The claim that all I do has been kicked into the long grass whereby another claimed the benefit of it is utter nonsense; even Hollywood actors have waded into this argument people need to buy the books not get around seeking information from me like they are my wife or forcing me into fighting their enemies who pick on them while I do nothing each time they abuse me and my Royal Privileges. It is financial pillaging you see and the part of the general public that indulge it think they are evil, giving themselves a sport of how to make money with having fun from things I do which makes no sense (strange and freak things I do) when I am oppressed and forced to go under until I do them in order just to exist and one of the issues that will really kick it off is that insolent notion of theirs that media channels exist for them to get themselves involved with my livelihood and earnings and then talk through to me with. They have never done a day’s work in their lives to deserve anything they have because they have all these fake work to put up on media to cover their tracks for what they steal on account inferior people to blame it on have basically ran out and none of it will make sense anymore; then they put it in front of me all the time and suppose I will not press my advantage – leads back to the same issues, staying off my book sales is the only issue that they have got to look into and then it’s over. Otherwise I will continue to be content with hammering Mr Gold finger who thinks I look like a teenager he takes a look at and gets dreams on the left hand side all the time (whatever the idiots see there anyway), at Popular culture and popular music. It is clearly one thing for me to think my life is so easy that my parents know some 20 contacts that run employment agencies who can all get me a job in a single sitting and quite another to believe a loutish lifestyle should result in being seen and known in show biz and that I have got things that must be confiscated for that purpose; they stay away from my book sales and they have no more problems to look into – any normal person would be terrified of those that can confiscate those their stupid customer services anyway, especially them European Communities in the U.S. The  none white ones always say all I get up to has no basis on reality or prognosis that is founded on correctness but of course that is long after they wreck my finances and stir up racism I am supposed to look into without a job so they can seek self improvements, then get Politicians to force me to work with them when I want nothing to do with them as well; I should be the one complaining, since I am the one stuck in a condition where it is never clear who is glorifying the racism but I guess it is the old matter of peoples insatiable desire for insults and the full recompense they remit for it as well.

In terms of how this translates into the Company Products which are my books, there is no need for any grand ultimate security programme in order to secure a working order for state of affairs around the business; the issues are the same old ones with very insolent and annoying Political fools that we see all over the world, especially the American ones who largely express the fact that they do some of the things they do on account that certain things in society simply annoy them and therefore should not exist because whenever they see those things it annoys them and therefore does not allow them exist; in this case that happens to have been my books which were written for their displeasure anyway in the first place, hence they come in contact with it before anybody else does and try to ensure no body annoys them further by buying or reading any of it no matter how much they need to do and they take out the books and further carry out certain activities to make the author shut down any process of writing any further of such things and put an end to their problem, while I take them out for taking out the books to put an end to mine. They say nothing will ever justify dispossessing and ‘de-empowerment’ of people in order to create books to make a living like I have done but this whole process of winding me up by thinking very important things in my life are a plaything because they are bullies, while setting out to remove anything that can wind them up and annoy them as well is how they ended up in the books in the first place and nobody in their right mind would want to push me further therefore by going after my earnings from that as well like they have. I want them off my sales and income or this Office can always become a weapon; the whole matter started off with Popular culture Mr Gold fingers and their obsession with media and the need to push them off and grab things; at the time just like it is at present I was getting into trouble with stock market and Insurance and Banking Industry Bosses who think I allowed people to take advantage of me and use my work to get money out of them when they know nothing about the job they have secured pay rises or promotions for and now we are way past that because they pushed me out of my academic work and then turn out on media for it every day to stifle my finances so I cannot raise funds selling my books to secure my Plans to finish up with a Private University tutorship, which mainstream study they took away from me with their behaviour issues and industry need as it is presently it was then, having ideas about what my property should be used for securing wealth for their privileged cowardice being and getting in touch with my parents to do so; hence they have worked out how to get rich here, never listen and the market Equity contracts this company has and the Royal Estate has secured with billions of fans around the world cannot be fulfilled because there is such much of their insults and their plans and desires and insults are so intense - anybody would therefore be furious about these things naturally if it happened to them: I mean those who do not buy the products because I have enough money and should not  be given more is a very good test of their civil rights as it were and without their involvement would have meant such persons lose out but of course they cannot lose out when idiots are implementing some old hate based justice over me and this is the real problem they must face the music for and stop making all that noise all over the place about their power now that I want returned what belongs to me and a process where they stay out of my business needs to happen; I mean the old hate justice thing is on the contrary a familiar item, the I do not mind if you shoot that one for I hate him so much story - it’s like President Assad of Syria who thinks that when his country is the crucible in which what happens with stability in the Middle East is determined and the point at which democracy meets communism, when people realise they can get better democracy from the Country because his hands are tied at tyranny in many ways and he will have to resign if he causes instability to occur, what he does is station snipers to shoot them down, its largely always a matter of how I am prepared to fall flat on my face and do whatever the powers that be want while they are really leaders of freedom who want the world powers to leave them and their people alone and I cannot say enough times they need to stay off my income especially when they are the same skin colour as me i.e. black.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland