The most recent case of matters that occur around me without consequences because I am a coward, is supposed to have been a sense that I am being ganged up on by opportunistic civil rights idiots looking for a white man’s money and a sacrificial lamb. I could never tell anyway if it was obvious that I knew better than they did, how culture worked and how society worked, added to which I held public office responsibility position and we are not talking about borrowing from top Royal authorities either, I have actually got a working role of my own, could have been something I achieved on the basis of being a coward. They do however explain that all I can do is tricks and gimmicks when I had not yet spent time practicing something that will get their half my size but unbearably insolent society where they were also younger than I am but were more British than I am at the same time under control, painfully – what does tend to happen when people in my position respond to their gimmicks would be a splitting of neighbourhoods between me and them whilst I had to go around to ensure they did not turn it into a cowardly gang based process of dealing with the problem, so each time I found them in my side, they got a good beating for it etc, so it stopped carrying out activities to show that it would investigate where I hid my bum, so that it may finger it and invite other twats to do the same, as a method of solving problems. Mostly however I held a Royal Office and am caught up with what is a really a bunch of goons with great ideas that involved a process of grooming themselves into a situation where they were prepared for career crime activities, so instances where they had not committed crimes were the times they were low lives detached from mainstream civil activities ranging from the most expensive education to the literacy that is provided free of charge by the government and all the things people did with such items and related activities, low lives who had nothing to lose getting involved with other people’s personal space. They do come forth to say that whatever it is I was doing with communists felt provocative to Americans which I understand completely but it is all due to lies that the famous were feeding the American government – what really happens is that communists always get about experimenting with activities that appeared to be a form of capitalism but if capitalist economies did not want to be out of work, they faced a problem for it, we were working with this over an economic crisis by which we had to come up with a plan to downsize and recover, before they turned up to sack everything with stupidities built from taking advantage of other people’s careers to sell convenience, so they may get back to business as usual. They do claim it was an indication that they were powerful which is utter nonsense, it has taken 6 years so far to get the famous idiots off my assets and the mess they were making, getting on my nerves everyday – the process starts out with a means by which an environment was built to help people achieve the best work for their careers and academic pursuits, but if I am getting assistance from security services then it turns out that each time people did something with entertainment and popular culture and at the Industrial canopy especially, it is supposed to bear towards the work that had been done to provide security and cause the criminals to be passionate for a change; they have absolutely trashed it to get rich fast with some bad people who had money to spend, came up with ideas that I am a low life, put labels on me and get me stuck with characters that had groomed themselves to be career criminals, made out that the criminals were alright and that I am part of the problem but failed to live with the consequences, so it has been a decade and a half career mess for me all together and are now showing everything they can express about the destructive content of their characters, without a chance that they will likely tell the public that their methods were better than what the jobs market was offering and that leadership will be provided for it, hence it needs to stop bothering me and hand back my assets so I may start over on a good schedule, fool around somewhere else with hurtful gimmicks that it claims it performs on nice guys that finished last, with a big mouth.

It is then said to have been an impossible for people to tell what my problem was, whilst the reality is that I dropped out of University because Politicians enjoyed getting public deviance involved with my personal space, partly to ensure they had access to punitive sense of power when they mocked me for its effects and partly because they enjoyed boasting about wrecking my life, like some huge big titanic political battle that they won for their generational reputation. This was the same period that I began developing a Trust system to author Books for a living and assist people with economic issues, every idiot that has been party to their gimmicks had since thereof wanted to make their own money by handling the trust system. The danger is that I am starting to look like I had a livelihood and Politicians were the street rascals for it but if they did not drop out of University because none did this to them, thereby giving them the opportunity to become Ministers of Parliament and they keep their jobs after they do this to me every day, it is not clear why they continued to suggest that their actions were just, especially when they thought that Government Office was too respectable for them to do the popularity dance when it is inflicted on them as well – I mean the part where the street gits show up at criminal popularity backyard and shoot it off at a process of getting involved with their jobs to change what people thought about them and get them to work for the masses, get criminals involved with it and find a way to hurt them from a distance, so that when they could make sense of what was coming to them they would comply with a handful of famous idiots backed by a stupid crowd that got them to do what other people wanted. I mean we had the stupid Americans who saw my Books and embarked on an illegal campaign of property destruction that was likely to be excused with geopolitics gimmicks, on account they did not like to spend a lot of money at school and turn out to look as if they had achieved less than other people did but we do not hear me complain about it or come up with ideas to make the Politicians respond, especially now that it had since grown into a need that was involved with unleashing a massive sex industry on my income margins, so stupid girls took the clothes off to get paid for sexual activity on every career progress I made and my Public image while famous idiots who make sense of my position better when they get caught up with National service have not yet started making the stupid comments about their own careers since I issued the warnings. The idiots have since come to an arrangement where they got involved with people at top positions of authority while suggesting it was not clear when I became the enemy - having built their own obviously, not as bad as the racists but better than me the target and now no rules applied to what they got to do with my concerns. What was a simple case of making sure a handful of hoodlums stopped handling me, has since thus become a matter of security guards protecting their famous insanity, while turning up here to stop me from defending myself when handled by gits who had since become bold enough to get imagination up my bum and then passing off the effects in Public while their idiocy made a case of it for every media presence, claiming they did on account that the insults had affected them too, all worked by educated fools with ideas about how I made such an exhibition of myself that their stupidities got involved with the CCTV system and confiscated my career. It still goes way back to the same problem; a need to get up on a foolish Publicity platform and invent ideas about what a certain person in the Country should be doing, running me down on the streets – it played into "9/11", played into various wars after, played into local, overseas and international crises but the famous idiots will not stop until they really had to, now asking me for details. Then we hear than I was right all along but it has never really been about being right all along, more about people taking responsibility for their own personal decisions, having built a savage murderous society, if I defend myself the monstrous society remained but if it consumed those who built it, then famous idiots who build such things will build them less – so far it has been a matter of everything they saw provoking them, up to the stage where security services communicate as they do, about ways they have turned the work place into a tool for bullying people to get rich fast but when victims turned to crime others had to pick up the pieces, which had since provoked them up to the stage where they trashed work done to protect the public from terrorism and once finished, realised they needed their eating spots to be safe enough, since their stupidities were done apparently, they required my personal and social life to build new restaurants. Not finished naturally, so the story had quickly taken a turn for claims that they had achieved a gimmick where I had been left behind and the world had moved on with a big mouth; I want the famous idiots to hand back court assets, assets associated with people playing the role of mistresses where they tried to assist me with abusive women, which their stupidities had turned into a socialite trend, my wealth equity assets that assists people to build products that helped baby sit gits with money who wrecked lives, converted into a tool for equality, and of course state office assets that were deployed at popular culture as part of a drive to achieve an environment where people could do the best for work their career and finances, prospects that these assets will be copied will convert their stupid famous need to find out about my affairs and fool around with it, into an all-out war on famous idiots, that sociopath poofs will not be able to assist them with. I mean the purpose of campaigning for an environment where people can do the best work for their career and finances was never the sociopath poofs with the half damaged minds and the energy to ensure that the world moved on whilst their victims were left behind, fooling around with everything, willing to trash a country for a few days of the high life in holiday spots, showing up here looking well fed, dirty and sweaty all the time. At the Monarchy they claim my Books were a giveaway of Royal work whilst due to my social standing I can get around with multinational companies, no idea what their left-hand side and right-hand side man gimmicks were doing and needed to cease breaching my patents, as this matter generally grows into an issue concerning Crown interests and my Trust. The Politician problem was the old matter of stifling the career for such a long period of time that eventually the victims gave away the secrets while touring the work market, effect is that one is caught up with their low lives that were completely detached from mainstream civil activities and the provocation is that I am prevented from describing these as criminals. To put these matters to bed however, I must reiterate the need to build an environment for others to do the best work for academic pursuits and career was inspired by the sociopaths and every fool that had not yet developed a way to solve the problems they created, needed to express their stupidities somewhere else, especially the famous with a habit of picking up other people’s careers to do the work they wanted to do instead of what they were required or paid to do, never can stand up for themselves if they had not been able to buy private security and as soon as they could afford one, become a paid up part of the problem, certainly not shoot off the big mouth at me about which careers I cannot recover after it was taken from me (need to cease breaching my patents as the stupidities are such that I had worked intellectual property administration on the basis that I built a platform of operation from celebrity vandalism and society madness, for such action as support systems when it seemed that somebody who knew what to do with industrial office was sacrificed for idiots with a need to be other people’s left hand side and right hand side person, now I appear to have ended up somewhere over their media narcissism and corrupt private security poofs watching me all the time whilst they cannot live with their new friends thus needed my personal life for more of their stupidities, looking as if I needed the service more than the clients did.). They do say that people had died, and it needs to fool around elsewhere or more will.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland