It communicates its stupidity to me as per I will never wash away the stigma of cowardice which does not make any sense to me since I am not trying to wash it away and believe it was up to the idiots who apparently cannot keep their hands to themselves if the complaint about my response had taken up a global stage, they were free to do whatever they liked with it, especially their Celebrities who have now proven to be the worst idea I ever had, since last there was an involvement with my wealth equity and crime control publicity allowed. It now needs to move on considering they were not the only Celebrities or idiots with equipment and venues to entertain people on the planet and stop feeling entitled and addicted to my social life. It naturally all kicked off when I took up private security industry work, considering the nature of my career which immediately brough other issues to bear – the way that goods were shipped across the oceans, the way that people went on Holiday, the way that Holiday resort owners and their family handled matters, so these kinds of people in these works of life still think the work I did at private security was relevant but I am unable to access the security work history because the idiots were borrowing it, to get on Media and make money through stupid statements that I am a coward alongside their famous fools i.e. the time at security industry was not the worst time of my life as claimed. I do not think it is an issue we hear that I try to stop them, issue warnings about where their imaginary hands are not allowed to go, the hoodlum gimmicks that suggest a little decorum for my career would kill them, yet security services were allowed to behave in those ways, we have already seen whilst it issued this stupid complaint, that it has been making money in the USA claiming that I was working with communists, runs this claim to a point where it became its duty to avail the truth to the public when it was found and it is now selling it in Hollywood to make more money like something that will not stop when it is not dead just yet – security services had little time to view it from a social perspective and had since begun to pursue their privacy, we are here making a conversation because it is nearly time for me to perform on them a civilian version of what they are complaining about with respect to the security services all together. Mostly on a fundamental stage, it is what happens when a Christian spends time thinking of things that can be accomplished if his muscle looked a certain way, I don’t and like we see the stupid civil rights is really good at sharing the consequences of sins with everybody, it had created one for me, so the oldest rule in the Book, never to put trust in the Horses and the Soldiers is being disregarded, as least as perception that their twisted stupidities could easily work with and an inability to keep their hands to themselves when watching me especially the ethnic minorities and their German influence gimmicks, is about to set the stage for another global level complain about me. It needs to move on, involvement of its famous fools with my wealth equity and crime control has been a bad idea which purpose was to help them extract money from my estate and buy up any businesses they saw me working with, getting on my nerves for a need to express their publicly displayed excess and laziness in my face and they are not the only famous people on the planet.

No freedom in sight from stories about which areas of town my presence would be tolerated but the people who got off telling me they were informed of such things are not the persons to approach on the matter, I am. It does not trouble me fundamentally because it is a product of either instances where I hung about somewhere looking like I owed a narcissist a debt of affection or a bunch of idiots had surrounded me with low lives that had nothing to lose, working together with idiots who have not lost bully characters they picked up at school. Like when they claim their gimmicks were a consequence of the fact I am at odds with the male population which I am as it has happened again – a need to surround me with bullies that have not lost the bully character since school, everywhere I went and come up with excuses which would suggest it was all my fault, allow them to cling to my clients, public image and income margins whilst all their stupidities relied on me, made evident by a business of explaining their actions as that which was performed as a direct consequence of what I learned at school. The problem begins when it seems that each time there was an issue with my career, the idiots were responsible for such an issue, backed up by a media presence, I did not see that I had written Books here which they had legal rights to handle, make comments about, interfere with clients and breach patents and patent margins. It is the risk that every person in Government takes, where there is already area of public work that tickled them the most, the history gets saved up and it becomes for them a tool for manipulation, which would have been instances where you got punished constantly for doing the right thing whilst they complained about the wrong things and clung to your business interests and income margins. Just as I have been told my work is good but it is never really effective, the effective thing to do being the part where I attacked the famous, since it was clear if I decided these gits loved to run me down, all the way to clinging onto my royal work history for convenience that lead up to short insolent videos they claimed was the way advertisement should be made, whilst their parents issued derogatory remarks at me and every day they found themselves engaged with my financial well being backed by people they think were bigger than I am, it would still have transpired that wealth equity and crime control publicity at royal Office had done a better job than the chosen blunt instrument, the abuses of the famous it seems, it will end on their own terms until it really does and ends on mine.

I have been asked about this business where we could not live with it and we could not get rid of it but it is a simply a matter of narcissism, which expresses the importance of those who were working for the government to have engaged with it at somebody else’s expense. They were part of it when these idiots sought out ways to ensure that I was as a matter of getting out of bed everyday to pursue a job, vulnerable to their social issues, they worked me for 2 decades with local councils, now complaining and I have ended up in a situation where I am broke coming up with ideas to bail them out lest they took risks with personal safety on my account, now that they know how to access my career finances. In the end it seems that they are always attacking people who are weak, garnished by the stupid German influence twats with lies about things I have done which I now regret and am trying to take back and they were making the most of whilst it was simply a choice between the idea that I and my wealth equity publicity was doing the wrong thing as claimed and a bunch of under aged narcissists were doing the right thing as suggested, when I do pick it up again, I intend to start with the Celebrities, the famous insults, the comments that stifle client interests in the Books, the picking up my career publicity bits and then I will work it down to the social bottom, alongside the sense I am Royalty and they are not and because they wanted it they would never be allowed to smell good, like I have learned from them against my wishes. In the end it enver makes sense if the interest was in a weak person and the outcome was first that those who could beat up never stopped shooting off their big mouth and those who could not never stopped hurting themselves, now heading towards one in which those who were strong will be weak and those who were weak will take more risks, that if somebody is weak, probability is that there was something wrong with them, that they were ill, hence the idea of converting their involvement with government business where industry was concerned, into a means for them to get bullied whenever others wanted to befriend the wealthy whilst being powerful, was clearly the best way to handle ill people. It shoots off its big mouth all the time, making enemies without first making sense of what its enemies were like because it was trying to get rich fast, before we had to pay lot of attention to the international stage complaining. So it is now a matter of whether my wealth equity and crime control was the wrong thing, whilst under aged narcissism was the correct thing in terms of the idea that the law was always wrong all along in the first place or it keeps its stupidities off my Bookshop as there is no way anybody would have taught them at school that insolent media appearances and short insulting videos on my public image was the correct way to make advertisement that will secure services for clients and get products sold, another instance where it is looking for trouble over its financial needs like its Celebrities claim my Books show I should be covering their backsides for a living in order to eliminate my advantage but have no wish to stop getting in the way of me paying my Bills comfortably at the same time, looking for trouble over its immoral society insolent financial needs until it found some.

The Celebrities were the big story in the matter, since I am not a Celebrity and it’s a 20-year career mess here on their account whilst I have always been aware the entire time, that anything I did with them was being done by the way side.

I am told that people were claiming I had been completely swallowed up by powerful women – it is utter nonsense naturally, we know they are not powerful women at all i.e. on the heroic spectrum, they are not feminists whom those that did not fear would be making a mistake, on the villain and criminal spectrum I did not see them assist the government on policies that prevented women who would have tended to take up jobs at school head teachers and spend most of their time crashing the school system by embezzling its funds, over social and political ideologies. Their case was a matter of running away from female society whilst showing up here to run me down endlessly because their stupidities could rely on me not to put up a response being too much of a gentleman to do so – the main reason being that fools around like so endlessly with an outcome where people cannot get a moments peace because their spouses and families were not allowed, so being unable to plan properly ends in difficult childbirth, which results in vengeance, this was the main reason they ran away from female society all of the time, the new one was to do with the fact I had been surrounded yet again by the society idiots who planned a future on getting me inundated with low lives that had nothing to lose so I felt like vomiting all the time and never smelled good, whilst bully characters that have not lost their bully personality since school had a field day, what we have seen publicly displayed being an instance where somebody had a borderline consensual sex with them since on bothering me and I having pushed back they were worse off and women who lived under the bootheel of their male society insults wanted to be free of it – by so doing, the person seems to have solved a problem that their high and mighty insolent stupidities stirred up endlessly but could not solve and therefore required access to National stage hospitality that was set out for Politicians, to cover their backside and feel supreme. The whole thing has become a National and international phenomenon, not least because getting involved with it on my part would be humiliating, to which effect their gimmicks have stifled client interests in this Bookshop for half a decade – their stupid cracked up out of my league male idiots speak of such things showing what women can do to serve them naturally, save the instances where they complained about female society questions. Suffices to say that one more narcissistic insult from these idiots, and I will be forced to take up a process of exploring the stupid narcissistic methods of solving their problems where they look for loopholes in order peoples personal and social self-organisation, to arrive at a stage where they solved problems that people did not solve or may have deferred, and entered into a social state of running people down whom they thought were less than human, it will be the beginning of a process where I got to solve their stupid problem, since the waring they needed to stay away from me and make their comments about their own careers, seems not to have paid off. They do claim the problem to be that I am incapable of violence which is utter nonsense as what happens is that it is a matter of my Office and a group of idiots with a society, worked via low lives that had nothing to lose getting involved with my personal space and bullies that have not lost the bully personality that was picked up at school performing gimmicks at my expense, showing up here to ensure at the very least, if I made a mistake in my work I remembered it for hours until I felt sick and at the worst beats me out of my bed everyday and gets the community croons to finger my bum from my bedroom window – on more narcissistic insults and the need to pick up my so called history of failure which hurts their tummy, as a tool for bullying me on the streets which they claimed was a right they had, to discipline me for being a failure, which is also counterproductive because they were stifling client interests at a Bookshop and their interest in that history will be the reason they lost the job that got to their heads which will be the beginning of what I intended to do to teach them lessons they will never forget too. I have never seen their female idiots for the need to pursue me and beat me down all day especially the famous gits, do a thing about the twats in the male society who fight women for social privileges, then show up on other peoples affairs to complain about the need to be a real man endlessly, but they spent more time in the male society than I did, getting on my nerves.

They do claim I appear to have been completed unappealing to women, never mind the fact I was unable to take care of myself; reality of course is that I am not unappealing to women, just Celebrities shutting down my personal relationships with gimmicks and a business of stifling my personal finances at the markets, whereby it is becoming more obvious I needed to get rid of everything that turned up here with a gimmick where getting into a fight was a method of breathing, since I should have been able to establish my Court well enough to find somebody I can settle down with at this stage, even if it was established on social Media. The matter that I cannot look after myself explains it all, since it is never public leadership, professional leadership or interest groups, just a bunch of loutish, abusive, brash goons with a need to take up my career publicity, run all sorts of gimmicks on my social life and get criminals accustomed to habits at my expense – then there were the gits who said that I smelled because the fact I am Royalty and their need to get involved with my personal space was based on the fact it felt good, which came with some consequences of the worst kinds of abusive activity, they have not gotten to that yet being as stupid as to stir up the issue and complain about a smell endlessly. So what happens is that every twat that seems to complain about the matter including the Celebrities plays a role where they were the people who saw what other thought about me and I had to get into a fight to show I deserved what I owned, the insult I am supposed to get into the fighting as will make them important had not yet stopped, so far it is a matter of getting involved with my wealth equity and crime control, to find that instances where I got fed up and the enemy of their enemy was their friends would never work, had not yet set a stage for people to decide if they wanted to approach me with fear or respect, their problem here will be solved via more abuses. It is not really the crisis that we might think it is, what has happened is that they are narcissists, but each time I defend myself on the simpler areas where it picks up personal problems I am not yet ready to deal with, set about solving those and arriving at a stage where it could handle me as though I am less than human, somebody shows up to stop the methods by which I defend myself until it was clear that others would secure privileges when I did; so what we have now ended up with is a process where I appear to have lost my Royal advantage where Celebrities needed involvement with me to cover their backsides which will never happen and the Celebrities had built their finances at my expense to such an extent it appeared their finances were the reasons my advantage had vanished – not a crisis either since the main problem is that their financial well being was the common denominator and they always secured it by showing up on other peoples affairs to complain about civil rights matters, then acquire overseas accounts where they avoided taxes and kept the money that they made by making others into characters that can be attacked by those who wanted to befriend the wealthy, becoming a paid of part of the problem, it has never been done before and I would love to make a name for myself too.

In retrospect when they claim the issue here is that Celebrities want closer involvement on my part, most of the public problems fester because I am reserved about giving people the mistresses work at my Trust – such as when somebody had turned up to fool around with my career putting themselves in charge of matters they knew nothing about and only showing they were not elected officials or governmental influences when they complained about women, only to start attacking me because I had remained in the same place he had found me about five years earlier, some Celebrity who likes to play around with my public image, industrial engagements and what became of giant 20 foot billboards on the Highways would likely get work as a mistress at the Trust. It is not however a matter of Celebrities ripping up my finances, interfering with client interests, securing their own finances and whisking me off somewhere they could be my mistress.

I. Uno I

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