The story about my so called cowardice to be settled, I rather think it’s a matter about a group of people who think that when somebody is not easily provoked like I am, it tended to mean that they had acquired a license to handle the person as they pleased, whereas for most people it tended to mean that he is not interested thereby causing most to move on and stop handling him after a while but not for these goons: a Police Officer will ask a famous person how they planned to pick up their fame when they were done persistently handling people and property that was not affiliated to them without permission and more so abusively in a very public way, so they will respond to such a question by enlisting criminals to collect my career for them – it is not what we are doing now as such, what we are doing now is preparation to be in a position where I can administrate this famous peoples nonsense or I can do something about it and the first step to it, is to ensure everything that is done to my career, finances and Office can be done to their own by me as well, no matter how famous they were. So I could never understand the cowardice story which was a product of a business where they never do a thing about bad people tackling them but never stop making life hell for morally upstanding people either, which builds into those stupid civil rights problem that we cannot be free from as such – now they have found mannerism associated with the way I might respond to my civil duties to play with and it had since transformed their stupidities into a handful of bullies. The first time my existence provoked them, concerned the way I am an Arch Prince but none gets to see the war and peace bits, just the peace bits that is meant for so called pussies, now what annoys them endlessly was the consequences of the problem they appeared to have with people who worked in the Armed Services and how the process applied to me, complaining all the time, just as much as their stupidities raise the point all the time. They do claim tempers like mine were the reasons the world was a bad place, what we know is that it is very unusual for people to make comments about another person and the persons career in a way that affected Clients that did not go to the persons place in order to seek a feedback from them; so I think that I have a much better plan to the looming sense that a reputation for acting in a way which affects general public freedom of speech was inevitable. In essence it should have made sense that if they knew I had a Royal Office so getting into a ‘tit for tart’ with them will place me in a worse position, none has yet been able to explain why they needed to raise the point about my cowardice endlessly - that stupid ideas that the Monarchy was a Cultural system that operated influences to the Highest levels of Government tending to mean that I ended up working some civil disobedience against their stupidities or what they have claimed added up to one with a big mouth, in order for them to understand that it works the way that most Governments in the world do. Eventually it is more forth coming than the business of relying on me for their gimmicks, about the way I had completely crushed Republican sentiments in the Country, of which the story is still that my Academic work, Office and Bookshop is a 'no-go-area' for them save they were asking for it and the big mouth generally means that I will do them again as it were - the claim it is that they are not all bad and I never said they were: what happens is that they always had ideas about the way the Country should be run and then they built campaigns and Publicity for it, eventually reaching a stage where they found out the reasons it was run the way it was but rather than face those consequences, set about ripping up my career and finances, once done, they ascertain that they had eliminated anything that ensured I could stand up to them, then set about tearing down my entire social and personal life to chase their own financial wellbeing, always the insults blabbing endlessly, which is likely to make everything worse when I build my own publicity and it was about them thereof.

I. Uno I

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