There is no such thing as a process where I am being replaced going on; the reality is a collection of business and Industry idiots with great ideas about how I am a service dinosaur which I am because they have criminally damaged my products and I have done nothing about it because I cannot and now are off to show how much better it is working with plebes, the problem here being that they cannot be seen letting me get on with those who want to work with me as such and go off to spend more time with and work with their plebes and nothing I do to draw that line will ever be enough for them either with a big mouth. The plebes I never expected to stab me behind the back like that anyway however if in my disposition then people would know how it is likely to turn out from civil right cons that must work no matter what you may have already known about it for example, hence when I have drawn a line under it and those who want to get around with them can do so but they prefer talking about me being replaced especially for their stupid girls and women who need to be made to learn their place as well, they do know they are looking for trouble and it is not just one about the need to put them away by causing them real business slow down that will ensure I no longer have to suffer unexpectedly for unwittingly doing it among many other things that need to be applied. I mean the plebes and their Popular culture sociopaths are always looking for some higher power to get into league with each time they want things I own and always get to create so much problems they have it in some way or another and nobody will ever work out why some leaders are so insolent anyway; of course the Americans are their favourite as it were and the ones in the UK want the Monarchy for it too. We hear them talk nonsense about how much trouble I will get into with their Politicians and President who was President elected several years after I became an Arch Prince which explained some of the problems I could never describe in the first place and yet they cannot stop talking nonsense in public which is not surprising since they know insults that can make other statesmen cash strapped for the purposes. I dont think it is a major issue, such things are easy because they are stupid and I am not and what I have is easy to destroy and then copy, so it is a compliment in some ways but I will not tolerate insults from these fools anymore and they need to realise a process where America is seen standing by itself and doing its own stuff and not getting around with anybody no matter what the consequences are must be extricated from this process, if they cross me again like that as per they never listen they have no business wrecking my finances with those insults and then complain about the number of people that have died in the world which is not unconnected with me at the same time as well but cannot leave me alone and make up stories of how the Monarchy set me up to be sacrificed to save itself which is nothing like who or what I am i.e. Arch Prince and Golden King and arguably the most influential cultural leader in the Common wealth which is why it is impossible to tolerate stupid yanks that want my titles and think they can go to India or Pakistan or somewhere in Africa or wherever else they want to get it with their money and insolence and access to my books on account the only culture they have got is pornography and lots of destruction, hence fair to guess the next time it happens again and their Politicians let their idiots address me again it will blow of in their faces because I will see to it that it does. I am patient about this because all that getting entangled in Iraq and jeopardising work at the UN for America needs to be controlled again and it will take time to make that happen alongside a process where the US stands by itself this is the only reason I am patient about it and chose to take it in its stride, getting into trouble with them as they claim means the bloody idiots are looking for trouble. American Politicians really need to be made to learn to respect others and one more insult from their citizens since I am neither their mate or that of their citizens or that of their stupid President will kick it off in a grand way as well; I have had enough and it would not have been the first time anyway with all my contingencies in place as it is, I keep up with the pornographies at it were in order to ensure they have no choice but make more and more and more for my part. Getting into trouble with American Politicians and any American citizen that cares to get on media and address me after such insults had wrecked my finances and therefore put my status as a royal prince in doubt, very small minds and complete idiots of course but in the end the really important question is with regards to what sort of insults those are anyway. I want my life back and they do know that those stupid things they do on the left will not be enough, they have been very well informed it is about fame I have as a result of support I offer women which they accept, as I always say they need to move out and move on.

It is entirely natural that these idiots and their governments want free service from service dinosaurs while they get rich with their plebes and I have always known that, however which the added statement is that buying those services will mean currency devaluation for economies due to the crisis and where the global economy must begin its recovery, except that currency devaluation will happen when they decide to delay what needs to be done to make themselves relevant but my service and products will be had for free anyway with that big mouth they never stop wagging and can come round here to get it as well if they want, its only fair I assume they never learn; the women especially Americans bullying my people and allies all over the world to become more culturally important than I am etc and of course they can deploy my property without paying for them if they have got the cuts as well all I can say in the end is that it is important they get off my books and get off the Industries one more insult on that stupid media and or addressing me thereof, one more task. It is always important it appears to have them over a barrel, become an extortionist and enjoy getting more and more and more powerful by the day, it is the only thing that keeps them away from valuables.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland