The idea peddled without fail, coming up again and again with no prospect of being managed, was that I am a disrespectful person – I could never make sense of it for my part either, since they were the same who had no respect for my career that they pick up Client interests to sell something else and divert career publicity towards another cause, claiming their stupidities were an entitlement to being famous. I do not think the respect issue was a major problem either, it is a product of people being unable to raise their children in a morally upstanding manner, so since I am, I have been used and abused but what we are talking about here is a problem that had arrived at a stage where their need to put themselves in charge of matters they knew nothing about and do not concern them, especially for the purpose of famous persons reinvention, meant that the business of getting them out of public mess, meant the Bookshop had stalled, the career had stopped and the bills were not getting paid, after I get them out of it, there was no way to get the bills paid, talking nonsense at me about respect, even when it knows the better option for all is that it shut its mouth and showed up here only when it wanted to read a Book I had written.

We are here entirely because I have not been provided a valid reason to have had Celebrities rip up my Bookshop – they never got a bad deal from me because I was working crime control publicity which people that wanted to put up assets in a way that allowed a famous person enjoy the lifestyle of important people as a method of managing society abuses were drawn to like magnet, so from what we have gathered, it appears they were in a better position to get in league with the criminals as a matter of a sense that I had picked up a career concerning which other people were more worthy, even then, it is still not a valid explanation for trashing my Bookshop to leave me on social security as they were not struggling with the finances, having since made enough to buy security that they could turn on me as well. So we look to their need to double up and pick up the new tidied up Royal Bookshop, handle my assets for new self-reinvention in order to seek answers, what we end up with is that if I wanted money I could ask them, as the worst thing ever was a process in which they were detached from my Assets all together, hence we are to assume that all the abusive gimmicks and financial vandalism, the sharing of my Royal personal space with society trouble makers and talking nonsense at me about respect endlessly, was the way to reach an arrangement where they got to assist me with my finances. Hence, I do need them to stay away from the assets that I must now retrieve in order to get on or I will, burn their show business to do so. The excuse that I try to get things done by terrorising people is utter nonsense as well – they have considered carefully what they are doing and the effects on me, hence they had since decided on a cluster of lies that will build me a profile in which my actions were explained away as something to do with not being able to cope with a process of having others build up for me a sense that I spend a lot of time thinking about how I ought to hail them as people I thought were doing the correct thing, which I don’t as I ought to run myself a successful Bookshop if I did not wish to spend most of my time coming up with ideas that ensure they were bending over in pain regularly; It speaks of being a threat to me whilst all it has to offer was the prospect of picking up my public image to make money and buy private security that it got to turn on me over its greed, whilst I was forced to build an existence where I could concentrate on what I am doing with interference from them because I had backed up my career with an exercise in destruction. I mean I do get told it is not a bad thing to control them by doing so but I need to ensure that it also got to make sense of the way it shows up here to say that if I wanted to control their gimmicks, I needed to acquire body guarding security i.e. trash the social liberties and shows up here talking nonsense when it runs home space renting businesses that shares my bottom with the hoodlums on the streets, talking nonsense at me about respect to make its stupid self-more comfortable.

The question some people have raised is one of the ways in which the Celebrity issue got to bad but it has not, people on Hollywood always speak to others as though they needed assistance from a priest that was skilled in exorcism – on one hand was a stage in which there were probably abandoned towns in the USA, some areas of those Towns being hunted and a shack somewhere owned by a character that was possessed by demons, who for instance for some reason decided the better option to getting a job was to claim that I was in league with Communists in order to get rewards from Washington, suggesting I attacked American interests and taking necessary action to make such claims look real, on the other hand we witness the way that somebody got murdered and since the first day of Police investigation to achieve justice for the victims, they have conducted from stage to stage an abusive gimmick and spiritually corrupt activities around the investigation, arriving at a point where they were a thorn in the side of law enforcement, especially once it got big enough to make them victims of racial, industrial or social violence and eventually projecting residual sensibilities of loss and extreme bloody violence as a method of getting what they want on a later date. This said, I do not write their Books around here and it needs to keep its interests away from my finances, if we have now arrived at a stage where it complains about me daily.

I am told these kinds of words hid big public problems I needed to concern myself with which it does not to me although I know what they mean i.e. the racism and gangs issues but I do not think about tackling it separately from my career, hence it needs to stop complaining as a coupled activity with a need to stifle my Bookshop the way it did my University activities, over ideas on how my body type should be used to fight people in order to create more security for them, I personally as mentioned before have had enough of their gimmicks and need to retrieve my assets for work and career purposes, from their famous goons. The claim what I did was inadequate for such problems being another story entirely as the so called innocent ethnic minorities are not at all innocent, as we know people were not born racist and they had decided to build a crowd that does not think of me as Royalty in order to ensure the public wanted and needed me in an abusive way every time that people were interested in their livelihoods, except when complaining that I set them out for the same effect as well, thus politicians needed to listen to their stupid feelings. We all know that besides the upsurge of localised and international terrorism since their abusive campaign of attacking everything I set up to claw finances back from such characters being that they became more confident to pursue their murderous activities when their financial well being could not be linked up with a reputation of generally going about making trouble or harming people to look tough, using legitimate market methods, it needs to stay away from my finances if it was complaining, considering its history that the last time it was asked to get about the problem, it seemed that the world would be punished if the general consensus was that black lives did not matter as much as they claimed it did. It brings up points about the way that I worked private security industry which seemed to have been the destination for years of a perverted interest in my career: the way I worked it which was my work market history and not their own, besides the fact it was good for my career as well. The details are that it shows up here to make a mess of my Bookshop, then its Celebrities pick up my public image to make money, buy security and tackle me for more, once on the private security industry job, started an onslaught of narcissism – so the narcissism fed into abusive activities at my Bookshop which I had under control and set off the stage that got Celebrities taking responsibility for the damage that they were doing to join in on the fame band waggon into which they were publicity welcomed, the environment still being one in which the gangs will need to employ minions to do the hard work for them and an inability to keep away from my concerns was going to build a problem so great that they had to do it by themselves. On the whole I had set out a state of affairs which made it clear it was the worst thing people could do; to go to a place where everybody attended to buy items by which they put themselves together to pursue a livelihood, just to make trouble or steal – I did follow it on with a sense they might as well, steal from the huge Trucks that ferried those products around the Country or if they preferred, jump into the wide Ocean and steal from the Ships so it would never have arrived in the Country before they had stolen it (it never seems to run out of the stupid ideas naturally, since picking up my career publicity, I could never tell where violent problems were coming from, shares what I did in the washroom with the hoodlums on the streets to build communities that finger my bum and get into the position to do so whilst I am trying to run a Bookshop thereby saddling me with a 7 year career mess, claiming what it is doing with my income margins is not illegal, just as much as it is now informed it needs to stay away from my Books and keep its comments to its career lest what I did next was equally not illegal too).

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