I am not in any way heartbroken as most people believe I am. It is an idea that Media and Celebrities developed and has nothing to do with the truth, which is rather that I had in the process of working matters concerning the business of being tackled by them said somethings to myself that suggested I am heart broken and so it has due to the extreme emotions and personal way that the matters have been tackled, taken up a semblance of what is a composition of my personality. It is the same thing we see them do; they are psychopaths who tell themselves strange things until those become a part of their personality – for some reason which we can see that mine is now the main concern because it involved the Heart. It is the same as people wish all these would end for me while I am not in suffering or distress and would like people not to worry about me like that – I mean if I am in suffering or distress, I know what I am doing as such. What really happens involved the business of everything I have known about the Media, Celebrities and their popularity gits stripped down and so I must devise another way of living, by being told that they were nice people whose only problem was that they needed money. First the Politicians and then I dropped out of University and the whole thing was amusing, then Hollywood where they got about saying they saw me write a Book that solve the problems these idiots create and ought to get down to work, as if those problems affected them in the slightest my punishment will be great, with a big mouth. So I need to ensure if there is Politics that disrupts my life, it gets disrupted – if there is media that does it, media gets disrupted – if there is Celebrity that does it, Celebrity gets disrupted and the main benefit of doing this, is to ensure that the stupidities of being pushed into a position where they inflicted suffering on me to ensure I was not selfish about the solutions to the consequences of their personal decisions, when their stupidities needed it, moved off somewhere else or accepted the fact I had the right to deal consequences but the overall gain is to see which access their stupidities will continue to gain into my concerns when I had found a somebody to love and settle down with, on which basis, I will keep a successful Royal Hermitage Bookshop I had worked on my entire life.

So we are here as something that started out as an interest in my personality, the television bits were not so abusive at first but the Radio really went to town, however when the television joined in, it had since developed through many abusive processes and now finally taken shape as people having a need to run off publicity to helped employers make up the mind about me, while hanging about the place issuing threats and it took 12 years to get to this stage. The proper catalyst for what will happen with next is this process where their need to talk about me in a way that meant I was to be used to help them work their jobs in a way that secured weekend champagne and a lot of power, giving rise to an outcome where they had embarked on pay reduction for women and told me my part in it was to do with providing them a means to avoid stress when they threatened me for it. It is the story of the reasons we deny exist, where people picked up weapons and set about attacking and killing fellow students – the problem never gets solved because we deny that it was born out of neighbourhood in which some parents simply could not stop attacking, handling, and disciplining other people’s children to boost their popularity and popularity incomes. Here however one more threat from them and an inability to stop talking about me as something that is used to boost their incomes will cause me to take the matter to a stage where I sought a resolution for those stupidities where I was going to get beaten up if they had fantasies about bigger people I would have had to handle with a right tools and proper measures process – a resolution for that nonsense where I had to contend with what I did to keep their women abusing me to get good things in life, which meant I had to use them as the work applicable to the disastrous decision that can be made when a person complies with these idiots to attack those people they thought should be attacked, while they then saw the service processes of such a person’s business as tools to handle when they want to make the person fight their enemies, not being clients, colleagues or even employers but had more of an interest in the person that the latter three did, issuing those stupid threats for self-improvement with a big mouth all day long – a resolution for the case where the society gits got to handle them while they had nothing to do with me and I was not involved in anyway, to create this madness where I am being punished because I did not allow others handle my social life and public image to get paid for being popular and I will ensure that the outcome brought about a conclusive resolution to this nonsense if they always had to be so insulting every moment of their lives; find out what becomes of American idiots who never stop putting up money leverage to help them trade at market as if I had lost something important to build up these foolish habits.

They claim I am in trouble everywhere and especially at the Monarchy but what happens at the Monarchy is soon to set the stage for how this is concluded – since reality is that I am under the service and protection of the Monarch, test being all those people who got involved with me were doing so as a matter of state business, if I had reached that stage, indicating that I was now free to spend my time on the Bookshop. The problem with the Celebrities on the other hand has been that handling the problem with the hoodlums and quasi criminals benefitted them but the process of attacking my finances to milk me for all I had over it indicated they were looking for trouble – the extras are that once done we find them pick up what happens whenever I get out of bed, to make statements that they were famous and I was trying to make money from their fame. So I think that the business of people I am supposed to attack, was concerned with the way those people put stress on them and not me, their abusive women will now straddle the two position when I build a campaign for it and their threats will decide how this nonsense stops (the cause of it all - the rich Children with Trust funds who want to get out of Economic crisis, by finding somebody that had done all the work and never stopped making statements about wars they had won against Communists while I was too cowardly to deserve my career, above all, the media fools that get it going for them every day. Then there is the process of stifling my Book sales over practical jokes to get me taking part in those stupid social arrangements which results were that the bigger corrupt families beat up the smaller ones and there was gang war because I am too much of a coward to deserve my Career, looking for a response that fits its stupidities and that of its fame idiots).

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