As for the claim I am some character with mystical problems that never goes away, it is all made up, made up by a bunch of people who enjoyed getting on my nerves, such that we had arrived at a stage where I can no longer tolerate it, that my career was in a make or break situation and a certainly broke because of what they chose to do with the career publicity – the existent history is that I went to University to pay the fees for them and still moved on, faced their toxic work market to such an extent I was seen as a laughing stock but still moved on, my career was in a make or break, it broke because I had progressed into my 40s and they needed a laughing stock – totalling 2 decades of career and financial waste, it needs to move on whatever it thinks of me as well, as most of its lip flapping is media salvation with a prospect I will stop this nonsense very badly. It appears these people are convinced that these activities they spent their time on were likely to lead them onto an incredibly important result, a typical example of the reasons that since they brought the birth sign reading aspects into it, to make their abuses more proficient, I as a Libra find it all incredibly amusing but it now needs to move on as there is actually nothing its stupidity can do about me evidently. The scenario is such that they showed up at University which they should only have if they were engaged in a work environment, to which effect somebody told them of a promotion to be gained based on qualification, whereby they got off to secure one before returning to the work place for their promotion, the stupidity of it naturally being that by the time they had returned, somebody else will have taken the promotion, therefore it was better to say that they needed a first degree on hand before they got involved in the work environment, hence in the course of acquiring one they showed up at University to finger my bum until I dropped out, no remorse naturally at this point, so it needs to move on as I am not suspending anything around here in order to them to adjust. Always making those silly excuses about social problems surrounding the matter whilst we know there were only social problems that they created – had the time to develop habits by which to target other people every day, as would transpire that only those born into privileged or wealthy backgrounds would have already had habits that would wade the habits that they targeted people with, so it turned out eventually that they were superior to an Arch Prince, which clashed with the fact that their view of society was to get qualifications for a job whilst mine was to create the environment that allowed people do the best work for their careers and academic pursuits, to which effect I completed the work and lost mine, making me one of the happiest persons on the planet at this stage. In the end it does not affect me in anyway, they have their habits and I had my habits and when they had annoyed themselves well enough for pushing their habits so deeply into my affairs with an atmosphere of violent lasciviousness and group behaviour, that I am unconsciously doing embarrassing things in public, it would be a good time to attack me physically or give it a rest, I do not have to do anything their famous idiots wanted when getting up on National media to haul insults at me, as allowed them work their popularity stupidities into my personal life so deeply that they got imagination into my panties all the time to speak of a smell with a big mouth, whereby I am expected to get out there and get into a fight with low lives that had nothing to lose in this world, as if I am a certified low life myself. It is then said that people thought I am a victim but it is an old story about not expecting the treachery associated with platforms built to make the most of male and female narcissism, that hunted the best aspects of other people’s personal lives, social lives and careers, to improve their lives by, to have been orchestrated by Celebrities and Politicians, except that we have ended up in a situation where thereafter they were unable to live with the results – just as I predicted years back, that once the Celebrities had arrived at a stage where they had made so much money from trashing peoples lived to retrieve equities and assets that was destroyed so badly the process of doing so created an atmosphere of convenience for people who had spare money to feel encouraged by, they would wage war on the public, we are seeing them now engaged with all sorts to ensure they did not end up stuck with their usual sociopaths and psychopaths, hence I now had the former with its need to show up here well fed, dirty and sweaty making up a version of me that it will like to see through media and the psychopaths talking nonsense in public because they wanted people to see their version of reality, not yet the part where I started practicing a series of activities that will leave them weeping and wailing for a messiah. I mean I did already set out the conditions in case their famous gits started the fight: where I will run them down to such an extent their lives were about work, family matters and the welfare of their children, that they will arrive at a stage where it was possible to predict their financial state by assessing their daily affairs as well, I did warn them that it hat this will also expose them to wealth and social inequality if I did it. It has always been the sociopath poofs getting all over the place, assuming they needed a solution to their problems, needed to be told, the obvious was a need to decide when I ate, thereafter should it obtain assistance from Politicians and celebrities, when I slept and beyond this which area of town I could attend and then it will go around in circles depending on whether I stepped out of line – the famous stupidities need to cease pushing insult at me or do so without handling my Bookshop, make the media comments about their own careers.

In any case, I am told I never take the Celebrity threat as seriously as I really ought to take it, which is not the case and not actually clear exactly who was paying me for taking the Celebrity problem seriously, if it was not another back breaking work that paid nothing so people can get elation from screwing with my career for equality. It is not a crisis as I often say: the details are that I started off with a campaign associated with the property equity I brokered with Industries, so the Celebrities jumped on the part where I set out equity to help people build products that will baby sit gits that never stopped spending money to attack them into a platform that suggested I had facilitated means for them to secure equality, wrecking everything here to get rich, now that they are rich, lived in mansions with rooms they did not need, they were waging war on other people’s finances like their twisted nature could facilitate, such that there was enough justification for this business of removing them and if I could not work involvement with engine of economic growth without celebrity involvement find other people but they had decided they were saying because they were important enough to, their insults wreck my finances and my so called insults make them money, knowing nothing about how reputation worked, what the stakes were, the idiots have made this a matter of disrespect for famous people, looking for more of what their stupidities were complaining about in the first instance. The personal side which affects me individually is that it makes this statement about my Books that were published by a publisher and placed somewhere with patents on it, in terms of the ways that the concept of such activity as applicable to my career, helped them explain their personal problems to the fans each time they appeared on the red carpet which leaves me without a job on completing a Book, so Publishers are not getting their commission and I am not getting paid until I play off their security service idiots against each other both in the USA and Communist Countries in a bid to kill famous enough times to earn their attention in appropriate terms. So, it needs to get off my Estate and my writing business if they were quite finished with gimmicks that suggests I am the problem and criminals were nice, followed up with their low lives fingering my body parts, needs to stop bullying me as I do not feel bullied, or this nonsense will stop badly. I mean we are told by their poofs that I did not possess the correct structures to provide a service that would make me financially well off, which is utter nonsense as these gimmicks had nothing to do with me in anyway, the structures by which I worked was a Coven, Industrial consortia and a Court system, outside of which my Books would not have made much sense. They do claim it was the way they wanted to handle me at the Monarchy too, which is completely understandable but the problem at the Monarchy was more a matter of the King wanting to run his affairs in such a way that it had nothing to do with me whilst they had made it so complicated that they have ended up with a situation they believed they possessed the power to manage – have been doing this since the coronation and now ended up informing everybody else they were out of their depth, needs to run off the media narcissism about their own concerns and get their Celebrities making comments about their own careers. They do claim I am a law unto myself whilst it was a matter of what the King was doing in terms of what they were doing as a law unto themselves all together, such that if they wanted my property they will have it: always abusive the lower class and middle class gits but the problem is that they forget their social condition was one in which their arrangement with wrong doers, was to get qualifications and jobs in order to raise the funds that allowed them curtail such problems and now they think that if I was robbed of funds and qualifications I would be in serious trouble, sees me like this all the time, same as the way it follows me around with gimmicks where it shares my privacy with hoodlums so people can finger my body parts with the help of rogue landlords or the ways it follows me around to make a mess because it always wished I was engaged in the pursuit of activities concerning which none took responsibility, no matter how much its stupidities complained about me, followed me around with it to make a mess and cling to my career and public profile everywhere I went. It is always abusive coming from them, it had to stop badly. It is this process where it needed to wreck people’s affairs and run off to secure academic qualifications on the profiles and public image of victims, get good jobs on it and then spend the money on an addiction, martial arts or private security to tackle society but bullying an Arch Prince was something they had to do, I have no regrets, it had to stop badly.

They do claim I did not know where and when to stop either, which is not the case – people feel a rumble in their tummy, be it because of their practical jokes associated with when others were allowed to open the mouth at home or not, when they took a deep breath it is relieved, doing so in public which was never prohibited or a crime, nobody knows why they have built the social conditions to ensure that when people took deep breaths they were not until their famous idiots were comfortable first whilst they were the problem people needed to get rid of in order for their famous idiots to be comfortable in the first place and nobody knows why they have pushed it up to a stage where people had to get into trouble with the law, to show they deserved what they already owned. I suppose that after years of targeting me with it, from my home to the train station and between the train station and Buckingham palace where it could really kick off because I needed to attend a Jubilee, now making an announcement with a sense of entitlement that they must have ended up with some serious problems of their own. They do raise the point of when I thought I would be finished with this matter but it can be finished instantly – if I mentioned something about their abusive societies and the effrontery to get into my personal space at will randomly, run me down with collective insults and put labels on me, they would suggest I had put on too many details they cannot get their heads around, so I would say the problem should be done as soon as it was possible to relieve any tummy issues on their account simply by heaving a breath, if their famous idiots do not get off claiming I stole that from them too, the stupid poofs on either side, until I got to make their personal decisions for them too. In their defence they claim it is a life of problem solving that I chose which causes all my problems, just the same as the Celebrities claim I am the one robbing people of a social life and dignity – for the latter, it abuses my career to such an extent it became a matter of me, the celebrities and my career, at which point it wishes that I suspended my career so that it could adjust its incredibly important one which will never happen considering it is not paying the bills here and I do not want it to either – for the former I have warned them enough times about their gimmicks being insulting, since a life of problems was a process of telling me how to write and publish Books, keep their incomes and show up here to convert my whole career publicity and public profile into a tool for expressing problems, all built up to a point where they created a version of me and signed up to the armed services to fight my wars, then pretend what they did and the public causes that resulted did not belong to me as well.

I have not been brought down and laid low as suggested either – this is all part of public control work that I do with my public image, if the wrong doers got too close, they ended up with information linked to a social class in which they do not belong and therefore needed the last time we checked and it can be repeated and updated when they least expected, so it gets really personal on behaviour I needed to avoid lest I got on the nerves of people who were bigger but my finances lay in ruins because they play with everything – the problem with the work I have done impeccably here is that Celebrities want to use my public image for the fame and so I had to get out of bed to face the nauseating financial complications that were explained as part of something that happened because an idiot was a famous prick, who could solve all my financial problems in a jiffy. We are now at a point where they claimed they did not know how to get on if they did not have access to my public image and profile, but I do not care, they have had enough, I have had enough and it all needs to move on.

There is the talk now about socialists and liberals claiming I possessed answers to public problems but simply refused to assist – I could never tell how they practiced activities but generally lost sight of what they were doing each time they got desperate, as the only public problems we faced were the consequences of being the character who appointed themselves to apply a stick on other people with respect to the endless supply of work about other people who had ideas on what people such as myself should be doing and so there was always the safe distance violence that either got me serving celebrities, royalty or politicians and I am never allowed to smell nice. The consequences we speak of at this stage being that they spend their social standing on immoral society activities that will get Police involved to try and prevent them wrecking peoples lives but we will still find them making money off the fact they tried through narcissism Media every day, now they had built a crowd that will help them access mine, so their famous idiots were addicted to my personality, loved to trash my Bookshop and shower me with insults to such an extent I withdrew access and if they accessed it, I will have to explain what exactly I had done, to the Head of State, at some stage. It issues the threats in my direction all the time when I had not yet taken an unusual interest in the stupid lower class existence where it needed to secure job and academic qualification to raise money that helped it deal with society but cannot resist running me down and trashing my career at the same time and I will fuck them over with it properly, if the need to get others listening to their plight on my account does not run out of favour before then all together, no idea why they are always so abusive, so insolent, if they had need of other peoples personality all of the time, what is rather clear being that they have now had enough and so have I, hence it needs to get lost. On the career front, without dabbling into the ways that I needed to ensure their celebrities lived in a world where government need to support the unemployed due to their need to trash peoples careers in order to show that celebrity culture was a better way to make a living with vacuums of ideas about what others should have been doing with an already existing career resources that were deployed for purpose being used for show business without the consent of the persons to whom it applied, such that the need to provide for the vulnerable is to set a platform for building products that will help to baby sit them and if they did not engage with those products an interested party will, for the purpose of grabbing their fame jobs as well, it was a simple matter of people who had invested their time and energy in my Bookshop, enjoying an environment that was sustainable enough for them to engage with the Books, which is something I should never have to demand from people who did not own the Bookshop alongside me as such in the first place. Where it complains about governmental corruption, it was all part of the game, where Politicians were currently dazzled by Celebrity finances and each time they gave themselves away, trashed the careers that suggested they were not in charge of the country, when they become just as dazzled by the property and cars and homes of Industry Office holders, we will have arrived at a stage where they needed to decide if they wanted the Government job at all, if there was no way to hold them to account like so, the government itself will become a cesspool. There are no public problems that I had refused to assist with in any case, I believe when I begin to push back, the narcissism media will fall first and if it does not either way, they were the idiots running off this nonsense that suggested they were addicted to my personality and when they damage my career, I am to suspend it in order for them to adjust their stupid lives on account they were incredibly important, every day – for my part as well, no prospect here by the way, that what I am doing with their abusive shop keepers, rogue landlords, Celebrities and corrupt private security is likely to stop soon either.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland