Of course I do get told that just when people are about to do my stuff for me, I sneak out of trouble and then continue to mess with important people still.  This has no bearing towards fact, the fact is that hey are so stupid they donít even know when I am telling them to shut it-so when I tell them to shut it, they get all over the place as well talking nonsense everywhere which is even more infuriating. The fact of the matter is that they want to find ways of being able to get my books without buying them because they are waiting at the markets to make profits they have not worked for. This will only happen if I am not for the sake of being lenient, getting famous with their companies which will also mean their Politicians can protect them from me for the best case scenario and for the worst of which they do not know what I will most likely do to them.

So currently in terms of the Unions here in the UK, the real issue with the Coalition Government really is the fact they want them to implement a Labour Party Policy and are not doing negotiations with the Government, the big question therefore being that of which of the two is in charge at the moment and specifically which they should be working with to have what they want?

They were the ones who sat down to vote for and support a system where people bribed them with public funds, which meant that the civil service was not longer independent of Politics and Government-bearing in mind UK Politics is more about power and society than it is about Treasury, while helping the same group of politicians to rip it up, as a Political advantage against any other incoming authority. Now their argument is that one size does not fit all. Whereas if I made a one size fits all pension payment system, I am expecting people to make changes to adapt so I can spend money on the most needy. There are people completely cut off from the world today by parents who are keeping them loyal to those their idiots in those their socialist party in Parliament, what exactly does make them feel they have got the right to have anything they want? They need to fight harder, they need to do much, much more and they can do more.

The need for Structural adjustment however is something they helped another party to create as a Political advantage with the civil service in which they worked and of course structural adjustment is always some kind of an austerity measure based on the prediction of problems. So why would people go off to re-organise the economic circulation of wealth during a recession to create such problems? My prognosis is that the reason is because whenever they see Universities, they just go in there and study economics, so they can do such things. I donít know what their reasons are s it stands. All I know is that I have had to spend such a vast amount of funds and property many times as much as is necessary, to pick up the cost of it in the Industrial world and Financial markets and they are attacking my earnings and books as well which is not helping the recovery too.  Their ageism which means they need to get a job before the needs of younger adults are considered, and their Political immorality which means that not only do they chase people around to ensure they get ahead of them in life, besides holding them down for spiritual wickedness and realising later they need to pay their bills and will based on how much people struggle to survive as they do so, extracting income from other peoples property, the more they fight to survive the problems which creates even more of it, while they make some money and tell people it is a good thing but also ensure they get them to say something critical about the government, so that somebody can dispatch public funds in a certain way. Now after doing these things when I have a fully developed career and a grown man and cannot grow out of things any more while they wake up to realise things and their media idiots take over the protests of those who are being harmed by Politicians who have been born out of it to get rich with and move into peoples personal lives because they are evil, they are now blaming the Banks for as well and like to talk into my talk, as if when I talk about Banks I am in the same boat as they are. It just never stops and I understand that their point is that they want to get money off the government but if I spoke of the dangers of structural adjustment and the reason they need to leave alone my copyrighted work and its derivatives that make me an income, it is rather to them because I am frustrated then certain facts need to be cleared up. Where I am personally involved in actual fact is that their greatest leader of all times Mr Tony Blair having been that they have moved Politics into corruption zone by robbing the civil service of its independence, has been having a writing career with the personal life of the Christian who wants to write and sell books in an evil world -believing one thing as a socialist and writing another which has a way with the Crowd to stimulate their heretical minds, on account they can and did hate my faith but attacked my career and the warnings of course will never do.

So discussing this structural adjustment thing reveals a lot of things about how evil I am, yes but clearly there is something wrong with being a fan of other people; apparently I do not deserve the rest. I mean I have my own Royal inheritance and do not care if my fans earn more than I do but what we are having here are a group of people who earn from my income before I do, earn from my own income more than I do, extract from my income more than they allow me to and earn my income compulsively; now they are apparently scared of structural adjustment. Before then, having been I am a writer, innovation by violence was always supposed to be my lot by them which means I end up writing books which criticise Politicians and now will never get a job, despite how much I have suffered to raise my voice to criticise a Politician in the first place and they will ensure I never sell the books too because it is insolent, while getting democracy as well at the other end, now they are scared of structural adjustment. Of course it is a scary word and they have always been stupid; such that they will ravage my privacy and play football with my office move into the right of their country and integrate my personal life into it then unleash racism on me and make their black friends closer and better friends, run around the world scandalising my books after savaging my privacy to locate them, just to return and sit back to get rich and when I meet George W. Bush (President of the US when it began) who was in the middle of it being that he was accepting prerogatives they were giving him, he decides to have his American super power back to the wall and become more dangerous, now they are scared of structural adjustment.

In Politics we do things by the will of the majority because we want to tell the powerful minority who might be difficult to stop if they get out of hand that other things are important, like right to life, right to security and right to privacy and right to education. In the professional world we never want Politicians to tell us how to do our jobs because we are trying to ensure that some scum stands on our right to echo what we say to the Politicians but with respect for their criminal or barely criminal activities but it will never do.

Claims of my being clubbered by Americans is a load of rubbish which has nothing to do with reality. They and their Americans are always playing those stupid games of westerners and doing things in public which abate and instigate a bad thing to happen to peoples business, then start pushing violently until it does in order to show it is a tough world and some have already had some difficult work to do to have what they have like myself and will not take rubbish from them. The issue is no longer as they think it is of whether or not they are making sure they have something everybody wants to be or be a part of or belongs to everybody, while everything and anything I have of that form has been shared and when not possible by consent because they had forced me to-in which case the reasons they think I cannot do such a thing as well is the notion communism will take over the world, which if I am correct would have been more of the case if I actually lived in the US like they wish I should all the time. Been there done that: the issue here is that stupid western audacity to touch my studies which they travel to this country to help other idiots to do as well; I mean when they loose they cannot lose gracefully. I know if I set it up on something really important like stocks at the market for example they will do these things and make out they have over something important and I will never be able to make my point; so I chose books because they never have limits and now books will kill people. I do not know what makes them think they have the right to touch me or touch my property anyway.

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I. Uno

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