They have suggested I now existed in an environment where I needed to be given permission to exist or carry on: it is nonsense naturally as it is the same gimmick where spending time on them meant I have no time for the career and spending time on the career left me with no energy for it all together due to their interest in my personality. It is supposed to occur when I had not pursued it every direction it turned to ensure it faced difficult times and choices not matter how successful it got, leaving it to complain about hating the British for instance and of course none of it ever happens save I am being labelled with a stigma that suggested I should be getting out of my door to fight people on the streets in order to enhance other people’s fame and popularity, as if I had a certificate in being a low life, on account that an idiot was famous. It is not necessarily a crisis, they do raise the point that it was difficult for me whilst it has only been a hellish experience because whilst I needed to ensure everybody at the Trust was comfortable, they knew where my Books were, to fulfil dreams and had since stagnated my finances by the sheer force of practical jokes, now issuing threats from the immoral society big wig gimmicks on Media backed by local twats that wanted my personality to stay alive whilst getting imagination into peoples inner wear to work extreme forms of what they deem amusing obscurity, even attacking those who could not fight back, which point was to suggest that we up standing people, all the way to religious activities ought to cease trying to control what other people did with our lives because we were never 100% of what we said we were. The consequence is that it then finds space to read birth signs endlessly, now that it had decided Scorpios were entitled to abuse me, grab my career an take my money at will, to find that whilst Scorpios were backed by abusive societies libras tended to meet with connoisseurs, so their problem it seems is that they were unable to tell exactly who connoisseurs were likely to be and when any of those were likely to meet up – my problem being that instances where justice had been served and I played a role to ensure life continued as normal left me with a financial mess due to the sheer force of their practical jokes. Eventually arriving at a stage where it suggested that I needed to experience the kind of life that other people were, consequence being that it expected me to get off my Office and live with the consequences of its own personal decisions because it did not like itself so much anymore and wanted to be somebody or something else, should I let this happen and they moved into what seems to be a social status and standing I had lost to them, I will need to go from negotiating the mine field of their insults brewed by famous gits and worked by abusive societies, where tended to run me down in a way that meant an involvement with the Monarchy would suggest top authorities needed to take a violent action, to a stage where I had to explain it to the top authorities, the issues behind my inability to protect public interest properly – it shoots off the big mouth all the time and does not appear to consider carefully that this would have been the point where it needed to raise that private famous people’s army that it had been talking about for years, from my point of view, it has been a 20 year career mess here and they need to fool around elsewhere, more so, now that they have found the secrets that concern them the most. Hence we are all together now at a stage where suggests that I am set to put an ending to their gimmicks painfully without anybody realising that I had, indication being that they have pushed me to a point where I have started labelling them and their friends as famous poofs as well, never mind claims that if I decided my attitude towards their need to get into those saloon cars and cover the distance between home and work by running me down and various other insolent ways of getting involved with my affairs, making the nature of my involvement with them into a form of bullying was something that I could not do, since last I did private security industry work and their community organised insult and sexual context abuses took off because I had, notwithstanding that their society gits have not been so lucky therefore have been complaining that I put fear into their hearts. It seemed that everybody was currently able to make sense of the reasons those of them that were, hated being Libras all together, I mean that it was the exact opposite of anything I did to ensure life continued as normal after justice had been served, for people to take up security service work and make such a mess of it that the more security they provided was the more trouble with got into, when their treachery does meet up with people who understood what it meant when I had started labelling them poofs as well, then will they find that there were Libras that chose to exist at their expense too – just as we know what the need to work the economic abuses were all about, the way that its efforts will be assessed by a bunch of people attending parties and taking selfies and life decisions will be made etc. The claim I am vulnerable to them is only likely to continue until such a result as I am done with this business of seeing that the abusive society suffers more of the problems that made them abusive and the business of making me a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy as a method of settling their retirement, leads up to a result where I had so much of their gimmicks to engage myself with that it became clear that I could not stand Celebrity overseas business interests or their involvement with the public based one, which will have been publicly displayed for the purpose of attrition, assuming that it will deter them; it has been important to operate like this because the stupidities that have allowed this nonsense to fester enough to interfere with careers and finances have been fostered by security service gits, hence when I do they will end up with more work – if this does not deter enough for me to cease getting out of bed everyday to face financial complications associated with interests in areas of my career where I had done the best work and a certain industrial espionage that facilitates a convenient alliance with criminals, hence each time I got them off my affairs they were back there again due to the availability of celebrity finances, then I will begin the neighbourhood cut and burn, the business of sexual context insults interfering with every single daily concern of the society gits and the celebrities losing everything they had because they could not mitigate all the problems associated with making red carpet appearances which I will work on them beginning with financial redresses concerning the damaged caused by insolent short videos they thought alongside their German influence gits, was the way that advertisement should be made – basically everything that I should have done, rather than enlist popularity culture people to assist me with crime control publicity.

It is now construed that the context of these activities was that I faced difficulty falling in love and settling down and there was also a question as to whether I was bothered by the situation – I could never tell anyway since it was clear that if people wanted to get involved with me, they would, no matter what got in their way, that said, they have been getting involved and each time comes with an outcome where somebody somewhere needed to go and do some war somewhere on my behalf so that I may be manipulated abusively. I suppose it made sense that I am only just getting off the way that a Royal Coven and Royal Court was set out to ensure people at the Monarchy who found my work useful in such instances as their families held property and industry and they needed to pursue the interest of the Monarchy got what they needed but instead they bothered me to such an extent that people were negotiating borderline consensual sex with industrial couples and those who protected me from their corrupt private security industry were falling prey to it whilst they were also blaming me for Political corruption, so I have walked the path of wrath for some time now since this outcome was completely unnecessary and people could always fool around less with other peoples careers like I have asked them to make comments about their own and shut down the PR they have built for my Office and work – only just gotten off the path of wrath, to find out if other people loved me, which is rather amusing. They do claim my whole life was a mess never the less but it is not that much of a mess; the accusation was that we spent time appeasing criminals as a method of controlling their activities and now the same people were making others characters that should be bullied by industry whenever the interests of the wealthy were considered and others wanted to share some wealth, in the context that criminals can share the celebrity wealth as long as they were willing to behave more respectfully towards those who owned the wealth – even then I need them toc ease making a mess of my career just as much as it would have transpired that if this was the tail end of a life in celebrity culture, it should have had nothing to do with me all this while, making a mess of my finances, as both our careers do not meet, still, we had to get this done in such a way that this was their version of show business and they ought to cease handling my career publicity, personal and social life, in the context that I am now an adult and needed to consider the interests of younger persons, to which effect in the first instance, if I had to defend myself from them and they were to take it out on younger peoples in my career, I will wreck what if left of their part of show business too – I have never seen anything like it; the corruption of younger millennials and generation Z, their convenient alliance with criminals, not just a local matter anymore as it had grown into a global level phenomenon. On the social side, the mystery of this Prince that lived like a low life was that I had a lot on plate to say the least, whilst they came up with ideas that I needed to explain how my life work and get identified, thereafter had since built a community that gets imagination into my pants which had had it all solved for their stupidities – nothing unusual as there was always the need to show up and make a mess here in order to make money, each time I got my life in order, reading birth signs because I am a Libra endlessly, in essence the part of a very busy existence as had caused me to become a low life, which affected them would be this aspect, as a matter of the way that they needed to know which persons were connoisseurs I met with and at what stage people were, as I am also unable to tell them exactly what will become of my existence in a 10 year projection at the least, it needs to cease getting on my nerves as this nonsense does not get me out there like its popularity stupidities have claimed it does, makes it all so easy by claiming it does what it does because it did not like itself anymore and wanted to be somebody or something else but the business of attacking those who dared to own something it envied continued as an expression of discrimination it claimed other people had channelled – since I possessed a tendency to decide that an atmosphere of abuse built over me for crowd mentality activities, ought to be met with a process where they lost everything that helped them protect themselves from discrimination in these sorts of circumstances, I would say the warning is that they were screwing with me again and these activities would have suggested they thought that enough had not yet lost their lives on account of doing so.

I am told society considered me a massive failure but they obviously did, considering they have repeated the same activities that got me dropping out of University, where everywhere I went, I found people confirming ideas about something I did with my career which to my knowledge was available only to me and some crowd mentality activities that made the most of an atmosphere built up over me to foster its interests for such a reason, developing into years of abusive activities that successfully created a sense I existed in an obscure place whilst people sold my career to famous idiots, everywhere I went as in schools, hospitals, shops, work environment etc – its exit plan was obvious media narcissism and a process of getting Politicians to listen to its stupid feelings at a point where what I really want is access to more and more of its stupid problems. The other poofs they had for children were always complicit with this nonsense and played it up all the time, especially the parts where images of my naked body had been shared with hoodlums and criminals, except when they had to contend with police in riot gear. I did warn them especially their famous idiots who have caused a resurgence of this problem to punish me for failing to deploy my career as a tool for covering their backsides on the red carpet, I did warn the famous idiots especially that it should be kept away from the work place, as it was clear that if they had wrecked the Bookshop, the work environment was a perfectly good place for me to begin a recovery, it has failed to do this and continues to get on public places issuing threats at me and clinging to my career publicity, so now I want the Bookshop working for me on schedule and I want my work environment business in good shape too, the well-dressed hoodlums – it speaks of the way its approach to career was the best and mine was lacklustre, everybody knew that if what I did about them could be taken advantage of with a media narcissism, it was lacklustre, my next course of action will certainly not involve a bunch of well-dressed hoodlums losing a famous job that gets to their heads, such that even if I picked out something they hated with a passion as a method of handling their career publicity and getting involved with their jobs the way they do mine for amusement every day, I would still win the fight a lack lacklustre. It is never true that my actions were not motivated – it is a cluster of activities which stifle client interest in a Bookshop run off at strategic hours of the day for maximum effect because the Bookshop had not become a tool which covers their backsides during public appearances and red carpet attendances by the Celebrities, the stupidity of what got them into such a position in the first place was clearly also the motivation for a narcissism that never listens until it really did (it is a total replacement, career publicity and work PR, replaces with an abusive society that rallies people to get imagination into my private parts and shares images of my naked body with hoodlums and criminals, considering the Book titles, the PR processes and career publicity, because it had failed in the crucial task of being used to cover Celebrity backsides during red carpet appearances).

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