So it is said I am paranoid about The British Royal Family whereas in actual fact they really, really love me but it is as such a paranoia which has been manufactured by others from a process whereby I do not want the dirty aspects of my work to be in Public view and they have become rather fond of exposing it, in order to mess up everything else – which offers its own opportunities too i.e. feeling like having something to do with that bubble that exists between the Offices of Politicians and the Prison systems, which will involve cutting them off from it and doing something unprecedented. They always say there is nothing I can do, more so if I did cut them off from it anyway; whereas everybody knows that if their investments depended on the markets I would not have been able to touch it due to the fact it would have been impossible to determine what people think or do, when a goon sets out with a million pounds, puts up 100 thousands in products and another for partying and hopes to double it at the end, which is the source of their confidence thereof but it really isn’t – it actually depends on Nation income thereby setting off a stage in which they do need to be informed – informed and taken off that Government money being properly weaned. I mean The Government business was never serious I suppose but even then they do see me make people afraid of showing up in Public to do something concerning their rights which does get me criticised by the Monarchy and in order to balance that set off selling culture and society for a living as well. It is as a whole a Cat and Mouse game - when Politicians see me make people scared of showing up to do their rights, they always think they can do whatever they like and set off working for Money and when they realise it was not being done for their benefit, come up with a trick to attach things to National income and rake in millions they did not work for but it is when they do speak of whatever on earth I can do when they put up this amount in products and that in sales persons partying that they do need to be informed, like society people are over popular culture, since peddling their own as well tends to mean they find themselves in a race against time lest others do their own lives and dreams for them too, so it soon becomes a matter of attrition where I must sit back and observe a goon build popular culture empires and stretch it from the United States of American to Japan, right across my Royal Estate to make trouble for me and hence an example of the fact that given the right tools and measures they really can leave people alone and let be.

It is not true by any means that my relationship with advertisers is going sour. The reality rather is that I have been drawing up Diplomatic lines precisely for reasons of Asset Brokerage with advertisers - whereby it becomes clearer and clearer the differences between the Democratic world and the Communist one and those who invade my interests or that of my Country which are in my care have me invade their own too and we end up with a world that cannot tell the difference while they get to lose allies whenever I wish to make it so writing blogs and seeing how many times I can write one about Dictators and get away with doing so, in order to create a condition where they set up business interests in the UK and send out their goons to live in the UK and look out for it on their behalf, therefore also meaning that British Politicians can stop heaping lies on me - so I win and win and win and it keeps going. Hence I am aware that what they do is take up from this diplomatic lines and make the adverts that communicate and are supposed to leave me with some degree of Publicity equity and of course there is nothing wrong with any aspect of it on the Global level as far as I can see. Except perhaps the question of regional and Political unity in the UK - which is a matter of the Welsh being good at Commonwealth relations and the Irish at Europe, the Scots at relations with US Territories and Africa, The English at US Government and of course we know from the last Scottish Independence referendum, that these can be grave consequences attached to these specialisms of the regions being trifled with, like Political idiots at Westminster have rather become fond since Tony Blair invented spin Doctor Government. In the end it leads down to the same issue; it should be as simple as equipping celebrities to oppress them when they are fond of ripping up my income and profits but since we have Politicians and Media pulling people in all directions to groom populations for racism it has become a contract for contract - rip mine up I rip yours up story; they say they do not want to play this game but are still doing the behaviour never the less and I am unable to get an income because of it.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland