It is then said that the way I operate affects peoples identity and it makes me so angry because it is supposed to have served as a follow on threat associated with those push comes to shove they will be better off insults showing up near my financial wellbeing all the time what really happens however is that the only reason we are doing what we are doing is the simple fact that the business of abusive insults channelled at me to such an extent that my personality was debatable and people could move into my right hand and exists there permanently, has developed from a perception on media to something that has taken form on it, now I want to move on and they are out of their depth with the issues. They do like to say its a display of their physical prowess and their power which is utter nonsense as far as I am concerned here it is never about their physical abilities in their view, it has always been about what they get away with hence they have done so all their lives and until I become the last one they got away with it, there seems to be every possibility that it will not stop. So we are here with me being exposed to their stupidities that get me responding to what passes on their left hand side and right hand side which is basically schizophrenia that will get me all tied up in a mental institution but it wants to ensure this nonsense is a part of my life all the time and likes to boast about teaching me lessons the lessons it has never taught its Arch Prince mate the last time we checked, same as the stupid women claiming they have made my whole life very difficult while they are simply working their abusive corruption of involvement; in the end it was stupid to begin with and now it has found evil at my expense such that if it said its problem was racism and you cast a net to catch all the racists and put them away somewhere the idiots will want to see racists die and see you die in order to build up a sense that problem will never bother their stupidities again and we all know its a hate for truth and light. The rest of the time its a matter of getting a Court of female journalists and the assumption that in 14 years of their stupidities getting involved with me through it and claiming I sleep with peoples wives, I have been completely unaware of their stupid activities, while the reality was that these idiots apparently need my help but want to get it in a condition that maintains the superiority they had over me from the very beginning and this is the deep anger that can be traced back to the teenager years when their very existence was just incredibly annoying by its very nature in the first place I have continued to set out to these scum that staying away from my Books and not handling me was both the easier decision to make for characters are stupid as they are, such that even when they know what they have done, not only do they need my intelligence to explain how these foolish decisions have made it impossible for their stupid selves to live in the only society they have got, they also like to claim that they own me with their dirty faces, which leaves me reorganising my whole life while they put makeup on to walk around being exempt on account they were tarts much the same as not seeing them all over my person and my concerns was the exit for me as well. They do like to boast that as long as they have media I could never be free of their stupidities, much the same as we know I have warned them enough times that unless these nonsense are in the contracts that award the media operatives their jobs, it is all going to end over a fight with journalists. The other popular boast is that they intend to confiscate my Public image and beat me up if I wanted it with a big mouth; the last time I told the men I will walk out of the door and head anywhere I wanted to go it became a Nationwide issue that they wanted to chase everybodys bum, so what we have here are the mean cunts blabbing as well with a finger up my bum for a CV.

I do get told there are a lot of powerful people who are responsible for these matters which there are; it has all the hall mark of powerful people gimmicks when each time I organise my livelihood into something that means providing a service for interested parties and doing the numbers in the evening at the end of every day, a Celebrity idiot or media twerp makes a mess of it; what happens like the only reason they are blowing off their big mouth about how I affect their identity being the fact that they run off their insults every day while I never respond to it for my part until they became accustomed to it and were too stupid to explain to themselves where they have ended up, why and how they will continue to live in the only society they have got, while their ageist idiots claim its my fault the same way they claim its punishment for the fact people like me will not stop showing up in their Country while they have wasted the last 12 years of my time going around working what I learned from school to round me up like sheep in every Career path for their gimmicks, about which I thought that they were going to get off to some Media repression or government Office oppression but it seems that never worked on me, hence have resorted to this incredibly abusive bread winner insults that never go away what happens is that my products are nimble and flexible and I can get myself around all these nonsense and get on with my life anyway, while they have the bulky products that encourage them to play these games and its about to enter a phase that will see me do the same things as well, regardless of my products being nimble and flexible enough for me to avoid it and then they will really have to back up the big mouth they throw at me all the time being very powerful. As for the business of making my whole life difficult in vengeance for the fact I dropped out of University over this nonsense and need them to understand that it should mark the last time they followed me around at the career and learnings institutions but that is only going to get me taking up the case of the fact they are purely evil and were stupid people to begin with who really do need to keep away from my Books and stop following me around especially on seeing their cracked up out of my league insulting stupidities are always complaining about the same problems they create each time it affects their practical joking idiocy. The powerful people on the other hand are really good with the business of those times when there will be a new product launch and my income margins will serve them the purpose of talking to certain people, to allow them upstage the real leaders and hang around blowing off that big mouth about how nobody knows who the hell I am over some bread winner insults at Industry the part where their children wreck my business blabbing how I want to make money by areas of their parents careers where they should be making some pocket money by the wayside and nobody has heard of it or they just failed to read what intellectual property administration means and set about ripping up my own to make sense of who really belongs where, having been they have no sense of what belongs to them and what does not so it is entering the phase where they will go to their million pound offices and get on with their bits without bothering me or I will set about making sure they lost it too, then the Empire I built would be something that existed only in my head that way, as stupidly as possible. They do say I am fighting the battles for poor people which is unbecoming of Royal Office which I am not; what happens here is that when these idiots lose companies and job tops bad things are supposed to happen and their behaviour suggests if anything goes wrong with the Country nothing will happen while what will happen is that I will lose a Royal Estate in any case of which we see their insulting Fashion and Celebrity and Media at it all the time; some practical joke to see what will happen if poor get poorer and rich get richer all the time, something that follows on from the fact that unless they are in pain somewhere, complaining about the wealth and social inequality themselves in the first place, others can never pass exams in school. It is still the question they have never answered i.e. what it is exactly that the poor people do to them when they are the ones with all the reputation, cracked up out of my league talking nonsense at me and getting the imagination up my bum with a big mouth all the time.

They always say that my Books are disconcerting and disrespectful of peoples parents which does not bother me in anyway whatsoever, like they knew the business of building up anal sex sensibility for them over their need to run off slimy body fluid corruptibility all over my concerns was born out of a need they had to make a mess of my career and finances but the whole thing escalated still to one of telling me my whole life is now in the hands of Celebrities and I could never get it back, which is why they are not going home as well. The parents I disrespect on the other hand think I am nave of what evil looks like and want to handle me all the time, so if they are not blabbing of how I must be dominated spiritually first before I can ever complete my academic pursuits and should I get through hell to complete it, whether or not I got a meagre job would depend on my attitude, then they are off making a mess of my Books to discuss my attitude with Politicians as insultingly as possible so I do get told my some people that these things are resolved via a process of people having some strong wine or something like that, about which we can see the community of goons they have built up with ideas about imagination that goes up my bum is mind numbingly immense, hence if I killed myself with an alcohol problem I would not have solved with problem by drinking they really need to understand now that there is no need for me to be subjected to these nonsense while they make their reasons up at they go along and keep their eyes fixed on my personality on which their future depends, as stupidly as possible what has happened in our history apparently is that I realise this part about making up the reasons at they go along and clinging to me was the main problem, until the Politicians showed up to read my in mind, in which they found I was thinking peoples barely criminal existence was unacceptable and therefore made me unworthy to pass my exams at University now what they do with their time it tackle me further to make me solve the problem that has now overwhelmed them and in that time they are not buying my Books either, in fact my sales go to Parliament to die every day. So my Books can be as disconcerting as it likes, those who have no wish to keep their distance from my earnings are looking for an outcome in which I made their involvement with it into something that brought them down; personally the state of affairs is that these idiots never listen and never stop, once I think I no longer have enough time to raise myself a comfortable pension being that these gimmicks mean that I may work as hard as I like but my finances will never get better I am going to ensure their family knew I warned them about it and I will plan a life on my savings to ensure they never forgot who I was.

They claim the way I run my concerns churns the tummy and it does not in anyway, what churns their tummy is the insults and abuses I would have decided those who threaten people when they need money need do it where we can all see them do it which also works for the Celebrities and somebody else would have decided I spend time trying to get around with people who are beyond me, that criminals buy more entertainment products than an Arch Prince, which creates the problem on both sides without reason; we see the same behaviour with the Pop stars, where they get on my Public image to sell some music CDs, make the money and then it turns out I have to put up with all kinds of nonsense from them which wrecks mine on account they were very important and each time they meet with others like them the result is a secret society that helps to operate pop power, so that it becomes an education on what motivates the drive by shootings and why making sure it does not become a part of my concerns means a complete stop to all involvement with it on their part so it would be so much easier if the Politicians stopped claiming it was part of their civil right before getting off complaining about it; Celebrities are supposed to be tested to destruction over fame and only those who have followed the correct path will be left standing at the end, otherwise what we have is Industry goons investing some thousands on equipment and a venue and a bunch of idiots getting on other peoples public image to make themselves into rich layabouts. As for the idea I avoid the issue of damage I do all the time; I do nothing of that sort what happens is these gits saying they want to be important at my expense using my Public image and a plan that involves churning my tummy with bad habits and getting their imagination up my bum, so what we have ended up with is a reality which such behaviour was not taught at Church but they will have been fucking themselves because of me anyway. Its as they also claim this is what I look like when I am caught up with power that I clearly wanted so much of, while we know its impossible to get on with own concerns if more attention is paid to important hoodlums; what we then see them do for their part is fail to slow down as the local humidity decides when they have sex and what kind of food they crave etc because they much prefer to eliminate free TV licenses for the Elderly at the BBC and to pure the Homeless from the neighbourhoods. Like when they claim I stubbornly refuse to accept this is about financial problems while they were the ones making sure that when my finances are thin I spent more energy getting angry at what does not make any sense, instead of relaxing, which implies also that if I had the money to waste having it would not have made sense but it is the tiresomeness of all this nonsense that hampers the financial benefits of all my hard work, as stupidly as possible.

They always say that I am finished and done for and it is utter nonsense; the only problem we have here is the Medi- whilst if society people have a problem with me once they are done getting their imagination up my bum and done following me around at work, career and academic pursuits to make a mess, they can only get as famous as where their local councils are situated, telling Politicians about my attitude. Mostly beyond that the problem is the Media, it never listens, it never stops and none of its activities are recorded in the contract it signed for the job. So I plan to issue these warnings for some time and then I will make my move on them to ensure they got the same hassle they continue to dish for me as disobediently as possible everyday they do say I cannot naturally but we know something as small as gathering my own crowd and telling them what somebody says at a 90,000 is not credible, will be effective enough for a start shooting up their stress levels and allowing me to play up practical jokes even though they were financially comfortable. They speak of aspects of Media that I get along with being the problem while we know this matter has always persisted i.e. when Women have anything doing with Men that are younger than they are, it is always a threat the reality of course is rather that this disposition is always designed to press our trade secrets out of us, so nothing has changed really about the fact they are male feminists and I am not but the problem is still that you cannot make some sacrifice to support somebody for a while, even up the odds a little bit, without Industrial and criminal feminist cooking up something that is wholly developed around their disobedience and an insulting sub culture of what life was in this case its about how those who try to help women always have their lives ruined by feminist who try to make them suffer all the wrong that have been done to women over centuries, as stupidly as possible. So what it means is that I have warned them about the damage a behaviour that is not part of their contract and the lies they tell in order to ensure they do not listen and do not stop has caused and they have decided it would be better to talk about their corruption of involvement, about which they knew there would be consequences for their behaviour but decided they were so far superior to me that they had a right not to expect these consequences. essentially talking about their penis which I understand as a Man very well i.e. I can see what is happening with it, so can they and so can the women but what happens with the women is usually a mystery tempting stuff naturally but I would imagine they did not want to be at the receiving end, hence I rest my case.

Hence I am told my language is becoming a big problem for me which it isnt it does appear that for all the abuses and insults associated with the bread winner insults that allows idiots to churn my tummy moving into my Estate with foolish Media, when bad language is used at their stupid selves they tend to become hyper active unlike the way it just stops other normal people, makes it easy to ensure their whole lives are about work too the gimmick about being punished because I am disrespectful of parents by the very way I have run my whole life is clearly an insanity that needs to be taken care of since we know they love their parents so much they need to be around their parents all the time for the purpose of making a statement that will help them protect the corrupt Celebrity and Popular culture and I have not yet started making money out of it, such that they will be made to start telling them truth often; presently they need entire National Parliament and National Media to perform routines where they moved into my existence and showed there was nothing I could do which the idiots believe is a worthy use of my time while complaining of my attitude as stupidly as possible and they also need entire civil service to show I am disrespectful of my parents and were cursed because of it, as stupidly as possible.

I. Uno I

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