So Politicians have more than on an occasion spoken about helping prisoners to vote during elections of course and yes I can see where they are coming from at this stage i.e. they will not be caught dead engaging the public with what it wants in order to get votes, they will get into office with the votes of criminals whose overlords are still out there probably orchestrating organised crimes of all sorts for his boys and girls who end up in the prisons but of course it is much better than that because the problem is a socialist party here regretting that it made laws that have put too many people in prison – so that the government might make laws and then wish we lived in a world where there were none and again I understand where they are coming from too i.e. the idiots are chosen by Unions especially in cases where the Prime Minister is not popularly elected by the public like it was between Gordon Brown and Tony Blair. It leads right onto this question then of how the Bank of England has a problem with its hold of Nazi Gold, which I think is one of those matters people worry about when there is nothing there to be worried about for example like the millions of dead people during the Nazi war that have never been given an alternative redress for example among many other things that are too costly to deal with on all sides but if the fact there are no more Nazis around these days is not good enough then we have to take in account other problems or things that look the part like the Spanish government for example where they play the local government enforcer all the time because they like it that way and not long it applies even to those who do not live in their country and some days later they have a problem with Gibraltar. Maybe perhaps in the UK far right groups that want to borrow the ideology of Nazism to dominate people in their communities with which is illegal but can happen anyway because black people never listen and are happy to ensure they never listen when it is too late for those they have marked out to bully for they are evil too in their own right and will not stop bullying them until it is too late for them and then it will move to other things like mocking them and will never stop mocking them until it has become too late for them and then will never stop laughing at them on public media until it is too late for them, hence fair to acknowledge the fact racism is illegal but can happen anyway is the way it will be for a very long time to come. Then there is the matter of rich people that belong in far right groups which was never a new thing as we all know what I had to deal with first was young people who have ideas about how I am meant to fight for freedom while they were meant to get rich of which we will share later like it has ever been shared like that and soon it progressed to idiots fighting me all the time so when I beat them they send in their stupid children as a sign of their lack of respect and superiority until I am beaten etc, which then progressed to the need to protect those who had jobs to offer and were willing to give one to people like me and now the reality is that when I broke my valuable property it involved everybody provoking me all the time and pretending they don’t know what I mean when I say they need to get off my books and get off the Industries. About which I have again made myself clear I need to feel I was born somewhere and grew up somewhere and that I am going somewhere whether or not I am doing those things and need the feeling to be there and respected or I will install one of mine which will have nothing to do with the one my parents gave me when I was born. They think I am talking nonsense and anything can happen to me while they continue to steal my income and deny me a job as I am scared of them even when they are younger than I am as well; so of course I need to make it clear for the purpose of clearing up things people likely get scared of that these things are a function of a process where people can exasperate me over a period of time and document my feelings and place them in strategic conditions to cash into whenever they want, since they use personality to make money and those hedonistic insults are the only thing Germany has contributed to the world to influence it with as it were, are not something they at random or spontaneously, they are all something they do through meetings they organise and plan and that is why they hate the idea of me going to Church or believing in God with a big mouth and regularly think that hate can be transformed into action as well looking for trouble all the time. As for the matter of African royalty causing trouble; it is worth absolutely nothing as such necessarily – I mean all Africans a thieves and now the idiots I never ask about their criminal lifestyles that love to inform and attack me with it and pretend my media equipments exists for them to talk through to me with now have to steal things they cannot see. Hence not quite Nazism but a problem never the less and there is nothing wrong with being stuck with Nazi gold and they can all be distracted until penury.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland