I understand I am a war monger to some but I am not mostly, it’s the story behind the reasons these things happen i.e. the Politicians have gotten into league with Industry goons who have decided that going back to the drawing board to plan a new relationship with consumers, in order to run a business after a recession and wait for Government economic Policy when it is not working, was too much for them; so they decided they wished to confiscate property that belonged to kids after the parents had chosen not to buy them a house but spend the money getting them a University education instead, so here is my one and they can take it; the idea is usually that I cannot take on the Politicians but the reality is that they are now hopelessly reliant on me not to do anything about a business of them upstaging me and making my market smaller and smaller while making it difficult for me to keep a regular day job or complete the academic work that will improve prospects of it as well and if I started to upstage them over my Books as well, this problem would go away in a short while – so it may be said that I cannot achieve such a thing while I have made it clear that since I have not, it’s not okay for people to peddle my Royal Arch Prince’s personal life and public image and faith, if they do not wish to see me start as well. The German ones just basically are completely obsessed with spending time in the company of criminal incidents, then find out that familiarity with criminals is not compatible with career and job even though the importance of doing so is that a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty and then begin to invent tricks for domination – where it applies to me is bit where I think a company brokers equities with me seeing and deploying my assets for its own innovation all the time but it turns out it was using their need to familiarise with criminal incidents and leverage that will help them express something of how important they are all over my income margins, so one must rise above the savagery and move it on and out even though I could hit them hard when they least expected too, so we have a sense that I am subservient to German business people running off completely uncontrolled because of this and then the added crisis of German influence and everybody else’s bum to deal with alongside.

I do get told it’s a huge crisis and there has to be other ways of resolving it save the confrontational ones that mean when people have set themselves out as the icons of success and showed up to damage what I am doing with my own time, I can do such things as take the city from them bearing in mind it happens on account that they have bad neighbourhood boys cliques to play with, the one that gets them chasing me around over what I know until I am mentally ill and then when I write a Book from it there is a mini war because they felt more English if they decided to make use of it without buying it etc, which is the same thing that is making my Book sales toxic on social media, especially so because some of them are planning to start up their own businesses as well, hence they have got themselves a punching bag for every bad behaviour they have seen company CEOs exhibit – or when Politicians have set about wrecking my finances to spend tax payer funds on them helping them to build their own, which then makes a case for chasing my body parts and grooming me for sexual assault, I can sit around curing myself of the fear of it while I sell their culture and society for a living – which is what the question of when other people’s career will be just careers to the Media for a change is all about; in my case I developed and mopped up liabilities of currency where we trade all over the world, wrote a Book on that and am now working to sell my Books and run a business but I am still not successful even though I have a Royal Office that I attend to every day. So all together it does not mean I am going to fall flat on my face and take all sorts of nonsense from them when they chase the bum and make a mess of me as such but when it comes to the processes of doing something that ensures we are able to live in a municipal society by controlling them, that was the job of the Politicians (it creates the sense I am a war monger since Muslims like to make a mess of pretty inferior people all the time but Christians do not like the body defiled as it is set for God and the Holy Spirit, they do claim that we contradict ourselves while reality is for instance the fact they do not fancy Pork but Christians do not mind, is a matter of law i.e. the law was a means by which to communicate with the spirit of mankind, since the atonement that Jesus Christ had performed, the gift was one of the Holy Spirit, of Faith and of Hope and of Love – this then meant that technically since living in this world was a temporary existence after that which entire purpose was to be nice to other human beings, every Law was obsolete depending on how you had handled matters of Faith, Love and Hope, hence I may refuse to eat Pork because the Bible said so in the Old Testament but so may I eat it because it is what I want to do – my point being that I appear to have created something to test those who test me as well, hence those who think they like to dig ethnic minorities out of a hole they call home and those who like to tell people that are smaller how to exist, now have hurting bottoms too, even they who are not moral people, have hurting bottoms).

All together it is indeed a waste of time but what they are saying is that I would not own up to trying them down with me until they are past it as well in Public, which is not how it is about to play out altogether. I do get told I might want to change a life that is surrounded by problems but I do not think so for my part anyway; what we have is the Celebrity madness because it is performed by goons who have also claimed that they were the icons of success and incredibly clever people at that too, such that when a Celebrity has her Photo taken by people who expect to make a living from it, such persons have a way of telling the Celebrity when an action is hampering the money making process and if the Celebrity wants to do one better she or he will target a Government operative; I could handle it that way but the sheer quantity of bullying opinionated scum that are telling me how to exist, inventing a fight for me, getting involved in it and seeking to move into my right hand thing every day like they have nothing of their own which I can cling to and ensure if I do not have they do not have it as well, which will draw attention to my needs and ensure I get what I want, like that stupid life savings invested on the high streets and so on; every other option when it comes to handling them save the part about tackling the finances of the kids who want to get close to Celebrities and Fashion Icons and or tackling the local community society business incomes is usually a difficult one and they are leaving me much less of a choice about what to do because being a bully is incredibly important. I do get told the job has not been done but it has – 13 years of making sure people do not peddle the Royal Arch Prince’s Personal life and Public image and Faith has now given way to a bully society and Politics which wants to make me understand how they feel by showing me what I will be if everything I did was being monitored and made to conform to other people’s ideas about how I should be doing it, if this was their fucking life or I did write their Books all together as it were.

I. Uno I

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