They claim I had failed to see that Celebrities had a fear of accepting that they were wrong but what they had failed to accept the entire time was that uninvited involvement increased the risk of destroying people’s property because of this fear. So it would appear that regardless of what I said, the whole problem with communist threats remained, of which there was nothing playing out the way they claimed it did – reality more that if I had business with security services, they were a problem because their insults ensured that communists and terrorists could access whatever I was doing with them, an example of the way I mitigated this was displayed in terms of the list of my diet which I displayed on my website, considering those insults about the way they were uncomfortable with my involvement at a prestigious Monarchy was ripping and tearing where structures had been developed to ensure that upon keeping diplomacy with none allies, I could retrieve assets when necessary and that security services and government operatives were involved with my diet: on this front yet again they were a problem as everything provoked them including the professional comments that security services staff made – hence we arrived at a stage where I decided it made sense to use the disposition afforded by the fact that they on one hand were a group of people concerning whom unlike their Celebrities and their society that have gotten a response off me, have gotten no response and therefore felt they were untouchable, whilst the communists also had people from their society who did the same things, the similarity between the two was uncanny, the abdominal pain they caused and the need to tear up careers for their criminals and celebrities insatiable, hence had to fight each other’s and complain at my expense every time that somebody had died, the same issue of ripping up my assets to make way for a series of activities that will convince some people at Washington that whilst they had built a society where people had to get into trouble with the law to show they deserved everything they owned, having been affected eventually they were defending themselves from communist threats well; at which stage we lived up to the instances where there were women specially trained by communists to take them out and people were getting killed which was all my fault whilst I am at the same time the cause of social problems considering that criminals were better people. They would then say that Celebrities were not protected from communists as part of the fear to admit they were wrong then I suppose, so we are already beginning to make mention of attacking the abusive birth sign reading communities as well, whilst I ensured they stopped picking up my career publicity to make fame, when I had arrived at a point of detaching them from the abusive Europeans they had allied themselves with, that they did not themselves have a history of controlling when the same had turned on them, I will be satisfied that I had attained control of this nonsense and my finances too, with persons invested in my career history free from the assault levied on them for engaging and my person from the assault that provided them energy fun. I mean the other goons were not hanging about at security services, progressing from security service incompetence to security service corruption, before they got a narcissism Media that worked for them every day and funds from idiots who trashed peoples careers over ideas on what the careers could be used for regardless of the fact that it was always being deployed for purpose at the point of contact, to rip up public finances to buy mansions with many rooms they did not make use of at the same time, only after showing up to bother people with civil rights problems and turn out at the other end with the ill-gotten gains to be the paid up aspect of the problem itself – so they only had to protect themselves from the KGB women, especially when security service professional communications provoked them to a point of public crisis, insulting me which will never help them do so.

They do boast that I have been completely wrecked which I have not, just a reality that I am caught with sociopath poofs who were the kingpins of any situation in which we either had to face a crowd that was loyal to them, clashing with law enforcement in riot gear or my personal and social life will be completely trashed in order for them to find a new one considering their personal and social decisions – it is now working alongside its famous idiots to handle my career as a tool for mitigating obscurity issues and earning the right to smell nice, so I end up suffering without having committed any of the social misdemeanours. The fabled underlying issue is that they showed up at University with the same violent lasciviousness, the same atmosphere for crowd mentality, which purpose was to drive me down on the basis that there was a need to pick off my personal and social life whilst getting me stuck with a bunch of idiots that had groomed themselves into such a position as to say that when a personality in this position committed a crime, it was normal when they had not, they were low lives with nothing to lose getting involved with peoples personal spaces to make those who had an effrontery to possess something their famous idiots did not feel entitled to or had not tasted into victims, such that if I suggested they were criminals, there must have at that stage been enough fault points built into my career to make me suffer for doing so, the problem being that the famous idiots, politicians and society gits cannot live with this decision and had decided my career ought to cover their backsides whilst the bills were unpaid – it has suffered for a University fiasco in which I went to higher institution to pay the fees for them on account it fails to move on whilst I had in the face of such traumatic abusive activity, now it has performed a new gimmick on my Bookshop which is obviously new and shiny for the time being. The Community part will be those claims that I am cursed which is utter nonsense as reality is more a matter of the fact they hated their parents and I did not hate my parents but whilst my parents fancied the way they had made the so called money, the outcome being that each time I hung about looking like I owed my parents a debt of gratitude and affection, I lost more money at the market place to them and the gimmicks their famous idiots performed, for their part, they had extracted enough of it from my public standing and public image to put up open displayed of affection for their parents – those who knew how conflict plays out understand this matter well enough, when it does kick off it will be a situation in which siblings turned against siblings and there will be death everywhere, the curse I am under must have finally made sense. The threat it issues is all good, it may get down to that stage where it claims it was born under a certain birth date that was entitled to bully me, working as a community, so that when I push back each time the stupidities made a mess of my career, community support would mean they were not affected and therefore not deterred, to show up here saying that it wanted to do me some physical harm as well, otherwise whilst it is a poof using mine to cover its backside and making me sick to the stomach every day, if it does not wish to be provoked by state provided security as its big mouth suggests, it needed to cease exasperating people to a point where it had to face questions. For mine, it is now growing into a case of saying that since my public life was reliant on what communities people built as politicians, society gits and celebrities, to ensure they trashed my career and when I pushed back the deterrence was not effective because they had support all the way to the emotional kind for these sorts of activities, I needed to get into clothes and meet people over work and career because of it, put to rest working on the basis they did these because they were trying to survive and take up the reality that it was the way they had actually planned their 18 to 65, before then I did provide them the easier options but it will not cease getting entitled to something that felt good here and trash my finances making stupid comments about my social profile and career all day long.

