So it is said that my problem with peoples bad behaviour is becoming a global issue of course and I cannot see why that should be the case anyway when according to their pop culture and media every state of affairs set up around my livelihood needs to be shut down as there is nothing I can do about it being a boy and it is the only songs they will make and the only advertisement they will consume goods and services to. Itís the same old story of the fact everybody and anybody is prone to having a problem with their temper at any point Ė the same reality about the fact everybody has a wall behind their backs, so it has always been the same old question of what respect is and what it is for. I for my part know the one that annoys me the most is democratic idiots getting Politicians to wreck my finances and help them to a sense they have gotten ahead of me in life, only to be seen in public places at all times brewing a new hate campaign that is developed around their dislike for those who are always trying to do a service they should perform for themselves for them i.e. those who are trying to control how much of other persons possessions they spend or damage especially when it is their own to protect or determine and I know that the things I like on the other hand coupled with this gives me strength to face the day, just as I know they spend all their time taking away all that to create the sense I like nothing, hate nothing and there is nothing I can do about anything and so itís the old story of how 11 year olds do it, how teenagers do it, bearing in mind they are dealing with people that are more successful, older and far, far more stupid than they are. I mean what is respect and what is its purpose in case they get killed for it as it were. In their defence they do say I behave in the same way too which has no bases on reality as that largely explains what their worthlessness and a matter of those they want to take it out on and a process of targeting me with it because they know where my books are and need me to understand a question of what it is going to be or not over who spends my income bearing in mind they like to feel looking for trouble runs like blood in their veins or something and hence ever a group of idiots who regard themselves as hell raisers checking which global conditions is not the type kids and gangs should be involved with doing their stuff and being ever so difficult to reason with. I hear I am the coward that is not vulnerable to it of course but itís an old story of the fact itís as though there are certain major economies in which their bad behaviour is almost the legal law and hence the sense that it is liked in some places and not liked in others which is why they feel like making the feelings of any who does not like it around his property into a democracy based global issue on one hand and then on the other I believe I have been clear I intend to make use of it to ensure my customer services are impeccable but have no plans to be nice while I do so. Hence the story of how difficult an issue it is being easily explained on one hand by the fact itís a matter of the insults of their community croons being picked up by popular culture idiots who cannot stop abusing me and telling a boy to shut up and shut down state of affairs of security around his company as there is nothing he can do about them, the Political ones having a need to get ahead of me in life and explaining every one of their abuses on a claim I am trying to perform services for them that they should perform for themselves just by the reality of getting on with my own existence and then of course the almighty hell raiser parents they have who are leading the pack telling lies and checking global conditions for which one is the right one for gangs and kids and which is the right one for them of which it is always ever such a difficult task for me until they call in the Politicians to spend tax payer funds to get them out on one hand and then on the other the story of how they are better than me as human beings and all I do is a process of keeping up with them which makes no sense when my books do not do them any favours but they want to be seen around it but for me it serves as the next step to take to fix this problem i.e. keeping up with them every step of the way, especially those that dress up in suits but are actually bloody idiots Ė I want them off my book sales.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland