I understand there is a sense that I have lost my mind but I have not and I am not suffering from Mental illness either – what happens is the tiredness of dealing with all these matters clouding the importance of other issues that are relevant to me and the frustration associated with that, while the fools responsible for creating the idea I have a mental illness take their absurd behaviour to a level that means they can profit financially from it and are sharing whatever I am getting while I feel scratched and sore all over by their idiocy. The matter behind their insanity which is the only one here being that they have a very abusive and toxic way of either appreciating or making use of my person, since it had become a Public issue and some people want to know what is happening, I then have to go back to the very beginning lest I appear to have suffered a mental illness when I try to explain it, usually which I hate trying to do so because it is fundamentally linked to the business of how I spend years building something and once I go public with it others want to be entitled to it as well. It is usually manageable when Politicians had not spent time helping them to money and building them a Publicity that suggests they are not incredibly stupid people, once they have, it largely becomes a matter of the ineptitude of their Political leadership all together while they claim the rest of us prevent them from becoming extremists at Government buildings whenever they wish to invent a means to enjoy the elation that comes with being able to do whatever they liked to other people or claim that the work of dealing with public tolerance issues is too tough. It does not mean my relationship with Politicians is getting worse as such, it is getting better in terms of the fact that what they want from me is becoming clearer but having said so, there is still the group of Politicians who look like friend of local gangs and want to handle me all the time, requiring me to set out that they are approaching a day when they will have to do it or their culture and society goons will do it for them. My point being that I am a long way away from being mentally ill and the central question around it is still that if I spend some time supporting women and the real me has vanished because people had built me a reputation that suggests I am a woman, whilst whenever I want to be myself I end up being so different and unusual and they end up complaining about it, we have not yet gotten an explanation for this behaviour.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland