The primary prognosis of the big recent confusion is that people are confused about what the Bank of England Governor (Mark Carney) said when he did mention that further rise in House Prices will pose a threat to the Economy so the general response is that of getting into media to pass some insults at me to get a response and it is this response that I must consolidate here.

That those who run Housing businesses are unaware it is assumed that when people are willing to buy homes at any price while expecting them to twist a few arms to ensure that people do not generally expect cheaper homes so they can sell it for a guaranteed profit if they wish to, the chance is therefore greater that their business will be pumped to explosion. The reality therefore suggests that they do not care which does mean that what they have is not a business but a veritable blood sucking contraption that they expect everybody else to view as one.

Now my point is that they are to wake up and smell the bacon; the regulators are not their pals and the Government is not their pal either and everybody has to do a business that meets with criteria that those two groups come up with and the most striking fact about their business even at this point of the economic recovery is that they have never done it properly in their lives, have never before gone into an office to make it work instead of thinking it will always come through if they did have a party or two, hence this is what the Bank of England Governor said to them when he mentioned rising House Prices posing a threat to the economy.

They always say the Government is putting together a system where the Country is Primarily a Capitalist economy, right the way through to the existing cheque Book journalism that the BBC enjoys from the general public; this has got nothing to do with a collection of lazy incompetent idiots that have a party to run a business and think the regulators and the government are their friends; they wanted a reaction from me and what I am saying to them is that they need to get down to a job and do a proper job and stay out of my way and out of the way of the Government and out of the way of the regulators. Nobody would need remind them at what price rate homes should go in their Housing Business if they are doing so; businesses are run by human beings who need jobs as well, so the story of me talking about an era where people made thing is entirely stupid, businesses are run by persons who need jobs as well, they are different in that they run businesses that are successful on the basis of how much popular culture associations they make, how much pressure they put on the public with it and how much party they have to ensure people turn up on their side so they can sell things to them whereas the reality of a business is that it either has money or it does not, it either has jobs or it does not, it either opens or it does not and their game is becoming more and more and more intolerable, especially for me because they have got their hands on my book sales as well for this game.

Personally however, the state of affairs is that this battle line that has existed on account they do not work for money and have got their hands on my books will be consummated very soon indeed, so I do not necessarily expect them to take on the advice of working for a business and not partying for it to talk rubbish about which part is confusing of what Bank of England Governors say. I am referring to the part where the recession only gave them the opportunity to prepare for the next era of their games and we are here because they are making sure their money is deployed to make more money in a condition where they cannot be refused what they want and women cannot reject them and this is where we will clash because I too will have to set out processes by which I can beat them and beat them up so badly that the last thing on their minds would be whether or not a person that has a CV that is qualified for a job before them is rather assessed on the basis of whether or not such persons are likely to be a threat to their needs. If I dare lose this fight I will handle the Politicians instead and I will handle them so badly that the businesses will be affected and affected to a satisfactory state too I serve the state you see and do not expect any idiots who serve businesses to turn out and do me favours such as buy my books for example and then get to talk nonsense about beating me up like they always do with that big mouth, it is the Politicians that have an access given them by the general public but not the mandate to wreck my finances which then becomes their major preoccupation.

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