So apparently I am aware there is no limit to the hatred people feel for me but that is actually what they say; the reality is that this is the case only when socialists have gone off to attack me until I react and respond to the issues of the day that can then be used to make some cultural idiot of football goon feel important by freeing him from racism and social problems on media with their camera so they can need more from me. Same with stupid children and what Daddy said about me while mummy wants to trap me and force me into gang fights and they need to work with mummy at it being enemies of my freedom as if I am their mate or their daddy was never really too thick and stupid to know that and so it is only when you begin to ask questions like that and wonder what is wrong with daddy this time anyway the fucking idiot that you are being nice, trying to avoid taking the sins of the parents out on the Children. Much the same with American fools who want a piece of me but the Bible can be written out and a Priest can read it word for word but they will do their own anyway and turn out to be really stubborn and incredibly destructive and convinced they can handle the property of absolutely anybody they please as well to provoke me every single day. Same with the industry idiot versions of them who might work for a company but because I share skin colour with them and broker equities with another, they will get my equities whether I like it or not because it should be available to all and so turn my entire livelihood into a fringe benefit. Same with the Politicians who still owe me 30,000 pounds in student loans from listening to the stupidities of foolish women and turning out to enforce their will on me and get around with fools at University who had my dissertations and needed to push their children into connections with the royal family with it, to wreck the academic work completely as well as the working relationship I had with industries and companies around the world, which is clearly the thing that you expect to lose at University of all things as it were. Then the part about my problem with women concerning which I believe it would make sense to everybody when I say it does not matter if I am actually born somewhere and I actually grew up somewhere and I am actually going anywhere in actual fact, what will lead to the problems is the fact I just want these three sensibilities to exist where they did or anybody that does them to wind me up ceases to complain for their part as well; whether or not they have worked it all out and had lies to tell about how I am the one doing it to them with their foolish media. Hence anybody can assume they say they hate me because they must be thinking I love them very much.

So yes unless I speak of how they want to toughen up people like me, then the reality is largely of course that there is enough hate to go around and their assumption is that I like them very much; I mean basic things like shopping at M&S and because I did some black idiot will turn up there every day until the shop loses profits on account of me, which cuts off any chances of getting employment from a shopping chain and then makes noise about how I need to shop with my own race, never mind the fact they glorify racism more than racist themselves and have an ability to hate with a big mouth, so that when I buy with them it takes more time to work out what I must wear to avoid being bashed than I spend in the bathroom every day. Hence when I cannot live like that and so get rid of it and return to what I can wear, it seems I have made a new lifestyle choice, opened up something they can spend or set out some history they can claim and so provoke me like that all the time which is an example of the stupidities that get them shot, so that when they are it has something to do with me too. They are incredibly destructive especially for the Americans. Like the old issue of such idiots toughening up the Brits about which I can only be sympathetic and inform them it is the wifes family that pays the dowry in the UK even though the Husband is most of the time head of the Household, so it is tricky telling which one is tough and which one is not, unlike the US where men think they are the beginning and end of everything, it is the same with Politicians whom I need to ensure understand the message very clearly, which is that my failed academic work and the debts in student loans are the line drawn here over this matter which they should never cross any further; I mean it does create the need to have answers to the question of what they are doing with me anyway, what would they tell anybody who asked such a question in the first 2 minutes where the most important facts about it are supposed to come forth? Am I actually being bullied by them anyway and so what are they complaining about? I mean have they ever dropped out of University because people wanted to locate their potential and hand it to others who have graduated first and then put their career into work immediately after while unemployed doing public work without being paid; why am I being bullied by them after all they have done anyway?

The other group claim people like me want to hate and vilify them for what they have done to the economy at the financial markets but in actual fact want to be in their shoes actually; the truth is actually very different, in the sense that people say such nonsense when they are not paying attention to other questions like what a Half Priest who works in some kind of a highbred Monastery would want with the stock market. So they do need updates on the fact that it will get to a stage where the Church runs the stock markets and regularly gets to tell people which transactions they can and cannot make, you like the distinction between a normal transaction and the one where people are not sure of the equities but do it anyway since it is a victimless crime and no crime at all if they pull it off and other peoples money fall into place wherever anywhere in the world it does, to cover for them and all is well when the church says people cannot make certain transactions because it is immoral etc. There are other options still like having my own private stock market platform even if it is just a website because that will mean that if I can create a stock market for those whose income means that they are saturated with utility, then instead of an economic crisis for good or for bad it will simply mean that one gets up and swallows up the other. I mean the text books say that for every extra the consumer takes in there is increase in satisfaction only beyond optimum point and so it will make the economy more responsive and more efficient and much less wasteful to have such things; so people can wreck my finances and tell me that because I refused to give up my life to them to trade with and make money, they will create an economic crisis that will hit me hardest and then forget that is still the bone of contention here, like all stupid socialist do whereby they are socialists and at the same time the biggest problem the financial system faces and it makes no sense. I have mentioned it in other ways i.e. that inflation to me is a process where there is no economy and people make up their own prices and expect things to pick up after them so they can tell me my idea mean more interference from government which is utter nonsense because the truth is that the value of their money belongs to them and not HM currency; they need to spend it and stop playing games with power which will cause a lot of suffering and distress to the people with whom one way or another I share a business, leadership and financial trust system. So it is one of the big issues; like I work the Finance trust with Mr A and Mr B but the Labour Party decides Mr must be poor and Mr A must be rich with tax payer funds and then Mr B can be rich later with socialist arrangements and then they will have the means to put absolutely any arguments they want to the public and have their way with the crowd. It does not work that way and I need to get book sold, everybody wants to be financial successful and since Labour cannot leave others alone they now have a real problem too. Of course Politicians can always say that my trust systems do not exist but I know people understand they cannot beg for money or steal it, so they can continued to ask me to deploy Royal Property to work for a system that helps them to create jobs and earn a living which is what I am doing, they also ask how anybody gets involved which of course is an old story i.e. they simply opt it and for those who need to, make a publicity for it to draw my attention to the fact that they have. The part where Politicians want to lead my trust systems all together is another story entirely; its like the businesses and how big their own is i.e. bigger than a trust system of millions of British Citizens and others like them who have gotten involved as affiliates and fans of mine who are in it as well all over the world that is, especially Russia and the US, I mean the evidence is becoming clearer and clearer I have had enough of them and it is getting worse as well in the same way I sell books and people do not shout out loud in public when they read books hence there is no chance of interference with Political turf, so they should lead my trust systems by all means and it will end very well too.

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