to a system of looting, murder and conquering but nothing has yet been said about the fact their lives are built on the premise they were bigger than their victims, showing up here to wreck academic pursuits it is not paying the fees for and careers while not paying the bills, also claims I organised my career as a factor that causes others to take greater risks with personal security and therefore marking me out for wrath, to split my personality with narcissism and move into my right hand, as though they were doing the National service in this Country or were Jesus Christ himself who died for my sins and sits at the right hand of God. All can see why the next point of provocation should move it from  corruption which transpires when it was too late for them to pursue what causes them to attack others in a bid to get rich fast, into something a lot more serious, especially for the Celebrities who never stopped pointlessly picking up my Books , earning margins and Public work and  I  can bet that the need to haul insults at me which had a tendency to wreck the hard to come by social status I was accorded  that will set the next stage for the complains.

I am told this gimmick where people will never let go of my finances until I got into a fight will never stop but I do not have high hopes that it might either – as I have mentioned before, Politicians are really responsible for dependants, workers and pensioners but a bunch of gits who ran people down all day and all the way back to first grade a behaviour that has not actually changed in anyway, ran the show for them, implying they were shop managers and not people who leave their bedrooms everyday to go to an Office where they ran the Country. So it seems that the way to free my finances from them will be to live in a world where I took up the work they should be doing and they were no longer relevant to my social, financial and career based wellbeing, contrary to the idea that detaching from them would mean I took personal responsibility for the welfare of those who were making all the trouble in the first place, hence the questions people asked about what I knew and the problems that emerge because I did nothing with it. The Celebrity bits beat my imagination all the time and each time I wish to handle it, they become so slippery too, if a situation arose where I ensured parliament was no longer relevant to my financial, social and career wellbeing, it would really free me up to spend a lot of time making sure that their society gits and their abusive gimmicks led them down a path where they faced immense bad luck every 24 hours. I am told there was a fear that I was done for and finished which I am not, just Celebrities having a need to make me get into a brawl which was so intense they picked up my career and ran off a certain publicity which meant that they could interfere with what the public thought of an environment created by my patents, which allowed me to get to a job and keep a schedule and then they spent all day every day, interfering with bad comments and abusive behaviour to keep the public away from the Bookshop in order to achieve it. the biggest problem was the way that it seemed each time I performed any kind of public work, they picked it up, protected me and set out the idea that the public should only buy products that are sold on the way I had to deal with stress related to street insults associated with the nature of self-exhibition gimmickry of their famous careers backed up by some muscle they believed I was afraid of, so we know the work is meant to support civil service operatives and for some there were people overseas who had gotten involved with it, hence there is usually no other way to resolve it but to attend the twice stressful process of taking everything apart and starting all over again, which stressed caused is what famous gits loved the most when you had not yet caused them harm. We are talking about a sense that there were 8 families in the UK and some people from those families worked in the civil service all the way to National service and we can see the sort of environment in which for instance four families would do something with the entertainment industry, hence the entertainment industry was never the problem – we know the abuses, the insults and the running people down never stopped and we only heard a gist of it whenever it had come around to affect the famous as well. They do claim they were not enemies of mine but it is not a matter of enmity, it is a matter of the fact I am unlikely to do anything presumptuous in their benefit because they will never give it up when I want them to, so for instance 2 or 3 Celebrities gave me terms because my social activities were considered to be of some importance by the Church but we got out of bed everyday to deal with a National level struggle associated with some abusive Italians marring into the Royal Family, stirred up by the Media, which is not actually my problem therefore on the whole. I am also informed Celebrities thought of it as a matter of enmity and they may, except when we arrived at the stage where I had completely lost control of some gits who want to peddle my personality to make money instead of get a job and no schedule I had were followed due to the level of abusive distraction from the famous, at which stage it would have become something that had to be settled. The complacency that affects me here is a matter of the fact these gimmicks that adds up to a degree of fooling around with other peoples careers to such an extent that the careers did not mean anything to anybody no matter what the owners did with it, is a behaviour practiced by some dangerous characters at Industry – an average boardroom git is likely to find out you cared about the natural environment and it wanted to sell your equity assets to some Communists to get rich fast only to be resisted, hence it made sense to seek out your attention with a video of him with acres of green space in flames somewhere in the world where he thought there was nothing you could do about him and if he had an opportunity to, would kill somebody to keep up the image as well.