We have even arrived at a point where they suggested that more people needed to be brought into what I am doing in order to make it work – we know the gimmick is such that it always had to get into a position where it found something painful and which will push me into a difficult place as a method by which I can run my daily concerns with satisfactory involvement on their part featured. The reality is the way it works and how it started, since it began with sociological matters surrounding my career, meeting with that of some female journalists whom I assisted on mobility and domestic violence matters, whenever I encounter their gimmicks, the best way to handle it was to get these kinds of journalists involved, whether or not the problems they created for me were actually being resolved, I simply respond the way that I did currently because I can put it up as a fun gimmick each time they told me that the career time and time wasted was fun gimmick. It has now arrived at a point where I am truly better off with for instance a student who wanted to pay for an actual book copy in order to get involved, so not only is it important to say that their behaviour was ruinous and I needed to develop one for their political, industrial and celebrity jobs and property as well, I also have a need to ensure they wasted time and resources building publicity that such student characters would inherit when they bought a copy of the Books too. It is a matter of being so disrespectful that no matter what I did, their involvement with me was to do with ways I will be fighting and defeating communists, so that their stupidities might push a career at the big Apple, trashing my finances and picking up my career publicity for a gimmick, needs to shut down the media narcissism and civil rights gimmicks, the abusive distant violence nonsense that is meant to make me like they are because they could not live with my leadership situation or I will shut it down for them.

They do claim they would love to hear what I had to say about the patriarchy society issues, since I appeared to be the one that does it all until, they got to handle me – its always the lip flapping when it had not enlisted Politicians to come to its aid and listen to it feelings about my entire existence. It has never really been about hating or loving the patriarchy and it is always insolent and abusive of them with a need to chase their needs by getting imagination into my panties whilst clinging to my social life and possessions, so it is now talking nonsense about potential threats. It has mostly been about not damaging my property whether or not most of the worlds wealth was held by the patriarchy thus a bunch of idiots needed to suck up to them to get some of the wealth, we see the same applicable to women in terms of schedule by which people got things done and the way that people were promised that something will be done which was never done, so that the Law Court becomes the main means by which the systems wrought injustices on the male population during divorces. History is set to continue as it is, that I am always going to live with an awareness that I possessed a tendency to lead them on and fuck them over with it properly, then set a stage for them to have won another great fight which they had to tell everybody about, hence the media salvation has always become incredibly important with respect to their narcissism platforms for solving problems by talking nonsense as a matter of interference with other people’s existence – it always promises to teach me lessons with the patriarchy over my response to its insults, the story of my life naturally being a Libra, it does need to, the reasons it all leads to Celebrities who tended to ensure all problems were repeated again and again, whilst it should have simply been a matter of them not damaging my property and of course it needs to teach any lessons it wants, it is the story of my life, its stupidities and the personal decisions I am paying for, about which I am constantly under the strain of the mother of all stress, with my mind being disturbed with gimmicks that read birth signs and allowed them to handle my personal and social life to share celebrity money, considering they spent their youth attacking those who thought about making the proverbial hay at the right time. They do claim I had a lot of anger in me which I don’t – it is the stupid insults endlessly and a series of activities that affected my livelihood adversely being repeated several times every day without reason or provocation because of how they planned to make their own patriarchy money, needs to make comments about its own social life and career, show up here only when it wants to read something I wrote and keep its distant violence hands to itself. We are told the patriarchy thing is a massive international problem but it is, it is something that Americans were doing – since developed into a result where it hated my guts but the gimmicks went around in circles because I had written a Book that I placed in a professional environment that it can access like everybody else: it realises its insults and ways it uses those insults to trash lives and career claiming it was fighting peoples wars, will build up to a result where it will not be able to make a living unless it was fighting communists, so it had gone and done that to me first via a narcissism media, we now have to fall back on plan B, that involved getting it off British economic backyard in terms of the ways that I needed to ensure that it had to jump hoops to get and keep a job in the land of the free, in return for the property and financial damage associated with repeating activities that did damage to my livelihood at strategic hours every day, so that it would stop with a claim that people had failed to understand how much it hated British.

I. Uno I

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