Now on the matter of how tired I am at fighting Politicians there is no such thing; the reality is simply that of the fact that Politicians have simply turned out to make a process where I log all I have at the Royal Estate and chose a few things I need to earn a living with into a fight with them so that they can destroy it and make a name for themselves, it is them that are getting tired of fighting me. Yes of course their fears are well founded and entirely accurate; my work creates the protests and Political instabilities they have to deal with and it is all about the pleasures of beating up the middle classes for the lower classes. The goons that brought about financial crash were middle class popular culture criminals, the banker ones were the same, the biggest beneficiaries of the future we have created already as well as it biggest nemesis are the same too, so are the Politicians and of course they cannot stay off my book sales and since they have this Politics and media tend to deploy it every single day to ensure people do not lose the benefits of my products when they do not buy it all over the world; the reasons they say is that I expect to declare what my property is worth then get off to the market place to make the millions and especially for the Americans that will happen over their dead body but having been they have chosen to interfere with market and generally conceive a condition where their recent involvement in the supply side of the economy gets to mean they get involved with companies that broker equities with me and have all those adjudications they do with their stupidities as judge jury and prosecutor all in one on their stupid media to claim it is about catching somebody on whom they can express meaningfully how they feel over social inequality, which also implies that the equities I broker with companies and industries has passed from me to them through their foolish media as well hence especially for the Politicians the big part of their game is always to claim they destroy my property because it is akin to possessions belonging to criminals, however at this stage are unable to see I have shown the world they are intellectual property criminals themselves, which brings us down to the last question of how I try to get around with those that are beyond my league of which the reasons I always have to deal with community croons and witches next door is precisely those who are beyond my league as it were and I simply want to get out of bed and more so get into the office to work without having to deal with the worst possible form of insecurity anybody could ever possibly imagine like it currently is at present; otherwise there will be very pragmatic ways of showing I am in no way tired of fighting Politicians and do make plans for my media wars as well so those can keep their insults to themselves or just as well spend it on the Politicians, those rather think that an entire parliament can become the liability of my firm without problems, they also think that applying what makes them feel the way I feel when they get out to ensure those who have not bought my products get the services anyway is something that causes me grave concern and hence until it all blows up none of their behaviour is likely to get any better. I have no idea which part of the question of Pop stars not being their age mates they fail to understand anyway, these foolish father figures and their tyranny and plans for a new country etc, with this very strong notion they seem to have that absolutely everybody will tolerate it. All I have done is a process where I am clearly not the only writer who is unemployed or has another job in the world, leading to a process where people spend my equities everyday to get rich and the result that I got around the world to ring fence the business and the profit margins I have given no criminal like such the permission to handle as the patents have shown and they have since been unable to get it or invent their own when they fail to in order to crowd me out of my own life which is really stupid. What they are suggesting these days instead is that when their entire parliament had become the liability of my company it is likely to be a fight that they will win, not to mention the kids they will raise to get rid of me when we have already been at a spot where I have had to wait for them at the jobs market bearing in mind I have the right to cash into my own fame as it were. Same old story of course all around with the middle classes; they have the money and they have the media power but it is the work necessary to make money out of it that has caused them to conclude there is link between hurting others and getting rich and we cannot live like that as a Country first of all hence the reasons I have seen to it everybody has access and most of all for me personally it is the reasons I have set out the fact that as a factor of the services I can provide from my property of which using it and insulting me will only tend to continue in hell as it were, the fact these services are entirely unique, if I wasted 50% of all I own I would still be worth at least 30 million pounds and then of course set out to write books to claim my cash, hence I know it makes them do evil things and they can always rely on friends from the US, it is the kind of challenge I relish too as it were. The alternative to this would have been a simple case of getting a royal commission from the Queen at 20, getting some factory work for start up money and getting into University once I am out of factory work, allowed to finish my studies and then disappear into the work force it did not go that way and they have a problem lots for them to cash into especially black girls. Endless opportunity to have sex with anybody that does not wish to do so with them by trapping them financially too and we await the results.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland