Now it does not really apply I am in favour of what is happening in Egypt but of course the reality as we all know is that on one hand is the Muslim Brotherhood with a record for murdering 150 people during a football match about which nobody has since been prosecuted or charged for any crimes and at Government level a President that Imprisons a comedian – whereby for the President the reasons such things happen is clearly because the local Chief constable would have done it but does not have enough power to and for the Comedian in trouble for being a Comedian by Profession, the reality is that when he gets to prison, he will tell a murderer that he got there by insulting the President not by having a show named after the president and berating him all day, not by building a career from poking fun at the President but by making a slight comment during a show about the President, thus the Murderer will hate him for getting to prison over trivia in order to sit around and learn stuff about criminals and their connections when he is not one of them and the hatred will eventually develop into something else during incarceration and of course we all know this is not the purpose prisons are meant to serve and that people do not just get up and go there. All that versus a military that does not claim to be the government of the Country and has in fact legitimised a civilian based interim government to conduct elections but has taken up the duty of stabilising the Country over the daily occupation of National Spaces by protesters due to the Muslim Brotherhood leadership – nobody is saying the election was not valid, the Military does not claim to be the leadership of the Country and is doing a good job protecting the Country like it exists to do all be it against its elected leaders who were given an ultimatum by the same military before they got involved anyway by the way – so where does the benefit of doubt of a reasonable person lie in the circumstances then? So they say I say such things but will not stand it when people poke fun at me as well, when in actual fact what they do is feel they are tough enough to tease me and of course no matter how insolent people are, they are to tease their children and not me, unless they feel they are tough enough which I have no problems with myself. I mean I got the US president to seek to know what I am thinking while I was broke and at 21 years of age using idiots like these on media to make it happen and then preventing them from cashing into my own fame at the same time while being broke, so I have no idea why anybody would want to tease me anyway and even now as it were since it has been more than 12 years since and I have grown younger and more stupid technically. In the end the reality is a story of I feel like doing evil violent wicked things to him with a smile on my face; that smile will ensure I am not sad and that is the route to fame and advertisement and then I have to seek money and more so his money and use it to buy products and advertise them in order to get rich, then we have the civil rights idiots turn up to do the case of preventing me from gaining any means of defending myself to their peril as it were because these idiots in their view are good people and will be even better people when they are rich too – when I know they are unspeakably evil and the civil rights idiots usually decide to gamble their civil rights into their hands to do whatever they want with, then complain later, so I am not bluffing when I say they will all die, they never listen and rather like to tell me when I say it, there is not as much weight as there would have been if I didn’t but I don’t see any weight issues involved in anything here either; I will get them all the time and get through to them all the time and get access to them all of the time as well and it will end very badly too like those stupid insults.

Now the story of HRH the Prince of Wales being offended by my provocation which is then the biggest problem I have is very well understood but when he does give continuity to people who think they are keepers of the Queens sexual desires on account they are thieves and he has hanged around my office to create them a need to steal my Royal estate with his vandalism and has done so and carried on at both account and bother activities so these idiots can tell me the birth of royal babies mean their ownership of my filial existence while he carries on and has done so for the last decade, could it have been that he knows he will get a reaction? I don’t think it is a major issue, he expects reactions like the ones he gets from me and what I do through those reactions are not his business unless that is, his idiots are still at my office and he is there with them as well, the worst possible feelings of insecurity where my office cannot be mine until he is king because it is important to keep me poor until then in order to extricate what he wants to balance the needs of male society against that of female to bring about equality as it were – such excuses such games not so funny anymore around here therefore and leave the question of why he is so concerned when it is not his Royal Estate and it is not his Royal Office and it is not his office and all I do with his provocation is to ensure my bonds of service to the Crown and to him when he is King is as light as they need to be and I will take nonsense from none including him and need him to stay off income like I have demanded of all his male idiots and a big mouth they have and more so all over media too. I do not believe anything I do to provoke him is any of his business, a person with that much wealth and privilege should understand he does not need to go around wrecking peoples finances and keeping it wrecked until he is King so he can extricate from his life what his Mother got out of it during her reign, I am not an item and he has always expected a reaction too, hence not applicable. I mean why does he need to have these stupid girls and women who claim to keep the Queens sexual desires anyway and why does he need so many of them then for that matter; how many years jumping on that my Royal Estate and that my Book Sales and that my Royal Office, then invent stories of how I have shown signs of a need to remove him from his Crown when he is the one doing that all by himself along with a need to get a reaction from me as well about which I do not see any real reasonable purpose behind the complains in anyway? This is the Problem, he and his idiots are still here and because they have no respect for the Office what I do when provoked by them is a personal property of theirs as well yap yap yap.

The part where lesbians treat women affiliated to me better than I do is just really provocative only because they think they have reached a point where it is all over for me and it is far from that – they never listen and what I have done is not hurting badly enough yet as it were, for a process where in order for me and the women to have a quality of life I had to leave for them what I have and go off with their support to seek my fame and fortune which I did find by the way had over the last years become a curse, a violent thing, an evil thing, a thing that is the source of all misery. These women can be there forever and nobody wants because the men is where the money is, they do these things when they realise we have on either side give up something to each other which ties us together inseparably ah ha and then they want things, so you think you life is about you and your fame but it isn’t, it is about you and your fame and the men in the general sense and the homosexuals in a generic sense and every other idiot that wants to share it in a miscellaneous way and it goes on like that as stubbornly as it possibly can and I have not hurt them badly enough yet myself. In the end not only do I still have friends in good places or even allies and admirers and can always get my book sols in droves, the main complain of which is that I have split society into two where the hard work goes to them and the easy stuff goes to us but of course they had done that by themselves by carrying on like they have until a condition emerged where Industries saw their side of society as the point where the workers come and me and my women thing as the point where the better behaviour is and this is what they now tell me I need to give up to them with a big mouth and so it is bound to end up like their civil rights and indeed their society had done before to create me another book. It is a matter of some of the things I do and the reasons I do them i.e. why does a Journalist think he should attack me all the time? The answer is that he has an ego, he has his hair done for him and wears some flash suits and stands in front of a camera working on my TV everyday; by why he is stealing my style, why do sociopaths think the existence of their popular culture and entertainment indicates the need to live and exist on my earnings but why, the reasons are that they have civil rights and a society by which they are getting anything they plan into motion etc – there will never cease to be revenge for all the things they do, they never listen. I have myself never thought of it as a major problem; the reality is that from your point of view, you are inclined to think you simply wish people will stop doing things they expect you to take into your life from their stupid lives and then do them in public and encourage others to as well which means there will be so much of it you cannot take any in while they have gathered to force you already, especially for any scumbag that considers himself to be racially superior and is therefore as lazy is hell and they all think they are angry and should be able to express their anger on somebody but if you do spend time kicking any goons who are complicit with it in one way or another, you are unlikely to think in that way, so my perspective tends to be that of whether or not they do not have their own lives is not to say they are compelled to do those things or made to in anyway.

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