Now it is said that the problem with me is that people don’t know how to approach handling me and that it will eventually result in attrition and I could never understand it anyway – all they had to do is shut down every comment and sexually abusive stupidities that will put them in charge of me, which prevents people from getting interested in my Books and then all their problems will go away, as long as this nonsense continues to create me financial complications they find amusing every day, they have to face the consequences for it. Speaking of handling me becoming a matter of attrition however, I could never make sense of how they hoped to begin anyway – they never say the idiot who is currently leading the Labour Party (year date 2019) puts them up to most of the nonsense we see them perform at the worst parts of society where we find them build up pressure for my tummy and body parts all the time – it is becoming very difficult to say people need get off the business of making a mess of my personal space, right down to keeping up sexual context abuses and media based stupidities that puts the general public off my Books, so there is really nothing that a bunch of fools who never learn can actually do about me as such; they always say they are bigger than I am before they want me punished for the state I have left their society and I am not making money from this suffering of theirs to threaten their lives with it as well yet as we speak. The part where they get support from Americans beats the imagination, since we know that once I had my Books written, Americans had money and wanted to deploy it to gain equality with me and that means the insulting process of being addressed by stupid Celebrities and Journalists and Political twerps have developed into something of a business of perverting my Public image into a means by which I may share social status with every crass fool they meet on the streets over wealth and social equality gimmicks they have invented to make themselves more important; apart from the question of forfeiting my rights because I am Royalty meaning I will end up with a  good idea that makes them give up their own as well, I have no idea what I must do with Liberal USA to stop them getting on Media to stifle my Book sales and subvert my Public image, save their salaries and get those social issues blowing up on my finances all the time for this stupid equality we hear them talk about and I have no idea if indeed they are proposing to handle me because they believe we were mates as it were. We know they have gone from deploying US Government for this nonsense to putting banners in front of Government buildings which says that it has been closed for business, taken tax payer funds for their incomes and tried to tell people there was government going on behind closed doors – the rest of us who take Government buildings more seriously know that these idiots they fool around with are likely to go from doing everything they can to ensure that somebody got punished because of the abusive processes associated with getting a job, which tends to damage the personalities that should have made them fame and fortune, we know this is what they become once they had financially pulled off the part that involves the business of a disrespect for peoples personal space talking nonsense at me about being a threat to secure conveniences from my personality, developed from a need to build communities that spend all day putting pressures on people to do things for them until people smell, which is a criminal adage, save for their stupid Politicians who think it to be the reasons religion is the problem of the world, such that when I say they need keep off my Books and stop following me around, the most important thing they can do is tell a lie and keep at it. Those of us who take government buildings seriously understand these twerps will do anything to get Government operatives murdering somebody because an imagination got up their bottoms during the course of doing a Job, on account they believe that when they are unhappy it matters while the unhappiness of others do not; we know that Americans fool around with this nonsense every time and like to tell me about the size of their Military while they have not yet figured out for themselves what evil looks like, pointing out earlier as I did, that the idealistic idiots they send out to wreck my finances got their shutting down Government so far and History appears to take it more seriously than they do.

The part where they boast endlessly about taking whatever they want from me is naturally another story, since we know all they take around here is a lot of insults that put my Public image on hold so they might show up here and tell me I will get off a Hermitage to secure access to it through permission granted by homosexuals, looking for more of what they are complaining about as if they are dealing with me when I am a problem for them yet as it were. It is a no Asset and no Liability money that industry twerps give to them and sit around somewhere pretending the way the market works is that they eventually get their money back or that I will work for it with their big mouth – such that the same way where we have ended up is completely pointless in terms of Celebrity and Media fools, these Industry goons will get off building me a Public image that suits them, soon enough of which like their Celebrities express it more in terms of picking up bits of my life to create entertainment and patent it to their names, what we find them complain about is that old case where the good half of the Public likes me and the bad half does not, such that if we go to factories and Warehouse we will find ex racists and ex criminals there, hence usually a matter of when people decided to be the good half and indeed where, which is going to make them incredibly important on my account pretty soon, taking whatever their big mouth wants to take – besides which I have resolved all this nonsense using my social Media and the only thing they have taken is the fact they made money from it, just as we know the fucking idiots do not mention such facts whenever they complain and issue their foolish threats at me. So I have been clear about the fact the next time they follow me around at an academic institution for it, knowing if I did anything the result will be the business of threatening out of the stupid big saloon Cares, I will build them a Powder Keg and make them watch me light it as well. As it stands, the Business of making sure that people show up around my concerns to read Books I have written and not make a mess of the Governance systems associated with these incredibly stupid things is up to the general Public, these foolishness at my expense that people find amusing does not appear to be heading towards any bearing suggesting of improvement yet, so I am now starting to bank on the business of making it my work ethnic, to end this nonsense where I spend my day clearing out their stupidities instead of write Books while my finances fail to look the part, in order to break the deadlock - its only a thinks very much Liberal USA obviously; as stupidly as possible.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland