I have always up to this stage put the behaviour of Popular culture celebrities down to a prognosis of disturbed people who for some reason do what they do because they are in need of resolution but the question does continue to linger of how people become successful without actually knowing how they became successful which is what they do. This becomes a serious matter because my perspective have been clear enough having had most of the bulk of important engagements completed, that their activities are basically bully or not, some expression of how stupid I am and the claim I make the judgement that I do about them because I know nothing and have not had a good check of their history - last checked of which it seemed that it was incredibly important to them that the area of my career associated with the Country becomes something they deploy to get rich and famous which is why we are now at a stage where bully or not I must get to the bottom of what their problem really is i.e. they are found around the faculty of law when they are completely unable to make a single argument to defend themselves against anything let alone a person and more so in a law Court accused of offending another or society and do not notice that while they call me stupid and make claims of a history they have which I have not had a look at that I also want them to table so we can put it to the test, in this way of which the problem is that I cannot study UK law and work a career in the Country because they are using that part and keeping me from it and these are the kinds of provocations that propel people to the actions they take on popular culture and its celebrities never mind the insults. Condemnation of those who are working their own success by them who are actually successful but do not know how they got there and therefore see the actions of those who work their own as stupid is one of the things that are badly wrong with our societies today. The idea that One tapping into something and creating an alternative of a more co-operative business world to their financial wickedness is not based on reality – the truth is that these things are not the kinds of support that these celebrity idiots and fashion fools get or got in order to reach the point they are and I have never asked them for any support either for my part. This is the point where their lies start to have grave effects i.e. on this occasion, the one where I use my life to make fame which technically everybody living in the same Country as me has got the same or has the same hidden in them somewhere with that stupid media and celebrity culture and it is an example of what they think others should view as a social and not a behaviour issue and thereby do absolutely nothing about it not that they have the right to anyway with a big mouth. There has simply been too much of them and too much of those who endorse them. 

Paying the Whites all the attention in the world for the bad reputation and ignoring the Blacks totally does work a treat and thus set a premise for good law making if they should be made without the greed of Politicians hence with respect to that I win again - I do not know at this stage if the celebration of the fact I am so big they cannot keep up but still talk nonsense about their rebellion and fast paced change is something I do to be nice or something I do to avoid becoming a hate figure but the insults and name calling from them will always secure punishment and vengeance. Of course it is largely suggested that I do not support a system of Policing built on trust with the local community, the reality of course is rather the fact that my job is something they have over time made into something unacceptable to them because fat ugly women of their own are mentally disturbed and want to be famous – this does not therefore work for them if their lives depend on whether or not they were famous, hence they want to control what the appearance of any women who are likely to get around with me is used for and are especially keen on making a filthy mess of the ones that are older than I am but above all attack me and do nothing about their fat ugly mentally disturbed women in popular culture that rip up people’s lives including theirs to be seen and to get attention and to be famous claiming that was their problem to deal with – so I have got to have a job and the other claim I support them and then attack them and get all their attention from the Monarchy which obviously comes from their idiots at service has no basis on reality either, they are my problem and will be handled and dealt with in that way, I want them around, I need to keep them around. Of course I have never set the stage for or shown signs I might be willing to engage in conversation with anybody about whether or not the US needs to be congratulated for being a big powerful country that carries such an important message around the world - what has always been on the table for conversation is that I will no longer stomach the insults of these idiots: I had before made it clear those that are younger than I am had better given me what I want and stopped talking nonsense all over the place with Media attention and those who are older had better played by the rules rather than turn up to wind me up pretending they will exasperate me in many ways in order to show they know everything about what I am talking about on account that due to their stupid age they have been there before. What I am good at is my legal studies and my abilities at advocacy and this is what creates the sense there is always something amiss about the Company here - that is because all I do here is designed to ensure that before this is over I had hurt these stupid men and that stupid media of their seriously: I am pretty sure therefore it will blow up over the Company Books and those Books I have made them a promise - the waste of my time and waste of my space and insults that mean people share or own my possessions because they are too fantastical to fathom, will sell and will sell like it should as well, every ounce of it. 

Of course so called Democrats, Republicans and so called Rebels are enemies of my personal finances - current methods of dealing with them and their media who are the boss of me works well but there needs to be more consequences following the handling of my possessions and person in anyway. 

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland