I am informed of fear that my career had been damaged, of which it is not because it was not possible for the applicable trouble makers to; it was rather difficult to assert what it meant when American citizens decided that their Government had diplomacy with the British Government and they were entitled to be seen at British economic backyard, pillaging what they can to make sickening statements about the way that they hated work but hated financial uncertainty as well. Socially, it is not a crisis since I find it easy to get around the matter of parental control and general upbringing issues, including localised crime but I had to do something more, in terms of the way that this meant the cause of problems which really does not exist, was a bunch of gits who spent everybody else’s time bank rolling this nonsense and therefore needed to get into a situation where even they were satisfied that they had paid enough to pay off these goons and so this is what it means to be seen at British economic backyard, pillaging and trashing because the USA had a diplomatic relations with the British Government. For my part it has become a matter of the idea that if their method of involvement with me was provocative, it was the wrong thing for me to do, for their part it has become a matter of insults that will not end, that I am meant to get into a fight with people on their behalf, not least the way it provides them means to make money claiming I am in league with communists. Most of our residual problem was then a matter of German – Italian duo, who never had such a problem that they needed to complain to Politicians about their feelings on my account, until one side built me a work reputation where making money involved fingering my bum because they were German and the latter married the wife I was supposed to have married at the Monarchy; I believe it is like the insult where I am meant to get into a fight with people on their behalf developing into a matter that I had to shut down painfully, punish every body involved, as soon as the media itself decided it had enjoyed providing them with a public presence for long enough all together.

They do claim women think I am a coward but it is usually a matter of handling what they had stirred up from such claims when I had decided to get active on the comfort zones of people who bothered me, to wait for the one that would be mad enough to make a personal move. In the end I am always so miserable around my social life because these fools believed that I was thinking about settling down with them, so they could save their boyfriends by getting me into a fight with others. Here it would be said I had given myself away but we know it is ways I can stand up for myself and defend a Country if I needed to, next stop it will go from an interest in my Order like so into a process where it made itself a threat I suppose. The means to pay for their insults and that of their Celebrities and Politicians have become so vast that it bears stress thinking about it, hence I never worry about the way I am unable to turn in any direction due to the abuses associated with their stupid ideas on how my person and work should be used – I have been unable to convince them it was a bad idea to keep peddling that nonsense about trouble I will get into for being part of a system of slavery and slave trade, since it was clear that I could not tell the difference between their stupidities and that of the racists. So I am also told that I had ways to get around public problems which I do but the ways are located in my Books, reasons being as we have seen, that they were more willing to give their money to industry trouble makers for powerful reasons, than they were reading my Books if involvement with me had arrived at a point of desperation, so we are operating on the basis that we are here for each other, where they make a mess of my concerns over a certain period and when they stop I start. I have told the people who married the daughter of the Duke of York are still the cause of all my problems but I know this – I do not respond to the idiots who marry their wives at an alter and posses the wives later on as though they were married to me, claiming they married a Royal bride that they took from me but did not fancy the results of doing so even though their ego was too big to stop, because another group of fools who have been making so much trouble the Princess was pushed into marrying a divorcee would have a new gimmick to fool around with – in essence the idiots were chasing an aspect of my social life that people never want to give up on, Royals like myself use it for the purpose of building secrets and history with some poor persons who would then be inspired by our office to make something of their lives, they pursue it all the time along with their famous idiots as though they were living on food banks, so if it takes up that gimmick where it runs around my financial margins with its Middle East friends and settles up in South American spending my assets on its stupid self to lip flap about being a real man, it will not be marrying the princess for long to say the least. It is for me a three part story; one loves to show up here and waste my time, on ideas over what I should be doing with myself, ran off this nonsense at me until I dropped out of University, I tidied up the whole mess and set a Bookshop to a market place and it stalled the shop for 6 years to get into a position where it built a media presence to rely on me for various things, complete with membership of rival religions to make me jealous, so I had decided it should end badly for every git involved – the other were the superior sons, follows me around to finger my bum at University until I dropped out, so I decided it should become too old for its career spending time on me and its famous idiots showed up to bail it out with birth sign reading and a process where famous liked to get into some clothes and meet with colleagues in a way that affected my finances in terms of the money in its own bank account, which I now have to put a stop to badly – the third was the main product of the lazy German influence gimmicks, where I had done private security work on their social lives as it were, to provoke them for an eternity that I did not do it the way they would have wanted, so their thirst of attention on my social and public life turns up here every single day with the help of famous idiots to make a mess for me on the high streets, along with cracked up out of my league who makes a real case for the way this is not an Arch Prince’s history, so I needed to prepare for instances where it became an issue and I had to bury it in their comfort zone. They do claim it was never clear how anybody could avoid responding to something this distressing but I don’t because it is not complicated and or distressing for me, the cause of distress is Celebrities making it into a health issue to punish me for not fighting people to enhance their sense of importance – it is a simple process of ripping up my personal and social life, to get low lives that had nothing to lose involved in my personal space, so if I did nothing it eventually fed into their popularity social lives and they had to get into trouble with the law – so having been it happened before, the idiots have now mitigated the means by which it does, so I am in a messy situation that they put me in with a big mouth. It usually comes to this eventually, the violent orthodoxy, the other git who decided it was no longer good enough to simply ignore their media abuses but I had to get stuck in with doxy society but did not fancy the results of me doing so, and then the ways in which it seems they were always abusive because they possessed the means to pay for it, which has now developed into a phenomenon, with the means to pay for it actually existing and growing so big that it bears stress to think of it, whereby it was set to make itself into a threat next.

Even the assurance that they were criminals is enough to allow people concentrate on daily tasks and produce the best work for their career but idiots ordering peoples step would decide they were well meaning upstanding persons, showing up here to convey a sense that a community that existed to support its stupidities, so that no matter how much I pushed back, it could continue attacking me until it got what it wanted or did the damage it desired, was its civil right. It claims I always found a way to manipulate people into giving me what I wanted over this matter - reality is that I could drop out of University again on their account and then what I did to mitigate the effects of my failings could become the way they organised their stupid lives, methods of asking for more abusively getting increasingly violent, finished off with claims I made out it was easy to be successful in the UK which would encourage trouble maker immigrants to join me, alongside their high street poofs ruining my social life with supermarket shopping, like I was some sort of work place hierarchy escape artist, that also had corrupt security industry fools and rogue landlords getting in touch with the local council to ensure they had power to make me homeless, keeping an eye on what is clearly their mate. I am told that the cause of all my problem is the celebrities but it is, just that they could have shut down and stopped building up publicity for quasi criminals that have come into contact with my career, because they wanted me to serve them with it, except that they possessed huge egos, their fans were dangerous and I did not have a chance considering they possessed reputation and history of losing their temper, it has been a decade of this nonsense running off on the whole concept of my Books and what my publishers did with it as a method of public profile for themselves and self reinvention. So it is possible thus to explain how I arrive at decisions about their need to raise awareness for my Book and public life whilst getting paid at a job, so when I get to the market, trust financial structures had been spent, the idiots who spend money on products peddled in this way would claim that it was their civil right to spend their money as they saw fit, even though my audience were picking up their problems through my Books, which outcome is that I am not selling but readers are suffering fatigue already, never mind the other idiot who had a civil right to talk and needed to use my Books and my career publicity to express ideas that would make its stupidities a real Man. The idea that it is caused my promiscuity on my part is utter nonsense as we know it is a matter of building a system to help the public sell products to people who spent money to attack them, being used as a get rich quick tool that allows this fooling around famous idiots to pick up my income margins and race each other to see how much money they would make but its famous stupidities does say that its fans were dangerous, I did not have a chance, it had a big ego, so I assume I do not feel like murdering it as well. It is always those stories that I run with big dogs and so on but it was always a simple matter of their need to fool around at the boardrooms, whilst their famous gits engaged in a media presence which facilitated their industrial and finance fraud popularity, such that I should be able to shut down a business that was too badly mired in their practical jokes and if I cannot whilst it wrecks my health, then we have got a problem or I loved my business so much I put up with their stupidities - for their part, they had solutions to problems associated with where my league was but have not yet worked out why Capitalist economies were so badly exposed to financial crashes, if their stupidities were paying huge sums of money to people who were not present in a business premises. It is not the case that I am dishonest about my problems either, just no need to discuss a problem that I am in the course of solving i.e. that others had devised an amusing way to handle client partnerships and career publicity here, for gimmicks that will help them make more of their own money in a market provisional manner, considering all over means of pillaging the career had failed. Likewise have I never seen people secure good results when they had not built up a response that was strong enough to match the celebrity insanity.

I am told they claim I am a lunatic which is nothing unusual, simply expresses facts behind the idea I am the one provoking people – we know there is a whole dictionary of mental illness out there from A to Z but it is always a lunacy, the schizophrenia that makes sense in this case with idiots having fantasies about me so intense that they making public statements which eliminated everything that suggested I was covered by clothing and getting imagination into my panties. It can only come from the lazy highway to schizophrenia German influence stupidities that none is asking to supply an opinion about my existence, looking for an easy way out of everything and throwing its dirty weight around. It loves the statement that I am a coward but all can see the importance of a result where it keeps its mouth shut and shows up here to address me by method of my career and read a Book for its involvement, if it had not called me to go outside and slug out whatever is bothering its stupidities. It is a story that never stops unless it really does: history here is that it no longer has some of its insults to play with where culture was an abusive contraption to do a little evil for a greater good and do favours at the security services to earn the right of passage by which to sexually harass those who looked good in a way that encouraged its insults, but it still shows up here and has not yet learned to replace respect with fear if it is complaining to the Politicians because it expects people to listen to its feelings about me. Hence we know that its need to create conditions where abuses do not stop until such occasions as the law intervened or got involved was linked to the activities of the famous but if the method of resolving it was linked up to the bank accounts of the famous, the problem will go away so quickly there would be no sport for it, so whatever method is used to eliminate its abusive interest in me has to go much further than that. They do claim I am the biggest problem they faced in all honesty but I am, since I have suffered a 20 year career mess over claims I damaged their culture whilst it was a matter of simple disrespectful envy, having done so, handed me a license over that stupid culture and society providing them the means for a place where my career can go to vanish – we were A grade students, Party animals, culture awareness students like me at University, until they got involved to finger bottoms, they passed the exams and I did not, which should have been the end of the matter and then everything that has happened since should have been a lesson which should have been the end of the matter as well. I mean I do get told I spoke of culture awareness student as though I am inferior but I am not, just that in the best of conditions where there were no wars or recession, I believe that the system would have desired better talents in an environment where everybody had a capacity to be so brilliant that they were able to boost national income at private expense – I can boost national income at private expense but the rest would be more desirable up to the stage where my talents were more relevant allowing me to pick up industrial leadership. That said, I do agree it is not inferior as I am better than an A grade student on matters of first contact for instance unless an A grade student was talented to a godlike state. It does love to flip off its big mouth after the bum fingering and penis grabbing attention insults naturally, claiming that the law fights my battles, according to facts which we know if the Politicians had not intervened, the need to ensure its involvement with me was incredibly expensive, never mind that its stupidities would love instances where such an expense was violent because it believed there was no way I could make it unbearable, It would have moved onto a tit for tart where they sell my life for a living and I sold that stupid society for a living as well, what we have ended up with instead being that the means to pay for the cost of its insults is so vast that it brings on the stress to think about it and I believe I had dealt with enough of financial complications brought about by its lazy insolence, its famous idiots and industry narcissism twats who want others as fucked as they were clinging to my earning margins, claiming I am badly behaved whilst their stupidities had found a way to handle my income margins for pleasure and work environment pay, as stupidly as the sort of punishment that gets good behaviour out of adults by force looks. We have ended up with this nonsense where I too appear to possess the capacity to be popular at the behest of their famous idiots, complete with features where state provided security provokes them, whilst they got to enjoy conveniences brought about by saddling people with the effects of such stupidities to run off their mouth at Industry leadership putting themselves in charge of other peoples affairs and matters they knew nothing of.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland