There is the matter coming up endlessly, about my position being one which concerns the prognosis of tyranny, which usually began with a hate for the press. I do not hate the Media at all – they have a profession to get on with, like when an 80-year-old that is likely to be the only person who saw something amiss when the Police investigate a serious crime, feeling entertained and informed all day or just generally giving people an analysis of events during the day. There is nothing to hate about this – the problem is that some people who work in business establishments that deal in this line of work, had decided a behaviour towards my Books which was a three part story of ripping up my privacy by gathering information on how to make such a mess of it that selling celebrities at my expense became profitable while it did not matter that they wrecked my career and social life, then built a crowd that got imagination up my bum and got off running me down all day to ensure I did not pose a threat, it then progresses to pick up all I did as a matter of recovery, not to deploy it for own ends as that would secure my attention in a big way and for the wrong reasons but to use the same platform as a tool to draw attention to personal problems while selling products on the issues that had been resolved, meaning that they tear down my business premises to sell their own products and it disobediently will not stop, supported by stupid Americans who had products to sell too. I am simply taking up a disposition where they got informed that they needed to make their comments about their own careers and not mine, such a position therefore being set out in a way that can be enforced. It really is an issue with a Court of female journalists, who show up around an intellectual property administration business because they were exposed to serial crimes, associated with people who chased female totems and were likely to kill their victims in order to ensure other people did not own what they coveted, it pays off for them a lot in terms of concerns associated with gits who rip up peoples careers to employ criminals in a bid to keep hold of the neighbourhoods. So we find the irritating part of the activities of these media gits added up to their need to select acquaintances for their colleagues thereby selecting mine as well, which then builds up to a stage where they met Politicians and said that Government Operatives were free to do as seen fit, their job was to report the mess, then turn out blabbing about others who thought that such a position did not help anybody, choosing another way to work a journalists career and rip up my finances and personal life to make a stupid statement which really adds up to a process of disobediently wanting to move into my right hand alongside the foolish society gits who send out their hoodlums and criminals to run me down all day, that some people were incapable of living in a mans world. It then all builds up to some need they had to explore my civic duties and locate ways that I felt safe and secure, which their stupidities could spend on themselves and build communities that got imagination up my bum – leaving me a feeling that my rib cage hurt all the time and everything inside of it hurt too, so they had to cease picking up my PR if they were complaining about smaller responses, at short notice.

I am told most of the matters I have pursued here were created by the same people who wrecked my University studies. Of course they are – the same society gits chasing me around with practical jokes until I dropped out, same academic institution irresponsibility over he fact I had to stand up to tribalism raid gits who wanted to be CEO drawing up a road between my home and the City, the same popularity gits who wanted to get paid on my social life running off men’s sales job on it until I dropped out, same foolish women with ideas about their country being crowded and the reasons they had to bring in fellow idiots from overseas to get imagination up my bum. The other part of the story is that Americans were behind it and yes they are – something about ruling the world and getting those who had a history of enslaving Americans to pay for their crimes; currently running off along the lines of whites paying homage to white Americans, blacks paying homage to black Americans and soon it will not matter which race a person was, they only had to be Americans – it was a simple matter of not interfering with what I did for my publicity and the Bookshop to which it applies, or I too will be encouraged to pick up an issue with the economy practical jokes that involved working gimmicks into peoples lives until it was possible to discourage the Public from involvement with a livelihood, get people to laugh at a CV before reading it at the jobs market and hang about making stupid statements on peoples income margins about how much money you would spend on the product of the owners attitudes changed, set about trading as if the victim had lost something important with fame idiots getting all over it – when I do pick it up, the issue of whether their own was the biggest country in the world will go beyond the gimmick where prostitutes made the most of this nonsense to take their clothes off on my Public image and provide sexual services for gits who ran their businesses in the dark web, into something that had to be settled. So they do say when I talk like that Russians do not pick it up but we know it is an old story where I will suffer financially because their gimmicks affected people who worked undercover, into something of me being completed fed up with their stupidities blackmailing me. They speak of this sense I had no real views about racism and slave trade whilst we know they have never stopped using freedom of speech to make stupid statements associated with coveting my social life, that their stupidities were superior to me, be it a public function, a time they got to meet a politician or even school Children at Nativity, with a big mouth. The same gambling was applied to get people into a political situation where selling human beings made sense – I mean people were always getting sold before then but with Africans who actually began the whole business of organising a state to deal with slavery was actually where the last and most gruesome of the slavery activities ended but the behaviour has not changed – still very good at insults and public power gambling about which it loses and runs off those insults in terms of ideas that others were meant to serve its stupidities, so intensely and relentless that people end up thinking that if slavery was not done to them, they would do it others and they think that they needed to sacrifice one person such as myself to ensure that although their stupid nature looked like that they were able to get along with others, especially where and when money was being made. So the real issue is that Government divides population into workers, dependants and elderly, people had to get things done within  a time frame and they never stopped making a mess of mine, without reason or provocation, having now reached a stage where I am left thinking if the stupid children were to decide alongside Academic institution irresponsible leadership, that I am not to attend an institution with people half my age because their stupid fathers would make me, something that does tend to provide me enough motivation to ensure they saw the Celebrity culture for the last time as well. In any case, if the academic institution is now so toxic, I can study at home but they need stay away from the Books because I am raising funds with it, about which their ego will not facilitate them doing so and hence where it is set to end badly. They said they were working the part of market where people got imagination up peoples bums, what we now know is that they are obsessed with my income margins and never stopped making stupid statements about me picking up careers that were too big for me and should have been their own, the same idiots who do not speak of people and never take no for an answer with mothers running off daily narcissism on their fucking mates in the neighbourhoods, wrecking peoples careers to employ criminals in the neighbourhoods. I do therefore believe the way they bothered me with it indicated that they were tired of having it; the next time I found myself at the backyards of Industry having to bail myself out of the idea that people were expecting me to come though as a prospector or investor, I will acquire a qualification to grab their jobs by as well, I will be leaving with their jobs in hand.

The claims of Public problems peddled by their stupid Politicians that are also likely to suggest that I had to be made to keep it up lest racism engulfs me which expressed the fact that upon there being evidence of people wanting others as slaves in the black communities than there were in the white Communities, they were so stupid they did not listen to fact about how racism really worked, if their entire economies were still reliant on systems that developed from the slavery idea. There are no stupid Public problems as such therefore, they needed to manage the gap between their careers and the prison service like everybody else and stop fucking it up for the public, The Celebrity scooping my earnings bits never stops until it really does - I could never find the Bookshop as I left it and that came after the University fiasco, since which it had become a choice to attack Celebrities in order to concentrate on Public work, if I wanted to avoid instances where I acted on crime management and somebody tore it down to handle my finances and decide where I was going to repeat the process and to whom it would benefit while he sold products, presumably it was impossible to kill a famous bastard. They then claim their money was everything and I wanted it like everybody else which is set to grow into something that will let this nonsense end as it really will - where the men need keep the finger imagination off my anus and get caught up in a cycle of work, family life and shopping and the women will keep their celebrity personal relationships if I am not dead yet, as I continue to get out of bed to find a Bookshop disrupted everyday.

I. Uno I

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