As mentioned before, it might be a matter of Politicians looking after the interests of their wealthy friends but they are not shop managers and it seems that the main problem is that they were too relevant to my social, financial and career based wellbeing. They do claim that they read my mind. In my opinion, it may read whatever it likes, I will likely only assess instances where it says I am a woman in a mans body, to ascertain the new damage done to the career because it will not stop handling me and spend more of its time with its own mates, then we would hear all about it again, either way, it gets to find out what I am thinking anyway and stops making such a mess. The other story about being a loser running off on Media, was largely a matter of security service work done on communist threats and Fanaticism and or terrorism, where it appears the one done on fanaticism and terrorism was incredibly offensive to Media and Celebrities, so they set out a process of making me out to be a bum, associated with lies told about something I am doing with communists to ensure allies lost lives, in order to get rich fast, getting money off Washington. I am not the innocent party in the matter as such, we are talking about its need to read star signs and ideas about insolent ways to get people doing what it wants, building up to a process where, the star sign reading gimmicks grows from a statement made about the day I was born, into something of a need to pick up the way I stood up for myself and all those issues which added up to a public leadership personality order that people who worked civil services referred to when they worked on areas I have been involved with in such a way that what I did was a factor, then set about sharing it with people whose star signs they had read as a matter of what will likely provide them certainty of power, so I had to decide I was in a state of comradery, which was my main concern and which was consigned as crap, while it got about making some extremists murder people on my career and social life, to tell me I was doing the wrong thing when I protested it, on account it was making money at the entertainment industry. It does appear listening to others was not a strong suit and that if an activity was evil, the famous were bound to perform it and the victims would end up in situations where the world thought that bearing it was the thing other people did for a living.

They do claim its all cowardice expressed in favour of Communists which is utter nonsense; the original interest in communists was their response to western products, we know they took the advantage, usually from the USA, each time the Government was not playing their civil rights games, they will gave away their economic productivity in Asia, Japan was the main point but China came along and they had no discretion, then it got worse as we could not tell if this need to tackle communists was a product of extremists that hated people who gave away economic productivity because the government was not playing along and then I had my entire empire and finances stuck in the Middle of something they created from a need to put themselves in charge of things they knew nothing about and was the only one losing money, assets and acumen every day. Does this mean I am not afraid of communists? Well, it does rather seem these gits never stopped talking about end-of-life issues, so we had to discuss the point. the original cause of this was this business of picking up my Assets in the defence industry, to share with communists whenever they thought the American Government was not handling matters at NATO to their satisfaction, the assets were mine and I needed to ensure when defence systems were built for the government, it was fit for purpose in the duration, from which point I was a low life who had no right to and it all kicked off, now spending most of its stupid interests on stalling my Bookshop. It does complain that it was concerning that I had no respect for them naturally which is a dream it fantasises about endlessly but we know that there are people who simply had enough talent to work hard enough to boost Government earnings and those made up Industrial leadership, we also know that Governmental public figures were more important than industrial leadership as well, as much as we are aware that they were at the bottom being media based leaders of immoral society, that said we have not seem be respond in kind to all the abuses I have suffered in 2 decades, so it is difficult to see what keeps this fantasy going, that said, I have mentioned before the way they practiced sexual narcissism on each other’s without any consent to such an extent there was public crisis on the way the sexes did not like each other very much and some extremist idiots picking up a perversion of private security industry to run me down with it whilst they would only sell products on the way I respond and get people murdered on my career to keep it for themselves, was an indication they were not in charge on anything around here, considering a public figure would easily walk into a community and they were all female, likewise they were all male and same when the community was mixed, all in a days work, professional leadership would need to pull off something clever to get away with such activities and there will be loss of finances in the process regardless, in their case, they appear to make money from it running people down because they had no responsibility whatsoever, talking nonsense at others on media endlessly. The part I am now really fed up with is their need to stall my Bookshop making stupid comments about it to secure response to abuse from me which builds up controversy that allowed a perverted broadcasting community to play with my income margins and get rich fast, their idea of how to engage with the Households is to take charge and they never stopped reading my star sign to claim I was cash strapped because I am a Libra and we never took charge, needs to stop stalling my Bookshop or its stupid fears about being disrespected, including the scum who watch me all the time to work abuses all day, will turn towards reality.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland