They do love to complain that I bothered people, I could never make sense of the complaining myself, but it is an old story with regards to the way every issue plays out either way. We know that even their women can lay me low and that such insults were financially beneficially, always them and that stupid community they claimed was not a problem hanging about with ideas that get people telling me that the more I fought back was the worse the problem got as though I asked a question about it, while it spends my day putting up all sorts of abusive nonsense that gets people seeing me without my clothes on whilst I am being judged by a community – on the basis of the stupid threats and the way that it hangs around at the Estate agents manipulating House rules along with idiots it had shared a space I rented with, running me down with gossips and sending out two bit twat to stagnate everything around here including my personal life and run off the big mouth after about the way its stupidities was so important but I sat by and watched it fight its battles, which made more mess for my social life and Bookshop, so I got to attack an insignificant twat to get into trouble with the Law, since I had recently figured out why the Media and Celebrities played a part in its rogue landlord insolence, it had gotten off sharing my privacy with the hoodlums on the streets because I fucked its society as well, then I remembered it did that before and the way there was a space on its left hand side where what I am doing was meant to end up, I ended up dropping out of University, hence the reckoning but it is not yet the type where I will get into that stupid community and those that can beat up will never stop telling tales while those that cannot will never stop hurting themselves just yet as it were. They do claim they have made money from it and yes they have, if there is an idiot who loved to spend money on such gimmicks each time they performed it at somebody’s expense, now they know also that the money is gone for good and if I find them show up near my assets to recover it, I will burn their world, hence they had to wreck peoples careers and employ criminals in the neighbourhoods to tackle me, so we end up with a situation which meant that the Company leadership had something on them and we had the future, whilst the way I freely give away information will continue to keep them pliable at the market, lest I lose income stream, hence I get to bother the stupid men for the fact I am sore all over and cannot even get to ensure their insults decided that my diet would become because they got in on that too, with a big mouth(textbook criminal nonsense).

I. Uno I

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