It is quite understandable that some business owners have taken to the idea of making me out to be a very selfish individual as a public campaign for their various business plans, so selfish they say I am, that I have a huge problem with the idea of people having sex with women who have a crush on me but it has always rather for their part been the case that if white, what they wish to do is be born into the world, lead a useless life and claim my income for themselves with media through various forms of attrition natured vandalism concerning which I can hear them breathing all over me to make operable after which they hope to move on, that also exposes me to the spiritual evils of their society, hence the lazy and incredibly destructive group of grownups that they are have done nothing else but spend their time wrecking my finances with an excuses to back them up which indicates I can never seek a sustainable redress from the law in the form of making sure they are able to create women that have a crush on me and then have sex with them, which they do looking for trouble and have done for the last decade on a daily basis as well but when they are black, alongside all these abuses and their destruction and laziness and the need to own millions of pounds by it claiming my income is the insatiable need to find my family and get involved with them in order to devise some form of family orientated age based insolent prejudice. Thus they are in no position to complain and their desire to jump on media to make claims of ownership to my property alongside their handling my books and the sales alongside me coupled with getting on media to use my home entertainment systems to talk through to me, will in the eventual outcome prove to be a much bigger problem than they can actually handle. 

Of course I am said to demand and desire everything which comes with extra problems but if you have gotten a royal estate from a Monarch at 21 while still a student and your academic work and finances have been taken away from you by a collection of fools and idiots with criminal backgrounds to feed with politics and media and the fact the Literary Empire you own is open to people all over the world and thereby a means they can get through to you in terms of your personal life in order to get in touch with you with becomes the bubble they burst even when they are in it and thus get to make out your temperaments and presence does not allow them any rest and it will get you killed because it provokes them all the time, the only thing that could satisfy what you want is a process where you go after the criminal underworld in the world and turn out to stifle the civil rights and democracy on the media nonsense they hope to make money from as well and that is what I want Ė the only thing that can rival the kind of destruction they have performed here, like they perform it for their stupid Politicians in the way as well by the way. They speak of what I did to deserve such things of course because they want to preserve that record of a States man that does public work while the earnings has been taken away from him and what I did really was to write books about their wickedness having been my career had been abused into a state where it was all about fighting them and on seeing that they were about to read it without buying it and make changes to their lives that will make it incredible, held them down and brought it out of them until they confirmed all those facts I wrote on the world media as true and as you can imagine I do know it is infuriating but they can blow their top if they wanted as well while I get connected. Naturally of course the story of how nothing I do is definite due to the fact HM The Queen can change Her Mind about me at any time is utter nonsense; the truth is that I need to watch for services required of me because when it is due to hand over when she needs a particular job, then I will need to have been ready and these idiots all over my finances does try to ensure that does not happen because they are famous for being stupid and destructive as well, the other side of it is of course that my service to the Crown is more orientated with the Church than it is with the State, so they are supposed to have been the self appointed fools that keep the Queens sexual desires for her and my tolerance for their involvement with my affairs is wearing very thin indeed as well, never mind the stupid media that is always happy to oblige. The general prognosis of most of these things are a settlement of a group of people that feel like harming others for an end that benefits them all the time and they have put the standard to the highest level possible i.e. loss of life, so that they tend always to base the auspice of anything they do which I do not appreciate on claiming some need I have to please authority whereas the reality is that they think they have had me all worked out and if they die it is easy to be brave and famous and healthy since it will cost me everything and I do not want them to have this advantage just because I can and now that I have they can just die - I will think it good riddance and then for the political purposes emerging thereof there will be some reality, normalcy, clarity and humanity around here.

There is that talk of hate going on with me where I run a business of hate of course but there is no such thing; the reality of it is simply that of the fact all the hate going on with me happens to begin and end with black people: all of them want to educate others about the world being an evil place that only works better for those who go along with wickedness which I donít want an education on, the nice ones are split in to two groups Ė the male ones turn up here and handle property and then get obscene when you mention it because they do without permission claiming they like you and what you do for yourself and your friends and perhaps your family but the problem is that you want to be yourself otherwise for the most times it is the female ones that are the witches have been thinking about having sex with you without any response, all of them have the one thing in common of a need to attack you and bring the worst out of you then cover their tracks by being the first person to do the things you would do because they have predicted every possible manner in which you will react to it so they can have lies to tell that helps them get away with stealing from you when you have taken a stand and are unwilling to give them anything and of course we all know when you donít want to get through like hating you stay away from what is causing it, this group of people however do not know how to take a hint and the ones I have mentioned here are the ones that are being nice. They talk too much and cannot get off an obsession with having media with which to have a go at handling me and I mention it here to set out for and clear up confusions for Companies I have Equity property holdings in, of the parameters of those whose lives and existence and potentially property I handle and make a show of in order to get things done.  

On the part politicians play on the matter issuing demagogues all over the place to help them, we have recently ended up with a case of shut down of the US Government and it was mentioned that the founding reasons can income ways be traced to a contribution of mine; but of course I have continued to reiterate I am a statesman and this process where peoples insult can affect your finances is something that can happen to anybody depending on time and place and age when you got your official commission and therefore things people feel they cannot put an end to following you around to perform where you are due to familiarity based insults they claim is some kind of culture that gives them power over those that are weaker than they are, none therefore gets to mean that I am not or have ceased to be  - after years of insulting you to desperation and tiredness of course helped by their Politicians, whom I do wonder what they suppose they are doing anyway, wonder if they think these fools care about them or care about the Country, when in actual fact they are supposed to find them a fight that goes deep enough to run in their blood over the values of the Country instead of helping them to a means of insulting and abusing me to a point where doing so makes them rich or indeed settle for the liberal idea of being more consultative of the general public so all they do becomes a matter of opinion and nothing more notwithstanding of which I am a typical example of the fact they will stage a war on normalcy in a heartbeat, to ensure they turn up on that media to squeal all the time on the basis that racism for example is bad and illegal but they are just as twisted and evil and violent and cannot stop touching and handling people violently like the racists. I donít know of thinking I know lots about civil rights when I donít but I do know that I have a Royal Office and books I write and I am a black Prince who is interested in the underworld and criminal community and what to do with it and I do have support from Royals all over the world; if they cannot stay off my books and off my renaissance it is simple that they should expect trouble all the time; I do not say most of what I say because I expect to find a job or get into some kind of work sooner or later, in royal circles work is obscene and I donít think anybody has the right to force his sense of oppression on me when I have it figured out either, so he does not tell tall tales later on about institutions he hates and his power of the people games Ė if they donít stay off all effects of me I will  rip their own up for them as well. The prognosis is as simple as the fact I do not have what I have because my parents left me some great inheritance, I donít have what I have because I achieved some intellectually great thing, I have what I have simple because people take a look at me and like me and want to do things alongside me and my possessions and so if the world is an evil place they are supposed to understand I hurt as well and by the way which they should wait for me to make money from it first and then they can determine what their insolent competition becomes.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland