It is then suggested that most of what is being done is being done properly but my problem was a matter of weakness and impatience, it is utter nonsense but the facts will decide i.e. it is normal for the system to be run in terms of flattering and extoling bad people who were tough and will do bad things, so this has been done over my social life, career and public image due to my Office, at the same time it has been a great opportunity for some people to tackle my career and finances but now we know that they were friends with gold diggers as well, considering that the Gold digger problem was already being solved or was going to become a major point of call for civil enforcement sooner or later. It is an expression of utter and total disrespect for my person and my career, such that they have arrived at a point where they believed they could do anything they liked with it on a sense of abandon, so they fucked my career after the system was made to run as normal whilst they knew the gold digger issues were going to be handled at some stage nevertheless. This is how the impatience was built, from a series of actions that will ensure I got to provide them feedback every time it stings.

They do say the Gold digger was an alarmist statement but the characters involved in building the public problems on hand, are gold diggers unless there was a better word; the men have taken up my personal life and made it into a tool by which everything I did normally everyday became a source of high anxiety and stress based illnesses, reason being that the form of narcissism practiced by their part of society was the best and it was going to ensure that I was cash strapped, homeless would not matter, and being dragged into one complicated task that will extol their sense of villainy until they were provided with self-improvement, after another. Then there are the other idiots who consider themselves manipulative and its them with Celebrities and an interest in other people’s reputably built companies, something about the market that had emerged from an Arch Prince’s Bookshop being spent on a bunch of idiots who could play with him anyway they wanted, backed by a higher power – every now and then it had provided somebody an opportunity to get rich fast like it knew what it was talking about and we saw it give its own to the frugal, every now and then, it had picked up my Public work to sell a product that it claimed was so prestigious its existence should be more important than I am, every now and then a prostitute will challenge me on the internet. Then there were the celebrities themselves who had corrupted my wealth equity into a tool by which I was a scapegoat every time they were sucking up to rich people or trying to get rich fast. So unless there was a better word, it is gold digging. To allay the fears however, I should point out that tackling gold diggers is not public policy either but to be noted that if the idiots got their hands on the wealth making systems in the Country we will be living in streets of flames and rubble.

On the matter of weakness and impatience however, we know that in terms of the Head of State allying with the public that had decided how they want to carry on, about which the head of state provided the leadership to help them make the most of it, everything was falling apart, not even the part where I met some journalists screaming the news at the top of their voice and will be slaughtered by serial killing this evening sort of issues, was safe – so it is that on one hand and my so called weakness induced impatience on the other, at the bottom line nothing is getting done, so when the public patches it up on thin resources, there is a sense that more should be demanded of them at Government buildings while nothing was done about the leadership. Then again it is the parts that give the Government away, the one that tells on them i.e. journalist will be slaughtered by serial killer this evening hence everybody’s bottom hurts. They do suggest this was about what happens overseas, we know that the Magna carta says they are wrong and we will not even begin to talk about the constitution on the matter either: we are talking about what happens is minister for education in Germany met a crowd of people who came to meet with him, 1000 strong crowd that cannot do anything without making statements about being superior to me, that it was not clear how badly it will end if that developed into a need to get by picking up my assets at random to get involved with industry. Besides which when those world power practical jokes are expressed of which Americans were the most guilty, nobody mentions me by name in any case, so I am wondering why they show up here if they were complaining about responses – we know Americans always spend money on this gold digging nonsense, so they trash peoples lives and careers and stop only when they want but the time I dropped out of University 15 years back to date 2022 should have been a red flag. The bragging is all good but we know that fucking the society whose opinions do not interest me while they got to spend more money as that is what happens when people were this abusive and money was king in Germany, does not really build up to a credible threat, there is nothing they can do about it, needs tone it down and stop screwing with my concerns building up the stupidities that it was dealing with a coward, from the death’s door stupid civil rights that clearly was in a position to take any risks that it wanted.

I had it all worked out; the gold diggers corrupted my wealth equity to make me into a scapegoat when they got around with wealthy people, the relationship they built with those people was not my responsibility, those who operated at top levels of government knew how it played into National wealth considering that tackling society trouble makers and gold diggers is not a real governmental policy and they too were entitled to their freedom but it was another thing I had done well, to set me out as a character that needed to hang around somewhere suffering intensely, now they are making me suffer because they want to get it under control and believed my response was an indication of weakness and impatience because it was convenient to say so, while my bills remain unpaid.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland