I understand they claim there are questions about my ‘so called position’ but it’s not that much of a problem when the questions are posed by a handful of gits who spend time running off some of the most filthy campaigns for top industry positions, at the end of which others do not want to bear the fall out with them, so we find their silly children on the streets telling me how to be polite and how to behave, while their Celebrities claim they controlled my Hermitage and decided how the Public used it, especially due to the fact they can now spend most of their time dreaming about me protecting them, since the last time they saw me get involved in the private security industry. I do get told it is an example of what I could have said years before but then again, I did not because I had nothing which people could say is a physical representation of the fact, I had the right to make my demands but since last they decided I had to drop out of university to work on applicable equities which I placed on a website, their odds had worsened. I do not believe that what they think of me and what they got up to have a thing to do with either the Monarchy or what people there thought of what I spent my time on but their need to wreck my property and finances is becoming a major headache.

They always claim it’s a matter of getting me to take charge from my position and stop sucking up to everybody – first of all which I had no idea what I needed to take charge for if they were saying they wouldn’t be budging when it comes to abusive behaviour that is aimed at handling me to get rich fast, whereby abuses facilitate their local twats banging away at me because they label me a coward and the banging way of local twats feeds into the need of stupid celebrities to see me fight and protect famous people, allowing them to enforce their stupidities and build a crowd on it. Most of the time however it’s a matter of not really being in the position to respond in live time whenever they make trouble and set about blackmailing me over the welfare of endangered animals, property and other persons, about which my chest hurts all the time and I feel like I may have picked up a mild form of heart disease at this stage – about which we know that they know how to find me and may do so if they were mad enough, since that would be the stage where it goes beyond the prospects of seeing their lives, careers and neighbourhoods as a place to extract sweetness while I spent time making the most of the resulting popularity by getting fun from trashing their finances the way I have learned from their stupidities. It never stops doing it and never listens naturally, so we are hoping it has got enough of the German influence gimmicks going for its stupidities when it ends up wishing I did the fighting the way it would have liked me to do it.

Their Politicians have never stopped claiming they were nice people who only needed money and I will never stop developing excuses for anything that suggests I ought to do something about the abusive behaviour since Politicians are not free from it as well – we know that Politicians have never once achieved this process they wreck people’s lives for, where they say they want to feel as if they ran the Country by setting out what I should be doing and making me do it; hence this result making sense that I didn’t do anything about it and did what I needed to do to ensure nobody else did as well. I have been told I say so but I do something about it by the backdoor never the less which is not the case; the backdoor issue is largely a matter of the fact that Politicians have done nothing but spend tax payer time making laws to facilitate comfort for quasi criminals – so mostly people think it’s a point of reform, they think it’s a point of Politics and then the problems begin to roll in; some people can never stop harassing civil service staff, the battle between Celebrities and ex service personnel have grown out of control and then the insults that will probably translate into something of a suggestion that their victims were entitled to financial wellbeing, which prepares a population for military takeover, if somebody does not shut them up and stop them doing peoples stuff. The rest of the time, they say they go off to fight my battles, but I am sure they can see from my point of view the reasons that harassing security operatives should mean that when they had not done a job, the rest of society will likely join me in making those who were bigger and stronger than the security operatives get it done.

They do claim I am the most shameless thing ever and yes, I am I have pointed this out before – shameless me on one hand and popular people on the other, which are two parallel existences, but this is not good enough for them and the outcomes are about to get worse, when I build my own public image for the gimmicks I want to perform at their expense as well. It’s an old story – they never mention that the way this played out at University – the abuses, insults, lasciviousness, the need to decide I got involved with criminal activity from a safe distance where they didn’t have to take responsibility and how they have since been running my life abusively with office space, office block, office window insults when I dropped out, eventually adds up to a decision they have made on how the academic work, career and finances of those who get near a Church should be spent. My tummy does not get a moments break from their popularity stupidities and at the same time my diet was an attitude issue that didn’t respect cultures they had decided should be respected and perhaps kept secret by me and it’s all a question of the fact that if they showed us one problem they had not created for themselves, to hang about howling their rights at the top of their voice at other people, we might just move on. Like we see the claim that my work is untidy fester endlessly, whereas reality is that the only untidiness comes from the bottom chasing insults that had since become a phenomenon at this stage.

We have even heard them say that it is finished for me now, done and over which most people wouldn’t take kindly to but they believe I am incapable of responding to but it’s largely a matter of which one bakes their bacon – since I intend to stop the reasons for such behaviour by making my position clear on the way their filthy industry of gits that spend time working out how to take over people’s lives and people work, alongside stupid Celebrities that make a mess of recovery processes – I mean if it was too late in any case, I would have planned my life on their wallets too. The celebrities being a special case in the sense that if I build up wealth equity, they showed up with a crowd that helped them make the statement that I had provided license for people to deploy my work and boost popularity that also boosted their Celebrity incomes and spending power, about which if I had not co-operated, they knew where my Books were located anyway and the pricks are aware that everybody feels like handling other people’s career that way but none seldom puts it into practice. The story they tell was always their version of reality where I had done nothing whatsoever – it usually starts with the claim I had no means to plan my life on their wallets, while reality was that they were surrounded by idiots in suits who cannot stop abusing other people’s careers, those they met in private and at the restaurants being the worst of all but as a whole they had this idea women existed to decide which ones will go off to get hurt so others might feel safe and now we find them clinging to other people’s incomes to decide what government office did without reason or purpose – if I decided to make a canopy from the state provided security that was given me, set it out to accommodate students from Brazil for instance, we will find out what the pricks thought of what lady Gaga did with it for example, showing up here to handle me abusively over some lost fame glory they got from a public image they loved to abuse until access was withdrawn.

They do claim my view of them is quite different from the one the rest of the world had but the rest of the world thinks they had a right to decide how people existed and what people did for a living – I have a task to manage the activities of abusive culture and society gits who like to make out that the way they get people to go along with their stupidities is indicative of the idea they were law makers in the Communities while people generally knew that following the path they had been pushed into is generally going to lead to such outcomes as ended up in the Law Courts, where they got to find out what the real law was. Then it shows up here with social immorality that gets it into a hospital bed or gets it running away from something until it had to trash other people’s lives to live its own, taking over career, academic work and finances, telling me how to exist and had no respect whatsoever for what I did and likes to think it can also get to decide if I thought they were all famous idiots looking for a response and pushing very hard for one. They say hand on heart, I am talking about what I cannot do but it’s a simple case of a handful of people who shared a City space with me, seeking this business of handling me as though I were a character from suburbs occupied by illiterates, who had a great idea they stole from me to make their fortunes by – this was about 15 years ago, since then I had dropped out of University and all my work had gone downhill, with them at the helm working the process with media the entire time. I mean it cannot be that difficult to reach resolution on a two-part choice where they got to give me my space or I bashed their own all the way to rich people’s neighbourhoods until I got the necessary results that I needed. It’s the one problem every time – it picks up what I have placed on my websites to run a Bookshop by and sets about tracking my market to make its own profits by; then sets off a behaviour of handling my Bookshop by disregarding what it does, not private equity intellectual property administration but process of Royalty serving people in a market situation to pay the bills etc, while there hasn’t really been a time that I had set out the Bookshop without a punished item in my name on it but it all happens because there is no much disrespect while the idiots were the ones complaining about it, hence unless I did something to stop them setting agenda for my Bookshop in this manner while they got to keep their salary thus encouragement to continue, the situation will never ever improve. They do say that if they could do this, then I do not actually have a chance which is not the case – it’s largely a matter of this need to institute a sense that published Books were still vulnerable to those gimmicks where I was handled like a character that came from suburbs occupied by illiterates whose good idea was taken from him by those who needed money more than everybody else – it’s much the same problem as the claim they didn’t know what my Books did, while it’s a Book of equities I had settled well on the way I wanted to get around with professionals that worked alone or banded together to get things done in order to sell it who were never going to read it in public as such; I cannot seem to have it as I had set it out because Celebrities existed, because it was mandatory that a handful of idiots had popular culture to play with and then I wake up to nauseating financial complications every day, to face the disobedience of their Celebrities picking up my service processes for something else that suits their sense of convenience, while my social media sends out a message that I was better off not setting it up in the first place because if I did shut down the problem would get worse i.e. has done it again, very good at looking for trouble, incredibly stupid. After which they claim my Books do not make any sense while there is no prospect that they might listen to the rationale behind the creation, afterwards which I get through a lot of trouble to ensure the Books stay at the market while they made a mess of it and showed up to torture me because the problems I resolved affected them and none had placed chains on their legs to prevent them from buying a copy, the last we checked.

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