I am perfectly aware on the contrary of the story raging endlessly that I have some kind of resolution; new yearís resolution maybe that gives me a guide for what I do but there isnít a shred of truth to it; the reality is that people will likely get up on media and make pop songs by deploying the faith you practice in your personal life but every single sentence in that song will be about abusing you still while they express their cynicism for the faith, and get after your finances too, end product being that they have the money and will not go away and we end up with a problem; whereby 2014 was financially violent for them because of me but 2015 seems to have become a matter of total annihilation. It seems I consistently need to explain that I do not have any resolutions, but they consistently need to show they are impossible to reason with. The story of black people at the Monarchy is therefore not an emotive case either; we are not mates, they are impossible to reason with and need to leave me alone as it were Ė a story of power we hear, a story of how much of my possessions they will confiscate we hear but itís nothing new, it always starts with Industry idiots who have ideas about revolution which of course means when they have money to spend and a need to assume the positions that Monarchs formerly did, they develop this characteristic hatred for women but it is when they help fund every stupidity that these incredibly disobedient black people seek that we end up with a problem because then not only do they have a need to see people flustered all the time due to cosmopolitan environments that means that the second man characters in the lives of women are likely not to be far younger than the women are themselves, which again is the other story about my inability to keep off peoples wives whereas the real issue is that I hate it when people say I sleep with peoples wives and that sex is what we do at Court Ė it leads to this condition that will never go away whereby we have the sex and they have the pain as it were so we can see how much they like that kind of sex. My point is that these black idiots think they have achieved much in confiscating my empire as they put it but for every Industry fool that helps them with money itís always okay to tell me to build a Country in which they can get rich comfortably until they tell me my company does not exist and we end up with a problem but for these goons by themselves the warning has always been that they need to leave me alone as we are not mates as it were and I can always by the way devise a play time that will cost black people jobs and contracts and sales like the ideas I get from their intrusion and insulting corruptions of involvement.

It ever appears such a palatable conversation to have about why on earth I never take seriously the need to resolve my conflicts with the general population and it will never make sense anyway since there are none such conflicts to resolve Ė only their insults and abuses that they cannot keep to themselves without dishing on others and the fact every reprisal from me has to lead to an outcome of counter reprisal because they think they are better human beings than I am and generally superior to me and far more deserving to be me which nobody else seems to acknowledge. It they let me be on my own and stayed away the Monarchy would benefit from such an actions vastly and so would they and so would the Politicians and so would I, so it is never really obvious why it is apparently that they simply cannot do it. They might have their reasons for not complying alright, but the reality is what it is i.e. when weeks from now and months from now and years from now the Politicians has started to get violent over the matter, I am sure they will not be complaining too. Itís like that other complain made all the time about how people really cannot tell exactly what it is about the Media I have come to hate so much but the reality being that I do not hate the media, itís just reality that at the very basic fundamental level of what motivates them, they act the way they do because they feel others are not entitled to have a basic salary on account they are trying to get themselves a second mortgage after paying off the first and so it becomes ever so difficult for their top level operatives to see I run my business on my own while in their case every little decision that has to be made must be made with several people at a board meeting all of whom do not attend on invitational basis because they have the right and power to come and go as they please, so that there now exists a matter over revenue that means their employees are my personal Gods and they complain about how I hate them, while my public life with which I broker equities with Industries is very slowly and very violently disappearing.

There is that story quite naturally of where I stand in terms of bullies on the left and right concerning Literate and illiterate persons in business and Employment but it has always been a matter of Civil rights, what people use it for and the lies Politicians tell on their behalf and so all I am largely concerned with it that their incomes do not change because if that happens they will feel that they have unlimited incentive to continue and we all know that just as they used to make zero grades when their mates who now govern the Country attended school, they will destroy everything and wait at the other end looking like dolls for it - so it is a result that I expect if they can do as they wish; those who go around helping them change their incomes especially the Americans do not fancy me because of it at present and when they become ever more persistent at it, should learn not to complain about my behaviour too.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland