Now I know it is said I am living my life to suit the media because they have now got control of my book sales and I need to make a deal with them but the first time such things happened it did with Politicians and now today Politicians cannot stop attacking me because they claim I provoke them and that it seems as though I am tied to them everywhere they go on the planet but in actual fact they are the ones clinging to my book sales and my income whenever they get around the world and not the other way around. I mean normal sane individuals get off to stand up on public media on the daily basis to give away speeches which incite community croons and their stupid husbands to carry out violent abuses on me and especially those that are sexual in nature as well and they have been at this since last they wanted to use my personality to do their career claiming all kinds of nonsense about which is their problem that somebody else needs to suffer for as well. So after all these years of causing me such levels of intense suffering on a daily basis, they now complain about what my issue with Politicians is I have no idea what they are scared of since it was always their case that if abusing a white child will create a problem of extremism it would be fine but not a none white one since that would simply have been insulting to them, especially the idea he is treated to privileges, they have continued to think they are the devil himself and perfectly capable of creating competition to please their evil hearts with and into absolutely anything they want, so it is not clear why they would be scared of extremism at this point and hence the questions they ask about what my case with them seems to be. Bloody clowns of course, so it explains why people wonder why I call people clowns when I am annoyed but this is a typical example everything for them is a plaything. I mean for how many years have they jumped on my book sales and my job to keep me from an income and ensure that when they incite community idiots to attack me I get to react to it because it does affect my very existence, ten years, five years, six years - we are looking at 12 years and counting every blessed day. I want them off my books and off my reputation and not stupid questions blown at me about what my problem with them seems to be and so of course that brings us to the other issue of the media; now I have to make a deal with the media and it is obvious, any person can guess it will not end well either. Of course they boast of it all the time but really have no such power as they boast all the time to prevent me from making millions of pounds when I work for it and of course need to stay off my books and the company or the troubles will deepen as well. They always cling to that idea that I have taken up and used their culture to my ends of course but the reality is rather that it is a simple facts about what happens when you build around your work for your allies and affiliates etc, then set off to find work for money because it is the way money should be made and therefore the old question of whether when people see those who know how to get rich and have told everybody about it before they set out to get rich and there were 40 thieves looking on, based on being the most self centred insolent twits in the world, they will want to take what such a person has already earned through obvious hard work away from him? Apparently they would because they think they are the devil himself and always say that whatever happens to people like me would not matter because I am too inferior for those who actually matter to be concerned about what happens to me and I really do not want to know about all these things for my part, I want them off my book sales, simple and end of the story. Another example of these things is when for instance a white man shuts down his life and says to his wife, honey you cannot express yourself like that immigrants do not care they and their black idiots seem to be the only ones that know that such conversations are going on and it means they will never give the idea they have so much power over such people and can do and undo some rest in the world whatsoever and that is why they are always onto me, they think they have got such power and the outcome of course are the process where I haemorrhage ideas but prevent them from using it for their purposes without going along with the rules, then the process of being attacked by their communities which ensures my chest feels like exploding all the time because they give a speech everyday to point fingers at me and incite it because their own stupid lives are damaged, gives something back in the sense their own chests feel like exploding all the time too and yet in the end they all have minds and legs and can stay away from my property and income especially. The idea I am trying to get myself married into the British Royal family is neither as important as people abusing me to make use of my own property it is tough talking and they do need to stop complaining too if they have no wish to stop it and move on, nor is it as important as the idea they and their stupid children are the mistresses of the Country and can handle as they like the person and or property of anybody of their choosing with a big mouth and that stupid media and its mad Parliament.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland