They claim I have shown a tendency to support the far right when it gets tough and it is utter nonsense as what happens is that whilst we had racism to contend with these fools will go from a habit of insulting others to such an extent that health and career was crippled, looking for male dominance and living in a world where others cannot leave a career and return to find the career as first left, talking rubbish about democracy while at it, to tribalism that had become the biggest problem whilst the victims waited for the worst of the racism to come along, claiming they deserved it because they paid a price for the victims to enjoy an existence until the worst of the racism came along, continuing from a habit of provoking people and brushing it under the carpet, then provoke again to such an extent it ended up in the law Court and the second provocation was resolved, a lot of the times with bad things happening to good people from it, while the first was left as a tool for health and dominance. It’s the same as they claim that when the victims respond by attacking them via wealth and social inequality, it was a result of seeing that they had problems and jumping on a bandwagon while reality is that like in my case, it enjoys trashing my start-up and performing an activity they describe as gaslighting on any social and public issues I had resolved at my expense, so once it gives me enough ideas, I want to trash their start up and gaslight them on the civil rights gimmicks too, unless I really loved the idea that their start up should be successful while they were at it. here I ought to do something very important with what I know and it is an old story where I was running a Bookshop I am trying to get the Public involved with, whereby it would be nice to enjoy some quietness for 24 going onto 2 months at any given time etc.

So far the most destructive of their stupidities apply as the times they tell me my position was a typical reason German influence gits hated me, about which I believed they were mad enough at this stage to actually have go, otherwise need keep their mouth shut – while the agism and patriarchy gits worked with Celebrities to trash my finances and ensure their personal problems relied on me, as a matter of making sure that nothing bad ever happened to their stupid selves ever again, at my expense and there goes the Public work and means to do it down the loo. The solution having been the same, that they needed to play with their careers if keeping their salaries, stop talking rubbish about the threat of wealth and social inequality being something others did at an opportune time, when they were not looking, especially if keeping their salary while at it.

They claim I insisted I could take on the racists while their stupidities were bigger, so I assume the insults were not just a product of being an ethnic minority, it was also a career vandalism trick to finding out how I did it but they saw that they needed to read my Books and that I am not responsible for their safety and well being especially so applicable to the Politicians.

Further details on claims that when people attack thems as well, it was a process of taking advantage of a social problem that affected them, would include the fact that whenever Celebrities picked up my PR and my earnings, it was an indication of defiant dominance and only those who take part in such things were emotionally attached, therefore needed to get to know the Celebrities personally, in order to fight back.

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